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Fateful Meeting - Part 5

As I grow closer to Kat and Dave, I become further from my boyfriend.
After my phone fight with my boyfriend Tom, and after Kat’s boyfriend Dave had fucked me so amazingly good, I was supposed to confront Tom the next day. But I had no idea what to say to him. After I got home from Dave fucking me so hard, and so good, I pondered and pondered on this.

Then I picked up my phone and called Kat.

“I think I have an idea,” I told her. “About my planned talk with my boyfriend tomorrow. To figure out our relationship. Or if he and I even still have a relationship. So, would you and Dave be willing to double-date with me and Tom? And the two of you just follow my lead on what I say and do?”

“Of course, Justine,” Kat replied. “I did promise you moral support. And I meant it. I’m sure after Dave enjoyed your pussy so much this evening, he’ll be happy to help you, too.”

I then called a restaurant and reserved a table for four, in a dark corner of a dark room. There, the four of us would have some privacy, for me to act out the script I was still writing in my head.

I arrived first, and Tom arrived soon after. I told him I had invited two friends to join us, because I valued their opinion on where the relationship between Tom and me was going, or could go, or even should go.

I could tell that Tom initially didn’t like this intrusion on what he thought was going to be a date with just me. But he knew we had issues to discuss, and he accepted that I wanted my friends present to help me through this.

We had just about finished that conversation, when Kat and Dave arrived at the restaurant. Right on cue.

I made the introductions. I told Tom that Kat was my closest friend (I didn’t tell him yet that she is my lover), and that Dave is her boyfriend (I also omitted that Dave had fucked the living hell out of me about twenty-four hours earlier).

We got our reserved table, and we were all pretty quiet as we each studied the menu. Soon our waitress came by to take our order.

“You made your reservation for so late,” the waitress told us. “We normally close before this. So now you four have the whole restaurant to yourselves. I hope that’s okay?”

“It’s perfect!” I told her. It was perfect for me to enact my script, away from the prying eyes of others, for whom working out the details of my various relationships was none of their god damned business.

As the waitress headed back toward the kitchen to give the chef our order, the busboy passed her, on his way to inverting chairs on top of vacated tables. All four of us at the table were surprised at how passionately they kissed each other before continuing on their way.

“Well Tom,” I sighed. “That seems as good a place as any to start our discussion about our relationship. Why don’t we kiss with that much passion, Tom?”

“Hey,” he complained. “It takes two to tango. I’m not so sure you’re all that good a kisser, either, Justine.”

“Hmm, well Kat, is that true?” I winked at my lover. “I’m not a good kisser?”

“You were a damned good kisser last night!” Kat grinned. Kat and I leaned across the table and kissed each other, even more hotly than the waiter and the busboy just had.

“What the hell?” Tom shouted. “What the hell is this?”

“Kat has been helping me discover and explore my bi side,” I replied softly

“Bi?” Tom shouted angrily. “As in, you have sex with both men and women?”

“Yes,” I replied softly, calmly.

“What? How? When?” Tom stammered. “Why? My cock’s not good enough for you?”

I looked Dave in the eye, and I replied, “No, Tom. Last night, I discovered what a truly skilled cock can do to me. I discovered my ability to come very hard on a big cock.”

“It wasn’t just me you know. Justine, Dave smiled. “You have one of the tightest pussies it’s ever been my considerable pleasure to fuck.”

“What the hell!” Tom shouted again. “You fucked my girlfriend?”

“Yes, he did, Tom,” I replied. “And I didn’t want to have to say this to you, but Dave did a hell of a lot better job of it than you ever did. So as I see it, you can either work on making things way hotter in bed between us. Or you can keep denying that we have a problem, you can keep being really bad at this, and you can lose me. It’s your choice. Are you willing to try?”

“Son of a bitch!” Tom shouted. “You fucking bastard, how can you fuck another man’s girlfriend?”

Tom started to take a swing in Dave’s direction. But Kat and I blocked him. Tom’s fist grazed the side of my face, and Kat instinctively kissed the spot he had struck. I returned her peck on my face with a hot tongue kiss with Kat.

Just then, our waitress came to our table with our appetizers. She looked at Kat and me, locked in our passionate kiss. “Wow, now that’s a hot kiss,” she winked.

The busboy was suddenly standing there. Where the hell did he come from all of the sudden?

“Suzy here is a hot kisser, too,” the busboy grinned. And somehow, Kat and I were suddenly competing with the waiter and the busboy to prove which couple were hotter kissers.

Tom watched and fumed.

“Okay, so you like Kat,” Tom whimpered, half defeated. “I might even learn to accept that. But I don’t like you having sex with another guy. What the hell does he have that I don’t have?”

“Do you really want an answer to that?” I challenged. “Are you able to handle the truth?”

“I want to know!” Tom demanded loudly.

The waitress whispered to Tom, “Tread lightly. You might not like the answer.”

Kat and I smiled at each other. “Shall we show Tom what Dave has that he doesn’t?” I asked.

Kat unbuckled her boyfriend’s belt as I unzipped his pants. Dave’s whole eight inches popped out, a full two inches in diameter.

“Oh my god!” the waitress exclaimed. “No wonder it takes both of you to pleasure him.”

“Hey!” the busboy laughed.

“Sorry, dear. You’re right, he has nothing on you.”

“Wow! I said. “Really? He’s bigger than Dave?”

The waitress unzipped the busboy. He wasn’t as thick as Dave, although nearly so. But he was at least a good ten inches long! Maybe a tad more.

“I get to ride that every night,” the waitress grinned.

“Lucky you!” Kat and I replied in unison.

Tom looked sad. I unzipped him. “Your seven inches are very nice too” I gently kissed his cock, with the genuine affection I had always felt toward him. Tom’s whole seven inches now started to throb. “But you really do have to learn how to use it on me better, if we are to continue to be boyfriend and girlfriend. I will show you, I will teach you. If you want me to.”

“You’d still be sleeping with Kat, too?” he was still a little upset.

“Yes. That’s not negotiable.”

Tom reluctantly accepted that.

“What about Dave?”

“That depends on you. If you start doing a much better job of fucking me, I might not need Dave. It will be hard to give up such a great lay. But I will do it, if you take care of my cock needs much better than you’ve been doing.”

“Is Dave really that good at fucking?” Tom was half angry and half intrigued.

“Oh yeah, he is!” Kat grinned, hiking up her skirt and lying on her back on top of an empty table that had yet to have chairs piled on top of it.

Dave proceeded to demonstrate on Kat, why she and I simply can’t get enough of Dave’s highly talented cock.

“You two are making me horny!” the waitress moaned at Dave and Kat.

“Me too!” the busboy groaned.

Right there on the dining room carpet, the busboy thrust his whole ten inches in and out, in and out, in and out of our intensely horny little waitress, who was grinning from ear to ear and moaning softly. At this same time, Dave’s thick eight inches fucked the hell out of Kat on the table, and she was purring like a happy little kitty.

“What do you think, Tom?” I asked. “Could you at least try to fuck me like that?”

“Not here in front of people,” Tom wimped out. “I can’t fuck in public like this, Justine. If that’s the kind of sex you want and need, maybe you’re right. Maybe I’m not the right boyfriend for you.”

“What if we leave now and go to my place. Could you, would you, then at least try to fuck me like what you’re seeing here right now?”

“In will fuck your brains out!” Tom boasted. But based on past performance, I was highly skeptical, to say the least, that he could or would make good on that promise.

The whole drive to my place, Tom kept whining how unfair nature had been, to endow him with a smaller cock than either Dave or the busboy sported, and then gave him a girlfriend who craves big cocks. There was much truth to what he said.

He was still very upset, but he told me he was determined to give me a good fuck. I tried to tell him and show him what I wanted, step by step. But he wasn’t listening. He started shouting again about me fucking another man, even as he did his usual stumbling and bumbling efforts to fuck me.

Tom shoved his seven inches into me hard, angrily, painfully. I was barely wet when he came. Then he withdrew before I even had a chance to get turned on. Because done in anger and in a hurry, this was by far the worst fuck he had ever given me. And that’s really saying something, considering how bad he usually was.

“This is your idea of trying to do better?” I was sobbing. So disappointed. Knowing I would have to end it with him right there and then. And hurting inside that it had at last come to this.

“Did I fuck you hard enough? Like Dave?” Tom yelled.

“Get the hell out!” I screamed. “Get the hell out of my house, you god damned bastard!” I picked up books and anything else I could find, and hurled them at him, as Tom hurriedly gathered up his clothes and ran before I could kill him.

When I heard the wheels of Tom’s car screech away from my house in an angry hurry, I picked up my phone and called Kat’s cell phone.

I told Kat what had happened.

“Can you and Dave come over?” I asked. “I need to be surrounded by love now.”

Less than five minutes later, my doorbell rang. Kat and Dave kissed me and hugged me and showed me so much love. Not just lust. Although that too.

Kat, Dave, and I spent the next hour making the sweetest, tenderest, and most wonderfully magical love with each other. Then Kat had to get home before her husband got home.

My breakup with Tom still hurt like hell, even after all that wonderful oral sex and hot fucking with Kat and Dave. But I also felt considerably better, with my mouth and my pussy so full of the juices of these two wonderful friends of mine.

That was almost a year ago. Kat and I still hook up about three times a week. And Dave, Kat, and I are still a threesome about twice a month. I’ve never been happier in my whole life. I hardly ever miss Tom any more. With time, the happy memories we had together are fading, and the pain of breaking up with him has diminished considerably.

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