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Fighting temptation

Fighting temptation is the single most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my life. My name is Jessie and for a while there was a time where temptation got the better of me. I first met Annie when she started working at the pizza place I was working at. She was the most beautiful woman I could have ever imagined. She had mid shoulder length sandy blond hair that was shining in the florescent lights of the store. I have always had a hair fetish but its not like most people would think. I don’t cram hair down my throat or stuff it into my pussy or any of that weird ass stuff. I simply get very turned on by running my hands through it.

Right away I started to fantasize about running my hands through Annie’s hair and I could feel a tingle in my crotch. And as luck would have it my manager sent her over to me to start getting her trained. I did a little happy dance inside and made a mental note to thank my boss. He always tossed the cute girls my way.

“Hi hi. I’m Annie.” She said bouncing up to me.

“Jessie.” I said turning a little red as I watched her tits jiggle inside her shirt.

We went through the paces of getting to know each other as we worked and she was just wonderful to talk to. She was all smiled and I loved the way her eyes danced when she laughed. Much too soon for me my shift was over, I damn near begged for some over time but the boss shot me down so I had to leave. I tried to play it cool with Annie as I told her I would see her next shift and waved bye to her.

My small apartment was about a mile away from the store with a bus stop right in front of it. But after that first day I decided to walk home to try and work off the tingling feeling that had been growing all day. I could not keep my mind off of her. Her hair kept running through my mind as well as her whole body. It was very safe to say that I had a crush on her. I had hoped that the walk would help calm me down but in stead it had actually turned me on to the point that I ran the last few hundred feet towards my apartment. I needed some kind of sexual relief.

I damn near broke down the door to the apartment when the lock stuck but managed to refrain from doing so. Standing there in the middle of the living room was Mindy. My long time girlfriend. She had a hand resting on her stomach that was not very extended from the baby that was growing inside of her. I covered the few feet between us and just about tackled her onto the couch as I started kissing her and running my fingers through her hair.

“My gosh baby this is a surprise.” She said with a big smile as I started pulling off her clothes.

“I just really want you.” I said combing my fingers through her hair again.

Mindy just closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of my fingers running through her hair. She worked so hard to keep her hair soft and shiny as possible just to make me happy. I weaved my fingers in and out of her hair fluffing it up and smoothing it out over and over again all the while I was grinding my crotch against her lap making sure to not hit her baby bump. After several minutes of this I stood up and stripped myself nude as Mindy did the same. It had been weeks since we had made love and it was obvious how much we both needed this.

I pushed Mindy back down to the couch and started running my fingers through her hair again as she started to caress my breasts. I started grinding my crotch against her leg enjoying the feel of her flesh against my pussy. I was already so wet and horny that I knew this was not going to last very long at all. I started grinding faster and faster and running my fingers through her hair harder and faster until I simply exploded. Mindy wrapped her arms around my body and pulled me into her as I bucked and moaned from my orgasm.

When I came down from my orgasmic euphoria I looked down at Mindy and kissed her. It was probably the most sensual kiss we had shared in a long time and I know how happy it made her. Once I broke the kiss I slid off of her and got down on my knees. Her pussy was almost dripping wet as I started to run a finger up and down the slit. She started to tremble slightly beneath my touches and I finally pulled her forward so that she was sitting in the edge of the couch giving me a clean shot at her pussy. I did not waste any time in digging my tongue inside of her and started rubbing her clit rapidly.

Mindy was moaning and saying words that no soon to be mother should even think let alone say but she always did have a dirty mouth in bed. I flicked my tongue over her clit multiple times as I rapidly slid two fingers in and out of her pussy quickly bringing her to the brink of orgasm and beyond. Her legs clamped together trapping me as her pussy clinched around my fingers. She finally relaxed and I slid out from between her legs and flopped down on the couch beside her.

“That was wonderful baby.” She said leaning against me. “What brought that on?”

“I realized how much I missed your touch and the fact that you are pregnant does not mean we cant make love still.”

Mindy squeezed me tight saying how glad she was to hear me say that. I hugged her back before standing up to go grab a shower and change of clothes. With my fresh clothes draped over my arms I headed into the bathroom Mindy was standing there looking in the full body mirror running her hand over her baby bump again. I laid my clothes on the counter near the sink and stepped up behind her and wrapped my arms around her resting my hands on top of her hand. I kissed her on the side of the neck and just stood there looking at her in the reflection of the mirror.

We took a shower together hardly keeping our hands or lips off of each other the whole time. After we got out we didn’t even bother drying off, I simply picked her up and carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. We made love for over an hour before mutual exhaustion and hunger made us stop. Somewhere in the middle of all of this I gave myself a mental slap for even fantasizing about Annie. We dressed in only panties leaving our breasts exposed so we could tease each other as we cooked.

Mindy put some water on the stove to boil pasta for Spaghetti as I started chopping some Romaine Lattice, tomatoes, and cucumbers for a nice salad. I had to smack Mindys hand several time to keep her from stealing the tomatoes from the salad making her giggle every time. I finally mixed everything together and put it in the refrigerator and helped Mindy make the Spaghetti.

After dinner we cuddled up on the couch and watched movies till Mindy drifted off to sleep. I could not carry her into the bedroom without waking her up so I decided to just grab a thin blanket and threw it over the both of us and snuggled down next to her and fell asleep myself.

Over the next several months Annie and I became rather good friends and started to hang out when we were not working. Mindy took a turn for the worse with her hormones and was getting really short with me causing me to more or less keep my distance. Throughout all of this Annie was right there to keep me company because she was having problems with her boyfriend and was spending more and more time out of the house even though they were not living together. One particular morning I was awoken by Mindy ripping the covers off of me.

“Baby what the hell?” I half yelled sitting up.

“I cant believe you are going to stay in bed all fucking morning while I am cleaning your house.”

“I worked late last night I am tired.”

“You are not the one that is fucking pregnant. Try being me for a minuet. I am always tired, my back is hurting and I am getting heart burn all the damn time.”

I knew where this was heading and I got out of bed to avoid it the best I could. I got dressed with Mindy bitching at me the whole time. Once I was dressed I headed right for the door with her on my heels every step of the way. I barely made it out of the door before she slammed it shut behind me. I tossed my hands in the air and headed down the street with no real idea where I was going to go. I was fuming as I walked, I was not going to put up with this much longer. I knew it was just her hormones and things would get better but we still had another 2 months before she was supposed to have the baby. That was 2 months too long.

I found myself walking along the street that led to Annie’s house and simply said fuck it and headed to her house. I rapped on her window so I would not wake up her mom and dad if they were still asleep. The curtains parted a little in the middle then opened fully. Annie was standing there in her night gown with her hair all a mess I knew I had woken her up and apologized when she opened the window.

“You get into a fight with Mindy again?” She asked helping me through the window.

“I don’t know how much longer I can do this shit.”

She walked over to her closet removing her night gown as she went. I could not help but look at her as she started hunting through her closet for something to ware. She didn’t bother putting on any panties or a bra and turned back towards me giving me my first ever view of her nude body. She was beautiful, A cup breasts that were nice and firm on her chest, dark nipples that were standing proud. Her pussy hair had been shaved leaving only a landing strip of hair just over her clit.

I squeezed my legs together to keep my fingers from wondering into bad places. Annie stepped into a pair of shorts letting me see her gorgeous pussy lips. She came over and sat down next to me without throwing on a top and I found it very hard to keep from looking at her breasts.

“You need to relax Jess.” she said scooting a little behind me. “Things will work out fine I know it.”

I felt her hands on my shoulders and she started to gently massage them gently. I will not even try and deny that it felt wonderful and I soon found myself leaning back into her. After about 5 minutes she started working her hands around to my chest. I was about to stop her when she completely took her hands off of me.

“I have an idea.” She said. “lets go out to my hot tub.”

“I don’t have a swimsuit.” I said looking at her.

“Lets skinny dip.”

She stood up and slipped her shorts back off and pulled me to my feet. I wanted to protest but she started pulling off my clothes and before I could find my voice she had my shirt and bra off. I sat back down on the bed and removed my shoes and the rest of my clothes. I followed her out to her cabana where her hot tub was and stepped in. It was the middle of winter and the few feet we had to walk outside left my nipples standing at full attention. I leaned back against the tub as Annie turned the water and air jets on.

“This is so much better.” She said sitting down next to me.

I was about to agree with her when she put her hands back on my shoulders and started to rub again. Now I was really feeling good and leaned my head back against her shoulder. After a few minutes she slid down to her knees in front of me and lifted my left leg and started to massage it starting at my foot. I could not even remember the last time Mindy did anything like this. She slowly made her way up my leg till she got to my thigh.

“I can’t see because of the bubbles so if I start going to high let me know.” She said.

I detected some seduction in her voice and I think she wanted to go up too high. She kept working on my thigh moving up higher and higher. I was getting so turned on by this that I did not want to tell her when she was getting high. I wanted to feel her hands on my pussy. I got my wish when one of her fingers slid over my lips. I held my breath wanting more but she dropped my leg and moved over to the other one. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back on the edge of the tub as she started working her way up my other leg. She did not go up any faster than she did with the other one and after a few agonizing minutes she was back at the top of my thigh. I was hoping for another brush of her fingers but in stead I felt her lips against mine. My eyes shot open as she kissed me and after a few seconds I started to kiss back.

I felt some hesitation from Annie as she started to open her mouth. I took charge of the kiss and darted my tongue into her mouth and started wrestling with her own tongue. Her hands were still at the top of my leg and her nails were starting to dig into my flesh, and it felt good. Several minutes went by before her hands came away from my leg. With one hand she started to fondle my left breasts. Then all at once I felt her push 2 fingers into my pussy. I moaned into her mouth and pushed into her hand trying to get her fingers in deeper. Annie broke the kiss and started kissing my neck as she plunged her fingers inside of my pussy. I wrapped my arms around her neck and started moaning as I grinded on her fingers. I could feel an orgasm starting to build and started to grind faster as I closed my eyes.

Suddenly Mindy’s face popped into my mind. I unwrapped my arms from Annie’s neck and just about jumped through the roof of the cabana. Annie was saying something to me but I was not hearing it as I tried to cover my breasts up with my hands as I reached for a towel. As soon as I had it in my hands I ran out of the cabana and back into her house. Tears were streaming down my face as I started grabbing my clothes off the floor. Annie came in as I was starting to put my panties on and I stopped and covered my body the best I could with the tower.

“What is the matter with you Jess?” She asked dropping the towel she had in her hands.

“Annie I have a girlfriend I cant be messing with you.” I sobbed.

“She is being a bitch.”

“Its just hormones. She will get over it.”

Annie crossed the room in 2 steps and pulled the towel out of my hands. I tried to cover my breasts with one hand and my pussy with the other but she grabbed both of my hands and forced me onto the bed straddling hips. She pinned my arms above my head which put her firm and perky breasts right above my face. I did not even try and struggle because the truth was I wanted her. I wanted her from the second I saw her in the store. When she felt no resistance from me she let go of my arms and sat back.

“Jess, never before in my life have I ever been attracted to another girl. But everything about you turns me on.”

She reached between her legs and pushed 2 fingers into her pussy and pulled them out to show me how wet she was. With shaky hands I reached for her and started rubbing her thighs earning a low moan from her. She leaned down and pressed her lips to mine again and I kissed her back instantly. Her nipples were rubbing against mine making me moan slightly as I cupped her ass in both hands. She shifted her legs so that she was between mine in the Missionary position and started to grind her pussy into mine. I started to moan into her mouth every time her clit would touch mine. She started to grind harder and faster and I knew she was about to cum. I wanted to stop it but at the same time I wanted to flip her over and finger fuck her to the best orgasm of her life.

My mind was made up when my phone started to ring in the pocket of my pants that were laying on the floor. My ring tone was Mindy saying she loves me. It kept repeating over and over again. Annie stopped in mid thrust with her clit right against mine. She rolled off of me and sat on the edge of the bed with her back facing me.

“You better get going. This has already gone too far.” She said putting her head down.

I slid off of the bed and quickly got dressed and headed out the door without saying another word to her. I did not know what the fuck I was going to do. I had just cheated on the woman I am having a baby with. The fact that I wanted Annie was the hardest thing for me to deal with. Shit I still wanted her. My phone started to ring again and on the 3 rd I love you I picked it up.

“Yeah.” I said trying to keep my voice from cracking.

“Come home baby. I am sorry about this morning.”

I started crying and could not keep from letting her hear it. When she asked me if I was ok all I could saw was “no”. She asked where I was and told me she would come and pick me up but I hung up the phone before I answering her. I never knew I could walk so slow. But even then I was getting close to home much faster than I wanted. Mindy met me at the door with pussy eyes. I was about to say hi when I caught a hard slap across my cheek. I damn near fell backwards but Mindy grabbing me by the arm stopped me.

“You fucking bitch.” She screamed in my face before pulling me into a tight hug. “You God damn fucking bitch.”

I was at a loss for words. I really had no idea what the hell was going on. Mindy cussed at me several more times before pulling me into the apartment. She closed the door then spun around and landed another hard slap on my other cheek. This time I fell to the side and smacked into the wall before falling on my ass. I could not believe this, Mindy had never been violent with me before. She pulled me back to my feet and I recoiled when she stepped towards me.

“Annie called.” She said with tears streaming down her face. “Right after I got off the phone with you.”

Oh shit. This was going to get bad in a hurry.

She told me that she tried her best to seduce you. She told me everything. She told me how you jumped out of the hot tub and how she followed you into her bedroom, everything.

“So why are you beating the shit out of me?” I half cried half yelled.

“To knock it into your fucking head that you are going to be a mother to our child. You have a family.”

Ok I was officially lost.

“I am not mad at you for fucking Annie. She told me you tried to resist. But I am fucking pissed at you for putting yourself into the situation where something like that could happen.”

“I love you Mindy.” Was all I could say.

“Fuck you Jessie.” She said before throwing herself into me and pressing her lips to mine. “I love you too.”

It was not easy loving with her for several weeks after that day. But I found a new job and had lost all contact with Annie. We even discussed moving to another city but decided to wait on that because all of her doctors were here. Finally the day came when I got a call from her saying she had gone into labor. It was a few days early but nothing to freak over. I took her down to the hospital where she gave birth to a 9 pound 4 ounce health baby girl. The first time I held her in my arms I knew I was with my family and nothing was ever going to come between us again.

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