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I am so excited to finally meet you
You come over so we can actuallymeet. I’m nervous because you are so damn hot and I hope you like me, too.

When you get here, I welcome you in. I suggest we watch a movie so we can get comfortable with each other. We pick one of those cheesy romance movies where the girl always gets the guy.

As the story unfolds, you and I get closer and closer on the couch until finally my hand brushes your leg. You don’t seem to mind so I rest my hand on your leg, mid-thigh.

You kind of cuddle into me, your breast teasing my arm. My nipples tingle when I feel yours touch my arm.

I bite my lip thinking about how to make the next move. I feel you turn your head and look at me. I slowly turn mine and lean in slightly.

I look into your eyes as our lips brush ever so softly… then apply a bit more pressure. Your lips are so soft. I cup the side of your face with my hand as I slowly lick your lips hoping you’ll allow me access into your sweet mouth.

Hmmm… you taste so good.

Our bodies turn toward each other as our kiss deepens. My hand travels from your cheek down to your breast. Damn, I can feel your nipple through your shirt. I feel your hand shyly close over my breast and it’s like a lightening bolt straight to my pussy.

'Oh my!' 

I slowly massage your breast… anticipating more…

My heart races as your hand traces to the bottom of my shirt. You hesitate… how to make you keep going???

Epiphany… I lean back and take my shirt off completely.

No fair… you still have yours on…

So, I hesitantly pull at the hem of your shirt with my fingers and slowly slide it up your stomach, over your breasts and finally, as you raise your arms, I take it off you completely.

The sight of you in just your bra and shorts steals my breath.

I can’t hold back, I ravage your mouth with mine. My hands find your breasts and I can’t contain myself, I need to see them.

You must have the same thought, because at the same time my hands travel to the clasp of your bra, you are doing the same to mine.

After our breasts are free, our mouths find each other again. Your soft breasts press against mine. My nipples tighten so much it’s almost painful.

I kiss my way to your ear as my fingers find your nipple. As I suck your earlobe into my mouth and nibble, my fingers massage and pinch your nipple. I keep teasing your nipple as I kiss my way down your neck, over your chest and to your other breast.

I lick your tit around the nipple, not quite touching it. When my mouth finally latches onto your nipple, your back arches and pushes it further into my mouth. With a moan, you rake your hands through my hair.

I switch to the other nipple and let my hand travel down to the button on your shorts. As my tongue laves your nipple, I unbutton your shorts and slide the zipper down. Your legs open slightly as my hand keeps traveling down the outside of your shorts. You’re heat almost burns through your shorts as my fingers trace over your crotch. When I feel your hips roll with my hand I bring my hand back up and push into your shorts.

As I start to massage your pussy lips, you start panting in anticipation.

With one finger, I spread your lips and find your clit. You are already so damn wet!

I circle your clit and take it between two of my fingers. I gently gyrate my fingers on your mound.

I pull away from your breast long enough to look into your eyes to make sure you are still okay with how fast we are going.

You respond by pinching my nipple.


I slide off the couch and kneel in front of it. I momentarily take my fingers from your pussy to pull your shorts off your hips and down your legs. After throwing them over my shoulder, I place one hand on each knee and spread your legs.


Your pussy is so pretty… my mouth waters just looking at it.

I spread your lips with my fingertips. Hmmm... I breathe hot air onto your clit before softly flicking it with my tongue. I lick a circle around your hard bud before sucking it into my mouth. I nibble and suck on your clit and massage your pussy with my finger. I suck your clit hard as I shove my finger into your hot wet pussy. I find the ridges inside your pussy and run my fingertip over your g spot as I sit back to watch. I slowly start moving my finger in and out of your tight pussy.

My finger picks up speed, then I slip another in. In and out, in and out, faster and faster.

I can feel you are getting close, so with my other hand and without easing up, I put my thumb on your clit and rub hard. I fuck your hot pussy with my fingers until I feel you tighten and then as you scream, I start to lick the juices coming out of your pussy. You taste so fucking awesome!

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