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I'm breaking my writing cherry so please be gentle.
It was that time of the semester again…

The deadline for our final assignment was only a few days away. All my peers shared the same feeling of regret as we recalled all the time spent chatting. For once, I was actually a bit more responsible. I spent every day after school working on a clay bust inspired by a character I’d seen in a horror movie.

I also made the conscious effort to work after school because of a particularly gorgeous distraction. Sabine was especially shy and stood a few inches shorter than my 5 foot 7 stature. A lot of people perceived her as stuck up because of her demeanor, but I knew better. It was her hands, beautiful mane of dark curls and swaying hips that hypnotized me most of the class. I was a goner once she started working on her canvas with such finesse and diligence. Fortunate for me, she could also distract me from my monotone English teacher, deconstructing Heart of Darkness.

The majority of my friends found out that I’m a lesbian after having what I call an ‘interrogation session’ over at the local Starbucks. I generally kept my love interests on the down low because I’ve gotten a few not so nice replies after doing so. I only thought it was fair to them, and to me to be open about it though. While sipping my overpriced medium, sorry grande, cappuccino I was bombarded with the following questions:

“Were you always a lesbian?”

“Do you like anyone we know from school?”

“Would you really bring a girl to prom?”

“If you go, are you going to wear a tux, and your date a dress?”

And of course, “How do lesbians even have sex?”

Face palm.

All I could think to myself at that point was, "If they thought just sticking a penis in a vagina would give them the most earth shattering orgasm ever, they had a lot to learn."

I was then assigned the role of being the LGBT ambassador of the group, and I have to say it could be really frustrating sometimes. At least I can thank them for the advice they gave me on how to approach Sabine. I’m the type of person that rarely gets nervous, but she just makes me shake in my boots and stutter like a fool. Even then, I still joined a club she started after school for girls.
They advertised it over the PA as such, “Are you a girl that likes girls? Come after school to room 231!”
That line had me in stitches, while the other girls gave each other disapproving looks.

So there I was, room 231, with quivering knees but a sense of determination. I turned the knob apprehensively and peered in. Sabine was just explaining what the purpose and topics they talked about to a few newbies. Eventually I mustered up the strength to walk over to her; I sure could’ve gone for a swig of liquid courage though.

We talked about women’s rights and somehow the conversation shifted to the debate of whether gay men or lesbians have a harder time gaining acceptance. I argued that gay men actually do.

“They do because I think society values male masculinity so much. It’s tough for people to accept someone that doesn't conform to those ideals. In the end though, it’s still hard for both of them. People are scared of the unknown, trust me I would know.”

“Really? And how would you really know Mara?” inquired Sabine.

I guessed it was now or never. “Easy. Because I’m a lesbian.”

It seemed like an eternity between that statement and her reply.

“Oh, really?! I had no idea!”

“Yea, I guess I don’t give off the gay vibe that much…”

Luckily for me, the teacher interrupted the conversation to begin the discussion, before I could say something stupid.

The next day was the deadline for our art assignments. I was surprised to see Sabine in the art class before me working on her piece because I thought she was done. We were both alone in the class. I later learned that our teacher stepped out for a meeting. I dumped my bag on my desk and started to walk towards the sink to make the slip for my clay bust. I raised my head to notice Sabine was slumped over her canvas.

I knew it. She reached ‘the wall’; the moment when an artist works on a piece for every day for months, and absolutely hates it. This is actually the reason why I don’t paint, I prefer feeling the medium in my hands. It feels more alive and interesting, thus helping me avoid the wall.

“Hey! How’s your painting going? It looks gorgeous!” I said enthusiastically.

“I hate it. I hate everything about it. I don’t even want to hand it into Ms. Brennan, let alone use it for my art portfolio to apply to university.”

Right then she broke into tears. That’s one thing I couldn’t bear, seeing her cry.

I remember seeing her in the cafeteria miserable and crying on a friend’s shoulder. I wish it could’ve been me consoling her that day.

“It’s absolutely hideous and I don’t have time to make another for my portfo--”

I grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around. I looked into her eyes and saw all the frustration.

“Sabine stop saying that. It’s beautiful and you know it is. You’re extremely talented and if you don’t get into that school the reviewers are idiots.”

I slowly wiped the tear that cascaded down her perfect cheek. I felt a rush of energy, like a jolt of electricity run through my spine into my fingertips. The air suddenly felt thick and the tension could be cut with a knife. I’m sure she felt it too, because when I looked into her eyes, they were two pools of water that reflected the same thought whirling in my mind. She reached toward my hand that was stroking her face, and grasped it. I went in for the most passionate kiss I’ve ever experienced.

Her lips were so soft and lush, and tasted like cherries. I slowly parted her lips with my tongue and met hers. She placed her hands loosely in my hair. The rhythm of our moving mouths increased quickly as we became more heated and rough. I pulled her hips closer to mine while caressing her back, then guided us to a nearby wall. My knees couldn't be trusted in these surprising turn of events. I was growing impatient, and rightly so because we had no idea when the teacher would be back. My kisses descended to her neck, where I sucked her hard. I wanted people to know that she was taken.

“Oh Mara. Fuck, that feels so good. Please I want you to taste me!” she growled into my ear.

She took my hand and placed it into her buttoned pants. My hand slipped under her panties and caressed her mound. She gasped.

“Feel that?” she moaned. “No one’s ever made me wet like that before.”

I took my hand out reluctantly, but not for naught because I got a sample of her deliciously sweet and tangy juices.

I ripped off her shirt and nestled my head in between her fantastic breasts. I was primal and so horny after her remark. The fact that I was the cause of her wetness made me shift uncomfortably in my pants. I threw off my shirt and she cupped my breasts.

“I never knew you were such a dirty girl. I’ve never even heard you swear until now,” I said with a smirk.

“That’s because you’ve never seen me so hor---- Aah!!!”

I bit her right nipple roughly and my left hand was filled with her flesh. I loved the feeling of her nipple hardening in my fingers.

At that point I was on my knees, level with her uniform pants. I put my hand over her crotch and could feel the heat emitting from the treasure beneath. Sabine’s hands were full of my hair and eagerly pushing me towards her pussy. I unbuttoned her pants and they fell to her ankles. I quickly grabbed my jacket and placed it on the ground while she stepped out of her pants. She laid down on the floor with a wide grin spread over her face.

“You smell so delicious sweetie, and I’m pretty sure I’m the happiest girl in the world right now,” I said slowly kissing up her inner thighs.

“Shut up and eat my cunt!” she barked.

Isn’t it such a delight when seemingly innocent girls talk so naughty?

I complied by peeling off her panties and inhaling their scent. Perfection. She took them from my hand and inhaled them herself. Then she uncoiled them to find the wet spot and placed them in her mouth, all the while looking deeply into my eyes. Fuck me, my panties were drenched and were about to get wetter.

She spread her legs for me to reveal a soaking cunt. I got a wonderful sight of what I had previously sampled. Her pubic hair was trimmed, just the way I like it, and her cum was slowly dripping down her thighs. She inched her legs closed, probably because of my delayed response. I chuckled silently at the futility of her action to be modest when she’s laying there, spread eagle with a dripping cunt.

I lapped up the juices on each thigh and blew on the wetness. She was starting to get really frustrated now, but I loved teasing her. I licked up from her asshole to her clit, and finally engulfed her molten mound with my mouth. Sabine gasped in relief. I sucked and stuck my tongue in her pussy as she pushed my head further into her. I stroked every crevice and fold of her labia with my tongue, then stuck it as far as I could inside.

“Fuck! Please suck me harder!” she cried.

She was definitely wet enough for what I was about to do next. I stuck two fingers into her sopping pussy facing upwards, and then curled them up to hit her sweet spot. I started to fuck her as hard and fast as I could. Her hips began to buck to meet my hand, while her thigh was in between my legs, pressing against my cunt. Her breathing was quick, ragged and shallow.

“Oh my God! I’m going to cum! Please! Please! Don’t stop!” she yelled.

I clutched her tit with my hand and finally I added my thumb on her clit. It was all too much for her. Her muscles started to clench hard on my hand and her body tensed up. Her legs locked around my waist while her delicate hands reached around my back and clawed their way down.

We both lay there in a trance. Nothing else seemed to matter, except for the sunlight filtering into the room making her even more radiant. Sabine’s body relaxed and she cupped my cheek and kissed me.

“Mmm I can still taste myself on your lips,” she said with a grin.

“Such a delicious taste isn’t it?” I replied. “So when are you going to repay me, huh?”

She glanced at the clock. It was 8:40 am.

“Shit!”she exclaimed. “Ms. Brennan’s probably gonna be back soon!”

We both scrambled to grab our clothes and I handed Sabine her panties that were hanging on a miniature statue of ‘The Thinker’.

We began leaving the class and kissed one more time.

“Hope you have a great day, sweetie” I said with a wide smile.

“I’ll repay you. I promise.” she said with a devious wink.

 To be continued...

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