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First Base

PART 1 OF 4: Highschool senior, Sydney, finds herself attracted to a pretty new student
It was getting pathetic. Sydney had crushes on random boys every fifteen minutes but they were like chewing bubble gum: after a while they lost their flavor and her attention. 

For Sydney crushes didn't mean hooking up, or even necessarily speaking to the temporary target of her affection. For Sydney senior year was as much about romantic notions as it was about the actual pursuit of romantic relationships. Her head filled with Shakespeare and Jane Austen, Rhianna and Adele, she was happy to fall in love three or four times a day.

Sydney floated from class to class with her brain in constant competition with itself, taking notes in Calculus II while imagining herself under Mr. Owen's desk, his hard, brown cock in her mouth while still teaching complicated equations to the class. Her fantasies included teachers, friends' parents, celebrities, the mail man, anyone that provoked her interest easily wound up naked in her head. Sexual acrobatics and multiple orgasms were standard for all her daydreams. And her real life activities were pretty wild as well, Sydney's sexual appetite intense and uninhibited: any good-looking guy was a potential lover if his timing was right.

One afternoon she saw Warren, the senior class president, checking her out in the library. Eight minutes later he had her bent over a mop and bucket and taking it in the ass in the janitor's closet. Four months later and Sydney's pussy still pulsed and creamed every time she smelled industrial floor cleaner.

Whether triggered by smell or a song or whatever, she loved to remember her crushes with as much melodrama and high-production special effects as possible. 

In her memories, Lucas, the really sweet barista at Republic Coffee ate her pussy on a giant pile of exotic coffee beans, dark and rich and pungent with a thousand jungles and her pussy juices. Instead, the reality was her ass balanced precariously between the 3-group La Mazocca and the scones. She barely managed to stay perched on the edge of the cafe's counter, Lucas somehow managing to finally coax her to climax. It was an orgasm but one that wasn't worth the smell of coffee grounds that seemed to haunt her panties for the next four days. 

Varsity quarterback Trent had crushed on her for two whole years before she even noticed him. Of course, by then he was deeply in love with someone else, a sugar-mama he had met on the internet. She kept him busy and distracted with money and blow job skills that Sydney's own dad bragged about experiencing when he and the sugar-mama were high school seniors themselves. 

Brad, James, Darrell, Dean, Evan, Seth, many boys had filled her mouth and her tight pinkness with their dicks and Sydney was proud of her sexual confidence and skills with men.

But whether uncomfortable or imaginary or anal or unrequited, Sydney liked sex. She liked it very, very much. 

At seventeen she was lush, ripe and ready for whatever her imagination - or her body - could conjure.

So when vagina-confident, man-eating Sydney walked into AP Physiology on Monday April 17th the last thing she expected was to fall in love before the bell rang. 

And certainly not with a girl.

It took twelve seconds to learn her name because Dennis was already in the girl's face, asking her name and the room seemed to fall away as nothing else reached Sydney's ears but "Jade".

"Jade," Sydney whispered through her smiling lips.

She could have shouted it, however, because the classroom had seemed silent to the young woman while the world had stopped for her to hear the lovely new girl's name.

In fact the nineteen other students hadn't paused in their usual morning racket. Smartphones and tablets were still on desks and Mrs. Wilkerson did not even bother to look up from her newspaper when the bell rang. 


Sydney couldn't focus on physiology or calculus, forgot how to conjugate "comer" in Spanish, fumbled through her Social Studies presentation and spent lunch, masturbating furiously in the fourth stall of the teacher's bathroom. 


It was like the girl was following her, appearing in every class. Somehow it seemed that no matter where she positioned herself in a classroom, the new girl's scent greeted her in a cloud of vanilla and peaches with a hint of something else; something just as sweet as summer fruit but better licked than bitten.

Sydney tried to avoid touching the new girl at all costs, waiting at the back of the classroom until Jade exited or racing out before her. 

Other students wondered what had cool sexy Sydney so unnerved and out of sorts. Sydney never rushed and she certainly never lingered but today she was doing both.

It was behavior that made everybody start to pay even more attention to the popular student than usual.

And of course a new student's best bet is to make friends with the one everyone else is paying attention to. Jade was only sixteen but she still had enough high school experience to know this.

When the last bell rang, Jade didn't move. She'd noticed how Sydney seemed to either be running or waiting after each class so Jade watched her closely as the clock ticked towards 3:00. The bell rang and Sydney was still sitting so Jade simply rose from her desk and walked over.

Sydney saw her coming down the aisle and her heart began to hammer. 

"Please, don't talk to me, please don't talk to me, please don't fucking..."

"Hi! I'm Jade. You're Sydney, right?" 

The girl was less than a foot away, offering her small manicured hand to shake. Before she could think better of it Sydney was taking Jade's soft delicate fingers in her own and what was meant as a handshake melted into something warm and buttery and dangerous.

That was yesterday and now it was Tuesday and it was getting pathetic because Sydney knew crushes, she even knew love on some level and the girl definitely knew lust but this thing she had for Jade? This was something else entirely.

This was like fire, like red ants in her blood, like walking through electricity every time she entered a room she knew Jade was in. 

A hypnotic mind-fuck that kept Sydney's panties damp and Jade's thighs sweaty enough to overpower the vanilla top-note of her perfume and leave Sydney's nostrils filled with the aroma of Jade's wetness.

They gave each other wide berths for the rest of the day, sitting across the room from each other and never being in the same space longer than they had to be.

When the gym teacher told Jade to spot Sydney on the balance beam, they both blushed and avoided eye contact. The few times that Sydney stumbled on the narrow apparatus and had to reach for Jade's support, something would pass between the girls that sparked and sizzled, their hearts starting to race, their breath coming quicker. It was unbearable and less than ten words had been spoken between them.

In fact, Sydney had yet to speak to the new girl at all but at this point, words were an insult to whatever was happening between these two anyway.

Thirty minutes after gym class was over and Sydney was just leaving the shower.

She didn't want the other girls to possibly see the heat that seemed to be burning through her skin for Jade. It was unlikely so obvious but the time alone in the steamy tiled room gave Sydney the opportunity to touch herself again.

Her fingers, masquerading as the other girl's, searched her own body for erogenous zones and the spots she hoped to discover on Jade.

Jade had showered and dressed ages ago but something kept her hanging about the girls locker room just the same. 

It was something unspoken but undeniable and now Sydney was shaking her hair dry, unaware of Jade's presence as she turned from the shower area to the lockers.

Sydney should have been surprised to see this girl, this essential stranger standing in the shadows so quiet, but she wasn't. 

Finding Jade waiting silently for her made something warm happen in Sydney's belly. She could feel the gooseflesh rising on her bare arms still wet from the shower but now sweat joined the beads of water on her skin.

Jade's eyes didn't wander from her own and for ten full seconds both girls feared they might faint from the tension.

It may have looked strange: a dripping wet teenage girl, wrapped in a towel and silently staring deeply into the eyes of her younger clothed (yet dripping) classmate.

It may have looked strange but it felt so right that what happened next made perfect sense, even to a man-eater like Sydney.

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