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First Date

Kiara takes Faith on their first date
"So," Faith said quizzically, "where is it you're taking me?"

Kiara had a plan, but not one she was ready to share with her new friend. "Oh, you'll love it," was all she was willing to say.

They arrived after around fifteen minutes of walking next to a beach, but more importantly at an ice-cream van, though it was a lot larger than a regular one. Fully decked out with a kitchen in the back, Faith soon saw a sign that said, "Pancakes Sold Here!" The big white and blue van smelled like a sugary heaven, the scent of rich caramel and maple syrup filling the area around it. A goofy smile spread over Faith's face, she knew this was going to be a good first date.

A scruffy looking guy in his mid-twenties stepped out of the van, baggy eyes and baggier clothes instantly told you he was high, but Faith was no angel. "Heyy, Kiki. S'all yours dude. This the girl you told me about?" he asked, dragging his words.

"Yes, Barry… "


"Yes, Bumble, this is Faith."

"Cool, I'm goin' to tan. Have fun girls."

And he walked off, stripping his clothes as he got closer to the beach. His perfectly undefined back was as white as the ice-cream he sold. He needed this tan more than the girls needed lunch.

"So, wanna make some pancakes?" Kiara asked.

"Um, hell yeah!" was Faith's answer.

For the next ten minutes, they prepared the ingredients, took out the ice cream to let it melt just a little, and got cooking. There was flour everywhere and Faith made the most of the opportunity. Kiara squealed as Faith's hand grabbed her right ass cheek, leaving a white hand print on her jean shorts. Giggling, Kiara then threw her hands into the flour and grabbed Faith's chest, leaving two equally noticeable hand print right over her boobs and with that Faith wrapped her arms around Kiara's neck and they shared their first kiss.

It was pure bliss, their lips melted together with their tongues gently teasing the senses but not intruding, just playing. The flour covered them both, but they didn't care. Soon Faith had lifted Kiara on to the counter and was devouring her neck. Kissing, licking and nibbling gently, she was incredibly skilled in the art of turning someone on. Kiara's hands cupped Faith's ass, slipping her fingers under her jeans, feeling the warm, soft skin and gently tracing her finger along her ass, sending shivers up Faith's spine.

A knock at the door took them out of their passionate embrace, then Bumble walked back in. Observing the mess, he smiled and asked, "Yo girls, have fun?" and giggled to himself. They apologised for the mess, but Bumble shrugged it off. The girls got up, adjusted themselves and took off for the beach.

The beach was sparsely packed, with a few groups of teenagers around, a couple of families and a lot of couples. Faith looked around, thinking to herself, "I haven't been to the beach in years."

As she was perceived as a goth, Faith had very little time for beaches. Or sun. But today felt good. She always liked being out, it just didn't fit in very well with her lifestyle. Maybe Kiara was exactly what she needed to reintroduce herself into the sunny world? She got butterflies just thinking about spending more time with this beautiful girl.

Kiara pulled off her top revealing a cute little black bra that doubled as a bikini top and now just wearing her jean shorts and bra, she reached into her backpack and pulled out another black bikini top for Faith. "I hope it's your size. You look like a B, right?"

"Yeah, good guess," Faith answered, smiling. "You must've spent a lot of time looking at these, huh?" then winked, noticing Kiara blush.

"Can you blame me? You've seen mine, after all."

"True. Come on!" Faith said, grabbing Kiara's wrist and running for the modesty wall, a fixture with two sort of changing rooms and two outdoor showers. They were always cold, so no one used them. Pulling Kiara into the female shower room, she pulled her black t-shirt over her head, then undid her bra, letting it slip down to her navel, revealing her firm, pale breasts.

If Kiara had died at this moment, she'd have no regrets. Her wonderings were right, Faith did have her left nipple pierced. A small, curved silver bar with neon blue spikes went through her permanently hard, pink nipple. Her other was puffier, due to being soft. The look was definitely a hot one, and Kiara was getting turned on just by looking.

"Can I?" Kiara mustered the breath to speak, while lifting her hand.

"Of course!" Kiara said excitedly and took a step towards the excited girl. Stopping with her nipple an inch from the waiting fingers, Faith closed her eyes. Her senses exploded as her nipple was touched. Soft, inquisitive fingers exploring the metal bar her nipple was so used to. Then Faith jumped. A tongue was licking at her nipple, gently and curiously, lapping at the nipple that longed for attention. Faith moaned, her knees shaking, and her hands found Kiara's face. She pulled her in for a kiss and they made out for what felt like an eternal bliss. It was just a haze of tongues and lips, with noises of pleasure and lust escaping when they weren't completely entangled.

Then someone coughed. A woman, probably in her late forties or early fifties, standing naked except for the towel around her waist. The woman stared them down and Faith quickly put the bikini top up to her chest, covering both her now hard nipples. She tied it up and the woman burst out laughing. "Don't worry girls, no body else comes here. Me and my husband have fucked here nearly every weekend for ten years."

Trying to hide their embarrassment and their horror, they laughed along with her as the woman went about her shower. As they left, a man in only a towel went into the woman's shower room and the girls gave him a knowing look. He just smiled innocently and said, "My wife needs… um… shampoo," as he held up the bottle. They just giggled and walked off.

They sat on the beach for another twenty minutes, just getting to know each other, enjoying the sun and having a good time. Kiara loved being in the sun, the beach was one of her favourite places, and Faith was thinking it might be one of hers now too. Soon they were just lying with each other, Kiara's head on Faith's tummy, enjoying the feeling of being in contact. Then Kiara said something completely unexpected.

"So, am I like, your girlfriend?

"Um." Was all Faith could think of at that time and after a short delay, she replied, "Well, I don't know. Do you want to be?"

"I think I might, that is, if that's okay?"

"It's more than okay, gorgeous." Faith leaned in and kissed her. They cuddled for a few more minutes before Kiara announced that they had one more activity lined up.

"Follow me," Kiara said, as they walked towards a small pier lined with canoes, sail boats and pedalo's. Kiara walked up to the man and handed over a twenty, then walked hand in hand over to the shore as a pedalo was brought to the girls.

"Jump in, sexy," Kiara said, climbing in the right hand side, and Faith slowly followed suit, climbing into the left seat. The pedalo was ushered to face out over the sea by the life guard. As the girls got their bearings Kiara reached for Faith's hand and squeezed. "Ready for the second best ride on this beach?"

After five minutes of pedalling, the pedalo was out of sight of every person on the beach. Kiara reached behind her while Faith was looking over the horizon, taking off her bikini top. When Faith turned around, she licked her lips. "And I thought the best view was on my side," she giggled, then leaned in and kissed her new girlfriend.

"Wow, you're my girlfriend," she said, more to herself than Kiara. Kiara just nodded and kissed her again, then responded, "And you're mine," as she undid her lover's bikini top, too.

Small kisses lined the passionate kisses, each ending with a small peck then a teasing tongue tip tracing Faith's tongue. "Wow, can this girl kiss!" she thought to herself. Soon, caught in the moment, Kiara's tongue was doing it's magic on Faith's neck, then along her collar bone and around to the other side. She held her girlfriend's face whilst doing this, feeling the tender skin under her fingers, and the sweat she was causing.

Kiara got off knowing she was good at what she was doing. Her kisses directed lower and for the second time in her life, a pierced nipple was under her lips. Kiara teased at it, outlining the nipple in gentle licks, followed by slight licks over the areola, then back to the breast. Faith was ready to explode!

Faith put her hands on Kiara's shoulders and gasped as Kiara bit her nipple, gently but firm. It sent shocks through her body and she felt more alive in that moment than she ever remembered.

"This is how joy should feel," she muttered. Kiara giggled and kissed down her tummy, then pulled the top of her bottoms away from her flesh. "Babe, you ain't felt nothin' yet."

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