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First time . . .

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Mike’s bomb . . . . .



A month had passed after the “twins” adventure. I had not said anything yet. I was so afraid at Mike’s reaction that I did not have enough courage yet to tell him. I was feeling pretty sad and guilty of betrayal. When Mike exploded a bomb of himself.


Mike asked me for a divorce!. Of course it was a huge surprise. He said that he had fallen in love with a client. He said that once, some time ago, one of his salesperson in a remote territory had an accident and was out of work for about 4 weeks. Mike and Milton (Violet’s husband) had been going out there to cover the territory. In one of those trips he had to take a client to lunch. A female client. I knew that Mike’s business some times depended more on good relationships with customers than on the business itself. This first lunch made Mike to go out there a second time and a second lunch. Of course, nothing was planned. They had a one night stand that continued as many night stands and before he realized, he was in love with this woman. I asked Mike if there was a chance that he could forget this woman. He said no. I did not fight nor told him about my betrayal. So, I made him pay through the nose.


I asked that he take care of the financial well being of the girls and myself. He is/was the traitor. Hell yeah, I took advantage of the situation to get out better divorce terms. I knew that Mike had done very well in his work. I told him to pay in full for our apartment. Besides his work, Mike inherited some good money from his father. To pay also the utilities and other apartment expenses. Plus wife and child alimony. I said that Dad could give me work at his business and I could take care of the rest of my needs. It was really very little I needed extra but I had to impress on Mike and his lawyers that I was willing to negotiate.


This divorce DID affect me immensely. I was working with my dad but I was feeling like a zombie. No purpose outside of the girls. Sleep, eat and work. Take care of the girls and their school and visit my mom who was my baby sitter when I needed and my shoulder to cry all the time. Mom and I were very good friends before the divorce. While the divorce process was going, and after, Mom became my only friend. Mom encouraged me to continue with my exercises because now more than ever I wanted to look good. Firm body. Lovely and pretty figure. All my curves were in the right places for men to look at me and desire me. I kept going, through this all, to the gym. But I was really a zombie.


Until I noticed Ellen. Ellen had been, and is, the aerobics instructor at the gym. Her energy was always high. Her body also showed how much exercise she did. She had good looking muscles all over her body. Firm everything. A great set of breasts, beautiful curves. A stomach six pack to be amazed by. Legs and arms that did not show any imperfection. If somebody wanted to describe the perfect body of a woman all you had to say was ELLEN. She also had a beautiful face. The readers of   these stories may think that describing Ellen is an exaggeration. I tell you, it is not.


I had been doing exercises three days a week. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Mom would help me those days to pick up the girls and feed them and I took care of them the rest of the time. On Wednesdays, and every other week end, Mike would come for the girls. Mike remained living in the area. His bitch client moved here with him.


Let’s get back to the important things. Back to Ellen. She and I, although we saw each other three times a week, had not developed a friendship outside of hellos and good byes. However, I admired her and her body. I really liked her face and all in her. She also seemed a real nice girl and somebody that you could be friends with. There was a warmth in her that I knew it could be cultivated and develop into a great friendship. I was a little short on friendships lately. She did not seem to have   a big life outside of the gym. That kind of worried me if I wanted to have her as a friend. One day with the excuse that I needed some advice on relieving a small pain in a muscle area, I stayed a bit longer to talk with her and begin getting to know her better.


The conversation went real nice. I could see that she had an honest interest in helping me. I felt some sort of a connection with her as far as the exercises was concerned. Another day she heard me talking with somebody about the girls and she asked me about them. I showed her a picture and she was all smiles and happy. I felt that our conversation was good and the motive for her happy disposition.


One Friday that Mike picked up the girls I asked Ellen if she would like to go to a movie. Maybe Mac D before and a movie after. She said that it was a great idea and she said - yes, let us do that. - I gave her directions to the apt. for Saturday and she came to pick me up. When I saw her I told her that she looked gorgeous. She did! The clothes she selected allowed me to see all her beautiful curves. Not exactly spandex but close.   I kept thinking that she is a most beautiful woman.


  She asked me if I did not mind maybe a little better than Mac D. I said no problem - and we went to one of those nice, down to earth, restaurants in the area. It was a real nice place, unpretentious, but with great food and ambiance. Then we went to see one of Robin Williams comedies and we laugh like little children. I think I woke up from the lethargy I was experiencing. She dropped me home and I invited her to coffee. No, I did not have beer nor wine. Coffee was all I could offer. She said that one cup would be great. And we talked a bit more trying to know a bit more about each other. Finally she said good night. Gave me a peck on my cheek and left. I felt alone after she left. She had made a great impression on me. I wanted to spend more time with her. That night I went to bed and took my vibrator out for the first time since the divorce. I celebrated my new friend with a great orgasm.


Next week life continued like always except that now I took more time in saying good bye to Ellen. And this Friday I told Ellen that we were going to go shopping with the girls and I invited Ellen to go. She said yes, would like to meet the girls. Saturday, just before lunch she was there, with a very decent short pants outfit and a tank top that allowed her six pack to be seen. Ellen’s beauty again left me speechless. We went to the mall. Had lunch there and went around with the girls to buy some stuff for them and a present for Mom and Dad that were celebrating their wedding anniversary. I saw Ellen in a new light. She was great with the girls. I could see that she was having fun with them and the girls with her.


When we got home I told Ellen to stay for dinner. I was going to cook some pasta with my mom’s recipe. The girls loved it and I was sure Ellen would also like it. I said that I did have some wine we could open tonight. Ellen continued to be great with the girls and from time to time stuck her head in the kitchen to help. We had dinner, saw a TV program that the girls could see and she helped me put the girls in their bed to sleep. On the way down the stairs I did mention to her that she was looking just fantastic. To myself I thought that this girl was giving me ideas. Ideas of what, I was not sure. Just ideas.


There was some wine left. I asked her if she thought that she could have it and drive. She said no. So, we kind of said our good byes for this night. Another peck on my cheek and this time I felt something down there in my “love box”. This time I again felt alone even though the girls were upstairs sleeping. Ellen’s departure had a feeling of loneliness that I could not understand why.


The week started and Mon, Wed, and Fri I would see Ellen. She was getting in my mind and I was enjoying it. Friday after our exercises ended, she told me that her and Robert, the weight supervisor/instructor, had closing duties tonight. To go ahead and use the Jacuzzi and that she and Robert had to come through the Jacuzzi area to check on the ladies and men locker rooms and she would pick me up from there. I said fine.


So I went to the Jacuzzi. At the Jacuzzi, feeling the streams of water hitting my body gave me an inkling to feel something more. I began feeling horny and wanting an orgasm. I moved my legs over the side of the Jacuzzi to position my “love box” in line with the streams to hit my pussy and to cause a friction that maybe would give me an orgasm. I also was able to rub my nipples over my aerobics suit. I was feeling to begin satisfying my horniness. I lowered the top of the suit so that I could give better rubbing on the nipples and just at that moment when the orgasm began hitting I heard a voice,


- what is going on here??????


I opened my eyes and Ellen was looking at me with a mischievous grin that said what she was really thinking. She wasted no time and she fell in the Jacuzzi and planted a kiss on my mouth that made my mouth to open and to give her a great taste of my tongue. We kissed each other with passion and abandon. I was not surprised at my reaction because I had been falling for her although I did not see it until this kiss. When we separated to breath she said – I know that your response says that you did not get scared by my kiss. But, why did you respond so passionately??   She continued, - I am a lesbian and have been looking forward to meeting you to see if I had any opportunity with you.   I said to Ellen that I am not a lesbian but was looking for a friendship and thought that she, Ellen, would be   a great friend. Only that I also fell in love with her. And that her kiss made my brain understand what I was feeling for her.


She kissed me again and we embraced and tongued each other for a while. She continued what I started and removed my suit. I felt her fingers coming to my pussy to fuck me there. While she was doing this I also began undressing her and when I got her naked I pulled her out of the Jacuzzi. I had intentions of going down on her but she did it first. She began circling my clit with firm and delightful rubs with her tongue. I realized that her tongue must have taken aerobics classes also.   I felt her tongue hard on my clit. I felt her tongue going around my lips and making me begin to release my sex juices in recognition of the work her tongue was doing. At the same time I had my nipples on rub control. I was making love to my nipples and I was feeling extra sexual. I was so hot and sexually charged that I came pretty quick. My orgasm hit me like an earthquake. What pleasurable tremors. My body responded all electrified. I was in sex heaven. After a few moments enjoying my aftershock I told her that I wanted to do her. It was going to be my first time with another woman but I did not think that I required more instructions.


I went down on her and tasted sexual woman’s juices for the first time. I understood what Mike had been saying all along to me. Women taste sooooo gooooodd. I did to her the same thing she did to me. My tongue gave her clit a good work out and I went around her pussy lips several times. And her juices, what a delicious refreshment. I had my ass up high to be able to eat Ellen better. Ellen said, - Annie, do you mind a cock entering your pussy??. Robert saw us and he is going to fuck you. I did not even looked back, I said to go ahead that I was too busy with my new pussy. Ellen would you be jealous?? I asked. Not tonight she said.


[I want to make an aside here regarding myself and my feelings with all this sexuality. I grew up in a very conservative house with conservative understanding about life and sex. My mother did not speak with me at all about sex until I began talking about Mike at home. Of course at this time, in high school, I had learned all about sex, although I remained a virgin until Mike and the Senior prom. With Mike we both progressed into porn films, masturbation and all kinds of sexual toys and positions. Mike and I became within our own house pretty sexual. There were times that I would masturbate before Mike’s arrival from work and then with Mike we would spent hours having glorious sex together and with my vibrators. I became quite an orgasmic woman and I loved sex. I became a sluty wife. I loved sex in ways that we learned from the porno films. I was intrigued by several things. 1) anal 2) two men inside of me 3) another woman’s pussy. Mike always said that pussy juices are a real treat to both the sex part and the actual taste of the juices. Mike said that pussy juice is like “nectar” from forbidden fruits. So the sex with the twins, although it happened not exactly as planned, it was desired. The sex with Ellen was desired. And at the time that Bob entered me I did not pay too much attention to the fact that it definitely was whorish behavior but because I was having Ellen’s pussy in my mouth I really did not think twice of my whorish behavior.]    


I felt Robert looking for my pussy hole and when he found it he pushed his cock into me. I felt a big cock. I felt that cock sliding into me slowly but with a firm push. My pussy was wet and Robert’s cock found no resistance. Robert began fucking me, in-out, in-out, in-out . . . .   While this was going I was going too on Ellen’s love box. She was orgasming and so was I. We three seem that we were timing each other. We cum almost all at the same time. I know that my orgasm again was seen and felt. Ellen’s was also very powerful. We were all satisfied.


Ellen and I went to the locker to dress up and to complete the closing process and so did Robert. We met back at the door and we kissed Robert very sexually but asked him to let Ellen and I speak a bit more. Robert left us and I told Ellen that I would love to have her at my house tonight but that I wanted to process what happened tonight. I told her to come for dinner tomorrow. To make it an early dinner so that we could talk and see where this was going to take us. I really was falling for Ellen hard. It was the first time I ever thought of lesbianism. Nothing wrong, just the first time, and I was not clear yet about being in love with another woman. Although if I was going to fall for a woman, there was nobody better than Ellen.


We kissed very passionately and we separated to go to our respective homes. Tomorrow we would either cement this relationship or say our farewells. I did not want to say good bye.  


I began to realize that there really is nothing wrong with loving another woman . . . . .                                          

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