First time for Eve

By Jennyxxx

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Jenny and Eve meet by accident and enjoy a hot night of passion.
*For my darling Eve, written for you, about you and I. I hope you enjoy it again darling*

Eve was feeling a little low, her boyfriend of the past two years had finished with her a week ago and she was still reeling from the call. He hadn`t even had the decency to speak to her face to face. All she got was a brief phone call. Well she wasn`t going to let him get to her, she would show him. So here she was getting ready for a night out. It had been a long time since she had gone out alone, and she was sure going to enjoy herself.

She dressed to kill; she had bought herself a matching black lace bra and panty set, very skimpy. A short black skirt, a little too short her mother would have said, and a white blouse, her bra visible through then material. She took one last look in the mirror, admiring her expertly applied make up, her lips red and, she thought, very kissable.

The cab she hired turned up on time and she soon found herself heading into town. As she sat in the taxi, passing through the streets, she caught a glimpse of the driver admiring her in the mirror, to the point where he adjusted the mirror, aiming it down to her legs. Smiling to herself she couldn`t help herself when she opened her legs slightly, and pretended to scratch her thigh, allowing her skirt to inch up her shapely legs giving the driver a brief glimpse of her thighs before smoothing the material back down and demurely crossing her legs, placing a hand over her skirt stopping the driver from seeing anything else.

After being dropped off in the town centre, Eve made her way to the first bar.

The bar was quite busy, and Eve found herself fighting through bodies just to get to the bar. She ordered a drink and found a spot near the back of the room After another drink she started to scan the room, looking for a guy to hook up with.

She danced with a couple of guys, but every time all they wanted to do was feel her up, she was beginning to get tired of pushing hands away from her. The final straw came when one of the guys tried to kiss her. She left the dance floor and moved back to a table and perched herself on a stool.

After a couple of minutes another woman sidled up next to her and asked if she could join her.

“Of course.” Eve heard herself say.

Eve moved her stool over giving the other woman a bit of room.

“Thanks, I`m Jenny.” Eve exchanged pleasantries and went back to scanning the room, for suitable men.

“I`m getting fed up of being hit on all the time, they all seem to think that after one dance they can take you to bed.”

Eve found herself agreeing with jenny and the two of them started chatting together, it seemed that Jenny had a similar experience with her boyfriend and was out checking out guys as well. The two of them happily chatted together. They bought each other drinks. At one point a couple of guys started pestering them, wanting to dance with them, leering over them. They wouldn`t take no for an answer. Jenny turned to Eve and kissed her and then turned to the guys and told them to push off, that they were lesbians, before kissing her again and placing a hand on her thigh.

Eve was taken completely by surprise, a complete stranger, a complete female stranger, kissing her and touching her leg, acting as if they were lesbians.

Jenny then leans over to her “Sorry about that, it just seemed like a good way to get rid of them.”

“Well it seemed to work,” Eve replied feeling herself begin to blush.

“Anyone ever told you that you are a good kisser?”

Eve went crimson.

Jenny laughed, “Just teasing you.”

They continued chatting and shared a few more drinks. Eve felt herself becoming a lot more comfortable with Jenny. They even shared another kiss when a group of guys tried chatting them up, this time it was Eve that kissed Jenny.

The two women now talked as if they had known one another a life time. As they chat Jenny accidentally knocks her glass of red wine over, the liquid spilling onto Eve`s lap and over her blouse

“Oh my god, sorry.”

“Hey it was an accident, don`t worry about it.”

“But it will stain, here come to the ladies and we will try and wash it out.” And with that Jenny took Eve`s hand and walked with her to the Ladies. Standing by the basins Jenny tries to wash the stain out of Eve`s blouse, but the sink is too high.

“Look why don`t you slip into one of the cubicles and remove your blouse, pass it over to me and I will try and clean it.” Jenny then pushed Eve into one of the cubicles and waited outside.

Eve couldn`t believe it as she passed her blouse over the top of the door.

After a few minutes, there is a knock at the cubicle door.

“Sorry Eve, I`ve done my best, but I can`t get the stain out”

Without thinking Eve opened the cubicle door, to take back her blouse.

“Hey, wow, darling, look at you.” Jenny said staring at Eve.

Eve just laughed and snatched back her blouse and put it back on.

“Look, it was my fault and I only live just around the corner, why don`t you come back with me, I could wash it for you.”

“There`s no need, it`s only a blouse”

“I`m not taking no for an answer, we can be there in 5 minutes”

With that Jenny took Eve by the arm and almost dragged her out of the club. By the time they were at Jenny`s flat they were both giggling like schoolgirls.

Jenny poured the two of them a drink and they moved through to the lounge. They sat side by side on the couch and they both had a sip.

Jenny turned to Eve, “Come on then, let`s have your blouse off, so I can wash it.”

“You don`t think I`m going to sit here in just a bra.”

Jenny stood grabbed Eve again and escorted upstairs to her bedroom, taking her to her wardrobe. And then facing her Jenny undid the buttons of Eve`s blouse, staring into her eyes as she did so. She then slipped the blouse from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Eve just stood there, unable to move. Jenny leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the cheek before standing back, waiting for some reaction. Eve didn`t flinch, Jenny took this as a green light to carry on, leaning back in, kissing Eve again, this time with a little more passion, her hands holding her, the kiss becoming more sensual.

Eve didn`t know what to do, she had never felt attracted to women before. She felt that this was wrong but she began to feel herself responding and started to kiss back.

Jenny brought her hands up to Eve`s head, holding her tight, the kiss becoming passionate. Her tongue pressing into Eve`s mouth. Eve finally allowing her mouth to open, to allow Jenny`s tongue into her mouth, her own tongue moving, toying with Jenny`s.

Jenny broke the kiss and took Eve`s hands in hers and placed them on her breasts, encouraging her to massage them. Jenny let go of Eve`s hands, expecting her to stop rubbing her, but no. Eve continued to touch Jenny, allowing Jenny to touch Eve. Her fingers touching Eve`s breasts, toying over her lace covered breasts, feeling her nipples begin to harden.

Eve moved her hands to the buttons at the front of Jenny`s blouse. Shaking she started to undo the buttons one by one, and then finally she slipped the blouse from Jenny`s shoulders. The two women now clothed the same.

Eve leaned forward to Jenny and whispered in her ear, “Please Jenny, take me, I`ve never made love to another woman, please show me what to do, make love to me…Fuck Me, hard.”

Jenny couldn`t believe what she was hearing. She felt herself become instantly wet.

“Are you going to let me do anything?”

“Yes, teach me, please.”

With that Jenny pushed Eve back onto the bed. Eve was taken by surprise and lay there stunned, watching as Jenny slipped out of her skirt and then joining her on the bed.

“Well if you are sure,” Jenny purred into Eve`s ear.

Jenny started to kiss Eve again. This time she was much more forceful, her tongue darting into Eve`s mouth, fighting with her tongue. A hand moving over Eve`s lacy bra, mauling her breasts, pinching her nipples through the material. She pulled the straps down over her shoulders, peeling the cups away from her breasts, exposing her hard nipples. Jenny moved her head down to Eve`s breasts and started to kiss her milky flesh, homing in on her nipples. Taking one in her mouth, Jenny sucked on it, sucking hard. Then she starting to gently bite it, making Eve moan.

As Jenny Sucked on Eve`s nipples she pushed a hand down between Eve`s legs, pulling the hem of her skirt up and placing a hand on her hot mound. She could feel the heat through the lace panties. She started to rub her hand back and forth, rubbing her through her panties. Her fingers now rubbing her thigh, gently slipping under the fabric of her panties. She was now gently touching Eve`s sweet lips, her fingers becoming more insistent, starting to probe her pussy, feeling the wetness on her fingers.

Jenny now moved her hand up to the waistband of her panties and slipped underneath, pushing her hand further inside. A finger dipping into her wet slit, rubbing over her clit. Rubbing a finger around it, then moving further down. Her finger sliding along her slit, her finger becoming slick with Eve`s wetness. She slowly pushed a finger inside her tight pussy, pushing it deep, then slipping another finger alongside.

Jenny felt Eve start to moan and writhe on the bed. She continued to fuck her tight pussy with her fingers, her thumb rubbing over her hard clit. She continued to suck on her nipples moving from one to the other, sucking them biting them.

Jenny could feet Eve getting close. She withdrew her hand from her panties, wanting to prolong the ecstasy for Eve. She stopped nuzzling her breasts, and moved back up to kiss her.

“Is this what you want Eve?”

Eve could only manage to nod.

Jenny stood by the bed and rolled her hold up stockings down her thighs, enjoying the feeling of her own hands rubbing her thighs. She then got back on the bed next to Eve, taking Eve`s hands she tied her stockings to her wrists before raising them above Eve`s head and tying them to the head of the bed.

“Jenny, what are you doing?”

“Just relax, you do trust me don`t you?”

Eve nodded.

Jenny now moved down to Eve`s ankles, using some of her used stockings, she tied her ankles to the base of the bed, spread-eagled.

“Jenny, please.”

Jenny knelt over the restrained Eve. She reached behind her back and unclipped her own bra, letting it fall free, her breasts swinging free. Her hands now moving to her skirt, undid it and slid it down her thighs, finally she slipped her panties off.

Jenny straddled Eve, a thigh either side of her torso.

Eve looked up at jenny kneeling above her. Looked at her sweet pussy, looking at her swollen lips.

“You want to taste me don`t you, you want to slip a tongue inside me don`t you, you want to lick my sweet cream from my pussy.”

Before Eve could reply Jenny lowered herself kneeling above Eve`s head she smothered Eve with her pussy.

Eve didn`t know what to do, she felt completely out of her depth. Instinctively she started to lick, knowing that she liked to have her own pussy licked. Her tongue brushed along Jenny`s lips. Tasting a woman for the first time. She lightly licked at first, still a little unsure about all this. As she carried on the more confidence she gained and the harder she licked. Her tongue, slipped between Jenny`s lips, and into her slit. Her tonguing becoming more insistent, faster and harder, flicking over Jenny`s clit and then down to her pussy. She could feel Jenny starting to rock, her pussy getting extremely wet. She loved the taste, the sweet taste of another woman`s pussy.

Jenny loved the feeling of having her pussy licked by the restrained Eve. She started to lean back, pushing herself harder onto Eve`s tongue. Reaching behind herself she ran a hand up Eve`s thigh again Her fingers scratching along Eve`s warm skin, moving higher and higher, slipping inside her damp panties again. Quickly finding Eve`s clit and starting to rub it. Slowly at first, then her pace quickening.

Eve started to lick harder. Her tongue darting in and out of Jenny`s hole. Then moving up to her clit, her lips encircling it, sucking on it, gently nibbling, sucking harder and biting before letting her tongue to move back down her wet slit. Feeling her wetness on her tongue. Probing her tight hole again. Forcing it deeper and deeper inside, fucking Jenny`s pussy with her tongue. The feeling of licking Jenny out coupled with the feeling of being fingered was mind-blowing.

Jenny began to moan softly. She ground her pussy harder onto Eve`s mouth. She could feel her juice trickling down her thighs and wanted to cum so badly now. She removed her fingers from Eve`s pussy and pushed them down onto her own clit and started to rub it. Then she began to pinch it, pulling her sensitive nub. Her fingers rubbing faster and faster, her moaning getting louder and louder, until she tensed. Her fingers furiously rubbing her clit. As she came she screamed out. Her orgasm flooding through her, her cum flowing freely from her pussy. Just as she thought she had finished cumming, Eve dragged her tongue all along Jenny`s slit, and feasted on her clit. Jenny came again, harder, her cum squirting, coating Eve`s face.

Finally Jenny collapsed on the bed beside Eve. She lay there panting for a few moments, and then turned her head. She looked at sweet Eve, bound beside her, her face slick with her girly cum and her make-up smeared. God she looked hot.

Jenny moved over to her and kissed her hard. Savoring the taste of her own cum on Eve`s pretty face, her tongue seeking out Eve`s, flicking against it.

Eve, wanted Jenny to finish her off. She begged her, “Use your fingers on me, push them inside, please, I need you to finish me off.”

Jenny smiled, she ran her fingers through Eve`s hair and smiled seductively into her eyes. And then she moved down the bed, kneeling between Eve`s spread, bound legs. She pushed her skirt up, so it was bunched around her waist and then slowly leaned forward. Her tongue licking along the edge of Eve`s damp panties. Her fingers brushing over her pussy, feeling the damp lace under her fingers and then roughly she pulled the material to one side exposing Eve`s succulent pussy. Her pussy lips pouting, glistening with her wetness. Jenny slowly started to tease her, her tongue running along the edge of her pussy, around and around. Getting closer and closer to Eve`s delicate lips. Finally she spread her lips with her fingers and buried her head into Eve`s mound.

Eve gasped, her head thrashing from side to side, “Please Jenny, please, make me cum.”

Jenny raised her head slightly, “You like it like this don`t you, you like to be taken, you like me using you.”

“Yes Jenny, yes.”

Jenny stood and moved away to the other side of the room. Eve couldn`t see what she was doing, but she could smell the scented candle. Jenny sat on the bed, next to Eve.

“You will like this, I just know you will.”

With that Jenny allowed the candle to drip molten wax onto Eve`s breast, the wax solidifying instantly on touching Eve`s flesh.

Eve felt the pain of the hot wax, and then almost immediately it had gone. Another drop of wax, she gasped again, then another. Oh god the feeling was exquisite, she could feel herself moaning again, her nipples rapidly hardening. The wax continued to drip onto her, all over her breasts, and then onto her nipples, she shrieked. The pain, the excitement.

Jenny moved back between Eve`s thighs. Still holding the candle, the wax dripping onto her flat stomach, and then further down. Jenny pushed her head back between Eve`s thighs, tasting her sweet juice running down her pussy lips. Another drop of wax closer to Eve`s mound now. Jenny lapped furiously at Eve`s pussy tasting her drinking her sweet nectar. Then dropping more wax all around her lips. Every drop making Eve gasp, until finally Jenny couldn`t wait any longer. Blowing the candle out and discarding it she then pushed her head back between Eve`s spread thighs. Her juice running down and pooling on the bed, her lips open wide. Jenny pushed her tongue deep inside Eve`s tight pussy, deeper and deeper, fucking her tight hole.

Eve thrashed on the bed, she could feel Jenny probing her pussy, her tongue deep inside her and then a finger on her clit. Oh god she couldn`t last much longer, she could feel her juice running, she was close. When Jenny took her clit between her fingers and squeezed Eve screamed and as she did so she finally came. Her cum running between her legs, being eagerly lapped at by Jenny, licking her clean, savoring all of her womanly juice.

Finally, Jenny Removed her head from between Eve`s legs, and lay beside her bound friend. She smiled at her and Eve smiled sweetly back at her, a tear running down her face.

“Thank you Jenny, thank you,” she sobbed.

“You’re welcome babe.”