First Time Licked by a Girl

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Club Meeting Leads to Mind Blowing Pussy Licking

I had just broken up with my boyfriend, and was feeling a bit lonely and horny.  I got dressed up and went out to a new club in town hoping to meet a new guy.  I danced with quite few guys, and didn't have to buy one drink, but I just couldn't seem to make a good connection with anyone.  I was determined to get some though. My friends left me saying the club was dead, but I stuck around because I had a feeling something good was going to happen.  

I was standing at the bar finishing my drink when a rather attractive girl started to talk to me.  I told her that the club, even though it was new, seemed to be a dud.  She asked what I meant.  I told her what my plans had been and she laughed and agreed.  I got the feeling she was flirting with me. It surprised me, but I sort of liked it. Maybe it was the alcohol effecting my libido.  She continued to talk with me, and she started to touch my hand and then arm.  Then I knew she was coming on to me when she leaned over to whisper something to me and she "accidentally" brushed my breast.  She leaned over again, this time he hand lingered longer on my breast.  I found myself pushing my breast toward her hand.  I really liked how it felt.

At one point I had to use the bathroom, and she came with me.  When I exited the stall, she was standing there, and I noticed her top was somewhat see-through, and I could see her breasts through the material.  Her nipples appeared to be hard, and I found myself staring at them.  She asked me if I liked them, and I couldn't help myself but to say yes.  She took my hand and slid it inside her top.  I was completely in awe as I had never touched another woman's breasts before.  I found it hard to catch my breath.  She pulled me close and kissed me on the mouth.  I was completely turned on, and I felt my pussy start to throb.   She asked me if I liked the kiss, and again I said yes.  She kissed me again, and slipped her hand under my skirt.  She rubbed my pussy through my panties which I knew by now were soaking wet.  I really liked what she was doing, but I was getting worried someone would catch us.  When I said something about being caught, she walked over and locked the bathroom door saying there was another women'sroom on the other side of the bar.

She took my hand and led me to the couch away from the stalls.  She sat me down, and started to kiss me again.  She moved my shirt off to the side and started to suck on my nipples. (I was wearing a halter style top with no bra).  She started to rub  my pussy again and urged me to take off my panties.  I protested a bit, but I really did want her to be able to play with my pussy.  I pulled off my panties and she pushed me back saying spread your legs for me, let me see that sweet pussy.  I pulled my knees up spreading my legs to give her a good look.  She slid off the couch onto the floor, and started to play with my pussy lips, tracing the edge with her fingers.  She worked her fingers in a little deeper, but she avoided my clit.  It was driving me crazy.  When it got to a point where I didn't think I could take it any more she leaned down and started to tongue my slick pussy.  She started with my hole and slowly worked her way up to my clit.  She used her fingers to spread my lips wide open as she worked her tongue up and down over the center of my snatch sometimes pausing to suck on my clit. My clit was so hard and ready to explode, and she would take me to the brink and then back off a bit.  A few times she tongued my hole working it in and out like a small penis.  She was better than any guy I had ever been with.  Her tongue and lips worked my pussy like nothing I had ever felt before.  She brought me to a mind blowing orgasm, and I spasmed and spasmed releasing all my tension and horniness.  I did not reciprocate, as I am not sure I know how.  She said she would love to teach me. 

After learning that she was involved with a guy as I hoped to be, we decided to get together on occasion for a bit of girls only fun so she could teach me how to please a woman.  She did not want a relationship, just a bit of fun which was fine with me. Her boyfriend nor my boyfriend (to be) would ever suspect that we were cheating if we were out with another woman.  It's a sinful pleasure.  I can't wait to lick my first pussy.