First Time

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My cross over to lesbian and now I enjoy it!

My parents were on a 25th anniversary vacation, so I had the house to myself. My friend, Nikki, was home alone too. I guess she had never been alone in her house before, because I got a call from her and she said she was lonely and scared. So I invited her over to my house. When she got there she was wearing a tight, white shirt and a very short mini skirt. She came in and hugged me. When she did her mouth brushed my neck. I didn't really think anything of it. We watched TV for a little while, and then she told me she was hungry. So I went into the kitchen and opened the Refrigerator. I bend over to get some jelly from the bottom drawer. When I did I felt something touch my butt. I grabbed the jelly and bend up quickly to see her standing right behind me. I looked at her and she was staring at me. I quickly made her a PBJ Sandwich and told her I was going upstairs to take a shower. I got to my bathroom and locked the door. I couldn't beleive I was locking the door from my best friend. So I unlocked it and started the bathtub water. I stripped off my clothes and got into the warm water. The sound of running water really soothes me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Suddenly I feel something on top of me. I open my eyes and Nikki is on top of me smiling. I get ready to say, Get the hell off of me!, when she presses her lips against mine. Her tongue explores into my mouth and wraps around mine as it tries to escape. One of her arms is around my body, rubbing my back. Her other hand is tenderly toying in my pussy. I was still thinking, What the hell, when I realized it felt kind of good. I realaxed my body and surrendered it to her. She pulled her head back and smiled. I smiled back and wraped my arms around her. She scooted down to suck my breasts when it occured to me we were still in the bathtub. She sweetly said, "Let's get to your room." I noded and we got out of the tub, not caring that we were soaking wet and had bubbles all over us. We quickly headed to my room and I jumped on the bed. Nikkki jumped on top of me, her legs straddling my thighs. Her tits pressed against mine, a feeling I cannot describe. She started to kiss me and I kissed back like I was going to suck her tongue out. Her hands were rubbing up and down my body, pushing the bubbles around. She moved down to suck my breast. Her tongue went in circles around the tip. While she was sucking the hell out of my breasts all I could do was moan and stroke her hair. I guess she didn't like my breasts because she didn't suck them for very long. But she got up and left the room. I was so confused! I heard her go downstairs and come back up. When she walked back into my room she had a bottle of oil. I understood now. She opened it and squirted it all over me. Then she just dropped it and started rubbing and squeezing me. I loved the feeling her hands gently rubbing my body with no friction. My legs hang off the end of the bed and she sat and stuck her head into my pussy. Her tongue reached in and out of it and it tickled to me. I giggled. She shook her head from side to side as she grabbed my pussy with her tongue. I just sat there limp, sighing and moaning. I sat there for about 7 or 8 minutes just limp. Her licking me in and out. Then she got up and told me to do her. I had never licked pussy or sucked tit before so I was kind of nervous. I got up and laid her down on the bed. I wanted to do the oil rubbing just to waste some time. She must have known I was stalling because she said, "Come on baby! Give me some action!" I crawled on top of her and placed my mouth on top of her right breast. I licked the tip and it got hard under my tongue. I loved that feeling! Before I knew that I was playing and jiggling them! I continued to lick down her body to her pussy. I stuck my tongue in and pulled out some juice on my tongue. I tasted it and it pleasured me like no other! i violently started to push my face into her pussy. My hands were on her hips pulling toward my face.Nikki noticed the change in my attitude and started to moan loudly. She arched her back, which is very sexy, and I started to jiggle my face into her pussy. I couldn't hear her moaning as much as I could hear me slurping up her juices. When I was out of breath I got up and sat next to her. I was tired and pleased. She wasn't tired. She grabbed my face and stuck it back down into her pussy. I told her I was tired and she said she didn't care. So here I was, my head stuck in my friend's pussy and what I enjoyed about a minute ago was now pure torture. She pushed me around for about another hour. Then let me go to sleep. When I woke I was chained to the bed-my arms and legs- and it was daylight outside. I asked what time it was and she said 12:30. I was surprised I had slept that long, and that I hadn't woke when she chained me to my bed. I was asking her so many questions that she taped my mouth shut! I was like, OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!! She had somthing strapped around her waist. I couldn't tell what it was because my foot was in the way. She scooted closer toward me and it was some kind of strap on. She stuck the end inside me and I screamed within my taped mouth.  Her hips thrust back in fourth. Her breasts were flopping up and down. Mine were too. All of a sudden I felt really dizzy. My eyes started to close and i saw a red dot on my arm. Like I had just had a shot. Then it occured to me she must have injected something inside me. I think I feinted because when I woke up- again- I was in my bed, unchained, and snuggled. I was soooo confused. I got up like normal and took a shower- with the door locked-. When I got to school I saw Nikki. She was sitting next to my seat. I sat down scared. She winked at me and I was really scared! Later I went to the bathroom and there she comes following me.  She apologized for the other night and said she was high on heroin. From then on we had sweet, tender sex. I'm actually kind of glad that night happened. It has changed me- in a good way- forever.

Love you all!!!