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Flirty Flight

A quick moment in a plane
The morning started off like any normal morning in the summer, in Northern Ohio. That is, if by normal you mean waking up at 4am to travel an hour and a half to the airport to catch a 7am flight to Reno, NV - then yes that is normal. I was 17 years old and I was traveling by plane out west to visit my grandparents and other family members on my dad's side. We had arrived at the airport in Cleveland a bit early because my dad needs to get places hours early for some reason (even to this day).

"Have fun, don't get into trouble missy," My dad said.

"I won't dad," I said, rolling my eyes.

I checked in and went through the security checkpoints by myself. I arrived at the gate for my flight well before even a previous flight had left. Finally, my flight arrived. I got in line, and as I boarded I noticed a really cute flight attendant. She was checking me out a bit too. One thing you should know, I am a lesbian, I have been one for a few years now.

"This will be a long flight," I said to myself as I sat by the aisle since it was one of the few seats left.

The flight was straight through from Cleveland to Reno. I noticed the flight attendant kept checking me out, and I returned the favor. When the plane was about over Nebraska, I got up to use the bathroom. I smiled at the flirty attendant again this time with a wink. I entered the bathroom at the rear of the plane.

"Need some fun?" a voice rang out.

I turned around and there was the flight attendant. Her name tag "Emily" fit hercute face, and short curly blond hair. She just smiled at me, and I smiled back. She had already closed and locked the door to the bathroom. She then took me by the hand and kissed me. I kissed her back.

"Why don't we get these panties off," she smirked as she rubbed me through my panties under my skirt.

I slid my red panties down and moved the straps of my blue tank top down so my young breasts were freed. She pushed me against the wall and kissed me passionately. I kissed her back again and I moaned when I felt her hand rub my pussy. She rubbed it faster and faster until I came so hard I almost fell over.

"Shhhhh, it is okay, good girl," Emily said as she kissed me.

I smiled at her before I pushed her against the sink and kissed her. I unbuttoned her top and freed her breasts. She wasn't even wearing a bra! I latched my lips around one of her nipples and sucked on it. As I sucked on the one breast, I massaged the other. I then gave the same attention to the other breast.

"Mmm that's right give that lovely mouth to my breasts," Emily moaned softly.

I then kissed very slowly down her smooth stomach. I unbuttoned her long black skirt and slid it down. Then while using my teeth and hands moved her blue, silk panties down. I ran my hand along her lovely hips and over her pussy that had a bit of stubble to it. I smiled up at her before I latched my lips around her pussy and sucked on it lovingly.

"Oh yea baby right there," Emily moaned.

I kept sucking on her pussy. She soon let out a soft shriek as she came. I sucked on her pussy some more and got the juices I wanted. She pushed me away getting dressed. She then lifted me up and kissed me one more time.

I didn't respond nor did I have time as she kissed me one more time before she left the bathroom quickly. I did not speak to her for the rest of the flight because she was on the other side of the plane. One of those times, you can never forget, and I loved it!

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