Football Time

By Princess4Jim

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Football season is here, and along with it we have the chips, the beer, the big screen TV, the pool up and ready to go, and of course, the friendly football rivalry. What is football without a little friendly competition. This football season is going to be one of the best that I am going to get to experience. My girlfriend, Allie and I get along great, we like most of the same things, expect when it comes to sports. No matter what the game is, we are always on opposite sides of the track.

Allie is a New York Fan all the way. She Loves the smelly old Yankees, for baseball, and for football she loves the worst team ever in my opinion, the Fucking Jets. Gag me now. Allie is one of the most beautiful girls in my opinion. We got along great, and we have been together for a little bit over two years now. I Love her to death, despite her choices in sport teams.

As for myself, I was born and raised in New England. I grew up just outside of Boston. I am a Boston Red Sox fan for Baseball and for my football team, I am a die hard, New England Patriots fan. I always dreamed of hitting the lottery one day and getting season passes to all the Boston Red Sox games, and all the New England Patriots games, however that is not going to happen, so I will settle for my Ultimate Sports package from Direct TV, and Enjoy all the games in the comfort of my living room.

Allie and I have a system, we usually split games with each other, when one of our teams are playing we sit back and let the other enjoy the game in peace, but when our teams play against each other, the only rule is we can not go to bed mad, no matter how the game turns out. It has worked for us very well for the past two years.

Well last night was a total different story. The New England Patriots and the New York fucking Jets were playing against each other. It was truly an intense game. If you were to walk away from the TV and there was not a commercial on, you would be missing a boat load. When half-time came around the New England Patriots were up by a Field goal. Allie of course was not happy, and was pouting like a little brat. Allie is usually a team sport so I asked her why she was taking this game so seriously and it turns out she had put some money down on the Jets winning this game. I asked her how much, and she said around 200.00 dollars. I was a bit shocked because it was not like Allie to bet money, especially when we were living pay-check to pay-check right now. I asked her what the fuck she was thinking, and what she said next almost made me cry.

“I was hoping to get the money to finish paying off your engagement ring” she told me in a whisper.

I was completely shocked I had no idea what to do, or what to say, that I just took her into my arms held her chin up with my hand and kissed her deeply. Kissing Allie is one of those things that make me forget about everything in this world.

I took Allie's hand into my hand and led her to our bedroom. She had tears screaming down her face, and I slowly and gently wiped them away and began to kiss her face all over and pull her close into me. There was nothing I love more than to feel her body as close to me as possible.

“Please stop crying babygirl, you know I hate when you cry. It breaks my heart to see the woman of my dreams crying” I whispered into her ears as I gently began to kiss down her ear, sucking on her ears and making my way down her neck, paying special attention to her neck, knowing it turns her on like a firework to have her neck kissed, licked, and sucked on.

As I leaned back onto the bed Allie climbed on top of me, and began to take control. She slowly began to kiss down my neck and slowly sliding her hands down my legs.

Next thing you know there is a lot of screaming coming from the living room. Not wanting to be interrupted, Allie got up and went to go lock the door, when her brother, Tommy came barging into our bedroom door screaming that we had to come out and see this game.

I sighed in frustration and as I walked hand in hand next to Allie she leaned over and whispered into my ear;

“No matter how this game ends tonight, we will be finishing this later” and smiled.

… ...To be continued.....