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For Julia

Something i wrote to tease this sexy girl i know.
Julia was new to the school and the neighbourhood. She had moved to a street down by the other side of town which was a ten minutes drive from the school building. Her father was being posted in this town as he had been offered a position in a leading law firm. She did not have a choice. But there was not much that she could do. Julia missed her friends, especially the boy down the street who she occasionally hooked up with. Little did she know that this new town was going change her life.

She was introduced to the class as a new student. "Hi, I am Julia." Scanning the class, she was greeted by a class of students looking at her. She looked around at her new classmates, some had faces that could not be bothered that she was there, some look genuinely friendly and interested but there was one who had locked her eyes with her ever since she had entered her room. That girl is Sarah.

Sarah was sitting with a group of about four friends; she had her long brown hair swept to her left shoulder. As she glanced up to Julia, she eyed her as she walked in to the new classroom. She continued her gaze playing with her lips, twiddling it and licking her teeth sensually. As Julia introduced herself to the class, all Sarah could do to control her attraction towards this new sexy girl was to bite on the edge of her pen, nibbling on it unconsciously. Julia meanwhile gazing around the room had found Sarah's eyes. She had forgotten about where she was.

Her teacher patted her back, bringing her back to reality, "Ok, so since Julia is new to this school, I want you to make her feel as comfortable as ever? So, would someone like to volunteer to make her comfortable?"

At that moment, Sarah who was still locking her gaze on Julia was the first to answer, "I'll do it. I'll make her comfortable as ever."

Julia's heart raced. She did not know who this girl is but she had never had such a strong urge to be friends with someone before. As she walked over to her, Sarah stood up and stretched out her tanned brown hands, "I'm Sarah."

From then and the weeks to come, they had been attached hip to hip. Julia had found out that Sarah lived a block away from her and like herself, she enjoyed similar movies, TV shows and enjoyed simply having a good time. They had also shared stories about each other’s family, history, relationships and even sex. She felt comfortable as ever in this new school. At times, Julia began to think back to the first day of school, when their eyes had lock. What was that? She thought about it sometimes, but Sarah had been such a good friend for the past few weeks, Julia did not want to sacrifice the friendship that they had. She liked her too much. Sarah also introduced Julia to her group of friends which she instantly clicked with. They even went out to parties and to school social events together.

Kept secret to Julia, Sarah had also been feeling attracted to this 'new girl'. She liked the way she teases her about everything, the way she sometimes touches her hair and she was attracted to her sensuous lips. She like the way when Julia sometimes licks her lips or bite her lips. Sarah had always been aware of her sexuality but she had never acted on it. Upon seeing Julia, she sometimes felt like grabbing her by her waist and placing her lips over Julia's. She however learnt to control it.

Many events had happened and it made Julia attracted to her. She began to question such events, like the time at that party, when she gave her a lap dance. She knew Sarah was partially drunk and was there to simply entertain the "guest” or the boys basically. What about the time when she saw Sarah sneaked a peek at Julia when she was changing out of her sports gear in the changing room? Or that time, at that cafe, when Sarah traced her thighs with her fingers? Julia could not deny that she was not active in such events. She had also shared a part of this role. She had also been a touchy person, and loved touching others especially during a conversation - or she daresay an intimate conversation.

It was not until the day when Sarah's family were away and out of town due to her aunt giving birth to her first baby. Sarah could not go because she had a few exams coming up. She didn't want to, she had plans. But despite knowing that she should use this peace and silent in her house to study, she decided to use it to her advantage and invite Julia over. In an instant, Julia was over and on her couch. As they discussed about the book that they were reading in English, Julia could not helped notice but Sarah was wearing an unusually short denim shorts which exposed the bottom of her ass. She could also see that Sarah was wearing a crop shirt that allowed Julia to peek easily to see her black laced bra without any problem. It was an inviting look.

That night, after discussing about their homework, they decided to experiment with some alcohol. Sarah sneaked into her parent's bedroom where she found a bottle of champagne. She poured a glass out for Julia and one for her. They had a few good laughs talking about everything and nothing.

"Ahhh, my god, it's so late! We have school tomorrow! I think we should sleep, “urged Sarah, putting away the glasses into the sink. As she walked to the sink, she made sure that she swayed her hips to give Julia a good view of her behind.

Julia noticed this, she thought to herself, show off. But there was nothing she could do, at least she gets a good view, "You nerd, it is just midnight, the night is still young baby!"

Sarah did her pout which she knew had always attracted Julia. Julia was already intoxicated with some alcohol. Sarah jumped over onto the couch and placed her hands wrapped around Julia's shoulders caressing her chest, "Come on, let's go to bed."

Julia though intoxicated was wary of what was happening. Is she seducing me? Julia followed Sarah up into her room and when they were in the room, Sarah sat on her double bed, making herself feeling comfortable taking out her shoes and drawing the covers over her. Using her seductive inviting looks, she beckoned for Julia to come into bed, "Julia, get into bed with me."

Without any hesitation, Julia followed Sarah's lead and responded to her by sliding herself into bed next to Sarah. Sarah who sat up but had her legs covered by the covers, slowly but seductively took out her top, "I hope you don't mind, but I prefer sleeping without any top on."

Julia could not believe her luck; Sarah was just in her bra and in her extremely short shorts, exposing her cleavage and her slim waist. Julia smiled at her and replied flirtatiously, "I hope you don't mind either but I like sleeping without any top and bottom's on."

Both girls were playing it along. Now, on the bed, laid Sarah in her bra and shorts and Julia in just her bra and undies. As she took her top and pants off, Julia noticed that Sarah was staring intently at her body as she stripped her clothes off. "You tease," she whispered into Julia's ears. Julia could not stand this desire that she had been craving for. That was the climax of it. Making a bold move, she grabbed Sarah by her waist, bringing Sarah closer towards her. In a swift, she had placed her lips over Sarah's soft and sensual lips. She thought that Sarah was going to pull away and react surprisingly but instead, Sarah wrapped her arms around neck, meshing their lips together with such rhythm.

They were both speechless as actions took over words. A sense of sexual intensity filled the room. By this time, Sarah had had her right leg wrapped around Julia's and Julia had grabbed Sarah by her firm breast pleasing her. Silent moans escape Sarah and she bit her lips in pleasure. Julia took in control and saddled over Sarah. She gave her a slow yet long kiss, and let her tongue linger across her face. She knew that Sarah had enjoyed this. Carefully, she unhooked Sarah's bra and gave her a teasing kiss from her neck to her chest. She let her tongue linger and licked her body in circles. Sarah meanwhile feeling aroused more than ever had her right hand placed firmly on Julia's thighs, caressing it, and her other hand wrapped around her neck, tightening it around her neck whenever she felt...pleased.

P.s: here is a little teaser for you, text me if you want more ;) Sarah.

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