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Forbidden Lust - quick read

She wanted her for herself
 Claire was 25 years old, small, blonde and willowy.  She lived with a flatmate named Sarah who's favourite pastime was fucking her lover noisily all night.  Usually Claire could block this out but lately she'd been getting really turned on by the sound of them, and as they were very loud there had been mornings before when she'd been woken up and made herself come listening to Sarahs moans and screams.  In fact there had been a few times where she'd made herself come by just thinking of Sarah, of wishing she could tell her how beautiful she was and how sexy she was and how much she'd like to be the one who made her cry and scream out loud.
Tuesday morning Sarah's boyfriend slept over, Claire was woken at 5am by the rhythmic sound of people making love.  She was tired, but she soon became aroused esp as she heard Sarah's breathy cries turn to muffled screams.  Her hand drifted down to herself but the show was over just as she felt herself become slick and wet.  Sarah and her boyfriend had showers and left the house and Claire rose to go the bathroom.
As she walked into the bathroom she stopped at the sight before her.  Sarah was messy, she always left her clothes around but this time her nighty and satin knickers were on the counter top.  The knickers were a golden yellow colour, bright and shiny under the light. But what made her pause was the fact they had a big wet patch in the middle of them.  Before she knew what she was doing her hand reached out.  They were cold and all she could think of was that Sarah had these on making love and it was her juices on the material.  She touched the wet patch and felt a shiver run through her.  She lifted them and breathed in the scent of her flatmates arousal, musky and strong and beautiful.  She felt a corresponding wave run through her and stripped off her pj's -  she had to feel them against her.  But before she put the shiny, bright, wet panties on she stuck out her tongue and licked them, tasting the sex of her friend.  It was almost like she was licking her out, the taste was all over her mouth. She quickly put them on, loving how the satin warmed up immediately and how the coolness of the wet felt against her.  She ran her hand against herself, rubbing her clit in a greedy way, desperate to feel release.  She placed a finger over the wet spot and pushed it inside herself, loving the feel of the satin against her and the knowledge that she was being so naughty was a turn on too. She rubbed herself through the material, watching herself become more and more aroused in the mirror.  Her hand slid easily along the satin, which was becoming wetter and wetter as her sex mixed with Sarahs.  Her finger moved faster and the sensation of the satin sliding over her clit was enough to make her knees bend, to make her leg muscles strain and she heard herself moan.  With one last rub of her two fingers over the shiny wet knickers she came, hard and sharp and short, quickly feeling relief.  As she slipped the lingerie off she knew she'd keep them, Sarah wouldnt notice.  She wasnt going to wash them and she'd wear them next time she listened to them make love. 

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