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These characters were inspired from the world of Kim Harrison's The Hollows series..

Yasmin blinked, her whole body still as she tried to sort out her thoughts. She wondered for a small moment if she had imagined it, but knew instinctively that she hadn't. She turned away immediately, walking to her bag on the bench. She felt her heart speed up slightly and tried to relax, breathing slowly. She picked up her cleats, slipping her flip flops on and sat, putting the rest of the gear in her bag.

It made sense. If she really thought about it, it made perfect sense. Rain's preternatural intuitiveness. Her strength. The way she always seemed to understand her moods. She still felt shell-shocked, surprised that it took her this long to realize what she really was. A vamp. And from knowing her for the last few years and working with her, a very strong one.

It took a strong living vamp to not get distracted, show their hunger, vamp out when they were upset or excited. She knew this not only from what was common knowledge, but from a few run-in's here and there. She usually could spot one pretty easily. At the club, at a restaurant, walking past her on the street. If they were undead, they were even more easy to spot. Living vamps had the advantage of being immune to the sun and being stronger than humans, but less than the undead. And they retained their soul.

Rain and her didn't hang out socially unless they were team functions. No reason to see her vamp out then. She was around friends, felt comfortable. Same with on the field. Although that must've taken a long time to really perfect. She knew from experience that playing could be exciting and that for a vamp if they truly loved what they were doing and were turned on by it like herself..well, she thought maybe she would have seen some sort of sign. But she hadn't. And maybe because she hadn't expected it.

There were living vamps that tried to hide what they were because they were ashamed, wanted to be liked for who they were and not what they could possibly give, like shadows, people that wanted the blood ecstacy, or those wanting to be undead. They would give anything for a chance with a living or even undead vamp so that they could live for centuries. The thought was not actually appealing to her. To live forever. Maybe until you were 100, then die naturally.

Undeads had scions, caretakers that they usually tried to find while they were still living. They were loyal, made sure they stayed with them, protected them from the sun, were their companions. Her big sister's best friend was a scion. A powerful one. Her man was a master vamp. Yasmin really did not know many vamps. A few as associates of her parents and one or two that she want to school with, but as a general rule, most of her friends were human, pixie, or witch. Were's were too uprediRainable. She had a Were boyfriend for all of two seconds. He wanted to make her his alpha, but she didn't want the hassle and the laws that went along with it. Great in bed though.

She was always wary of vamps. They seemed too aware of her, as if they could see inside of her thoughts. She didn't like the feeling of being invaded like that. She could wear amulets like everyone else, but chose only to wear them on occasion, usually for fun. Like taking the static out of her hair, or changing her eye color. Never to mask her scent, or to see if people were telling the truth. She didn't believe in living life as a game. It made her attractive to Weres and vamps for just this reason, so as a rule she stayed clear. Not that she didn't like the few she had come in contact with and met. They were funny, charming, sly, and generally were very polite. But they also sometimes left her feeling vulnerable, unsure.

When she was younger, about the age of 13, she had a friend who lived next door, a female vamp. They didn't hang out a lot, but enough that she called her a friend. Sometimes they would go ride bikes (even though her mom didn't like her to although she never explained why) near the railroad tracks and lazily lay in the sand near the beach, not talking much. She liked how they didn't really need to babble about inane things, that she, Liza, seemed content to be silent a lot of the time, like she did.

One day they were playing near the train tracks and she hurt herself, twisting her ankle. It had swollen immediately, turning slightly blue and when she tried to walk on it, she nearly fell on her butt. At thirteen, she wasn't tiny by any means, Liza even smaller than her. But Liza had picked her up carefully as though she was picking up a small bird, and carried her home, and at the time, that was over two miles. She knew Liza shouldn't have been able to carry her and it had never occured to her that she was a vamp until then. But she realized it during that walk, and Liza knew that she had figured it out.

They were sitting on the couch, Liza looking at her worriedly and a little nervously. "It's okay," Yasmin had whispered. They both understood what she meant. Liza blinked at her, a slight circle of black shimmering around her pupil. Yasmin watched, fascinated. Yasmin hadn't known any vamps up until then, and had not really known what kind of danger she was in. She just knew this was her friend.

Liza reached up, her hand cupping the back of her neck. Yasmin looked at her surprised, but unafraid. Liza's eyes got darker until they were almost black as they stared at one another. "I want..." Liza said softly, her thumb moving along her neck. Yasmin let out a breath, a slight shiver going through her. It made Liza's hand on her tighten. "Liza," Yasmin said softly, confused. Liza bent her head, her mouth running along her neck and Yasmin felt her heart speed up. First twinges of real physical desire swirled in her mind. "I won't do it, I won't.." she heard Liza whisper, sounding like she was pleading.

Yasmin's hand went to Liza's shoulder, trying to remain upright and Liza sunk just the tip of her teeth lightly into her neck. Yasmin gasped, feeling pain and then pleasure flow through her from her neck through her body, settling in her groin. Liza groaned, sucking and Yasmin moaned, not understanding. God, this was a vamp, biting her. It felt like nothing she could comprehend, especially as a thirteen year old virgin who hadn't yet started dating. All she knew was that she felt so good, that she didn't want her to stop.

But something inside her told her she wasn't ready, that this was something they shouldn't be doing. So she pushed against her, her hand shaking and Liza froze, her mouth coming away from her. "Stop, please," Yasmin whispered. Liza was so strong, her body unmoving. Liza's eyes were dark, almost unseeing. She saw her canines, longer than they should've been, glistening from her blood. Yasmin shivered. "Stop being afraid..and I'll be able to let you go," Liza whispered quietly, her whole body shaking with the effort to remain still.

She closed her eyes, trying to calm down, her heart beat slowing. She felt Liza's hand leave her and she took a deep breath, slowly opening her eyes. She was alone. Neck slightly throbbing and ankle biting. She had hobbled upstairs and put on a sweater, covering her neck where two small puncture wounds lay. She had cleaned the slight blood around them, surprised that she wasn't bleeding from them. She didn't see Liza again after that, her family moving almost a week later. She had never forgotten her, or what she had made her feel. The bite healed almost immediately, and you had to look really close to even see the slight scarring, which didn't even look like a bite.

Yasmin was straight, dated men, enjoyed sex with them, but sometimes she wondered what it would be like with a woman. She knew it wasn't only the bite that had attracted her to Liza when she was young and it had stayed with her, that feeling of intimacy. She sighed, zipping up her bag. What a time for all this to come back. Her memories of being with Liza, her wandering through life wondering what it was she was searching for. She had been single for the last 8 months, not really dating and she knew she was getting the itch. To be taken out. Courted. Cuddled. She needed some sort of release.

She stood, seeing Rain and Leia come in to the dugout out of the corner of her eye. Rain was so tall she had to duck when she came down the stairs. Her long auburn hair flowed down her back in a ponytail and her dark brown eyes were expressive as they flickered to her light blue ones. A moment ago, she had seen just a second of a flash of black in them that she had tried to hide by looking down and closing her eyes for a brief moment. If she hadn't been crouching at the angle she had, looking up at her eyes, she never would have seen it. Literally only 2 seconds and it was gone.

God, what kind of vamp was she that she could be so strong as to hide herself for this long? Vamps were turned on by smell and instinct propelled them to act, mostly in passion when the smell attracted them. Fear, lust, love..all those things could make them vamp on you. The eyes were always first. She had never seen that with Rain. It was like she had perfected the way her reactions looked outwardly. It bothered her that she had never noticed, and it made her wary that Rain was hiding it.

Rain would be adored in any circle, vamp, human or otherwise. She was intelligent, fiercely loyal, fun to be around, and genuinely sweet. She knew what was bothering her. The memory of Liza was bothering her. What she had made her feel. The only vamp she had unwittingly let her guard down with. Because she was afraid of what she felt. Had wanted and enjoyed it. A girl vamp at the time. Rain was a woman vamp. It seemed potent.

There was always this slight attraction to her though she never wanted to pinpoint it, and now this. She felt embarassed at her own thoughts and slung the bag over her shoulder, standing up. "Yasmin," she heard Rain's voice and she bit her lip, turning to see her throw her own bag over her shoulder as she approached her. "What's up?" she asked as they walked out of the dugout and went towards the long tunnel to the parking lot. "Are we still on for tonight?" Rain asked, her voice echoing along the cement. Yasmin looked at her questioningly and then she remembered. She told her she would help her with chem class tonight.

It was odd that she had asked, as they never spent time out of ball. But Rain had really been struggling with it, and Yasmin had the same teacher and same class last semester so it only seemed the logical choice to ask her for help. She almost wanted to make up an excuse to not come over. To a vamps house. She knew what it meant to willingly walk over the threshold of a vamps dwelling. It meant you entered freely and that whatever happened, you were allowing.

This was Rain. She trusted and loved her as a friend. She had never once felt anything other from her than solid friendship. She needed to stop being stupid and get over his misgivings. "Of course," she replied as they entered the lit lot, student milling around. "Awesome. I'll order some pizza or something?" Yasmin nodded, smiling. "Ok, give me an hour to take a shower and come over ok?" Rain grinned, "Great, thanks for doing this." She nodded. No sharp canines. Normally living vamps had longer canines, though not as pronounced as the undead. She didn't see any. Of course she could and probaby was wearing expensive caps that hid the longer teeth, made them look normal.

Okay, she needed to not make this a big deal. But she felt her heart beat quicker as she took her shower, wondered why she seemed to be taking more time, as though procrastinating. For a moment she almost wished she had a spell amulet allowing her smell to be neutral. No doubt if Rain was a vamp, she would be able to smell her if she was afraid or otherwise. Otherwise meaning turned on. The combination of her always being attractive to her, and finding out she was a vamp was almost too much. This was stupid. She was not going to sweat it. Rain had obviously lived her life under some serious control and self-restraint. She could too, right?


Rain hitched up her jeans and turned the dial, preheating the oven. Her eyes went to ESPN and then back to what she was doing as she lit a few candles, trying to make the place smell nice. Yasmin never came over. By herself. They only hung out with other teammates and when they played ball. She loved Yasmin, thought she was probaby one of the coolest people she knew. She was smart as a whip, funny as hell, and an all around good person. And she was...well, she was extremely easy on the eyes. Long blond hair, big blue eyes, sun-dusted flawless skin, and she was strong. You had to be to Rainch some of the balls she threw. They got along almost too well.

Rain never vamped trying to understand Yasmin. She didn't like vamping at all and had worked her whole living vamp life learning how to control it. She couldn't turn her sense of smell off or her instincts that sometimes arose, but she controlled them, never letting her eyes give her away, years of practiced non-chalant posture now second nature. She always did very well. Except today.

She was pissed as hell. Angry for coach treating one of her teammates the way she did. Yelling at her in front of everyone. Yasmin had tried to intervene which brought another coach in and there were a lot of expletives. She wanted so much to get into the fray but knew if she let it get the better of her, she would vamp. Even just a little might scare them and it wouldn't be just in front of one person, but her whole team. She didn't want that. She spent her life trying to fit in at school and college, wanting to play ball professionally and not wanting anything to get in the way of it. People treated her differently when they realized she was a vamp. They either got timid and scared, or they turned into stalkers.

People always feared the unknown. She wasn't some out-of-control vamp that ran around biting everyone. And she didn't take shadows so she could have a ready source of blood. The fact was, she rarely if ever indulged. And when she did, it was with another vamp. The undead needed blood to survive, the living did not, although they craved it. Honestly though, she wasn't attracted to people that were weaker than her. She preferred someone strong and in control, that knew what they wanted. It inevitably led to like with like. At least there were no expectations.

Another reason she hardly ever indulged was because she mixed sex with her blood. If she didn't, she had a tendency to let her hunger take over, which was not a pretty sight. And she was very choosey about who she shared her bed with. She was a normal kid except of course for the fact that she liked blood every now and again, was stronger than the average alive person, and had an extraordinary sense of smell.

Her thoughts went to Yasmin as she popped the top off of a beer and opened the sliding glass door. Yasmin was her ideal. If she were a vampire, she would've been perfect. She knew that she preferred women at a very early age, but because she rarely indulged, no one knew. Her parents would kill her if they knew. They wanted her to continue the family line, another mini-me vamp to bring into the camarilla. Her family was one of the oldest vamp families in the south. She knew she was favored to someday take over the family business, but they could have it.

She had broke away early, but stayed just close enough to home to appease them in some small way. Give them a feeling of control over her. She knew her destiny was already mapped by her mother's family line,  but she would be damned if she wasn't going to fight it tooth and nail. She wanted...more. Vamps would think she was crazy for saying it, but she loved having her soul and free will and wanted to just be happy. She didn't want to live eternally. She didn't want to be immortal. She just wanted to be like a human. Able to bleed and die and be happy, not have to worry about losing control or letting your instincts override other people's desires.

At first, she was wary around Yasmin. When she first met her, she had trouble being around her for long periods of time. She was afraid she would see right through her, not only see her interest, but God forbid she let her instincts get the better of her. Yasmin smelled like heaven. And she bet she tasted like it too. She was so strong, unafraid, and sexy as hell. She was almost too honest, and the compassion she held in her eyes always moved her. Like today, sticking up for the underdog. It was just who Yasmin was. And she loved it about her. She would give just about anything to be able to be herself completely around Yasmin, but her greatest fear was losing her as a friend.

Vampires, once uncovered, rarely were befriended because someone liked them. They usually wanted something. The rush of being bitten, or wanting even more. She liked being liked, felt a sense of worth, if sometimes maybe false, that she was an ok person. That craving blood sometimes didn't make her bad.

Once they spent more time together and she got used to the scent of her, both when she was excited and when she was happy (her two favorite smells) she felt more relaxed around her, able to control her desire. And after two years, they had become friends, their relationship on the field intense. Both of them strong-willed and competitive, they liked mowing down opponents. She trusted her 100% behind the plate and in front of it, and that was rare. They didn't hang out outside of ball for the obvious reasons, but she was desperate. She was not doing well in class, having fallen way far behind, and she needed to pass it to graduate in the summer.

She had debated asking Yasmin but finally gave in and Yasmin had of course agreed. She didn't like studying in libraries or coffee shops and Yasmin's apartment had roommates, so Yasmin had suggested her place. She knew she should have said no. Even though Yasmin didn't know she was a vamp and what that entailed, she knew what it meant, an innocent coming into her house. But she was the one that wanted a normal life right? And if she couldn't do this, couldn't handle this, then possibly she would never have one.

So she went to one of her closest friends and asked her for some strong amulets. One was to put above the entrance of the door that made the place neutral, so that no bespelling of any kind could happen to Yasmin. Bespelling could only be done by the dead, to the willing or unwilling. She herself could bespell only the willing. But if something happened, and she vamped, in her own place, she could bespell the unwilling as well. And she didn't want that to happen. Another amulet she put in the center of the room in a vase. It radiated through the house, masking some of the scent, mixing it with neutral scents so as to confuse her own sense of smell into a feeling of normalness.

Putting her caps on securely, she pulled out her books, then slipped the pizza in the oven. About ten minutes later, her eyes glued to the TV, she heard the knock. She felt her heart speed up momentarily and she went to the door, taking a big breath. She felt it leave her when she opened it. Yasmin stood in front of her. Looking edible. Clean from her shower, her damp hair pulled up, exposing her neck. She wore worn form fitting jeans and a t-shirt. She could make a friggin potato sack look appealing. She smiled down at her, barely looking at the amulet above her. Please let it work. And she stepped back to let her in.


Yasmin closed her eyes briefly as she came into the house, trying to relax. Rain Old worn jeans that were low on her hips, making the crotch long, a worn softball shirt, barefoot. God, it was starting already. She was glad she didn't have any free hands to hug her as she had books in one arm, a big bag in the other. Rain took the books without question and she brought the bag in with her to the kitchen.

The house smelled interesting. Like oranges and something fresh. She had never been here before and she looked around with interest. Large vaulted ceilings, big bay window and her eyes widened, seeing the infinity pool behind the sliding glass.

Dark wood furniture, dark suede couch, huge big screen TV. And she didn't have roommates. Obviously her family had money. Although you would never know it. She dressed like everyone else, wore a lot of the same stuff over. She didn't talk about her family much and she now realized why. If she was a living vamp, one or both of her parents were as well. They never came to games or any team functions.  Rain still seemed happy despite it.

A few candles lit the room and it made it look comfortable and elegant at the same time. She eyed Rain as she spread out the books. She had no idea what kind of life she led before she met her, but knew affluence when she saw it. And looking at her in her surroundings, she saw that it fit her quite well. She didn't look out of place whatsover.

She walked to the window and peered outside. "God, what a view. Rain, you have a gorgeous place." "Thank you," Rain's voice came from the living room. She came to the table and saw Rain standing near the fridge. "Would you like something to drink?" "What are you drinking?" "Beer," Rain said sheepishly. Yasmin smiled, "Beer sounds good." "Alright," Rain winked conspiratoraly. Yasmin sat and looked at Rain's book, open to where she was having difficulty. Of course it had to actually be the most difficult part of the course. Well, she knew Rain was smart. She was just stuck and from the looks of it, behind.

Rain brought her beer and they dug in for about twenty minutes until the timer went off. Rain went to the kitchen and pulled the pizza out, cutting it into slices as she came to sit at the island. They munched on pizza, talking about ball for a little bit until they couldn't put off the books looming in front of them. They went back to the table and worked for another few hours. She loved when Rain understood something, her face lighting up. She had slowly relaxed being in her place and she knew part of the reason why. When she had come in and turned to see Rain shut the door, she saw the amulet.

One of her witch friends had told her about it but she had never seen it at work. It was an amulet that was hung near doors so that when someone walked in, they were not bespelled. She immediately understood and loved the fact that Rain had it. It was for the safety of anyone that came into the house, lest she start to vamp for some reason. A precaution. The candles and the smell that had surrounded her when she walked in masked the scent of others. If she hadn't known that she was a vamp and recognized these signs, she would have had no idea what she was looking at or smelling.

She looked at Rain with renewed respect. That she was trying to protect her from...well, her. And she felt her eyes slowly open. Yeah, she was definitely attracted to her and not just because she was a vamp. Because she was so damn sweet. Finally, Yasmin begged off from the studying and they went to sit on the couch. Rain slouched next to her, and she noticed that she was careful to not touch her with her legs as she sprawled herself out.

They each had another beer, and Yasmin watched sports highlights with her for a bit, both of them laughing and arguing about MLB teams. Yasmin got up to go the bathroom and when she came back, she found herself sitting closer to Rain, their legs almost touching as she tried to get comfortable. Rain had brought them another beer and she could see her try to rearrange her mile long legs, but still they touched. Rain rubbed her face lightly, changing the channel to MTV. Yasmin was feeling the third beer slightly and she bit her lip, looking at Rain under her lashes.

Rain's cheeks were slightly flushed, her eyes on the TV. Almost too intently. They were never physical with one another, Rain not being physical with anyone really. She understood why now, but it didn't make her want to touch her any less. Rain's arm had gone behind the couch and she took a slow breath, then leaned her head back against it.

She felt Rain stiffen slightly next to her, but she didn't move away. They also were never this close to one another, at least not for an extended amount of time. She felt like snuggling with her. Knew it wasn't bespelling that was making her want it. She knew that Rain could probably smell her now. The amulet for the smell was fine if you weren't practically sitting in someone's lap, but this was different. And they were touching. And she knew Rain's scent was now on her.

She saw Rain shift a little, could tell she wanted to get up, but didn't. Was it because she really didn't feel comfortable with her in this way, or was it her instincts? She finished her beer, setting it down, then put her hand lightly on Rain's leg. She felt the muscle tense under her, saw Rain look down at her hand and then away, trying to hide her eyes. She wanted to see them. Needed to see them. She reached out, and Rain took her wrist loosely, looking towards her, but still hiding her eyes behind those long lashes.

"Do you not want me to touch you?" Yasmin asked softly. Rain bit her lip, then answered, "I do, which is probably why you shouldn't," her voice low, like gray silk. She felt an answering call in her body as it slowly woke up. Rain felt it, her eyelids closing as she held herself still. Yasmin felt her heart thump loudly, blood rushing to her ears. She reached for Rain's face again and she tilted her head up to look at her, Rain hesitating and then opening her eyes.

They were rimmed with black, her nose flaring, taking in her scent, her expression almost scared. A scared vampire. She cupped it, "I won't if you say no." Rain blinked at her, realizing that Yasmin understood what she was, and that she wasn't running away. "I can't," Rain said softly. Yasmin didn't know if that meant because she wanted to but couldn't or if she really wanted this. Yasmin felt unsure, slowly dropping her hand but when she went to pull back, Rain's arm went around her, keeping her tucked into her side.

Yasmin exhaled, watching her. "You know what I am," she said quietly. "Yes," Yasmin whispered. "You aren't afraid." "I trust you." Rain swallowed, and she saw her surprise. "Maybe you shouldn't," Rain breathed, not letting her go. "Why?" Yasmin asked, her heart speeding up. "I could hurt you with what I want." Yasmin felt her stomach butterfly. The silence was thick as they stared at one another, the flickering candle throwing light over her now almost black eyes. She felt the place where she had been bitten tentatively so long ago start to thrum against her neck. Passion. Desire.

Rain started, her eyes moving from her eyes to her neck. She could see it. Even though it was invisible to the naked eye, Rain was looking right at it. It had never burned with heat like it did right now. Ever. Once in awhile, she felt a slight twinge. It was obvious that it changed when there was need involved. But only with a vamp. Rain reached out, slowly running her finger along the side of her neck, touching where she once had been taken and Yasmin suppressed a moan, her eyes growing heavy.

"You've been bitten," she whispered, almost in shock. "When I was young," Yasmin managed, Rain's fingers still on her neck. "But you're not bound." It wasn't a question, just a statement. Yasmin shook her head, "No, we were both only thirteen," she whispered. "Why didn't he bind you?" Rain wondered out loud. Yasmin shook her head, "She didn't because I said no." She knew Rain had taken in her words, both the gender  and her saying no. "God, you're one strong woman," Rain said softly, their eyes on one another again.

Yasmin raised her eyebrow as Rain's fingers left her neck. "Does that turn you on?" She had no idea where the words had come from. She was never this forward. Rain laughed low, her eyes now all black. "You have no idea." Yasmin smiled slowly. "You turn me on." Rain bit her lip, "Yeah?" Yasmin nodded. Rain's head turned, looking towards the door and Yasmin followed her eyes. The amulet. She was understanding that she wasn't accidentaly bespelling her. "It's you." Rain turned her head, looking at her. She knew Rain understood what she meant. That it was Rain that was turning her on. Not pheremones.  But her love and desire for her.

"I don't know how you've been able to fly under the radar, being unbound," Rain said softly. Yasmin nodded, "I'm damn lucky. I think I might've been waiting." Rain waited, not understanding. "For the right person to find me." Rain's breathing changed, her tongue darting out to touch her left canine. "I....damn Yasmin...I'm afraid." "I know, that's why I know it's you I've been waiting for to claim me. But if you don't want me, I can understand. I don't want to ask something of you that you don't want to do."

Rain shook her head, "I want to, have wanted to ever since I first met you." Yasmin smiled shyly at her and Rain pulled her closer. "I just think....maybe this is going to fast. I'm worried that you will change your mind afterwards, and then it will be too late," she tapered off in a small voice. "I've had since I was 13 to think about what I really wanted. And what that was was to be loved for who I am, to love someone for who they are without reservations. I don't want to live my life holding back and being scared. And I don't want you to either. We can give each other what we are looking for," Yasmin said slowly.

The emotion washed over Rain's face, knew she longed for that acceptance and love. Love for who she really was. She had known Rain for years before this, it was a solid base already. " me?" Rain whispered, tentative. "I love you very much, and I accept you for who you really are. I want to be with you. In all ways." Rain let out a long breath and then picked her up effortlessly, the strength of a vamp, and stood, wrapping her legs around her waist.

"I never thought you'd ever be mine. Someone as perfect as you. Someone as powerful, someone worth loving," Rain whispered, her mouth drawing across Yasmin's. Yasmin's arms tightened around Rain's neck. "You really know how to sweep a girl off her feet," Yasmin let out, feeling her eyes well up. Suddenly, both of them froze, the doorbell ringing. Rain's eyes went to the door and she set her down gently. She watched her as her eyes slowly changed back to brown, a slight black rim surrounding them. She looked at her apologetically and Yasmin smiled reassuringly up at her. They had all the time in the world.


Frustrated, Rain felt her shoulders slump as she threw her bag into her room, yanking off her top. She hated being away from Yasmin, especially after what had transpired. It had been an urgent message from home and they had to part. Rain had gone home a state away and had just gotten back today. Her mother had finally passed into the undead. She always did like to prolong the inevitable.

She took a quick shower and then slid into jeans and a sweater, grabbing her keys. Yasmin had told her than when she got back, to come to her place. That she would be waiting. And Rain wanted nothing more than to see her. She drove fast, sliding through the lanes with ease. When she got there, she saw the apartment lights were on and she knocked.

One of her roommates opened the door and the look she gave her struck her as odd. "What's up?" she asked her, as she closed the door. "Yasmin has a visitor. A vamp...she's sort of creeping me out." Rain felt her tongue get stuck to the roof of her mouth. What vamp? She felt her heart stutter as her roommate pointed towards the living room. She walked slowly, opening up her scent passages, smelling both Yasmin and whoever was with her. Yasmin's scent seemed confused but excited. The other scent was strong and it was flowing over the room and on Yasmin as well.

She closed her eyes. Had she been bespelled? The scent of the other vampire was complex. Whoever it was, was very strong. Stronger than her. She turned the corner and stepped into the room. Yasmin's eyes went up to hers, surprised and the vamp turned her head, her eyes flashing slightly as their eyes met. Rain felt hers shimmer, controlled it. "Rain," Yasmin said softly, standing. Rain didn't move, but nodded.

The vamp slowly stood and turned all the way to face her. Yasmin hesitated, watching them. "Rain, this is Liza. Liza, this is my teaammate Rain." Fuck, she said teammate, and Rain wanted to cringe. Whoever this was, left Yasmin feeling anxious and not necessarily in a bad way. And then she understood immediately who this was. This was who had bit her so long ago. She saw the possession in her eyes, the question in them. She couldn't fight for her. The woman had come back for her, was her first bitten. And no matter how strong Rain thought she was, she wouldn't be able to best her in order to win Yasmin. Yasmin would have to choose. And she didn't want to watch her have to do that. She loved her too much to see her struggle with a decision.

They nodded at one another, civil. The woman was beautiful. Long flowing black hair and green eyes. Almost as tall as her with a regal posture. She saw Yasmin had realized what she had just said, embarassed, but Rain didn't acknowledge it, as her eyes went to Liza's as they stepped to one another and shook hands. Her aura was lighter than she would've thought, and her face remained warm.

"Nice to meet you," Rain said softly. "Likewise, Rain." Rain stepped back slowly her eyes meeting Yasmin's briefly and then she turned, not able to stay in the room. This wasn't her girl anymore and neither was the room. Before Yasmin could say anything else, she walked towards the kitchen. She stayed for a brief moment and then went out the back door, breathing in the cool night air. Damn. Two weeks made all the difference in the world. She felt like crying as she made her way back to the car. Hope that had blossomed and was so strong died on a whisper and she felt cold and dark.


Yasmin excused herself from Liza not long after Rain had left the room and she went to the kitchen. God, why had she said teammate? It slipped out of her mouth and it wasn't at all what she intended but she felt flustered by Liza showing back up in her life after all these years. She had seen emotion flicker in her eyes and then they went dead, and she felt her heart clench. She had hurt her. Of course she had. She was such a screwup.

Rain had deferred to Liza and had immediately left the room. She didn't want her to leave. "Where is Rain?" Tina shook her head, "She said goodbye and went out the backdoor I think." Yasmin felt her heart stop. Fuck. Rain had felt she wasn't good enough, that Yasmin didn't want her because Liza was here. Liza had taken her by suprise, but she wasn't intending to sleep with her or have her bite her at all. She had no idea why she had said teammate but when she had introduced her to Liza, she wanted it to be neutral. And she knew it had been the absolute wrong thing to do.

She felt her eyes tear up. God she had looked so good and she had missed her so much for the few weeks she had been gone. She made her way back into the living room where Liza was standing near the window. "Is she the one you want?" Liza asked softly. Yasmin felt her neck start to throb, knew that Liza's pheremones were kicking out and she fought the feeling. "Yes," Yasmin said softly, not approaching her.

Liza bowed her head and then nodded. "I knew I shouldn't have waited so long to come find you. And now it's too late," she said quietly. "I'm sorry.." Yasmin whispered. "Don't be. Her aura was very clean, very strong. Definitely strong enough to be your equal. Probably why you are both attracted to one another the way you are." Yasmin bit her lip, watching her. Liza stepped forward and touched her face gently, "Go after her. She is hurting enough for the both of you." Yasmin's face tingled and she nodded, her tears starting to fall.


Rain slammed her door and didn't turn on any lights. She cranked up the music and threw some whiskey in a glass. She hated herself. She hated what she was. She would never be able to do anything right. Never be able to love and be loved by someone worthy. She didn't deserve Yasmin if she couldn't stand up to another vamp for her love.

She downed the whiskey, pouring more into a glass. She walked barefoot through the house, lighting a few candles and opened the sliding door, looking out at the night sky. Her hunger was strong tonight. She hadn't indulged in over two years. No wonder why she was so out of sorts.

Angry, she swallowed more of her drink, Evanescene coating her with their sorrow. She didn't know how long she stood in her own darkness when she heard someone walking towards her door. Her ears zeroed in on the sound and she heard the knock. She finished her drink and strode to the door, not in the mood for company.

When she opened it, she almost had the urge to shut it again. Yasmin stood in front of her, soaked from the rain that had started to pour, her blond hair looking dark, her blue eyes full of apology. "Can I come in?" she asked softly. Rain shrugged, "Enter at your own risk. I don't have an amulet above the door," she said, her voice low, taunting and she turned, walking through the dark house. She heard the door shut, heard Yasmin follow her into the kitchen.

The light shone as she opened the freezer, grabbing the bottle of whiskey. "I'm sorry Rain," Yasmin pleaded, tears in her eyes which Rain forced herself to look away from. Her heart was aching. It had never felt like this. "You made it clear what I really am to you. And there's no need to apologize. I hate who I am as it is," she nearly spat and left the kitchen, taking the glass from the island.

She was almost at the sliding door when she felt Yasmin's arm on her hand, her heat on her and Rain whipped around quickly, her vampness getting the best of her as she grasped her hand, not hurting her but holding it away from her, firmly. She knew her eyes had gone completely black.

"Stop, Yasmin. I can't be..I can't give you what Liza can give you. She's the only one that will truly invoke that bite..the response you had towards it. I'm nothing compared to her," Rain said harshly, tears threatening to fall. "Rain, please. I love you, I don't want to be with her..I only want you." Rain looked at her disbelieving. "I don't feel it anymore," she said, her voice gone flat.

Yasmin's tears flowed as she took Rain's hand, placing it over her heart. "Feel it. Please say you feel it. Because it's real. I'm sorry baby. I don't know why I introduced you to her like that. It came out all wrong..was not what I meant." Rain's eyes were downcast, her shoulders falling slightly.

"She doesn't even compare to you." Rain's head came up, sorrow in them but she saw her listening. "You are who I want. Please believe me," she said softly, cupping her face in her hands. Rain looked at her, felt her heart hammering under her hand, her scent one of love, and fear. But not fear of her, fear of losing her. Yasmin touched her forehead to hers and wrapped her arms around her neck. Rain felt her own arm go around her lower back, the bottle still in her hand, tentative. Her other hand still remained at her side, their eyes on one another.

Rain felt the tension dissapate slightly. "I know why she came back. And it's justified. I won't stand in her way, she loved you first. Because I can tell there is care there from her. I want to fight for you, but she will ultimately win if I do," she admitted in a whisper, even though she didn't want to. Yasmin shook her head, "I choose. I choose my future and who I want to share my body and blood with. And I've made my choice. Rain, I won't lose you. I told her that you are the one I choose."

Rain let out a slow breath, finally believing her and she dropped the bottle, bringing her into her arms and Yasmin let out a soft sound as she tightened her hold on her, burying her face in her neck. Yasmin had chosen her over an obviously stronger and superior vampire who still had a hold on her through her saliva in the bite she had given her, and she felt her heart kick start into overdrive. "Mine," Rain said in a ragged voice, carrying her into her bedroom. "Yes," Yasmin said softly.

They reached the room, dim lights on, silk sheets on an unmade bed. She lay Yasmin on it and without preamble, Yasmin took off her shirt and bra, then stood, undoing her pants, pulling her thong off with them. "Fuck," Rain breathed, following suit, her clothes following hers onto the floor. "God, you are so so sexy," Yasmin whispered, reaching for her and Rain came over her, their mouths meeting hungrily.


Their bodies wound around one another as their mouths fed, Yasmin knew she was already wet, ready for her. She looked up at her darkly, full of desire, and ran her finger over Rain's canine. Rain hesitated, then reached up, taking off one and then the other cap revealing longer canines, too long to be human. Yasmin blinked up at her, then gave her a shy smile. Rain growled low, her mouth trailing over her skin, her sharp teeth gentle across her body, over her breasts, tongue on her nipples, then lower.

Yasmin moaned, Rain's tongue between her legs, on her clit, her body on fire. "Please," she whispered, needy. Rain moved up her body, her fingers between her legs, their mouths meeting. Rain's mouth went to where her long-ago bite was and Yasmin gasped, arching under her, her legs twining around her lips. Rain looked at her intently, her words slow, "You give this to me?" Yasmin felt her body relax into her voice, "Yes." Rain sighed softly, holding her close, the last vestiges of hesitancy falling away.

Rain's mouth went to her neck again, and gently she slipped her teeth into her, her fingers following suit below and there was only slight pain and then enormous pleasure as she groaned, feeling like her body was suspended above her. She cried out, her hands grasping her as she felt her pull strongly on her, her fingers sliding in and out of her warm depths, her clit engorged as she kept her thumb on it, running her wetness over it again and again. "Rain...don't...stop..." she moaned, her body starting to tremble under Rain's stronger one.

Rain groaned and pulled again, her blood flowing  into her mouth and Yasmin thought she was going to pass out from the ecstacy as her vagina clenched tightly and then she was climaxing, her body shuddering and twisting as Rain took her blood and her body, the feeling indescribable. Rain gentled her touch, slowly pulling her mouth away and Yasmin panted softly, pulling her close, wanting more, feeling something was missing.

"I..don't want to bind you unless you want me to. You wouldn't be my shadow, but an equal.." she said, almost embarassed, afraid. She could see the hope in her eyes. She hadn't bound her. She wanted her to have that choice. To be her companion. But not a plaything, someone skulking around after them as a blood supply. Someone with her own free will. Binding her would ensure that no other vampire played upon her bite, making her subsceptible to their charm. "I want to be yours," Yasmin whispered, running her hands up Rain's thighs, touching her gently between her legs.

Rain let out a groan as Yasmin turned over above her and took her mouth, her fingers finding her dripping wet. She gently pushed into her, palming her clit as her mouth took her nipple between her teeth. Rain gasped, her body taut with desire as Yasmin made love to her, Rain's body undulating in the dark room, her orgasm fast and strong. Rain lifted her in her arms, Yasmin straddling her and they kissed softly.

Rain's mouth went to her neck again, her hand cupping her breast, her other holding her lightly and then she sunk her teeth into her again lightly. Yasmin felt the jolt of sensation and pure bliss as she drew on her again, featherlight her lips moved on her skin and she felt something flow through her, an indescribable feeling, like warm liquid running through her veins, drawing up her whole body, her will, her soul.

She felt exhiliration spiked with a brief moment of fear as she gave herself over to this woman and then she climaxed again, with only her mouth on her, their naked bodies tight on one another. Rain moved her mouth, cradling her head in her neck, Yasmin feeling tears seeping under her lashes as she clutched at Rain who was shaking from taking in her aura, blood, and surrender. She had felt the moment she had been bound to her, and felt nothing but love and need for her.

As they collapsed onto the bed, she curled herself into Rain's larger body, feeling secure and peaceful. She touched Rain's face, her eyes dilating slowly back, the warm brown appearing. "I can't believe you're mine," Yasmin bit her lip. Rain laughed softly, "I certainly am." Drowsy partly from making love and from blood loss, she feel asleep quickly in her arms, trusting Rain would keep her safe. "I've never...bound anyone to me before," Rain whispered almost inaudibly before she fell completely into Neverland. Yasmin nuzzled into her. The fact that Rain had waited this long to do it meant she had been waiting, just like her.


Leia laughed, shoving at Rain who grinned. They had all gone out to a club that had just opened near the waterfront. Rain and her had been secretive about their relationship, but little by little, the team found out. At first a few of the girls had been weird about it, but soon it was like no big deal, the vibe going back to what it had always been between all of them. Tina had admitted that she thought they made a perfect couple and Britt chimed in, agreeing. They still weren't really physical in public, but that was more because that's how both of them were.

They were sitting a few steps up from the main floor at a large table, six of them meeting for drinks and some dancing. They had been at the club for a little while when Yasmin noticed a group of vamps come in, their shadows trailing behind them. They all wore dark clothing, one in all leather. The shadows looked palid, listless, the vamps predatory. She saw that Rain had noticed them as well, her eyes on them, her leg, which had been jiggling under the table, stilling.

"Shadows are just...they look so sad and pathetic.." Britt sighed, having seen them as they crossed the middle of the floor towards the bar. One of them looked up at their table and his eyes landed on Tina, then Britt. Scoping them out. He smiled at Tina and then continued walking. Tina's face looked flushed, her eyes slightly confused. Yasmin eyed the vamp. Possibly undead. Or possibly Tina was more willing than she had thought. Rain was looking at Tina, but said nothing.

"He was kind of hot," Britt said, quirking her eyebrow. And he was. Dark hair, light eyes, his body athletic. His cheeks were rosy, signifying he had slaked his thirst recently. The shadows did look sad, fawning over the vamps, doing whatever it was they asked.

After Rain had bound her, Yasmin hadn't felt any different. And she knew the reason why. Rain, who as a vampire had the power and the tools to mold and bend Yasmin the way she saw fit since she had bound her, did not try to make her malleable. She let her keep her own free will. Because she loved her. Instead of becoming weaker like the shadows that followed after these vamps, she became stronger. Rain didn't use her or suck her dry, instead, made sure that when they wanted mutual satisfaction, Yasmin had to ask for her to take from her.

She had the strongest urge to do the same, bite into her. She knew it was something that was done. Saw the caps that were sold in discreet stores that made sharp canines for those who were allowed the gift of biting a vamp if they were not one themselves. Rain's birthday was coming up. She knew Rain would never ask her for this, even though it would bring her an indeterminable amount of pleasure, as much as what she felt when she was bitten.

Rain was chivalrous and slow in her courtship. And it turned her on. So yesterday, she had gone underground in search of the perfect caps. She found someone who was willing to make ones exact to her tooth specifications, so they didn't come off during the act, which cheaper ones often did. It set her back a bit, but she knew it was going to be worth it. Maybe tonight. She didn't know if she could wait until her birthday.

She saw Tina jerk slightly next to her, and she saw she was breathing shallowly. She turned her head, seeing the vamp that had been looking at her standing nearby with a drink, looking at her. He WAS bespelling her. Yasmin moved in her seat, blocking his view of him and touched Tina lightly on the thigh. She looked up worriedly. "I...I feel strange."

Rain stood slowly, and excused herself. She watched her walk down the steps, the vamp looking up at her as she approached, surprise in his eyes. He hadn't noticed her sitting with them. She saw recognition in his eyes and he looked almost scared as he straightened from his slouch and he bowed his head slightly in greeting. Rain waited until his head came up then said something quietly to him. His eyes started to go back to where they were sitting but whatever Rain said next stopped him, his eyes going to hers. He said something softly and she nodded.

She turned to follow him and glanced back at Yasmin. Yasmin nodded at her and she turned, walking towards his crew with him. They all stood as she approached, bowing slightly. Who was Rain that they would all be almost..meek around her? Rain acknowledged them with a slight nod as she sat, the shadows scurrying around her, their eyes riveted to her power. Compared to the other vamps, she exuded a natural grace and strength, not an affected one.

One of the vamps barked at a shadow standing too close to Rain and she huddled, moving away. They talked for a few minutes and Yasmin drank her drink, Tina having gone to the bathroom with Leia. She watched Rain stand up and one of the shadows touched her arm briefly, her eyes big. Rain looked down at her, her vamp distracted. The girl whispered something and Rain looked down at her, nodding briefly. The girl looked sad, desperate. Rain left their table, weaving her way back towards her. Someone stopped her to talk to her and she bent her head as they spoke. A girl. Flirting with her. Yasmin hid a smile and turned, seeing a few of her teammates coming to the table.

She chatted with Kristie for a moment, then felt Rain next to her. She finished her drink and sat it down on the table, finally turning her head to look at Rain. She was leaning against the wall close to her, talking to Britt. Their eyes met and Rain looked at her questioningly. Yasmin couldn't really answer her, what she was feeling. She knew it was...admiration and..lust. Rain's nostrils flared slightly and she knew Rain smelled it on her. She felt her cheeks stain as she tore her eyes away from her.

She saw Rain push off from the wall and she shook her head giving her a teasing smile as she stepped around the table. Rain's eyes were laughing as she took two strides and was next to her. Yasmin grinned, Rain's arms going around her, pulling her close. Yasmin put her arms around her neck, letting Rain pull her close. "You're driving me crazy," Rain growled in her ear and Yasmin felt a shiver go down her spine. "Then stop looking at me like that," Yasmin smiled, running her thumb across her lower lip. Rain had her caps in and her tongue snaked out to run across them, "Like what?" Yasmin groaned, "You are such an asshole." Rain threw her head back laughing, the black rim barely visible around her eyes.

"I want to bring you home with me right now," Yasmin said, her voice sultry and it was Rain's turn to squirm under her hands. "Okay, okay." It was almost  two am. Definitely time to go home. "Let me go to the bathroom, I'll meet you in front okay?" Rain nodded. Yasmin made her way to the bathroom and noticed the shadow that had spoken to Rain was in front of her. They went into the bathroom and when she came out of the stall, the girl did too. She looked gaunt, pale. Dark circles were under her eyes and she had light scarring on her neck.

She actually was quite good looking, her long red hair probably an aphrodisiac to the vamps she hung out with. Their eyes met and the girl's eyes took her in, wide. Yasmin watched her, waiting as she dried her hands. " you know how incredibly lucky you are? Rain is....a lion. And she obviously respects you, treats you well," the girl's voice was soft, surprised. She wondered at the word..lion. "I am lucky. That she loves me," she admitted, throwing the towel away.

"What did you ask her?" Yasmin wondered out loud. The girl shook her head, "I need help." Yasmin nodded, she looked anemic and tired. "I was hoping maybe she could talk to my owner." Yasmin blinked, "You don't belong to anyone. You are your own person." The girl looked at her, shocked. "That is far from the truth, for any shadow. But you aren't one are you? You are...her scion?" Yasmin shook her head, "We're lovers." The girl stared at her, then nodded, tears forming in her eyes. "She will help you if she can," Yasmin said softly. The girl nodded.

Yasmin opened the door for her, then followed her out to the front of the club. Both of them froze as they opened the door. Rain and a few of her teammates were standing near the wall, two of the vamps standing next to them, a shadow nearby. They all turned to see them approach, the girl scurrying to stand next to her vamp, the one that was irately looking at Rain.

"She's mine," the vamp snarled. Rain didn't move, didn't look at her, their eyes locked. "You'll kill her at this rate, the way you are treating her," Rain said quietly. The vamp blinked, anger making his eyes swell to black, his body rigid. "Come on," his vamp buddy said quietly, moving back with his shadow, his anxious eyes on Rain. "It isn't any of your business," he clenched his jaw. Their teammates were watching the confrontation, all of them in shock, scared as they had backed up out of their way, torn between wanting to help Rain and being afraid of the vamp.

"She has asked, and now it is." Rain said with some finality. Surprised, the man looked at his shadow, the girl she had met in the bathroom shivering next to him, fear flowing through her. Rain saw it the moment it was about to happen, the vamp reaching out to grab the girl by the neck and Rain reached out with an unnatural quickness, her hand going to the vamp's neck as she moved them into the car, both of them almost the same height, their eyes on one another.

He struggled slightly, trying to push her off and she squeezed tighter, lifting him ever so lightly until his feet were off the ground. She heard Britt gasp next to her. Rain had vamped out. In front of everyone. "You obey the plight. You must follow what it dictates," Rain ground out. The vamp gasped, trying to breathe, saw her eyes which were hidden from them, and he shuddered, then nodded.  "Yes?" Rain asked, not easing up. "I concur and beg favor," he rasped, his face turning slightly blue.

"Rain," Yasmin said softly. Her shoulders eased and then she let go of the grip, easing him down onto the ground. He pulled himself back up to his full height and then bowed low in appeasement. He gave a look to his shadow then nodded, "I release you." The girl next to her started to sob and Yasmin held her as she grasped at her coat. He looked up at Rain with eyes full of emotion. "Don't forget who you are, Rojilio," Rain said quietly. He nodded, then took a step back. He held out his hands in supplication and she nodded. He turned and left them standing in the dark parking lot, the rain heavy around them.

Rain stood staring after him and Yasmin let go of the woman, wiping her tears. She left her, then went to Rain, approaching her from the side. Rain's eyes were changing, the black subsiding and she looked down at her. Yasmin nodded and touched her arm lightly. Rain looked relieved that she wasn't looking at her as if she had grown two heads. The raw power was like nothing she had seen.

The tradition that the vamps were seeped in seemed to swirl around them. Rain had reminded Rojilio of where he needed to be, and he had accepted it. She took her hand, lacing it in hers. Rain gave her a small smile, finally relaxing. She knew as soon as they turned around, there would more explaining to do. Rain's arm went around her shoulder and Yasmin put hers around her waist as they turned to see their teammates approaching, and the girl she had saved.

It was silent, all of them quiet as they met near the awning. "You're a vampire," Leia said softly, for all of them. Rain looked at them pleadingly, but did not speak, only nodded, hanging her head. "Well shit, that was the coolest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. You are one kick ass bitch!" Britt grinned, shoving her on the shoulder. Rain looked at her, shocked. Tina smiled, "You saved her," she motioned to the girl next to them, "life."

Rain shook her head, "She saved her own," and she looked at the girl. The girl's tears started to come again, but these were tears of happiness. "You gave me the strength..what you two gave me the strength to hope and to ask." Yasmin felt her heart clench.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Kristie asked, the only one holding back. Rain searched her eyes, "I just...wanted to know that I have friends because of who I was..not what someone thought I was," she said softly. Kristie nodded and then gave her a soft smile. They walked to their cars, the girls excited. Finally they parted ways, the girl coming with them to Rain's car. "Camra, right?" Rain asked as they stopped under the street lamp. Camra nodded. She looked up at Rain and said softly, "I owe you with my bond." Yasmin felt herself inhale lightly. The girl was her shadow now?

Rain just shook her head, "Camra, you don't belong to anyone, least of all me." Camra looked confused, " is your right." Yasmin waited, unsure. Rain just tightened her grip of Yasmin's hand in reassurance, "I forfeit my rights. Yasmin is all I want or need." Yasmin felt her heart speed up, her knees going weak. Damn she was so sexy. Camra bit her lip then gave them both a big smile, "Thank you," she whispered. Rain nodded. Camra turned to Yasmin and they hugged lightly. "You are loved," she smiled softly at her, then bowed to Rain. Rain bowed her head in return and the girl disappeared into the night.

Rain opened the car door for her and they drove home, Yasmin deep in her own thoughts. Rain looked over at her every one in awhile, waiting for her to speak. "Who are you that other vamps respect you the way I've seen?" Yasmin asked softly, finally looking at her. Rain pulled up into her drive and opened the door. Yasmin waited, Rain coming around to open her door. She helped her out and they walked up the walk.

"My family is the oldest living vamp family in the country. I come from a ...long line of strong genes that have pretty much made us dominant in our characteristics and mental capacity. We...outlive many of our kind," she said quietly as if in thought as Yasmin opened the door, letting them in. "How long?" Yasmin asked, curious as she shut the door, both of them taking off their shoes. "After becoming undead?" she asked, shaking off her coat. Yasmin nodded, almost forgetting that small detail. "Thousands of years." Yasmin looked up at her surprised. Rain nodded, but she looked troubled.

"I...I think it must be hard. I can't to one hundred, let alone.." she trailed off. Rain leaned against the back of the couch and gave her a half-smile, "I can't either. The only things I've wanted in life were to be loved for who I am and to be able to live and die like a human." Yasmin felt sorrow for her future and came into her arms. "Well, as long as this life is in front of us, I am yours." Rain smiled down at her. "Yeah?" Yasmin nodded.

They kissed gently, their hands roaming lightly, her body pushing into Rain's. Yasmin pulled away breathless, "I have something for you. An early birthday present. Or do you want to wait?" She gave her a sexy look, starting to unbutton her blouse as she walked backwards towards her bedroom. Rain's gave her a long look, her eyes starting to shimmer and Yasmin squealed, turning and running. She had almost reached the bed when Rain was on top of her. They tore off one another's clothes, their mouths roaming. Rain's fingers pressed against her and she shook her head, panting.

"What?" Rain asked, her eyes now completely black, her lips moist. Yasmin got up off the bed and went to her dresser. She opened the first drawer and pulled out a small box, bringing it over to Rain. Rain sat up, bringing Yasmin into her arms and Yasmin placed it in her hand. "You...if you want to wait, it's ok." Rain touched the box, then opened it. Inside there was a small velvet pouch. Rain bit her lip, "For me?" "For us." Rain loosened the string, then opened it. She tipped it over and out slid the canines. Her head came up quickly, surprised. "Are these.." Yasmin nodded, feeling bashful all of the sudden. "I got them..fitted. But if you don't want to.." Rain stopped her, putting a finger to her lips, "God, I definitely want to. I just didn't think you...wanted.." "I do," Yasmin said softly, her arms around her.

Rain licked her lips, her eyes wide. "I...I've..wanted to.." Yasmin didn't think she'd ever seen her speechless. She took them out of Rain's palm and pushed Rain down on the bed. Yasmin straddled her hips and took the box from her, placing it on the bed. She then gently pushed first one, then the other cap on, lengthing her canines, the sharp points thrilling on her tongue. Rain looked up at her, her breath fast and she took off her own caps, putting them in the box.

"I...the thing is..if you do this, take my blood, you'll change. Become more subsceptible to things..stronger, but...things are more intense..everything looks and feels different. I don't want you to change who you are, unless this is something that you want." Yasmin studied her, her tongue darting out between her lips, "I want to be with you. For as long as you'll have me." Rain swallowed, her mouth opening and then closing, her words hanging between them.

Yasmin had been thinking about it ever since they had come together the first time. Being her scion. Rain had never asked. Never once asked this selfless gift of her. To be her caretaker after death if something should happen. To be her lover, to stay with her. She didn't want to assume that she would ask, but she wanted her to know that if she wanted her in that way, she was hers.

"Yasmin," Rain breathed, her hands moving up her ribcage as she sat up, their eyes riveted to one another. She could see the question in her eyes, could see her wanting to say the words. She waited, her hands going to her shoulders. "Will you...will you be my scion?" Yasmin felt a thrill go through her, one of intense need and lust and she saw Rain scent it, her eyes fully dilating. "Yes." Rain groaned, holding her close, their bodies pressing against one another. "How did I ever get so insanely lucky to have found you?" Rain whispered. Yasmin pushed her lightly so that she lay on her back and bent at the waist and nuzzled her face into Rain's neck, gently running her teeth over Rain's neck.

Rain let out her breath, her body moving under hers. Yasmin wanted Rain's first time with her biting her to be like the first time Rain had taken her. She rolled so that they were facing one another and brought Rain's leg over her hip, her mouth sliding over her soft skin, biting lightly. Rain moaned, shifting into her. She pulled her head up, her fingertips light on her clit. "Do you give this to me?" she whispered, sliding her fingers down to her opening. "Yes," Rain breathed, her eyes full of need and hunger.

Yasmin's mouth went to Rain's neck, carefully finding the right area and as she slid her teeth in, she pushed inside of her, curving her fingers immediately to find her sweet spot. Rain let out a soft cry, her leg tightening around Yasmin's hip, her head tilting back. She tasted her blood and she sank in deeper, sucking on her strongly. She tasted good, like jasmine..strong, deep rich blood flowing into her. She knew unlike Rain's saliva, she didn't have neurotransmitters that transfered the pain into pleasure, so she let her mouth stay where it was, her tongue soothing her neck as she fucked her strongly, knowing exactly how to take her over the edge.

Rain rode her hand, desperate as the climax stood before them, her mouth open, her eyes closed and Yasmin reached down, her other fingers going to her clit and she sucked again, feeling her wetness explode onto her fingers as she came hard, her body spasming in Yasmin's arms. Slowly she came down and Yasmin eased her teeth out, her fingers gently following. Rain sucked in her breath and then rolled on top of her, opening her eyes. "God're a natural.." Rain laughed low.

Yasmin's laugh was cut off as Rain kissed her, their tongues twining, her blood still on her lips. Yasmin felt like she was high. The blood seemed to flow through her, making her feel stronger, lighter. She felt her body come alive, the molecules shifting and she gasped softly. Rain watched her as the feelings flew through her. "What does it feel like?" "Like I'm flying," Yasmin whispered. "Same for me.." Rain smiled, touching her neck. "Did I hurt you?" Yasmin worried, seeing her wounds already healing. Rain shook her head, "It only hurts to look at you."


Yasmin felt the hairs on the back of her neck creep up and she turned, looking behind her. The parking lot was starting to get dark. Rain was still inside the locker rook talking to Coach and she had come out to put her stuff in the car and call her mom, her cell phone in the center console. She hesitated, her eyes searching the lot. She saw movement out of the corner of her eye, her head whipping around. A lone figure stood near the back of a pick-up truck, a man. Wearing all black. She closed her trunk, then looked towards the front of the gym. The man started to move towards her and she started to walk backwards. "Wait," he said softly. They both stopped moving. He took a step and she took two back.

All her senses were on high alert, her eyes completely tuned in to everything surrounding her, her body tensing. "I'm only the messenger." Yasmin willed herself to remain still as they took one another in. She could smell him, one of the interesting senses she had picked up from having Rain's blood inside of her. He was a werewolf. An alpha, and a strong one. "Why are you here?" she asked. "I am here to tell you that your life is in danger." Yasmin felt a chill go up her spine. "Who sent you?"

The Were turned, looking behind him then back to her. "Camra." Yasmin blinked, suprised. "Is she okay?" He nodded, "She's in seclusion. Rojilio.." he hesitated. "Is he after her?" He shook his head, "He wants to make you his. As payment for being humiliated by your master." Rain. "He can't have me." The Were gave a little bark of laughter.

The door opened and Rain came out, the door slamming behind her. Her head came up, looking first as her, then at the Were standing a slight distance away. The Were watched her warily. Rain didn't speak, just walked slowly to where she was standing. "I love Camra and she asked me to come." Yasmin nodded and he turned, disappearing quickly through the lot. She felt her breath and fear leave slightly. "What is it?" Rain asked, her eyes still on where the were had disappeared.

"Camra asked him to come. She says I'm in danger." Rain frowned, "Why?" "Rojilio." She felt Rain's anger immediately, her eyes changing as she took in the dark lot around them. "Let's leave." Yasmin nodded, unlocking the door. Rain stuck her head inside, looking in the backseat, then motioned her in. They drove in silence back to Rain's place.

"I should've known he would come back. But I thought he would come after me. I didn't realize he was so smart." "What do you mean?" questioned Yasmin, looking over at her. "He's coming after the source of my strength, what I cherish the most." The thought almost overwhelmed her. Rain looked over at her suprised, "Don't be worried for me baby." Yasmin's eyes widened. Rain bit her lip, her cheeks tinging and her eyes moved away. It was the first time that Rain had seemed to read her thoughts. Had she always been able to?

The thought flitted through her and she looked at her, willing her to listen. She saw Rain's shoulders lower slightly, her head turning to look at her. "I've always been able to, but I don't do it. I've never invaded your privacy like that. I don't..I don't know why I just did," she said softly, her eyes apologetic. Yasmin looked out the windshield, her thoughts conflicted. It wasn't as if she had anything to hide, but the idea that she could read her like that, it was distracting.

"Just...if you're going to do that, just let me know before you first." Rain let out a strangled laugh, "Knock?" Yasmin felt her mouth curve, "Yeah, like be gentle about it." Rain bit her lip, looking down at her lap and Yasmin felt a soft push, starting in her neck. I love you. She slammed on the breaks as they hit a red light. She turned to look at Rain who looked at her sheepishly. "I can...hear you?" she felt stunned. Rain chewed on the inside of her lip, "It's one of the things that can happen when you are bound and have my blood in your system. We can....share our thoughts."

Yasmin pushed on the gas slowly, absorbing everything. "Wow. Is that how...vamps control their shadows?" Rain nodded hesitantly. "I've never taken a shadow..never tried to control another person this way. And I won't start now." Yasmin nodded feeling her heart slow, "Being with you, is like...being in another damn world." Rain looked at her, her eyes anxious. Yasmin reached over, slipping her hand into hers. Rain laced them, rubbing her thumb against the top of her hand. "Scary but exhilarating." Rain's mouth quirked, "Welcome to my world." Both of them laughed, Yasmin taking her street.

"Pull up here," she said softly. Yasmin instinctively turned off the car lights, sliding behind a car parked under a tree, heavy with shade. They sat in darkness, their eyes on Rain's place up the street. There was a car parked on the other side, near the gate. They could see two figures in it. Rain rubbed her face. "Leave me here and come back in a half hour." "No fucking way," Yasmin said, grasping the stick shift. "Yasmin, I don't want something to happen to you." "You've got to be joking if you think I can just leave you here." Rain sighed, "I should've known better."

Yasmin peered out the window, watching one of them get out. It was Rojilio. "He's insane to come here," Yasmin said slowly. Rain nodded, "He's been shunned by his camarilla. He wants back in. He dug himself a hole and he doesn't know how to get out of it except to try to hurt the person he thinks put him there." "You." Rain nodded, "He's not strong enough, he won't win." "He brought someone with him."

Rain studied the other person that stepped out of the car. Her eyes widened slightly. "Do you know who that is?" Rain nodded, her hand going into her jacket, pulling out a phone. "I'm going to have to call someone." Yasmin didn't ask any more questions as Rain dialed a number. "Greer." She waited, listening. she smiled slightly, "I need your help with something." She heard someone laughing and saying something. Rain laughed back "My place. Light blue car across the street." She closed the phone. "10 minutes. When he comes, you promise me you'll stay in this car." Yasmin hesitated, the nodded.

It wasn't even ten minutes when she felt Rain sit up, her hand unlocking the back seat. Someone slipped in soundlessly and shut the door with a barely audibly click. "Greer, this is Yasmin." "Pleasure," the man's voice said smoothly behind her. Their eyes met in the rearview mirrow. A vamp. She could smell him. Very strong. Just like Rain. Maybe even stronger.

"Check it out," Rain said softly. Greer leaned over the seat and looked out the window, his eyes going to first Rojilio, then the other figure as they both got back into the car. "I can't believe he brought him. I wonder how he was able to get him involved. We'll nip this one in the bud right now. He'll do what I say." Rain nodded, "Do I know you or what?" Greer smiled, his canines long in the dark car. "Yeah, I owe you girlfriend."

"Stay in the car baby," Rain said softly. Yasmin nodded. She concentrated for a moment. I love you. Rain's hand stilled as it reached for the door, "I love you too." She leaned over, kissing her softly. Greer nodded at her, then they both got out. "I love young love," he sighed winking at her and then shut the door. She realized immediately after he shut the door that he was undead. No wonder his presence was so strong. It was a myth that you couldn't see the undead's reflection in the mirror. She had definitely seen him a moment ago in it.

It was obvious him and Rain knew one another well. She wondered how old he really was. You have a few centuries before you Rainch up to me, honey. Her eyes widened hearing Greer's voice in her head as he turned to look back at her as they went in front of the car. Take care of her, she held in her thoughts. He nodded, turning back around. Undead are so powerful, they obviously didn't need you to be bound to them for them to be able to be inside your head. It was a chilling thought. At least Greer was on Rain's side.

She locked the doors and watched, her eyes zeroeing in on them as they approached the car. The doors opened and they got out. Her hearing, a hundred times more strong than before, could barely make out their words. She saw the person with Rojilio look at Greer in surprise, saw him defer to him immediately. Rojilio was angry, yelling at Rain. She knew it could escalate. Rain said something calmly and Greer agreed, both of them eyeing Rojilio. He looked to where she was sitting in the car as though sensing her.

Greer said something low and she saw Rojilio's eyes widen, scared. The other man had come to stand next to Rain, his head slightly lower than his shoulders in submission. Rojilio's hand whipped out almost too fast for her to comprehend but Rain's hand came out blocking it, her other slamming him into the car, her face close to his. Rojilio roared, his teeth glistening in the dark night. Rain shook off Greer who had stepped forward with a slight shake of her head. She heard distinctly, "This ends now."

Her and Rojilio stared at one another and she saw the fight go out of Rojilio, his body slumping against hers. She was much stronger than him, he didn't have a chance and he knew it. Rain gentled against him, said something soft in his ear. He nodded, his eyes looking up at hers pitifully. He put his forehead on her shoulder, everyone still. She knew it was right then that they were putting their trust in one another. Rain by letting him put his head down on her, him by letting her take control and not abuse it. Finally Rain stepped back. Rojilio slumping.

Greer turned to the other man who held out his hands, talking to him. They had stepped close, Rain half-turning towards her. Greer leaned in, taking his face in his hand and they kissed briefly. Whipped. The man was whipped. She smiled to herself. She saw movement behind Rain and she felt her body tense. Watch out, her mind screamed. Rain and Greer heard her, both of them barely getting out of the way as Rojilio came forward, arching something long and glinting in his hand. A sword or some kind.

Rain had flattened herself to the ground, Greer in a crouch next to the other man. Immediately the other vamp took out something from under his coat. Another sword. He stepped forward standing in front of both Rain and Greer, Rojilio stepping back. It was quick, metal upon metal, Rojilio wild, desperate. Over before it barely started, the man turned, swinging hard and brought the sword up. Rojilio froze, blood spilling out of him, then sunk to his knees.

Rain was on her feet, crouching down next to him, trying to stop the flow of blood as she screamed at him. She was still trying to save him. The blood spilled around them and Rojilio gasped, his hands clenched in Rain's shirt, whispering something, and then he was gone. Both the man and Rain looked over at Greer who stood stock still next to them. No one spoke. Greer shook his head, said something softly to Rain. Rain's shoulders slumped and she nodded.

She gently let go of Rojilio and the other man scooped him up, putting him over his shoulder, opening the trunk. Rain stood slowly, sadness and anger making her posture sloppy. Greer said something to the man and Rain stopped next to him. Greer nodded, their hug long. Greer got into the car with the man and they drove away, Rain coming towards her.

Yasmin got out of the car, her body trembling and Rain came into her arms, tired. She held her, rocking her gently. "I'm sorry baby," Yasmin whispered. Rain nodded, "Me too." Yasmin pulled the car up her drive and they got out. Rain had blood all over her shirt, her eyes gray, upset. They went inside the house and she heard Rain in the bathroom, starting the tub. She put their bags in her room, her shoulders sinking.

Rain had confronted him to keep her safe. Had gotten other vamps involved, only to have one kill the other. She felt responsible. Her heart ached slightly. Rain was such a good person, her heart was pure. She knew death was a way of life for vamps, but it didn't look easy at all. In fact it looked horrible. She hesitated, then took off her shoes, making her way into the bathroom. Rain had taken off her clothes, leaving them by the door, her naked body in the tub, the water now almost to her shoulders. She picked up the clothes and Rain shook her head, "Leave them baby." Yasmin placed them on the chair and stood by the door.

"Come here," she said softly. Yasmin approached her and Rain reached out, her hand going to the waistband of her jeans. Yasmin tried not to stare at her gorgeous body half submerged in the water, her face heating. How could she feel desire at a time like this? But Rain seemed to sense it, her eyes rimming slightly with black. "Join me?" she asked. Yasmin swallowed, then her hands went to her jeans, unbuttoning them. Rain watched her take off her clothes, her mouth parting. She saw her canines briefly before she licked her lower lip. Fuck she was so sexy.

She pulled off her shirt, taking off her bra, then came into the tub in front of her. She leaned her body back, Rain's body craddling her, her back to her chest. Rain wrapped her arms around her, nuzzling her neck. "I'm sorry you had to see that," Rain whispered, her voice dark. Yasmin let her head rest against her shoulder, "I feel like...that if it wasn't for wouldn't.." Rain wouldn't let her finish her sentence. "He was his own person. He made his own choices." Yasmin hesitated. "Wasn't he a living vamp?" Rain nodded. "So he will come back as an undead." Rain paused, then shook her head. "Why not?"

She remembered them both looking at Greer as Rojilio had died in Rain's arms. "Greer does not want him to, and neither does his camarilla. He will..." Rain sighed, something sounding like pain in her voice, "He will be killed twice." Yasmin bowed her head, their hands lacing in the water. "Who was the other man?" Yasmin asked. Rain smiled slightly, "Greer's...ex." For some reason it made Yasmin laugh and Rain smiled.

"Greer is undead, isn't he?" Rain nodded, "Yeah." Yasmin was almost afraid to ask, "How do you two know one another?" Rain ran her teeth up Yasmin's neck and she felt a jolt in her groin. "He's my brother's best friend." "I like him for some odd reason," Yasmin said. Rain grumbled against her neck, "Everyone does. The little bastard. Don't think he's harmless though. He is one strong fucker."

"He read my thoughts." Rain eyed her, "Uh oh." Yasmin winked, "Don't worry, nothing randy. I just told him to take care of you." Rain's breath changed and she made her turn around in the tub. "I would die for you, do you know that?" Rain whispered, Yasmin's legs going over hers in the water. Yasmin felt tears come to her eyes, "That's not fair. You'll just be undead." Rain laughed, her eyebrows raising and then her smile faded.

"What?" "I don't want to lose you." "Why would you?" Rain hesitated, "I..if something happens to you and I'm not around...and you...die...I can't..I can't finish..I can't bring you back." Yasmin blinked surprised, "What do you mean?" "You know..I can't help you to become.." Yasmin felt her breath leave her, "A vampire?" Rain nodded, studying her. "I'm not with you for what you can do for me. I'm with you because I want to be with you," Yasmin said gently, her arms going around her, Rain kissed her softly, "I'm so damn lucky."

Her eyes took on a naughty gleam and Yasmin felt her pulse leap. Want to fuck? She heard it clearly in her head and her eyes widened looking at her. She looked sly, her lower lip tucked into her teeth. You wish, she threw back at her, slowly moving back. Rain let out a full throated laugh and brought her back to her, their mouths meeting. "Yeah, I do," Rain growled and Yasmin felt her breath leave her, Rain's fingers between her legs. She tried to move back, but her fingers came forward into her and she arched, feeling tight, full.

"Shit," Rain managed, her mouth descending on her breasts and Yasmin groaned, her body feeling heavy. Yasmin felt herself already close to the edge and she fought it, pushing against her for leverage. Rain got on her knees, the water sloshing over the edge and she grasped her behind her back, pulling her tight against her and Yasmin cried out, pleasure deep in her womb, her hands going to the tub, trying to stay afloat.

Rain pushed her mouth against her neck and slid into her lightly and Yasmin felt her whole body rise up, intense bliss washing over her, making her climax ride in the balance, her body moving with Rain's, Rain drawing on her slowly. She heard herself moan, her arms going around her, her hand in her hair and she felt it break over her, her neck tilting back as she drank from her, her eyes rolling back in her head.

She felt slightly faint, realized that Rain had taken more blood than normal, her hands dropping gently into the water. Rain realized it at the same time, and stilled, alarm in her eyes, her mouth leaving her neck and going to her own wrist. Yasmin watched her in a haze, her heart slowing, the air harder to breath. "Here baby," Rain whispered, and Yasmin felt her wrist against her mouth, the blood warm and salty. She hesitated. "It's okay, please baby," Rain said softly, anxious. Yasmin waited a long moment, her body feeling heavy and then she breathed it in, felt it enter her mouth.

She sucked gently, swallowing and Rain moaned, her body trying to remain still. She could feel Rain's pleasure flow through her, and she opened her eyes, the blood reviving her, infusing her with strength. Rain's closed, her mouth open. Strengthened, she sucked strongly, her hands going to her breasts, her palms over her nipples, her fingers circling her clit. Rain whimpered, her legs spreading over hers and Yasmin felt her body jerk at the sensations as Rain's blood poured through her.

She dipped her fingers inside of her, then came back to her clit and sucked gently and Rain stiffened, her head tilting back, eyes opening black as night and she came hard, bucking into her, her legs clamping around her hips strongly. Yasmin forced herself to take her mouth away from her wrist even though she wanted to stay right where she was, and she pulled Rain tight, her hands going around her. Rain shuddered, her head on her chest, their bodies wrapped tight. "God take me somewhere I have never been before." Yasmin smiled softly and took her ear in her mouth, biting lightly.

Rain got out of the tub, holding out a towel for her and dried her off gently. They went into the bedroom, Rain spooning her, whispering her devotion into her ear. She couldn't think of anywhere she would rather be than in this vamps arms, feeling safe and secure..and loved.

They had made love to reaffirm their own lives, after Rojilio had lost his own. The thought made her feel guilty at the same time she felt everything come full circle. Being in love with Rain was going to take some getting used to. Hopefully she had this life and possibly the next to get it right. She looked forward to it.