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Found: A Woman's True Passion

A woman finds through another what she has been missing...

She first poisoned me with her lechery and calculated balance of sensuality, both of which now coursed through my veins. Seduced and uncontrollably weakened, she easily lured me into her hidden lair of sexual deceit. She then meticulously began my conversion. Her touch was toxic ecstasy and she has ruined me forever. I am addicted. I will never deny her or my desires again, nor can I ever go back.

For a brief, discreet moment, I wondered if I should be doing this. I am a married, albeit unhappily, living, breathing, healthy woman, and she was the tempting, provocative stranger from the train that I willingly and wantonly let seduce me.

Damn it! Did right and wrong no longer exist?

Or do they now co-exist in parallel?

~ ~ ~

As the hot water cascaded off of our breasts, I felt her hand explore between my legs. We kissed in the billowing steam as her fingers easily slid between my swollen lips and into my aching vagina. Curling her fingers inside, then firmly gripping me, she pulled me into her mystical world.

I embraced Kati’s neck as her fingers greeted my insides with promise. My eyes remained closed as I replayed in slow motion what just happened, and what continued, and my gasp still echoed in our tiled chamber.

“Oh Lord,” I moaned, not believing this, or that I just released a sound I never do or never have before. I covered my face and mouth in embarrassment but my words did not phase my temptress, my exotic seductress.

Kati’s fingers searched a little deeper. I felt them stretch my opening as her knuckles and other fingers stopped her from entering further. I wondered if I could take more of her short fingers and little, brown hand. I wanted to find out. Her two fingers were just a tease. It felt so good. I needed more. Oh my god, I needed more.

But Kati abruptly stopped moving. I ground my body on her hand, waiting for her to continue, but she was waiting for me to open my eyes, so I did.

She was there. This was not a dream. Those ARE her fingers in me, not mine.

“Please don’t stop,” I moaned as I moved my hands to the sides of her neck and began kissing her caramel, soft-skinned face again.

She smiled, knowing I was hers before I pressed my lips against hers. When my tongue found hers, Kati moved her fingers again, forcing out a much louder moan.

“Do you like that, baby?” she whispered, clearly knowing the answer.

“I do,” I responded, barely able to whisper back. My eyes again closed as Kati’s finger tips continued their work inside.

“Do you want more?” she asked, again knowing the answer.

“Yes, please,” I begged. “Yes, please.”

I had lost track of time as this Indian beauty magically and spiritually transformed my body. When her third finger joined the other two, my body became immune to gravity and I felt suspended on her hand. I could no longer feel the tiled floor under my feet or the water splashing on my skin. I could only feel Kati’s fingers caressing deep inside my body.

As my hips continued to move against Kati’s hand, it felt more natural for me to do this, but it also surprised me how aroused I was. Kati knew how much I was and increased her speed.

“Do you like it faster, like this?”

“Oh, yes.” I panted, becoming light headed. “Yes, faster.”

Kati increased her speed and I pushed against her, rocking my pelvis while trying to grind my clit into the heel of her hand. This generated some pre-orgasm tingles every time I made contact. I then began to smile.

I was going to have an orgasm. A woman, this lovely lady from the train, was going to make me cum.

My breathing became more difficult as my moaning became louder. Kati maintained her pace while her three finger tips still rubbed me inside. I now heard the moaning in our shower and I could not believe it was me. I also could not do anything about it.

My body weakened and I felt dizzy, feeling like I was about to fall. I wrapped my arms tightly around Kati’s neck so I would not. Kati pushed me against the wall and braced me for the inevitable. Her toffee breasts now pressed against my vanilla ones and I felt her large, dark nipples trying their best to puncture my skin.

Now feeling safe in her control, I let my orgasm rise closer to the edge. I was almost there.

This felt so decadent.

So nasty.

Not wrong, but so right.

Kati’s mouth was now next to my ear as was mine to hers. I could smell her hair and we could hear and feel each other’s breath. I listened to her effort as she enthusiastically worked her hand, bringing me to the edge. No cock has ever fucked me like this. She was in total control of me and my mind, and I loved it.

“Can you cum for me, baby?” her sweet accent calmly breathed in my ear.

“Oh, God! I’m so close, Kati. I’m right there,” I replied. “Please make me cum!”

My voice was not calm or a whispered breath like hers. It was out of control.

“I want to feel you cum,” she whispered again.

“Oh fuck, yeah… PLEASE make me cum!” I loudly begged my new lady lover.

Upon hearing my plea, Kati thrust her fingers hard and deep into my aching pussy, which now felt like it wanted to swallow her. I felt the rest of her hand push against my folds, and I could feel the heel of it meeting my push, bashing my clit into frenzy. Her pace was ferocious. I imagined her hand was a blur as she slammed it into my confusingly resisting body.

Oh, Kati. Just a few more times…

I swallowed as a stuttered, “Fffuuuck,” ignoring what just escaped my lips. My neck tensed and lower body trembled. She then did it! It arrived and with such intensity, I had to hold my breath.

Oh God… baby… I’m cumming!

Kati kept me against the shower wall as my body convulsed and my face grimaced in silent orgasmic agony. Even though my eyes were shut, tears streamed down my face as her skillful touch released me from all past inhibitions and current obligations. The shower’s falling water hid my tears while it washed my past away.

My silence quickly turned to profane grunting as the waves of pleasure matched each of Kati’s, now gentler finger movements.

I still can’t believe she made me cum!

This was as powerful as any orgasm I’ve ever had. It continued to cascade inside my body while the hot shower water matched its travels over my skin. I felt I was getting increasingly hotter as my orgasm continued, but I soon realized I had bumped the water control valve. I finally yelled out in both agony and pleasure, and uncontrollably reached to adjust the water temperature, but continued to take the heat as several days of anticipation released with the rising steam.

After quite some time, when my orgasm finally subsided, body now recovering with minor tremors, I opened my eyes to her awaiting deep, dark brown ones. We shared a huge smile and a grateful kiss. I saw in her eyes, the immense pleasure she received from the present she had just given me. She was my first.

Neither of us spoke as words were not needed. Yet, I wanted to thank her, but I could not yet speak. Kati quickly pressed her luscious lips against mine before I could, and kissed me with more passion than my husband ever has. I placed my hands on either side of her head again, forcing her long, thick, black hair between my fingers, gripping it with intent. I kissed her hard, as deeply and as passionately as I have kissed anyone in my life.

I was fucking hooked. I was now hers forever.

We kissed for several moments, savoring our touch and our time, but I could no longer handle the hot water. My skin felt it had become near scalded in parts. I adjusted the water back to a more reasonable, less painful temperature so we could continue.

Kati sensed I was now ready and I was. It was my turn. She began nibbling on my earlobe while she playfully swung her breasts against mine, rubbing our erect nipples with each pass.

With her pouty brown lips squeezing my ear, she again whispered, “Kate, put your fingers inside me.”

I was nervous but very excited. She knew. I could not hide from her that she was my first. Kati then said something that removed my virgin anxiety.

“Kate, just do to me what you would do to yourself. You will make me cum, I promise.”

I was really going to do this.

We changed positions so now Kati was against the wall. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I moved my hand down the smooth skin of her lower back. My fingers slid between her cheeks and I then cupped her shapely rear end.

As I moved my hand across her hip and over her pelvic bone, I realized how silky smooth her skin was. In fact, her entire body was that way.

The sight of her caramel skin in contrast to mine continued to arouse me. When my fingers reached between her legs, I had forgotten and was mildly surprised. I expected to feel some pubic hair but then remembered she had none. Her smoothness continued to her pussy and beyond, as I soon discovered.

Kati pulled my other hand to her mouth and sucked on my fingers, letting out a loud, “Mmmm… ” as my finger tips slid along her wet entrance.

She was so slippery, so warm, so wet!

Did I… was she like that for me? Did I really do that?

There was almost no friction as my fingers slid freely and easily across both sides of her opening and back over her clit.

“Stop, baby,” Kati spoke. “Yes, right there.”

Kati directed me as I first gently rubbed back and forth, and then in a circular pattern, just like I would myself, finding what I was in the mood for on any given day.

“Yes, like that,” she moaned to me. “Keep doing that.”

I loved how communicative Kati was. She calmly let me inside her wonderful, dirty mind and that trust encouraged me to try my best. I so dearly wanted to please her as much as she had just pleased me.

Her hips started circling in the opposite direction of my fingers. As we found our rhythm, she quickened her pace as her rocking hips increased her level of pleasure.

She was truly turned on by what I was doing. I could not believe I was doing that!

I was tempted to put my fingers inside her, as she had earlier asked, but I resisted. I did not want to disrupt her obviously building pleasure. She told me what she liked so I thought it best to continue doing what I was doing. I felt she would tell me otherwise, if needed.

It was the right call. Kati was closer than I thought.

We could not have been in this position for more than a few minutes when Kati arched her back, pushing her belly hard against mine, and her shoulders and ass against the tiled wall. I felt our hard nipples rub against each other again as her hips stopped moving and her body started shaking.

I did not know what to expect when she came, but screaming was not it.

As her orgasm hit, Kati yelled something unfamiliar but it was poetry to my ears. It sounded like Hindi or another foreign language. As far as I knew, Kati’s words of passion could have been from the original text of the Kama Sutra. Making Kati cum was one of the best experiences in my life. Her body transferred so much confidence and energy to mine as it tensed and released and then shook with pleasure.

I later learned that Kati, as she described herself, was a fast cummer. As a result, she loved quickies whenever she could get them. Not only could she cum quickly, she could have bursts or several orgasms in a row, in a short period of time, if her partner or partners knew what to do. She promised, with practice, I could learn how to.

Multiple orgasms? Oh my… never before.

After Kati’s orgasm passed, we stood clutching each other in the shower, tenderly exploring each other with our mouths, fingers, and contacted skin. I cherished what I had just experienced and loved being held by her under the falling water. I then became conscious of Kati rubbing my trimmed pubic hair.

Even though over the years, my husband had asked many times, I refused him. I felt it was odd that a grown woman would shave it all. Sure, I had trimmed for a swimsuit, but never removed all of it. I also found it somewhat disturbing that a grown man, especially my husband, would want me to look like a pre-pubescent girl.

However, with Kati, it was different. She did not have to ask. I wanted to do this for her. I loved how she felt and I wanted to feel like her too.

“Kati, do you want me to… I mean… ” I awkwardly tried to ask. “Shave it?”

She smiled, “Can I do it for you?”

Without thinking, I smiled a return yes. Kati kissed me and then quickly stepped out of the shower. Given this was her guest suite, I was not surprised when she returned with shaving cream and a razor. My inner voice began asking me questions.

Are you sure you want to do this, Kate? Are you sure you want someone else to do this to you?

“I’m familiar with these and they are good.”

I was comforted that she said that.

No one wants razor burn today, I half-joked with myself.

This stranger is going to shave around my vagina with a razor blade. I needed to trust her, and so I did.

Kati turned my back to the shower to block the water from spraying on her face. She opened the small tube of shaving cream and I immediately noticed the feminine scent. Nice. No sandalwood or musk here – it had a pleasant flowery aroma, something less man and more woman.

Kati put some shaving cream on her fingertips, put the tube down, and began lathering the frothy white cream into my pubic hair. She then grabbed the razor and placed it against my skin, just above the hairline.

Ever since puberty, I have had some hair down there. This would be a radical departure, taking me back in time, yet catapulting me into my newly altered future.

I was standing naked in a shower with a woman who just made me cum, and then I reciprocated. That was a radical departure from my previous sexual existence.

Each careful pass of the razor blade revealed a path of pale, smooth skin. Kati was extra careful, protecting me with her fingers, as she got closer to my more sensitive parts. I did not have a lot of hair, but what I had, was now gone. It did not take her long. Kati then ran her fingers up and down both sides, and the area above my clit, searching, but not finding, any stragglers.

“Perfection,” I heard her say.

She then turned me around and asked me to put my right foot on the shower seat. The water now bounced off of my chest and I felt individual jets pierce my sensitive nipples. Kati gently pushed me forward, arching my back and causing my butt to stick out.

“Bend over a little more for me, Kate.”

I do not know what I was thinking. I just did as she asked, not realizing what she was doing until she lathered the cream between my cheeks and over my butthole. She was taking it all. I nervously closed my eyes and waited for Kati to start.

As she pulled the razor slowly, scraping along the inside of one cheek, I could feel the coolness on my skin where the sharp blade had just passed. Kati continued to work her way along both sides, pulling the razor from my perineum, past my entrance, and then up to the small of my back. Each time, she would pass by, but not touch my hole with the sharp blades.

After a few more passes, I felt Kati’s fingertips sliding around my ass, pushing my cheek to the side.

“Hold still,” she cautioned, so I did.

I felt her pull the razor across one side of my bum hole, removing whatever imagined hair was remaining. I imagined those sharp blades being dragged across this vulnerable place. I got shivers thinking about what could happen, but of course, nothing did. Kati was skilled and very careful. Kati pulled the razor across my opening a few more times and then stopped.

When her fingers ran along the area she had just shaved, I knew she was done. Kati turned me around and checked her work in front again.

“Beautiful,” I heard her exotic voice say. “Absolutely delicious.”

I excitedly watched Kati as she stood up, sharing her beautiful smile, grinning ear to ear. I could not resist her charm or returning her smile.

“What do you think?” she asked.

I looked down and my first reaction was that I could not remember the last time I saw bare skin there. I slid my hand down to explore her handiwork. It was as smooth as the first time I ever touched myself. Most certainly, it was smoother than I have ever shaved myself.

My fingers slid easily between my legs and around back. I felt a smoothness there I have never felt before. Kati did a fantastic job. I then saw how thrilled she was with herself. I was also surprised how pleased I was with my new look.

“Oh my god, I love it!” I unexpectedly squealed.

“I’m glad you do because I do too. Let’s rinse off the rest of the shaving cream.”

I handed Kati the shower head as she sprayed and rubbed all the residual shaving cream and hair off my front. I then turned around, lifted my foot on the shower seat, bent over and let Kati rub and rinse me in back. As she handed me the shower head to put back in the cradle, Kati licked me along the line between my cheeks.

Oh my god! Her tongue!

I almost collapsed. I inhaled sharply as Kati’s tongue touched and probed my bum hole. This beautifully, decadent woman was playing with my ass.

Oh my god. I could not believe this was happening. I was not prepared for this!

I squeezed my eyes shut again as I absorbed this new pleasure.

Kati focused on it, letting her tongue find every smooth ridge, fold, and crevice in that small area. When the tip of her tongue found the center of my opening, I was not sure how to react, but I would soon find out, I thought.

This Indian beauty was about to stick her tongue in my ass!

Then, she did. Kati pushed the tip of her tongue past my tight opening and into my ass. I felt my eyes roll around in my head and my head drop forward. My hands searched for the wall to brace myself again.

I felt Kati try to move her tongue in a circular motion, but my ass was too tight, so she just moved it in and out. I suspected she was going to work on that. I was not relieved when she pulled her tongue out from my ass. I was not disappointed either. I sensed this was just an appetizer. Probably to see how I would react.

I hoped my body told her I wanted more.

Kati stood up and turned off the water. We stepped out of the shower and grabbed our towels. As we dried ourselves, Kati watched me admire her work in the bathroom mirror. I now had an unobstructed view of my clit and labia. They were no longer hidden but in plain view for anyone that I wanted to see them.

Tonight, that was Kati.

After I finished drying myself, I decided to remove my wedding rings. It was not a conscious decision, but a feeling that I should. Kati watched me place them on the bathroom vanity. When I looked at my empty finger, I did not see a missing ring set; I saw freedom - freedom from any and all prior commitments and restrictions, and freedom to explore my new sexuality.

When I looked up, our eyes met in the mirror. Mine then followed Kati’s as she moved from behind me, to beside me, then in front of me. She watched me watch her as she then lowered herself, kissing each of my breasts first. I struggled but kept my eyes open as her mouth moved from nipple to nipple. Our eyes never left one another.

My moaning started again as her swirling tongue began tasting new parts of my body.

Kati left my breasts and her tongue traced between them, down along my flat belly, until it reached my belly button. She probed and circled it, leading me to anticipate what was next.

When her mouth moved lower, I felt only her puffy lips on my skin. As she crept closer, I could tell what she was doing. She was again checking, but this time with her lips, for smoothness. Her soft lips moved slowly up and down and then side to side, searching for any remnants of what was once there. She, of course, found nothing except new arousal and wetness from me.

In order to assist with her second inspection, I turned my right leg to the side, lifting it off the ground. I rested it on her shoulder as Kati moved her head between my legs. I felt her wet hair on my inner thighs and her hot breath on my vibrating pussy. I saw in the mirror how my puffy labia reaching out to this woman, begging to be pulled in and sucked by her luscious mouth.

I felt a strong urge to grab her head and pull her face into my body. It craved to be licked and sucked and fucked again by this woman below me. As much as I wanted this, I resisted because I felt Kati had other plans.

When Kati was done with her sensual inspection, she stood up and moved behind me.

I felt her guide me forward again. When she said, “Bend over again Kate,” I obeyed her command, again.

Placing my hands on the bathroom counter, I bent over again and spread my legs. I felt Kati’s hands on my ass as she lowered herself to the ground. While kneeling between my legs, I felt her hot breath on my skin again. As she gently spread my cheeks, I arched my back giving Kati better exposure and access. All I could imagine was her hot tongue entering me from behind and erupting in another orgasm.

When I felt her lips run between my cheeks and across my ass, I felt shivers race up and down my spine. I got goose bumps, including in places where hair once existed.

Kati’s lips passed over my bum hole a few times and then stopped directly over it. She pressed her mouth against it, giving it a little kiss. I then yelped when she plunged her tongue deep into my ass, then out, and then sucked on my asshole.

Kati quickly taught me she had no barriers or boundaries to pleasure. I was now her student and I hoped I could be a quick study.

My eyes rolled back into my head as her tongue, while she sucked, circled again, trying to un-pucker my puckered opening. I felt each and every fold of my bud as her tongue slowly and methodically moved over it while she continued rimming me. The thought of her sticking her tongue in me again was now more exciting. I waited impatiently for Kati to do it, but she did not. Apparently, she had completed her second official inspection.

Kati then stood up and smiled at my weakened state of arousal.

My blurry-visioned eyes pleaded with her not to stop. Not now. It felt too good.

Kati ignored my silent plea, grabbed my hand, and led me to the big bed in the other room. She sat me down on the edge, stood back, and smiled.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get hungry. Do you want to go out or should we order room service?”

Ahhh, Hello?!?

We, of course, ordered room service.

~ ~ ~

“How long will it be?” Kati asked the person taking our order.

As I sat on the edge of our large play area, our king-sized bed, Kati looked through me as she listened.

“Thirty minutes?” she repeated.

I felt her eyes scan my body, and each time, briefly stopped at what was waiting for her, between my legs, before moving on.

“Can you make that closer to an hour? I need a little more time here,” Kati said winking at me.

Oh my, more tingles. I think I knew what was coming next.

Kati hung up the phone and walked over as she motioned for me to move up to the head of the bed. As I slid my body back, Kati crawled forward, prowling with her large, dangling breasts between my parted legs. When I reached the pillows, I stopped.

Kati stopped with her head directly above my freshly shaved, fully recovered pussy.

“I didn’t order any appetizers. I was more in the mood for this. I hope you are too.”

Oh, yeah. I giggled inside. I sure am.

I leaned back on my elbows as Kati positioned herself between my parted legs. She licked her lips as she looked at me.

“You are so delicious, my sweet Kate.”

She made this grown woman blush.

Kati chuckled, “Incorrigible me, I’m having my dessert as my appetizer tonight.”

Kati could see what I could feel. My juices were running freely between my legs over both openings. I still had trouble believing this was happening, but it was. Kati lowered herself onto the bed, placing her mouth only inches away. I was unsure what to do with my legs and feet, so I left them on either side of her body. Suddenly, I jumped when I heard my phone ping. It was a text from my husband. He was going to be late. I texted back, “Okay.”

He did not ask and I did not tell. I too, was going to be late.

Kati then grabbed my phone, turned off the ringer, and tossed it out of reach. Her seductive brown eyes looked up at me, filled with hunger, and ready to get started. I watched Kati’s head lower down and I felt that same hot breath as she hovered above my raging pussy.

“Kate, stay with me tonight.”

Before I could respond, Kati slid her fingers through my wetness, easing one into my ass and another in my pussy. The unexpected surge that followed made my head snap back and collapse on the large down pillow. Feeling dizzy again, my eyes rolled back as she now whetted her ravenous sexual appetite.

Her tongue then convinced me to stay.

Oh, Lord. Here we go again.


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