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Frankie - Part 2

We embraced and kissed hungrily. I didn’t feel nervous around her anymore.

After we shared out first kiss, the last few hours of the party went by like a blur.  

Frankie and I were buzzing with adrenaline. We kept things normal to the others in her flat.   It felt exciting and terrible at the same time.   All I wanted was for me and her to be alone.   Keeping my feelings for her closed in just made me feel like a balloon that was on the brink of bursting.

Every so often I’d look up and catch her staring at me. then she would smile with a little embarrassment. It made me shudder with excitement.   I followed her into the kitchen and helped her clear some empty beer bottles.  

We didn’t speak as we tidied, the atmosphere was sizzling.   We brushed against each other as we worked, giggling as we went.   We heard the last of the guests clamber into the hall as they poked their heads around the door.

“Hey Frankie, we’re just going to head.   Thanks for having us.”

We said our cordial goodbyes and Frankie showed them to the door.   Finally we were alone!

She almost ran back to the kitchen and then stood there nervously twisting her hands in between hers.

“You ok?” I asked

She shrugged then smiled coyly, “Yeh, I’m fine.   Just can’t believe we’re alone now.”   She took my hands in hers.   I sighed, relieved.

I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. We intertwined our fingers together and she pressed into me kissing harder.   I knew then that she really wanted me.

We broke away, panting for air.   I placed my hands on her slim neck.   With my thumbs I stroked her ear lobes.   Without haste I kissed around her collar bone and up her neck. My lips lingered above hers.   I flicked my tongue lightly against her top lip.

She parted her lips and I inserted my tongue in her mouth. I brushed her tongue with mine, teasing her.   I felt her hands at my waist. Her fingers found their way under my top, I could feel them at my tummy. I giggled and broke away from the kiss.  

“Come on Mia.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me into her room.   She closed the door and dimmed the lights.  

“Ha-ha. I never seen the use of that dimmer switch before now.” She chuckled.

The room was a warm hue and she looked amazing in the light. We embraced and kissed hungrily.   I didn’t feel nervous around her anymore. It was like we were equals.   She lay on the bed and curled her finger, indicating she wanted me to join her.

We each lay on our sides facing each other. She pushed my hair off my chest and kissed down my neck, behind me ear and along my collar bone. Her left hand slipped under my top and she rubbed my back. She tucked a finger under my bra strap and felt all along it, then moved her fingers lightly along my spine.  

I moaned out and arched my head back in delight.  She pushed me to lie on my back and climbed on top of me.   She kissed along my waist and pushed my top up.  I felt her breath against my stomach and I got goose bumps.   Her hands went under my top and caressed my breasts through my bra.

“Mmmm, Mia your boobs are amazing.”

I smiled and closed my eyes, letting my senses take over.   She lifted the hem of my top and pulled it over my head.   She kissed along the top curve of my breasts and down the gap in between them.   I could feel her mouth hover above my right nipple and the warmth of her mouth seeped through the lacy material. She kissed against it and my nipples hardened immediately.  

I moaned out and ran my fingers through her short hair and down her neck.   I pulled her face up to mine and kissed her passionately.   I rolled her onto her back and continued to taste her mouth.   I put my hand on her hip and stroked down her thigh. She sighed and wrapped her leg around my waist. I slipped my hand up and under her dress and felt the warm flesh of her inner thigh.  

Slowly I felt the curve of her buttock at the join to her thigh.   It was so smooth and firm I could have touched it all night.   She put her hand on top of mine and encouraged me to squeeze her ass.   I grabbed it and she pulled me tighter to her.

Due to the how tight her dress was there wasn’t much room to move my hand anywhere else on her body.   I pulled my hand out of her dress and went directly to the zipper.   I slowly released the zip and stuck my hand down the back of her dress.  

She rolled on top of me again and I was able to then slide both hands down and properly grab her ass in both hands.   She grinded her crotch against mine and kissed along my neck again.

Lustfully she sat up and undid my jeans. She pulled them down past my knees then feet and tossed them on the floor. I was left laying there in only my bra and knickers.   They were both black and lacy and were my favourite set I had because they made me feel so sexy wearing them.   I knew they too would be on the floor soon.  

Frankie scanned my almost naked body, taking in every inch of my flesh with her eyes.   We were both panting at this point breathless from all the teasing and the sexual tension.   I sat up with her and she straddled me.   I wrapped my fingers in her hair and kissed her while she grinded against me.

Her hands ran down my back and unclasped my bra.   I felt my breasts being released and she circled my nipples with her thumbs.   They were already rock hard and pointed straight against her.   I pulled her spaghetti straps down from her shoulders and she un-looped her hands from them.   Her dress fell down to her waist and I leaned back to looked at her glorious boobs.   They were pretty much the same size as mine and her little pink nipples were like cherries on top of an ice cream sundae.  

I licked the right one and she tasted divine.   My right hand caressed the left nipple and pulled it gently.   I switched it around and repeated the procedure.   Heat was intensifying from her crotch and it was radiating against my pelvis.   She grinded harder into me, relishing every touch I gave her body.  

She stood reluctantly and pushed her dress off.   I slid to the end of the bed facing her. Her beautiful cunt was in front of my face. I kissed along the join where her thigh meets her pelvis.   I couldn’t resist any longer and kissed at the top of her slit.

Frankie let out the loudest moan I had her from her so far. She quivered at my hot tongue against her vagina.   Grabbing her hips, I pulled her on the bed and laid her on her back. I kissed her tummy as I spread her legs.

Looking down I saw that her pussy was already wet and dripping.   I kissed downward along her landing strip and lingered along her labia.   I kissed very part of her cunt but leaving out the slit.   Her moans became more frequent and she twisted under me.

I spread her legs wider. Her pussy lips parted slightly and exposed how wet she really was.   I couldn’t hold back. I licked up her cunt tasting her sweet juice on my tongue. I couldn’t get enough.   I licked slowly up to her clit. It was already hard and I flicked it with my tongue.

Frankie clutched the bed with both hands, breathing heavily. She thrust her hips upwards to my face and I took more of her wet pussy in my mouth. I didn’t hold back my tongue flicked quickly over her clit, licking, sucking and tasting it.   It was perfect.

Her thighs tightened around my head and I used my hands to spread them again so I could pin her to the bed. I continued to kiss and lick her pussy. My lips kissed around her opening then I thrust my tongue inside.

I felt Frankie buckle under me and I pressed her harder against the bed with my hands. I used my tongue to fuck her hole and she was screaming that she was ready to cum.   I slowed down and went back to her clit, licking slowly, carefully and tenderly. Suddenly her moaning stopped it was replaced by the most wonderful noise of her gasping for breath. I knew this was it for her.

I quickly licked my right index finger and shoved it in her pussy. I curled it upward feeling the spongy texture of her g-spot deep inside her. She screamed obscenities while I flicked her clit and then her pussy walls tightened around my finger and her glorious creamy cum seeped out.

I continued to fuck and flick until she turned to her side unable to take anymore. She lay exhausted shoulders heaving as she gasped for breath. I kissed up her side from her thigh to her tummy. She turned her face to me and kissed me deeply.

Frankie embraced me tightly wrapping her thighs around my waist.

She moaned breathlessly in my ear while I kissed her neck. “Thank you Mia, that was fucking brilliant. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, God, so good.”

“You’re welcome.” I mumbled into her neck and behind her ear.

Her slow breaths filled the room then I heard her speak.

“Hmmmmm, just let me catch my breath then it’s your turn babe.”


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