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Frankie - Part 3

Mia reveals a secret as Frankie returns the favour.
Frankie and I lay together on her bed. Her body was warm and slightly sweaty and she was still convulsing from her intense orgasm. We lay facing each other on our sides and she pulled my leg around her.

I kept studying her face as I kissed her neck, cheeks and behind her ears. Her breathing was still ragged and it brought me immense happiness to know that I had given her so much pleasure.

With her eyes still closed she began to touch my body. First with her hand moving up my thigh to my waist; then moving up and stroking my back. It felt like she knew exactly how to make me melt in her hands.

She opened her eyes and gazed into mine questioning if I wanted her to go further. I bit my bottom lip and nodded.

She began to kiss me passionately and almost forcefully. Her hand slipped under the elastic waistband of my lacy knickers and began rubbing my ass. I wrapped my thigh round her tighter and she pushed her thigh into my crotch. I could tell I had already soaked my knickers with my wetness and knew she could feel it on her.

“These need to come off,” she said while tugging my panties.

I rolled onto my back and raised my bum as Frankie pulled my underwear off and tossed it onto the now complete bundle of clothes on the floor.

I don’t know if the all the alcohol I had that night had worn off, or just the realisation that I was completely naked in front of someone I often compared myself to made me feel self conscious.

I nervously closed my legs and blushed as Frankie looked over me.

“Stop being so shy after everything you have just done to me Mia. I want to make you feel as amazing as I do.”

She pulled me up to a sitting position and cupped my face in her hands. She gazed lovingly into my eyes and kissed my forehead. I hugged her waist and kissed her hands. She straddled me and we kissed deeply while she held my hands over my head.

I gave in to her as I knew that it was what I really wanted. I let go of my insecurities and relaxed as she persuaded me through her tenderness.

She laid me on my back and kissed all over my torso. Her hands searched over my body and found their way to my nipples. I felt her warm lips under my left tit as her thumbs circled my nipples. They were hard and I wanted her to suck them desperately.

I put my fingers through her hair and brought her mouth to my breasts. She obliged and took a full lick of the right nipple first and onto the next one. I arched my back and she took my whole nipple in her mouth while flicking the other with her fingers. She sucked hard and grazed her teeth on it.

I moaned and looked down at her. It was a beautiful sight. She had her pouty lips round my erect nipple and she winked sexily when she saw me look at her.

She slowly kissed down my torso, keeping her hands on my tits and tweaking my nipples. As she got to my crotch I bravely spread my legs for her. She took her left hand and she slipped her middle finger between my leaking slit.

My nerve endings felt everything and I moaned for her. She kissed my tummy and kept feeling my pussy which was getting me even wetter. I could feel her finger move round my shaved cunt between my labia then rubbing around my clit.

I was breathing heavy and Frankie moved up to kiss me on the lips while still rubbing my clit. My head was spinning, I could feel her kiss me harder as her clit rubbing got faster and all I could do was hold on to her as my head became light.

I could hear my moans echo in her small room and the beautiful squelching noise of my pussy being played with was heavenly.

I felt her finger slip down further to the entrance of my cunt and I spoke out suddenly.

“Stop Frankie.”

“Mmmm, calm down Mia, just enjoy it.”

“No really, please just stop.” I pleaded.

“What’s wrong? I thought you were enjoying this.” She said dejected.

“I am. It’s just that...”

“What Mia?”

“Frankie, I’m still a virgin.” I said quietly, looking away from her.

“I know. This is the first time I’ve had sex with a woman before too.”

“No, that’s not it. I’ve never had sex with anyone before. Girl or guy.”

“Really? I honestly didn’t know. I’m sorry.” She apologised. “Why didn’t you say something before?”

“I dunno, you never asked and I didn’t think it would be a problem. Is it?”

“Of course it isn’t you Muppet. Come here.”

She took me in her arms and kissed me gently on the lips. “Mia, you don’t have to be afraid to tell me anything. You mean a lot to me and I want your honesty.”

She continued to kiss me and began to play with my clit again. The feeling was great. No one had ever played with my cunt before the way she was now. She broke the kiss and kissed my neck. I lay back for her, enjoying the friction of her finger against my clit. It felt like it was really hard and all I knew was that I didn’t want her to stop playing with it.

She lay on her side, propped up by her right elbow, while her left hand stoked by moist pussy.

“Mia, I know you said you have never had sex before, but has anyone ever fingered you? Even yourself?” she asked while slipping a second finger in to tweak my clit.

“Mmmmmm. No. I’ve never tried. I usually just play with my clit when I’m alone.”

“The thought of you playing with yourself is so hot!” She giggled.

She began kissing behind my ear and sucked the lobe carefully. “Would you like me to finger you?” she asked seductively.

I swallowed hard and nodded. I wanted her to be the first. The first woman I kissed, the first woman I made orgasm and the first person to penetrate me.

“Good answer.” She said then kissed me frantically. Her tongue pushed in my mouth and found mine. I could feel her press her weight against me as she flicked me harder then began gently slapping my cunt.

I grabbed on to her shoulders as I felt my orgasm approach then she stopped and climbed off me.

Frankie stood at the bottom of the bed then pulled me down so that my bum was balancing on the edge. She pulled my legs apart and kissed down my thighs. She licked over the joins of my thighs and pelvis.

My breathing was heavy and all I wanted was to cum but I know she would take her time. With her right index finger she began feeling round the opening of tight pussy. It felt so good as though that part of me was waiting for her delicate finger.

She pushed it in gently, just past her nail bud and it felt like heaven. I was ready for more. She then inserted her finger in to the knuckle and gave my clit a flick with her tongue at the same time. I could feel her finger stretch me and it caused a slight discomfort but she kept licking at my clit to distract me.

She pulled her finger out and then back in again, still to just the knuckle. I was beginning to get used to the new sensation and I lifted my hips as her insertions got faster.

Frankie then took her finger out and began to lick at my opening. Her tongue traced all round the tiny hole and she grabbed my thighs as she stuck it as far as she could inside.

I arched my back and moaned out loud and I gripped onto the pillow behind me as hard as I could. I felt her tongue lick its back up to my clit and her finger slipped back into position. This time I could feel her push in deeper. My chest heaved and she caressed my left tit with her free hand.

Her finger was all the way in now and she pulled in and out slowly. Her lips were now round my clit and she sucked it hard.

“Ohhhhh fuck!” I screamed and she just moaned right into my cunt sending vibrations right into my clit.

“Frankie, I’m gonna cum.”

She knew I was at the point of climax so her movement became slow making me hold her head at my pussy.

I felt my head become very light and my eyebrows furrowed together as she teased me by slowly licking, sucking and fingering me. My clit was throbbing and I my pussy walls began to contract. She then adjusted the speed again and got quicker.

I let go of her head and held the pillow tight. My hips convulsed and I began to shake as she made me cum. My moans were loud and I thought I might have woken her neighbours.

She climbed on top of me and kissed me. I could taste my pussy in her mouth; it was strange and delicious at the same time. I held on to her tightly and she slipped between my legs, grinding into me. Her breasts were at my face and I kissed them while holding her ass and pulling her crotch against mine.

I lay back, completely exhausted as she cuddled me and kissed my neck.

“So how was your first time?”

“It couldn’t have been better.”

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