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Frenemies (Part 1)

After her boyfriend dumps her for her best friend, heartbroken Bianca goes to confront Crystal...
Tears fell down my face as I practically ran up the sidewalk. With my tightly balled fist, I hammered on her front door as loud and as hard as I could. The door swung open to Crystal's frowning face.

"Hey girl," she smiled once she realized it was me but once she noticed the distraught look on my face, her smile disappeared. "What's wrong, Bianca?"

On the drive over, words were racing through my mind. Now that I was face-to-face with the enemy, I was speechless. I was so furious that I forgot what I rehearsed. I just wanted to scream until I could scream no more. Apparently the sky knew my pain because it was filled with dark clouds and randomly roared, signaling a thunderstorm was underway.

"Bianca! You okay? Wanna talk?" Crystal inquired as she opened her door wider, apparently inviting me in.

"No!" I growled. "I don't wanna talk to you. I don't wanna see you. I don't wanna do anything with you anymore. I just came over here to get my stuff. I want my gold necklace back; the one I let you borrow last week."

"Wh-wh-what's going on? Did I do something?"

"Don't play like you're innocent! I... I just can't believe you! How could you? I know how! Because you're a trifling, disgusting, piece of trash who uses your looks to get what you want because you ain't good for nothing else!"

Crystal's jaw fell ajar as she stood motionless in the door.

"Just give me my stuff and you'll never here from me again!" I yelled.

"Fine!" she finally retorted as she snatched my necklace from around her neck and threw it at me. "Then I want my blue sandals back."

"Fine!" I kicked them off my feet. "I want my Katy Perry CD, bitch!"

"Fine!" she ran and retrieved it off her coffee table. She tossed it at me just as light rain began to fall. "I want my damn dress back then."

Flares started to erupt from my nostrils as I realized I was wearing her dress now. I dropped my stuff in the grass, pulled the dress above my head, and threw it in her face. "There you go, ho!" Just as I bent down to pick up my stuff, the flow of rain increased, soaking my body just as I'd soakened my face with showers of tears prior to coming over here.

"Oh my goodness, girl, get in here," Crystal demanded as she yanked me in her apartment and slammed the door. "Let me get you a towel to dry off and some aspirins because I know you must have a headache from all that yelling."

"I don't need your help!" I stubbornly stated.

"Apparently you do! You were about to drive home in the storm, soaking wet, in your panties and bra! I'm not letting my best friend catch pneumonia!"

"Best friend? Oh now you wanna act like you're truly my best friend?" I asked as my damp body trembled from the cold rain.

"I am! We've been besties since we were toddlers," Crystal announced.

"If you were really my friend, then why did you do it? How could you?" I burst into a slew of tears just as thunder exploded outside.

"DO WHAT?!" Crystal shouted like she was clueless.

"Have sex with my boyfriend!!!"

To Be Continued...

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Thanks for reading!

XOXO Carmyn

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