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Frenemies (Part 2)

Atonished by the accusations of sleeping with her best friend's man, Crystal talks to Bianca.
"If you were really my friend, then why did you do it? How could you?" I burst into a slew of tears just as thunder exploded outside.

"DO WHAT?!" Crystal shouted like she was clueless.

"Have sex with my boyfriend!!!"

"Wh-what in the hell are you talking about, Bianca?" Crystal scratched her head.

"Just what I said," I cried, "you call yourself my best friend but apparently you forgot when you had your pussy all over James's dick."

"I never slept with your boyfriend or any boy for that matter..." she began.

"I don't wanna hear your lies, you slut!" I yelled.

"Stop calling me that!" she demanded as her face started to turn red. "I am not a slut and I didn't..."

I interrupted once I realized how agitated she was becoming. "Slut! That's what you are! Embrace it just the way you embrace my boyfriend between your legs, you trifling backstabbing slut!"

"I'm not a damn slut and I damn sure did not sleep with James. I would never do that. One reason is because you're my best friend in the whole wide world and secondly, because I'm g..."

"Whatever, slut!" I gave her the hand.

She smacked my hand down. "If I really had sex with him and wasn't your friend, then don't you think I would have left your naked ass outside in the rain and slammed the door in your face?"

I averted my eyes from hers as I was temporarily speechless.

"Where in the hell did you get the impression that I had sex with James?" she asked. "You should know better than to listen to rumors, Bianca..."

"It wasn't a rumor. It came straight from the cheater's mouth," I whimpered as tears poured down my face.

"James told you I slept with him?" she asked.

I looked into her eyes and inquired, "Did you?"

"Hell no. Not even in my dreams."

"Well he dumped me today and said he was leaving me for you because you... because you looked better than me," I sobbed and threw my head in my hands.

"What? Don't you believe anything that bastard says!" she said as she wrapped her arms around my damp and quivering body. "You're gorgeous! Really gorgeous!"

Just then my phone vibrated.

"It's him," I said, staring at the dancing envelope, signaling I had a new text message.

Crystal snatched my cell out of my hand and silently read the message. Then she looked up at me.

"What he say?" I impatiently asked.

"Read the lies for yourself," Crystal advised as she handed my phone to me.

From: James
"hope ur life goes well cuz I no mine is goin gr8 already w/my new gf. u no her, she's ur best friend and she's the BEST I eva had. we just got done havin gr8 sex. better than u and I ever had. im so happy w/her. im holding her in my arms now. she's sleeping cuz I put some of this good lovin down. but im bout 2 wake her up 4 anoth round. I cant get enuff of her.

I looked up at Crystal who was wearing the "I told you so" expression.

Before either of us could say anything, my phone vibrated again. This time it was a picture message with the subject "Happily in Luv"

"It's a picture of you and him," I said.

"Can't be!" Crystal snatched my phone and examined the picture for a few seconds.

"Explain that, Crystal," I demanded.

"I don't have to. It's a fake. He photo-shopped this. Look at it. Doesn't it look familiar?"

I stared at the picture of him smiling with Crystal kissing his cheek. Then I recognized the outfit she was wearing, which was the sunset colored dress I'd just taken off. Crystal only wore that dress once-at my 21st birthday party. She was giving me a friendly kiss on the cheek when James took the picture. And the picture of James came from a photo I'd taken of him.

Crystal was right. The picture was a fake and he was lying about being with her now.

To Be Continued........
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