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Fresh Bedding

A sneaky change of bedding with an added surprise for my girlfriend
Ever since I'd moved in I'd hated Amy's bedding. I don't dislike blue but it was a very 'boyish' colour and wasn't really fitting of our new relationship and living arrangements. We needed to have something we both liked. I smiled to myself as I hatched a plan to change them without Amy noticing. She had no idea what I had planned but I knew she was going to love it!

"Bye Katie," she said one morning.

"Bye Amy, have a fab day," I replied. "See you later."

I kissed, hugged and smiled at her as she got into her car and went off to work for the day. I now had eight hours to execute my plan before she got home.

The first thing I did was buy just the most gorgeous set of new bedding. The autumnal shades of yellow, orange and red stripes looked amazing. The best thing was there wasn't a blue stripe in sight. I bought a light cream coloured sheet and two extra pillow cases to match. I rushed home, washed and ironed the new bedding and made up our bed with it all. It looked fantastic! Now to the part of the plan that would make sure Amy didn't notice the change.

I showered, dressed myself in nothing but a gorgeous pair of sheer black garter tights. I left the rest of myself deliberately naked. No bra and definitely no panties. Just before Amy was due home I lit candles round the bedroom and closed the curtains. I lay as provocatively on the new bedding as I could, with my back to the bed, knees high and feet wide just as Amy came in the front door. Would my plan work? Would she notice the bedding had changed?

"Katie, I'm home. Where are you?" she shouted.

"I'm in the bedroom," I replied.

I could hear Amy move towards the door before opening it. She looked round the darkened room, lit subtly by the candles. The look of complete surprise on her face was fantastic and just the reaction I wanted. I felt her eyes settle on me, laying on top of the bed in my garter tights. I shuffled my feet a little wider, exposing myself even more to her, before putting my fingers to my mouth to indicate she shouldn't say anything. I could already see the lust in her eyes as she surveyed what I was offering.

"Get undressed Amy and come to bed," I said softly, smiling all the time while caressing my breasts with one hand and inner thighs with the other. "I want something from you and I have something to give you too."

To her credit, Amy didn't say a word. She smiled back at me and silently slid her skirt down her legs, then unbuttoned her blouse and slid that off her arms as well. She smiled at me again as she stood at the end of the bed in just her bra and panties. She looked as stunning as ever. I knew exactly what I wanted and I found myself trembling at her beauty and the expectation of her touch.

I stopped her just before she climbed on the bed.

"Everything Amy," I said.

She smiled again before placing her hands behind her back and unclasping her bra. She then put a thumb under each side of the hem of her panties and peeled them over her hips, down her legs and off.

I smiled at her again as she stood naked at the end of the bed.

"You know what I want, Amy," I whispered while stroking both my inner thighs slowly up and down, my fingers grazing my now very wet lips.

 Amy knew. She climbed onto the bed, placed her hands on my knees, and pushed my legs wide open. I closed my eyes as she leant forward, already pushing my hips upwards to meet her tongue. I shivered with delight as I felt her kiss my lips up and down before prising me open with her tongue. It was divine.

The warmth, wetness and pressure of her tongue circling my lips and caressing my clit had me squirming and moaning within seconds. I pushed harder at her tongue, feeling the tip slide inside me. Amy's arms were wrapped underneath my legs with her hands reaching to my breasts, squeezing and stroking my very hard nipples as her tongue circled ever more quickly and deeply inside me. I moved my hips in rhythm to her tongue as it pushed and swirled inside me, already feeling an orgasm building.

I lifted my feet off the bed, my calves circling round Amy's head, pulling her harder into me. My back arched as her fingers tweaked and pulled at my nipples. Her mouth fully encircled my puffy and sensitive lips as she worked her tongue in and out of my wetness. I leant forward, hands on her head, fingernails gently scratching her hair as she kissed, licked and tongued me.

I let out one long moan of delight as my orgasm hit me quick and hard. Amy pushed her tongue hard into me and just left it there as my orgasm peaked and held, my hips still pushing towards her as I squirmed at her tongue. After what seemed an eternity or sheer ecstasy, I let the orgasm subside, still feeling Amy's tongue and lips softly licking and caressing me.

"Amy, your turn," I said eventually.

She instantly knew what I wanted as she straddled me and quickly shuffled up my body until she hovered over my face. My hands reached up and caressed Amy's cheeks before circling round her and settling on her hips. I kissed up and down her inner thighs then pulled at her hips, lowering her onto my eager tongue.

I licked each lip slowly in turn, up one side and down the other, the tip of my tongue pushing and circling her already erect clit as I passed it each time. Amy pushed her hips at me, my tongue easing her wet lips apart and sliding deep inside.

I was so turned on, my hands gripped Amy's hips, pulling her hard onto my face, wanting her to ride my tongue until she climaxed. Amy was soon in a rhythm, pushing hard onto my face while my tongue caressed and circled inside her. I could hear her start to pant as she rode my face which only made me pull her harder onto me.

My mouth was wide, tongue pushed hard inside her. I could feel Amy's wetness coating my lips and cheeks as she started to tense, nearing her own orgasm. I wanted everything she had to give. She put her full weight on my face, let out one long moan and flooded my tongue as she let go of the most intense orgasm. I licked and caressed through her climax, savouring her divine taste as she writhed over my face. After a sensuous two minutes of soft loving caresses with my tongue as she subsided, Amy lifted off and lay next to me, her arm draped over my breasts and leg hooked over my thigh.

"Katie, I love you," she finally said. "And I love the new bedding."

"Welcome home, Amy. I love you too. It's about time we had bedding we both liked," I playfully giggled.

I have no idea if my plan to distract Amy from the new bedding worked. I have no idea how quickly she noticed. What I do know is that I now had a very good idea how to get her to give up the right hand side of the bed. It involved another "welcome home" surprise that I knew she'd love.

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