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Fresh Dorm Angel: Scissored Splits

She had the largest set of labia that I had ever seen.
As Vee and I walked into the showers, the girls that occupied it all stopped what they were doing and stared. Vee and I just looked at each other. We both blushed at the same time. I thought it was because it was the first time they had seen me naked. That's why I blushed. But Vee knew the real reason.

I found out as the flat-chested girl, I almost ran into entering the showers for the first time, took it upon herself to initiate the embarrassment.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the two hideaways. Should have known that Vee would christen you eventually!" She said and everyone laughed. "You sure made quick work this time, Vee. Quick work indeed!"

"You know, Novice, if your mouth was as flat as your chest, nothing would ever come out of it!" Vee said harshly.

"Well, my big mouth is the only way I know how to compensate!"

"We all know that Nov!" Another girl replied and laughter filled the showers.

Her mouth was not the only place in which she was compensating for not having any breasts. She had the largest set of labia that I had ever seen. While I was used to outer ones concealing, Novice's inner ones protruded out and resembled curtains. They looked as if they had been stretched to the limits, but I knew that was the way she was made. They were all I could stare at as Novice stood there naked and primping in the mirror.

Finally, Vee and I chose empty separate showers when I was almost certain all the girls would think we would get in one together. It was very apparent that they all knew that me and Vee had been together. It was no secret now.

As I lathered my body, the thought of what Novice said about Vee christening me played over and over in my mind. It became apparent to me that I was just another of Vee's victims. How could I have let myself become one? I was not that desperate, was I? No, I knew it was not that. I was just curious.

But when Vee kissed me in that attack in my dorm room, I swore I felt more to it. I thought that she wanted me for what I was. Plus, she opened the floodgates to emotions I never thought I could have. What Novice was saying was that Vee got around and often initiated the greeting. But still, something inside me did not want to believe that. I guess my instincts were wrong, however.

I cut the water off and leaned my hands into the shower wall trying to take in all that was said. It was at that moment that I realized, me and Vee forgot towels.

"Aw damn! Vee, we forgot towels! How could we do that!" I yelled.

"Because we were, well, caught up in the moment of..."

"VEE!" I yelled back to quiet her. Not that it mattered.

"Don't worry, sweetie, you can use mine if you want," Novice's voice came from outside my shower curtain and then I saw it slide open.

Novice stood there with her arm out handing me her towel. I took it and said, "Thanks."

"No problem! Anytime you want to borrow anything of mine, just ask!" Novice announced and I could swear I saw a little subtle motion of her hand point down between her legs.

Was I literally surrounded by a bunch of carpet munchers?

And was I becoming one of them?

It seems I already did. With Vee.

I walked out of the shower and began drying off in front of the other girls, not caring if they saw me. Vee walked out of hers just as I was patting dry the last part of my body and I tossed Novice's towel to her.

Novice stood watching both of us and I could tell, with the sly smirk on her face, she was thinking of something else. I knew she was sizing me up in more ways than just one. This was obviously not Novice's first semester. My guess, this was her second. She was at least nineteen years old. Plus, everybody knew her. Even Vee.

Vee walked over and handed the towel to Novice. They gestured to one another as I walked to the sinks. I stood there looking at my naked body in the mirror. I was surrounded by other naked, topless, or even bottomless girls, and I was fitting in nicely. I actually felt like one of them now, especially thanks to Vee.

As I stood there looking at myself, I saw Novice walk up to me. We stared at each other's naked body in the mirror. Novice really was a beautiful young woman, and she probably would be even more beautiful if she had more than just bumps up top. But she sure did make up for that with what was between her legs.

"Lander, right?" Novice asked with a smile.

"Yes, nice to finally meet you Novice." I said and smiled back.

"Oh, the pleasure is all mine. This is your first semester huh?"

"Uh huh. I take it, this is your second?"

"Yeah. You gather that from me being known I am sure."

"Well, it was pretty obvious."

"You'll like it here Lander. Really you will. There is more to Rotella than just classes. But, you already found that out with Vee."

I felt the heat form in my face and saw the blush spread over it as I looked at myself in the mirror. Novice noticed and smiled also. She even began to blush and it spread over her whole body, not just her face. It gave the most perfect color to her little humps, her nipples puffing identically to a perfect roundness. There may not have been much to Novice's top half, but I was almost certain her tiny lumps gave her a lot of pleasure.As well did her large labia.

"Yes, that's true, but I bet you would like me to find it out with you also," I said and was shocked that I had said it. It seems the words were flying out of my mouth before I could think.

"Oh, how could you tell? Is it that obvious?" Novice said and turned an even darker shade of red.

"Well, just look at yourself in the mirror. You'll see!" I said and turned around and walked away from Novice slowly.

As I walked away, I heard just enough as Novice said under her breath, "Damn me and my small nubs! So easily shown as I get aroused. Fuck!"

I walked out of the showers laughing and not even knowing where Vee ended up. It looked like I was on my way to becoming well-known in the dorm. And for reasons I thought would never happen.

I was half way down to my dorm room when I was accosted and pulled back toward another. Novice had caught up with me and began pulling my arm, almost out of its socket, all the way to her dorm room. There I entered behind her as she landed on her bed and spread her legs wide, exposing her pussy and its substantial bulging flaps prominently.

The delicate frills of her sexual curtains curled so beautifully and her smoothness set them off even more. Just looking at Novice's sensual thick lips set my own pussy to flowing. As I stood there in front of her, I could feel the warm flow from within my depths almost trickle out onto her dorm room floor.

When Novice took a hold to her huge rippled hangings and pulled, they looked like nice pink butterfly wings. Then she let go and they slapped back together like nothing had ever touched them. The seam her inner labia made was so prominent, her outer ones could do only one thing; highlight them.

I walked over to Novice lying on her bed and sat beside her as she played with her large personal waves of desire. I lied down beside her and ran a finger tip over her little swollen nipples, barely making a mound on her chest. Novice moaned sensually as I did and I somehow, even though I did not know how I did it, stretched my leg between hers. I felt her large protruding labia press against my leg as I did. They were hot with desire.

I never expected to hear the next words Novice spoke.

"Scissor me, Lander."

I was perplexed because I had never done that before. I had heard of it yes, but I had never rubbed my pussy on another girls pussy. I would not know how or what to do.

"Scissor you, Novice?" I asked with a perplexed tone to my voice.

"Yeah, you know, rub our pussies together. It feels so amazing Lander, and I want to feel yours on mine." Novice said as she reached down to position my leg just right, which touched her protruding pussy lips even more.

The heat that evaded Novice's ruffled sexual spot felt good on the inside of my leg and made me wonder what it would feel like on my thin membranes compared to hers. There was already a fire burning in it and it was getting wet just knowing me and Novice's personal spots were getting ready to touch each others.

Carefully, Novice positioned her right leg on top of my body. The smoothness of it rubbing against the curve of my hip was tantalizing. My left leg crossed over the top of her body in the same manner. My freshly shaven leg contacting her hip bone felt just as mesmerizing as hers touching me there.

Suddenly, our bodies slammed together. There was an electrifying jolt that shot through me as Novice's thick ripples touched my almost nonexistent ones. I could feel the moist drippings of Novice release slowly, mixing with mine that was tenderly leaking.

"Oh wow, this feels amazing! God Novice, your personal wings are so freaking hot!"

"And yours Lander are so smooth and thin. I love how mine over lap them. I can feel mine almost swallow yours whole!"

"Mmm," I moaned from Novice's words and looked down between our legs now clamped together at the seams. I could not even see my own pussy because of the sexual drapes of Novice covering it. Novice's pussy had, indeed, devoured mine.

Slowly, Novice began to rock her body, and I could feel her huge labia slide along my tender fold. The tingle that ensued filled my body as our clits touched each other. I began to sway my body to match Novice's. We were swapping juices that ran out of our personal notches equally. It was a moment of pure hot intimacy.

Back and forth, Novice and I found a rhythm that let our pussies collide with powerful strokes. The more we rubbed together, the more wetness was formed. There was no friction at all. It was just slick sliding on smooth sexual lipped surfaces. I could hear the suction as our pussies kissed each other. The slurping sounds that evaded both of us left us grinding each other harder and faster.

When our clits formed a bond, we both moaned loudly. My small breasts bounced with each rock my body made. Novice's flat nineteen year old chest puckered in the only way it knew how. Her tiny nipples formed the minutest of humps as our bodies filled with emotions that would bring on the forceful climaxes.

This did not feel the least bit wrong. It actually felt like I was supposed to cum on Novice's pussy. It felt natural to me to want Novice to cum on mine. I sure did hope the feeling was mutual.

It had to be because suddenly, Novice"s rhythm slowed just a noticeable amount, and I could feel her ruffled wet skin widen and her hot wet entrance begin to spread slightly. Her clit was rock hard and her body shivered as it connected to my equally aroused nub. I knew what was about to happen.

Novice pushed her body harder into mine. Her large labial flaps actually went inside me as she did. They were so hot as I felt her fluffs fill me as deep as they could go. I felt Novice's wetness even mix with mine as well. We were both about to get even wetter. The explosion was near.

It felt so good to feel my clitoral hood move back and forth, exposing my clit enough until our clits clicked together in perfect unison. The sensitivity of each began to immerse us in trembling bliss. Our clits literally began to twitch upon one other until our bodies could not take the feeling anymore.

The spasm hit both of us, and with perfect timing, me and Novice came hot liquid desire, covering each other's pussy equally. Novice's pussy quivered in spurting pulses, releasing her internal storm all over mine. Mine, on the other hand, just simply oozed out all in one huge dollop. Our moans filled Novice's dorm room as our pussies moistened each other. Slick with each other, the intense explosion subsided and our bodies immediately relaxed.

I could not help it. I had to feel my cum covered smoothness. Without touching it, my pussy felt heavy with Novice's cum. As soon as my finger contacted my freshly clear creamed slit, I felt the heaviness coat my finger. I did not have to look down to see that my pussy was glistening with an erotic hue. It was very apparent as my finger swiped over the slickness that covered it.

I looked over at Novice and she was feeling her thick protruding labia just as I had felt my thin ones. They were now more highly ruffled and more pronounced from leftover stimulation. It was easy to see that Novice was actually proud of her precious personal protrusions. It definitely made up for what she did not have up top.

Novice leaned up and pressed her hands to her level chest and covered what tiny nineteen year old humps she had there. In all actuality, even though she had not been blessed with bosoms, Novice was just as sensual as any woman could be. It just went to prove that a woman does not have to have breasts to be erotic. In all fairness to Novice, it added to her sensuality.

I leaned up and sat beside her. I smiled and said, "Wow, I've only been here two days and I have already had the experience of my life. I think I am going to love going to college."

Novice smiled, took my hand, and said, "Yeah, between me and Vee, we are going to have the times of our lives."

Somehow, I do not think Novice was talking about college material.
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