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Fresh Dorm Angel: Silent Orgasm

...a slow oozing trickle evaded her tender trough.
Vee's naked body lying beside mine was the most wondrous scene I had ever experienced. The delicate contours of her whole being flanking my bed gave me the nervous jitters. I was scared to touch her tender pale skin. I was so scared she would break.

Vee's pert small breasts looked so peaceful, if breasts could be peaceful, as they jutted out in joyous fashion into the air of the room. The soft pink color of her perfectly centered nipples came to a pitch that presented themselves prominently. They looked so sensitive, so tender, just so breakable to even touch.

Not to mention, the blonde covered mound that led to a fleshy curtain just waiting to be drawn open. Perfectly trimmed to the desired length Vee preferred, each strand looked as if it had its own personality. It was as if each one was telling a story. I wondered what that said about me since I kept mine smooth.

I tried to imagine what kind of stories Vee's pale pubes told; what her delicate mound of venus was actually trying to portray. There was only one way to find out and that was to run my finger through the soft brush covering it. It was exactly what my earlier thoughts wanted to do, but now that Vee was lying in my bed, all I wanted to do was enjoy the view.

I reached out my hand to touch Vee's pale looking breakable body and jerked it back. I was scared that if I did, the frail looking tenderness lying beside me would shatter. Plus, I had never before touched another girl in a sexual way. It's funny I can touch myself in the way that I want to touch Vee, but something inside me yells out quietly not to do so. Something inside me just says to enjoy the nakedness permeating the room.

"Well, Lander, don't you want to touch me?"

"Very much so Vee," I said with a blush.

"What's stopping you?"

"You actually, with a little of myself mixed in."

"Me? Lander, I'm naked on your bed. If that doesn't scream 'touch me,' I don't know what does."

"You don't understand Vee. You look to beautiful. To delicate. Like you would break from my touch."

"Here, let have your hand," Vee said and put hers out for mine.

Cautiously, I stuck my shaking hand out and put it in Vee's extended one.

Vee took my nervous hand and positioned it right over one of her breasts. In instinct, I cupped the softness of her small protrusion. Her skin felt like velvet. The warmth of her breast passed into my hand and made the shaking pass.

"Now Lander, did I break? Is my breast still there?"

"Very much so," I said with a tiny laugh.

"Okay then. Just do what comes naturally," Vee answered and relaxed her body. She was giving me free reign of her still delicate body in my mind.

Slowly, as my hand massaged the cone shaped structure under it, I turned my head towards Vee's and blew a hot breath over her neck. She leaned her head back to expose more of her neck and I did it again. I heard a slight purr come from Vee as I lowered my mouth to her neck and began to caress it with my lips. Little pecks here and little pecks there until my tongue rolled out of my mouth and licked a trail up to her chin. I tasted nothing but sweet desire in her erotic pores.

I found my hand was squeezing and massaging a soothing rhythm upon Vee's breast. It was now firmer and her soft pink nipple had risen slightly and darkened to a now hot pink shade. Under my palm, her nipple was on fire. I looked at her other one and it had peaked with an erect puff, forming a separate mound of its own. The one my hand was playing with was just hard and sensitive. The uneven structure of her bodily peaks was highly erotic. Just goes to show that we always were not equal when aroused with stimulation.

I leaned down and without thinking of what I was doing, took her puffy nipple in my mouth. The softness of Vee's swollen nipple felt like a marshmallow in my mouth. It was also just as sweet, and so hot, it melted just like a marshmallow roasting over an open flame.

As I suckled on Vee's nipple, her head arched back into the mattress and she groaned with delight. She let the groan out with a sigh that made her whole body shiver with goodness. When she arched into the mattress, her body raised up and the view of her blonde covered mound was so inviting.

With my hand that was free, I traced a line down her body, gingerly touching her hot moist skin in places that made her jump. Just when my finger reached the beginning of Vee's neatly manicured triangle, I stopped. Slowly, I traced around the outline of her blonde pubes carefully. From the top, all the way around down the creases her legs made, and all the way back to the top, my finger made even strokes until I was ready to run my finger down through the middle of her triangle patch.

"Oh God, Lander, that felt so amazing! Do that again!"

So, I repeated the process, just as slow as I did before, but when I reached the top this time, I did not stop. I kept going right through the middle of her blonde curls until I felt the beginning of her sensual line.

"Mmmmmm," Vee sighed and spread her legs a little.

What little I did touch of her sexual lips, I could feel the moisture there. I could even feel her clit quiver through the hood that concealed it under my fingertip. I wondered if I could make it reveal itself, so in tiny circles, I began to rub slowly over it.

Immediately, a little spurt of erotic stimulation exited Vee's pussy and soaked into the sheet next to where I had released my orgasm. Suddenly, Vee let out a whimper and instantly, her clitoral hood peeled back and her clit popped out. My finger slid easily over Vee's hard pink clit since it was moist with her personal lubricant.

I stroked over it maybe three or four times then heard, "Oh God...oh God...oh God, I'm going to cum!"

Really? I thought. Vee was that aroused?

My mouth was still manipulating Vee's puffy nipple, and my hand was still massaging the other, but my view of her body saw that it began to tremble. Beads of perspiration broke out all over her body, as her body was stimulated by me in three places. No wonder she was about to release her pressure. I'd probably cum that quickly as well.

But I had not even run my finger through her hot gash yet. I guess there was still time.

Suddenly, Vee's body quit shaking, and became eerily still. She took a deep breath, and quietly, as she exhaled, a slow oozing trickle evaded her tender trough. It was the first time I had ever seen a silent orgasm. It was absolutely amazing and beautiful.

After Vee's hot fluid flowed, her body actually went limp. She began to breath in shallow breaths. I looked at her and her body was glowing. The sexual release was obviously so intense, all she could do was relax and let the feeling of blissful aftermath overcome her.

I lied down beside Vee and wrapped my arms around her and held her close. We had both pleased each other in ways almost unimaginable.

As we both drifted off into dreamland, I immediately thought of not running my finger through her precious fold.

Maybe later Vee would give me that chance. I could only hope.
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