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Fresh Dorm Angel: The Beginning

I felt the wet slippage slide out of my personal divide and pool on the clean lining of my panties
The bed in the dorm room felt like it had been slept in a hundred times over and then some. My body sunk right in the middle of it and the aches I was feeling from the effects of having no support were evident as I began to twist and contort my eighteen year old body to get the kinks out. What I needed was a hot shower to sooth them away.

So, I slipped on my flip-flops, grabbed my robe, a bra, and some panties, along with a towel, and for the first time in my college career, tread down to the showers.

There was laughing and giggling outside my dorm room door as other girls passed by. I guess that was only natural and I would get used to it. I opened the door and stepped into the hall and ran almost into this skinny blonde who was walking by without a stitch on. I could not believe she was totally naked. She just smiled as she passed by like it was nothing.

I kept moving down the hall, saying hi when I could, and just when I was about to enter the showers, the door popped open and a topless girl in nothing but panties surprised me to exit. At least I hoped it was girl. She virtually had nothing up top; she was so flat-chested, she could hold them up with a piece of tape! But she was definitely female because I confirmed the outline of her slit through her panties.

After seeing these sights, I did not know what to expect when I walked into the showers. As I opened the door, there was several showers going. As I turned the corner leading inside, there was a couple of girls wrapped in towels talking, but on the other side of them, there was one with her leg propped up on the sink's counter using the mirror to shave her pussy smooth. I was amazed by the openness of these girls. I mean, what happened to modesty!

As I made my way to an empty shower, a short topless slender blonde, her small perky breasts with soft pink nipples leading her way, approached me, smiling. She had a towel wrapped around her tiny waist covering her personal area. At least she was somewhat modest.

"Get used to it honey, this happens everyday!" She said in an upbeat squeaky voice.

I know she saw the expression on my face for her to even say anything.

"Name's Villareel, by the way. Everyone calls me Vee."

"I'm Lander. Nice to meet you Vee."

"Likewise. I can tell you are new here. Your surprised, but cautious look says it all."

Just as I was about to answer, a loud, long moan came from the shower stall two down from the one I had chose to go in.

I gripped the towel and my belongings firmly and brought them close to my chest as the moan ended.

"And that, too, you will get used to. Being alone, some girls take the opportunity to release some penned up sexual energy by rubbing their kitty. It happens everyday. No biggie."

"But here, where others can hear? What happened to privacy?"

"Lander, honey, you're in college now. What's ours is yours! Don't worry, you'll be one of us soon. Trust me!" Vee said and whipped the towel loose from her waist, exposing the most sensual line of flesh I had ever seen covered by the most exquisite light hair in the shape of a "V" that matched what was on top of her head. Vee began patting her head with the towel, but I kept staring at what was between her legs. The blonde curls looked so soft.

I entered the shower as Vee walked off. I started the water, stripped, and then stepped under the stream. The hot water felt good on my aching bones caused from that sagging mattress. I guess my body will soon get used to it though. Right now, as I felt the suds slide down my naked body, a thought entered my mind; a thought that unnerved me a little. What was I doing wondering about the soft blonde waves that covered Vee's mound?

I closed my eyes as the hot water rinsed off my bare skin. The thought was all I could think about at the moment, especially when I had never before had thoughts of another girl. But then again, this was the first time I had ever been surrounded by so many. And so many were open with their nakedness. Even the flat-chested one. I wondered if I would see her again? And Vee? Would I get to see those blonde private strands again?

I cut the water off and grabbed the towel and began drying myself. Before I put my bra, panties, and robe on, I actually contemplated walking out either totally naked or at least topless because I felt the need to fit in. However, I could not bring myself to do it. Modesty was my middle name. Maybe in time.

I walked out, towel upon my head, and that girl that had been shaving her pussy at the sink, was now rubbing lotion all over it. I knew the feeling. I just did not show it in public.

Then there was Vee. She was still naked and looking at herself in the mirror blow drying her light colored main. In her case, the carpet definitely matched the drapes. Everything about Vee showed delicate beauty. With the slight paleness of her body, her soft pink nipples and the perfect line hiding what was inside between her legs, Vee looked as if she could break.

Vee saw me coming, smiled again and said, "Couldn't bring yourself to fit in just yet, huh?"

I shook my head, embarrassed, and curled the side of my lip in a sort of smile.

"Aw, it's all right. I was like you at first. Oh, I know, it doesn't look like it now, obviously." Vee gestured as she struck a pose, "But, I assure you, it will be easier to shed your clothes and let loose the longer you are here. Hang around me long enough. I seem to have that effect on girls here!" Vee finished laughingly.

Well, Vee definitely had an effect on me. All I could think about as I walked back to my dorm room was wanting to slide my finger through that perfect vertical line between her legs and tracing my finger through the light colored down above it. As I walked into my room, I felt the wet slippage slide out of my personal divide and pool on the clean lining of my panties. I had never gotten wet from thoughts of another girl, but now, here I stood in my dorm room, and I was dripping from the thought of Vee. There was obviously a side to myself I did not know about. In a way, it was more than refreshing.

I sat down on my sagging mattress and felt my hot inner fluid escape my tender pink sexual lips. I was going to have to change my panties soon if this kept up. But the feeling was so hot, I really did not want it to stop. I wanted it to go on forever if it would. All the while my thoughts were of Vee.

The knock on my dorm room door startled me. Who would be coming to see me on my second day here? I was scared to get up. I knew if I did, a flood of hot stimulation would surely soak my panties for sure. I could not make whoever it was wait though as the knock happened again. I eased myself up as the voice behind the door said my name.


It was Vee. Before I thought about it, I got up so fast and felt my hot inner goodness squirt out of my precious fold of pink flesh and coat my panties, soaking it through until I actually felt it drip down my leg. There was no way I was able to cover that up.

I opened the door and as soon as I did, Vee jumped me and had me pinned on the bed with her lips locked to mine. Her body felt so good on top of mine and her mouth was so warm and wet. I tasted honey on her lips and as her tongue swept inside my mouth, I tasted caramel. I moaned a sound I had never heard myself make as I sank deeper into my soft bed. Somehow, it was not going to make me ache tonight.

"I've been... Wanting to... Do this..." Vee said through breaths she took between kissing me, "Since I saw you walk into the showers."

It was as if Vee had been reading my mind as she assaulted my lips again. I could not say what I wanted to say to her though. I just had to go with the flow and let her take advantage of me. It sure felt so fucking good.

Vee's hands began to explore my tight young body. I felt her hand rub the outer part of my thigh as my robe parted to make room for it. I knew when she moved to the inner part, she would feel my sticky stimulation that had leaked out. But I did not care. I wanted Vee to feel what she had done to me.

As her hand finally moved inside my thigh, I felt her finger glide over the now sticky residue that lingered there.

"Oh, I know what that is," Vee said as her finger traced through the long stream that had somewhat dried. Her finger sent tingles through my whole body. "I bet I will get a big surprise if I run my hand higher!"

I moaned just at the thought of her hand running over my hot slit. Vee was definitely going to be surprised when she touched it and she was almost there.

Finally, her hand slid over my wet patch and massaged. "Oh what's this? Hmm, did someone have an accident?"

"You could say that," I said as I laid my head all the way back onto my pillow.

"I'd say. Let me see the luscious item that made this mess!" Vee said as I felt her fingers grip the elastic of my panties and gently pull.

"No, Vee, not yet. There's something you need to know first. Please wait!" I exclaimed as my hand fell between my legs to stop her and our eyes met.

"I see all I need to know Lander and it looks inviting and ready!"

"Vee, um, I've never before been touched by another girl," I blurted out embarrassingly.

"Oh, well, we can remedy that right now! Don't worry, Lander, I'll be gentle. I promise."

"I know you will," I said and felt my panties roll down my legs. I also felt the wetness slip out of my pussy. I could not believe I was letting another girl take my underwear off.

"Mm, look at that! It's glistening! My how the wetness makes those smooth pink sexual lips shine!" Vee said as she ran her finger through my hot seam.

A tingling wave rushed through my body as her finger slid through my pussy lips. I bit my bottom lip as the feeling enveloped me.

The feeling lingered in my body so much, I was unaware that Vee had removed her hand until I heard, "Mm," and looked up to see she was licking my juices off of her finger.

Watching her suck in what had evaded my body, sent the feeling deeper inside me and made me even wetter.

"Oh Lander, let's see if your hot box feels as good as it tastes!" Vee replied and before I could prepare myself, I felt her finger sink slowly inside my pussy.

"Oooohhhhaaaawwww," I let out as Vee's finger penetrated my tight opening that had only been invaded once by my first boyfriend back home. However, I could not feel him inside like I was feeling Vee's finger. This was so much more intense. What did that say about him?

Slowly, Vee began to finger me. In and out, she slid her finger gracefully as my pink canal wrapped wetly around it. I could feel my pussy releasing more and more wetness as her finger wriggled around inside me.

"You like this don't you Lander? I can tell. You are getting wetter and wetter. You are beginning to sop!"

I was getting hot in my robe so I struggled to get it off as Vee continued to finger my wet crevice. Finally, I was able to get it off, all the while Vee stroked her finger in and out, and threw it on the floor. Now I was in nothing but my bra.

But not for long.

Vee looked up and saw that and even as she continued the rhythm into my pussy with her finger, she reached up with her free hand and pulled my bra off of me. My breasts were so firm and my nipples were so hard and she did not hesitate in tasting one.

Her lips wrapped around my soft puffiness as her finger worked my pussy like magic. Now the feeling inside me was raging. I was on the verge of an orgasm. A very intense one at that. And Vee knew it.

I moaned as Vee sucked on my nipple and pounded me with her finger. Vee moaned softly as she pulled on my nipple with her lips. The heat in it was rising against her hot lips and the feeling was about to come to a head.

"You are almost ready Lander! I can feel that I am about to make you cum! God, I can't wait until you let it go and your cum drips all over my finger. I want to feel your hot liquid drown my finger inside you!" Vee said as my body began to arch and shiver.

I was almost scared to let my orgasm show. This was the first time I had ever had a girl give me an orgasm, other than myself. But there it was, and my pussy was about to explode. I could not hold it off any longer.

"God Vee, you are going to make me cum! I. . . can't. . . hold. . . it. . . off. . . oooohhhhh!"

I screamed as my pussy convulsed and actually pushed her finger out as it quivered in orgasmic elation.

I felt the ooze of my inner essence escape my now plump pussy lips. It created a pool on my sheet that I felt run down under my ass. The release felt so fucking hot.

"Mmmm, there it is! Sweet clear cum from a fresh dorm angel. I can't wait for you to make me do that!"

The words Vee spoke, "make me do that" stuck in my brain as I lied there almost breathless. I was going to get my chance to run my finger through her sensual pulp.

I began to wonder if hers felt like mine when it was wet. Would I be able to bring her clit out of hiding and feel its tautness? Would her pussy lips engorge with desire just as mine do when I am aroused?

Furthermore, I could not wait to run my finger through the blonde strands that covered it so lavishly.

And I was going to get my chance, as I watched Vee now stand up, take off all of her clothes and lie down beside me. It was now becoming all so real. The thoughts I was having about Vee was about to become reality.
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