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Freshmen Dorm Room: Sara and Angie (Part Two)

Sara began to feel Angie’s puffy nipple get hard
A week went by and in that time, Sara had become quite popular on the floor of her dorm. She was used to it though, as she had been on her high school cheer squad and the captain her senior year. She had made many new friends already, but the one she felt the closest with was Angie. Not because they had become fast friends, but because there was something more between them. Sara could feel it, and still, it scared her.

Angie felt the closeness between her and Sara as well. She was almost certain that Sara was feeling it also, but she could tell that Sara was inexperienced when it came to being with a girl. It was obvious that Sara was used to a guys touch, so if she was going to try and make a move, it was going to have to be subtle at first.

The alarm clock rang and Sara slapped it almost clear across the room. It was six thirty and she had her first class at eight. She wiped her eyes and slung her feet off the side of the bed. The cool air of the room blew across her naked body. Sara had always slept naked, even when she was home, but now she had more freedom about it. This morning though, she was not going to put on her robe to walk to the showers. She was just grabbing her towel, shampoo and soap, and walk naked to them. Most of the girls on her dorm floor were doing it anyway, and she was not embarrassed to do so, so she thought why not! Sara never anticipated Angie being right outside her door though when she opened it. For the first time in a long time, Sara was embarrassed.

Angie could not believe what she was seeing. She did not want to seem like she was staring, but she was finally seeing what she wanted to see since the first day she laid eyes on Sara. All her fantasizing about what Sara looked like under her clothes was all that and more. Angie saw that not only were Sara’s nipples nice and pink, but sensually small, not much bigger than the size of a dime, and they sat upon perfectly round small firm breasts that were the ideal handful. Sara was most definitely a flawless “A” cup. Angie loved seeing other girls that were so perky and small, they never had to wear a bra. Sara was one of those girls.

And Sara’s long legs, Angie noticed, led to an equally sized perfect slit. It was completely smooth and absolute perfection. It was one of those that had to be peeled open to enjoy. Those were the kind that Angie loved eating. They always, she found, hid the most scrumptious surprise inside; often because they were extremely moist. That’s why she liked her own. It formed the almost perfect divide, up until she was so aroused, it parted itself. Not Sara’s, Angie thought. She could tell Sara’s had to be peeled open to taste its succulence.

“Well, I knew when I got up this morning, it was going to be good, but now, well, it definitely is a good morning!” Angie said and knew the moment she said it, she slipped.

Sara looked at her and just smiled. It was all she could do at the time since she was taken aback at the statement made by Angie. However, a warm, crisp feeling flowed through her naked body as she stood in front of Angie. Angie actually had her robe on with her towel and soap in her hand, so Sara was not sure what to say. She thought for a moment then answered, “I hope so. I am not ready to go to class at eight. I am hoping a hot shower will stimulate me.”

Angie wanted to say something else, but she had already stuck her foot in her mouth, so she kept her impure thought quiet for the time being and simply answered, “I am sure it will. I’ll walk with you.”

Sara and Angie walked to the showers together. They actually chose shower stalls beside each other and talked to each other through the sound of the water coming down on them. They discussed the classes they were both starting, among other things and almost finished at the same time. This time Angie was going to let Sara see her naked, from the front, for the first time.

Angie made sure she was the first one out of the shower before Sara. She took the towel and dried off then made her way to the sinks and mirrors like the first time she did. She kept looking in the mirror at Sara’s stall to see when she would be exiting. She saw Sara begin to step out and immediately she turned to let Sara see her. Angie hoped she liked what she saw.

Sara knew she was staring, but she could not help it. Angie’s short body was absolutely gorgeous. It was the first time that Sara had ever seen perfectly cone shaped breasts with rather puffy nipples. So puffy, they formed separate peaks of their own. Sara began to think about what it felt like to touch them, even suck on them, and a warm feeling flooded her body and she felt the moisture in her pussy form. She even felt her small nipples get hard and she knew that Angie could see them. There was just no way cover them up.

Sara could not also help looking at the plump fold between Angie’s legs. It matched her puffy nipples. The mound above it was also nice and round and plump and free of any pubic hair. The crease down the middle of the puffy fold looked like no other Sara had ever seen. Even as Angie parted her legs slightly, the puffiness stayed there, but the crease parted slightly to reveal the inner goodness. Sara had thoughts of running her finger through it. Still the thoughts scared her.

Angie looked at Sara and could not hold her tongue any longer. She had held it long enough, except for that slip earlier in the hall. Angie smiled and said, “Sara, forgive me if you take this the wrong way, but I just have to say, you are absolutely beautiful. I’d love to. . .” Angie went on to say and then paused and turned red, again.

“Love to touch me?” Sara said and she too, turned red.

“Oh, Sara, more than just touch you, believe me, more than just touch you.”

Sara wondered for a minute as the hot streak ran through her blood at the words that Angie said. She had no idea what it felt like to be touched by a girl, but she actually wanted to know. The feelings she was feeling inside were more pronounced now. Then she thought of where she and Angie were. Just the mere thought of her and Angie being in the showers, standing by the sinks, and interacting with each other in a sexual way excited and stimulated her. It was because of the chance of being caught. It was both erotic and intense. The feeling got the best of her.

“I’d love to touch you also Angie. You are just as beautiful, if not more. I’ve never touched another girl before. You would have to teach me. Can you do that?” Sara answered, and moved to Angie with a hand out, hoping that Angie would get the hint.

Angie did. She moved closer to Sara and took her hand. She felt Sara begin to shake as the nerves shot through her at this first experience. Inside, Angie found it humorous, but very stimulating as well. She began to talk to Sara as she placed Sara’s hand on one of her tuberous breasts.

“It’s normal to be nervous your first time. Feel that? Feel how soft and supple it is? The other is just like it.”

Sara felt the palm of her hand envelope Angie’s breast. It was soft, but firm, and the shape of it in her hand felt wonderful. She could feel the puffiness of her nipple mound as well as the breast past it. Sara wanted to squeeze like she often did hers, but was not sure if she should.

“Go ahead, Sara. Feel it. I can feel your hand wanting to massage it. Go ahead. I promise it will feel good to both me and you.” Angie said as she looked up into Sara’s eyes. She had to look up since Sara was slightly taller than her.

Slowly, Sara began to massage Angie’s breast. Angie was right. It did feel good to her and she obviously saw how it felt to Angie, not to mention the feeling on the palm of her hand. Sara began to feel Angie’s puffy nipple get hard, and the first thought that Sara had was that a puffy one does react the same way. As Sara continued to move her hand over Angie’s breast and nipple, Angie began to moan quietly.

Angie let the moan slip from her mouth slowly. She looked at Sara’s breasts as she did and wanted to feel hers, at least one of them at the same time, but she did not want to take Sara by surprise. Angie asked, “Is it okay to feel yours?” Angie admitted it sounded a little stupid, but she wanted to be careful.

Sara said, “I wish you would.”

Angie stuck her hand out and cupped Sara’s small left mound. Sara shivered from the touch. The touch of a girl invigorated her. The touch was much more sensual than a guys touch. Angie’s hand was soft and felt wonderful on her petite breast. Her nipple became even more sensitive and hot under Angie’s hand. As Angie pressed into Sara’s breast, a moan escaped her lips as well.

“Your breast is so firm and feels so wonderful, Sara. I love the size of it. Fits perfectly in my hand,” Angie announced, even as Sara continued massaging hers.

“And yours, Angie, feels so tender. Your puffy nipple feels so, well, puffy,” Sara said, wondering if that was even the correct word.

Angie chuckled at the words Sara chose and Sara even laughed. Angie felt the firmness of Sara’s breast bounce in her hand as she laughed. To Angie, it was a hot moment that called for more. Without announcement, Angie leaned in and put her mouth over Sara’s pink nipple and drew it into her mouth. Immediately, Angie felt the heat rise in it.

Sara shivered as Angie’s mouth covered her nipple. Jolts of erotic energy began shooting through her body and her legs began to get weak. Her knees literally began to knock one another. She thought she was about to collapse onto the floor. If it had not been for Angie, she knew that she would have ended up there.

Angie turned Sara to the counter where the sinks lined the wall and somehow, provoked Sara to sit on it. In instinct, Sara leaned all the way back, arching her body. Angie watched how Sara’s body arched and how her firm breasts with their hard nipples poked out into the air of the shower room. The slenderness of Sara’s body invoked stimulation in Angie’s. Angie felt the tingle travel through her. With Sara now sitting on the counter, Angie had a clear view of Sara’s perfect seam. Slowly, Angie ran her hands up Sara’s thighs and she felt the heat on her skin. She knew that Sara was beginning to lose control under her touch. She was giving into Angie.

Sara felt the tingles on her skin form from Angie’s touch. She knew what Angie was doing. She wanted to feel her pussy. Sara was ready for Angie’s gentle touch on her sensitive spot between her legs. She was beginning to loosen up from Angie’s motions and let her body fall into Angie’s every move. This was something her body felt it longed for.

Slowly, Angie took her finger, traced it over the inside of Sara’s thigh, crossing over to the hot mound that formed above her smooth slit. Sara widened her legs on impulse. Still, her pussy formed the perfect seam. Angie was in awe at how it stayed in perfect form, even under such erotic stimulation. Angie looked up at Sara and she had started to bite her bottom lip. She saw that Sara was thoroughly enjoying the moment.

In one swift sweep, Angie took her finger and traced the contour of Sara’s erotic lips. She felt Sara’s body give in and the moan sound. She knew it was time. Coming back up with her finger, Angie slid it through Sara’s wet divide. She felt the warm fluid coat her finger as she slid up through it, caressing its pinkness until she touched the tiny knob that sent needle pricks through a woman. She did not touch Sara’s clit. That was going to be for her mouth.

“Oh Angie, that feels so good. Do that again.” Sara said through a hot sexual breath.

Angie obliged and felt even warmer liquid coat her finger. It was all she could do to not put her head between Sara’s legs and run her tongue through it. She did not want to do that yet without asking her. Angie still wanted to be careful with her actions. She wanted to make sure it was okay. Angie looked up at her and asked, “Mmmm, Sara is it alright if I taste you?”

Sara moaned and the thought of having a girl’s tongue on her pussy excited her even more. Sara moaned and nodded her head. She could not say anything. Sara was at a loss for words.

Angie spread Sara’s legs just a little wider. Angie could smell the sex come from Sara’s pussy and she was ready to slurp it in. Sara looked down as she watched Angie slowly put her head between her legs. Sara bucked slightly as she felt Angie’s warm lips contact her hot sexual ones. Sara sounded a long moan as Angie filled her mouth with her clit. Sara felt her breasts as Angie tongued her clit. She moaned louder and louder with each flick.

Their eyes were closed. Angie did not need to see what she was doing. She knew. Sara was reeling in the moment. Neither one knew they had an audience. But they did. If they had known, the moment would have been more stimulated. For the time being though, they were enjoying each other. However, when they opened their eyes, well, that would be a different story.


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