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Freshmen Dorm Room: Sara and Angie (Part Three)

Sara felt the warm flow of her orgasmic juices form, her clit contract in rhythmic beats. . .
“Maker her cum! I want to see her cum!” Sara and Angie both heard and opened their eyes to see five other girls standing, watching them sexually interact with each other. However, Angie did not stop sucking Sara’s clit. She kept on sucking and flicking and Sara kept on moaning.

The first thing that went through Sara’s mind was that being caught was, indeed, invigorating. Obviously Angie felt the same way also as when she noticed they were being watched, she sucked and flicked her clit even harder. The rush inside Sara’s body had obviously passed into Angie as well.

Angie now thought that with the audience her and Sara now had, she would not be able to make sure Sara was comfortable. She was just going to have to go with her instincts and hoped that Sara followed her lead.

Angie continued sucking on Sara’s clit and slowly reached, with both hands, to feel Sara’s perky small mounds. Angie found Sara’s nipples still to be hard and gave them both a tweak at the same time she flicked her tongue over her sensitive pink nub. Sara moaned as Angie did; the feeling was so intense.

“Yeah, that’s it. Suck her clit and pull her nipples. That will make her cum,” one of the girls said, as other girls continued to walk in and join in watching the scene. Sara saw how many girls were now watching and found that highly erotic, not to mention, intensely stimulating.

“Oh, oh, mmmmm,” Sara moaned and Angie felt the warm slow release of arousal on her tongue. Sara had released a mini orgasm. Angie knew it was time to run her tongue up through Sara’s perfect seam.

Angie removed her mouth from Sara’s clit, which now poked out in arousal. Slowly, from the bottom up, Angie slid her tongue, tasting the sweet goodness that had escaped Sara’s tender sexual lips. Angie was finally peeling Sara’s pussy open, and just like the ones she had in the past, it was just as succulent.

“Uh huh, lick that wet pussy! I bet it tastes good!” Angie heard from behind her.

“That is so fucking hot!” another girl said as Angie took another swig from Sara’s personal fountain.

Sara’s body shuddered as Angie’s tongue slid through her partition. The touch of Angie’s tongue sliding through it was so much better than when any guy ever ate her out. The feeling was so subtle, tender, and erotic.

Angie wanted to stick her tongue inside Sara’s wet cavity, but she opted not too. What she was doing was enough and she could tell Sara was more than enjoying it. So, slowly, Angie brought her right arm down, tracing a finger across Sara’s hot skin until her finger found her still sensitive clit. With her finger, she circled Sara’s moist clit. Angie watched as her finger floated over Sara’s pink button, and even though Sara’s clit was highly visible, Angie loved how Sara’s pussy lips still formed the perfect vertical smile.

Sara again moaned as Angie circled her tender spot. One of the many girls now watching said, “You’re gonna get the finger!”

Angie looked up to Sara and Sara down to her. Angie smiled and Sara knew what that smile meant. Slowly, Angie ran her finger down through the perfect division. Sara felt her body shiver as Angie’s finger found the entrance to her love chamber. She was ready for Angie to penetrate her wet hole. Angie’s finger there actually felt better than any cock she had ever had.

As Sara felt Angie’s finger slide inside her, she moaned, “Oh God yes!” and leaned her head back to enjoy the feeling of being consumed by a girl. The feeling was intense and intoxicating. Sara felt her vaginal muscle wrap sensually around Angie’s finger. It was a feeling that she would never forget. So much better than when she fingered herself.

As Angie slowly began to move her finger in and out of Sara’s hot moist cavity, she heard one of the girls behind her say quietly, “Damn, I’m getting wet watching this; almost wish it was me,” and immediately, Angie felt the grip on her finger tighten then soften and felt the gentle rush of hot fluid on her finger. Sara had heard that girl and reacted in a very stimulated manner.

Angie still never let her feeling of Sara’s breast slow even as she fingered her slowly. She continued massaging, tweaking the small erect peak, as she slid her finger inside what was between Sara’s legs. She even caught a glimpse of Sara feeling her other breast and nipple a few times. It was highly sensual.

Sara slowly began to slide her body down just slightly, enough to feel the edge of the counter with her ass, and spread her legs even wider as she arched her body. She needed it faster from Angie and she positioned her body to accept it even more, once she announced it to her. Sara’s body was ready and through hot sexual bliss, Sara said, “Faster, Angie, faster!”

“Yeah, Angie, faster! Giver her what she wants!” several girls said in unison.

Angie began to move her finger faster in and out of Sara’s pussy. She was not sure how fast Sara wanted it, so at first, she kept it faster than before. As she did, Sara lubricated herself in a flow that matched Angie’s pace. In and out, Angie watched as her finger glistened from Sara’s natural sexual flow.

As Angie continued the pace, she watched Sara’s pussy lips begin to engorge and show what truly was inside. The outer lips widened, revealing soft pink inner lips that concealed such wholesome goodness. It was just what Angie wanted to see. Just as she had done with other girls that hid their inner goodness like Sara, Sara was revealing what was now inside. The soft pink flesh there shined with her own wetness, almost sparkling. Angie loved when she was able to make the most perfect crease become sexually stimulated.

“More, Angie. Harder.” Sara said and immediately she felt the pace quicken to where she wanted it. “There! Oh my! There Angie, keep going!”

“Woo hoo! Yeah!” the girls watching began to chant.

Angie buried her finger all the way to her knuckle as she went faster and harder into Sara. As she did, the slurping sounds permeated the room, filling it with hot sexual energy. The sound of Sara’s wet pussy along with Angie’s finger moving in and out of it, reverberated off the walls of the girls showers. It was like an echo in their ears. Not to mention, their audience.

“Oh, look at that, Angie’s dripping!” one girl watching announce.

The sound, combined with Sara’s wet pussy and naturalness all over her finger, made Angie wet. She could literally feel her own juices dripping out of her aroused pussy. She knew that she was making a slight puddle on the tiled floor. She did not need one of the girls watching to tell her.

Sara, however did not know and when she heard that, Angie felt a change inside Sara’s vagina. Again, Sara tightened her grip on Angie’s finger. Angie looked up and saw Sara grip the counter with her hands and tense her body. There was no surprise what was beginning to happen. Sara was going to orgasm.

“Oh, she’s getting ready to cum!” said the girl that first spoke and surprised Sara and Angie. Angie and Sara could not help but glance at her. Somehow, Sara and Angie both had the same thought. That that girl was infatuated with cum. Sara was going to give it to her, more than she ever realized.

Angie felt the pulses on her finger now get stronger. She could feel Sara’s orgasm building. In a final effort to help bring Sara over the edge, Angie began to wiggle her finger inside Sara’s pussy as she moved it in and out. Sara’s body began to tense even more. Angie looked at her and saw how firm Sara’s breasts were and how erect her nipples were. She saw how Sara began to grip the counter even tighter now, causing her knuckles to turn white. Yes, Angie thought to herself. She was bringing another girl to orgasm.

Sara began to breathe faster and harder. She felt the wiggle of Angie’s finger inside her and the rhythmic thumping of her heart as her orgasm neared. The feeling traveling through her was the most intense she had ever had in her life. She felt her clit even throbbing more than ever before and it did not even have any attention on it. That was something new for her. Usually, she had to have it stimulated to orgasm Not now. Angie was bringing her to orgasm in the most natural of ways. It felt more than wonderful to her. It was a feeling that she could not describe, but only felt.

Suddenly, the feeling consumed Sara. She felt the pop of explosive sexual energy. It filled her as it consumed her whole body. It made her breathe harder and faster and moan deeper and longer and before she could even say anything, her orgasm culminated in her hot pink spot and it needed to be released.

Angie felt her orgasm there in Sara’s pussy. She knew Sara was about to let it go. Angie moved her finger in and out even faster now, wiggling it along the way as well. She watched Sara’s clit pulse and listened to her tone. Sara was about to let it go.

Sara moaned deeply, arched her body until her head almost hit the mirror, and let the moment happen. Sara felt the warm flow of her orgasmic juices form, her clit contract in rhythmic beats, and finally felt her pussy pulse around Angie’s finger and in a long tone that came out almost muffled, Sara, in a great surprise to herself let her orgasm go, forcing, literally pushing, Angie’s finger out of her pink cunt, and gushing her cum all over not just Angie, but all over the shower floor. As she began to relax, she still felt her pussy still pulsing, squirting out more sexual goodness in initial sequence until her body had pushed all of it out of her.

“Oh my fucking God! That was amazing. I can’t even do that,” that girl that wanted to see Sara cum said.

“Well, you wanted to see her cum. She sure did!” another exclaimed.

Sara had collapsed, her back now resting against the mirror. The audience her and Angie once had, dissipated. It was just her and Angie again.

Angie moved towards Sara and gently put her hands on Sara’s face. Sara looked at her and she saw Angie smiling a gentle smile. She knew that Angie realized that she had made her do something she had never done before. Sara smiled back at Angie.

Gently, Angie helped Sara off the counter and stood beside her until her legs were back underneath her. Angie held her hand as Sara began to stand and get herself under control.

“Too much for your first time with a girl,” Angie said.

“I’ve—I never knew—I’ve never cum like that before,” Sara replied in breaths that were still shaky as she looked at Angie.

“Surprised not only me, but yourself.”

“Angie, that was amazing. Fucking amazing. So much better than the guys I have been with. God, you know how to touch a woman. I’ll never be able to repay you.” Sara said.

“You will. You asked me to teach you remember? Right now, there is no time. We’re going to be late for our first class if we don’t get moving!” Angie said and pulled on Sara’s arm to make her follow.

As they reached Sara’s door, Angie kept going, but Sara took a hold of her hand and pulled her close. She looked into Angie’s eyes and saw the glint in them. Sara was not sure if what she was about to do was going to be good, but she leaned down to Angie and gently pressed her lips to hers. Angie fell into Sara’s lips, so she felt like she was doing something right.

Finally, Sara took her lips away from Angie’s. They pulled away from each other until their fingertips only touched and came apart. Sara walked into her dorm room with a new perspective. And also something to look forward to later. That feeling filled her as she put her clothes on to head to class. Sara could not wait for class to be over. It would not come soon enough for her. 


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