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Freshmen Dorm Room: Sara and Angie (Part Four)

She would never forget the feeling of her hot cum jetting out of her pussy. . .
Sara walked into the large room of her English class, her very first one as a freshman, and chose a seat three rows up from the front. As she sat, she felt the leftover stimulation from the morning in the shower still in her pussy. She was sure that some of it fell to the lining of her thong. Somehow, it excited her. She knew that was a bad thing, as it would make her very uncomfortable. She wished that she would have had time to take a shower to get clean. However, Angie had been right; neither of them wanted to be late for their first class.

Meanwhile, Angie was sitting in her chemistry class thinking of the morning also. She was now frustrated and knew why. She may have been dripping on the shower floor, but did not get off. It was hot as hell watching Sara squirt her cum, but it did not help her get off. Angie felt the buildup of sexual tension inside her and sitting a classroom, listening to some old professor talk about the chemical composition of sodium hydroxide was not going to get her off either. Angie contemplated, discreetly feeling herself as she sat there, but she knew she would end up making noises the whole class did not need to hear.

Sara did not concentrate at all or even try listening to her English professor. She was in her own little world replaying how she came and wondering if she would ever do that again. She would never forget the feeling of her hot cum jetting out of her pussy like an explosive piss, forced out of her in one big gush by a shot of adrenaline. Sara began to get hot again as she replayed the hot streams curve squirting out. She was hoping that class would end soon.

Angie tuned her chemistry professor out as well. Being sexually frustrated and wanting to take care of it, but could not, was pure sexual torture. All Angie could do was think about having Sara run her soft hands all over her body. She wanted to feel Sara’s hand massage her puffy nipple again. How warm it had been there! Angie actually felt that breast’s separate peak now puff and rub the padding of her bra. She looked at the clock on the wall and wished desperately for nine forty-five, the time her class ended.

Sara’s professor ended class almost twenty minutes early since it was the first day. Immediately, the first place she was going to visit was the closest girl’s restroom. When Sara found it, she chose a stall, and locked the door. She removed what she had to and felt the air of the room cool her moist spot. Sara said out loud, “Fuck, I’m still wet!” then heard a thump two stalls down from her. Sara laughed from surprising the girl in the stall then she looked down and saw the thong at her ankles. The lining was definitely wet with her leftover leakage. Sara slung them off, pulled her shorts back up, and when she walked out, threw the thong in the trash. She would have never been able to get the stain out anyway.

Angie walked out of the science building and literally ran into Sara walking the sidewalk. They both laughed and then Angie took Sara’s hand, pulled, and said, “Come on, I can’t wait any longer.”

Sara was a little stunned and asked, “Where are we going?”

Angie looked back and up to her, since she was shorter, and said, “My dorm. I’m going to teach you!”

Sara grinned and felt the hot rush develop inside her. She knew that Angie did not get off and she was sure Angie needed sexual release. Sara just hoped she was ready. She had never pleased a girl before, but if she even did what Angie did to her, Angie would have no problem climaxing.

With her hand in Sara’s, Angie continued to pull hard on her arm up the steps to the dorm and even to the elevator door. She pressed the button and wanted the elevator to open immediately, but it remained closed. The elevator door seemed to take forever and would not open fast enough for Angie.

Finally, it opened and as soon as Angie and Sara entered, Angie pulled Sara down to her level and locked her lips onto hers and kissed hard. Angie stuck her tongue deep inside Sara’s mouth, as deeply as it could go. There, she tasted sweet desire on Sara’s lips.

Still, after all this time of the morning, Sara actually tasted herself on Angie’s tongue. It was hot being able to taste her pussy juice lingering on Angie’s hot tongue. As their tongues intertwined, Sara found her hand feeling Angie’s breasts. Even through her shirt, Sara could feel the puffiness of Angie’s nipples. She could not wait to see them again.

Angie moaned into Sara’s mouth as her breasts were assaulted. She knew Sara could feel the supple puffs react even through fabric. Angie felt the gentle puffiness of her pubic mound react under her bikini panties. Angie’s sexual lips were beginning to engorge as Sara felt her breasts and she began to feel the flow deep inside her cunt wanting to escape. Some of its stimulation had already exited.

The elevator doors opened to their floor and even as Angie pulled Sara to her dorm room, she continued to kiss and Sara continued to fondle. It was hard for Angie to pull her key out and open her door, but somehow, she managed. As soon as she and Sara entered, Angie pulled her mouth away from Sara’s long enough to pull her shirt over her head and throw it on the floor. Sara took the opportunity to do the same and then they found each other’s lips again.

As they continued to kiss, Angie felt Sara’s hand reach inside the waistband of her joggers. Sara was wasting no time to reach what she was after. She was not sure if Angie liked it or if she was actually doing it right, but she continued. Her hand found the puffy mound that led to prime property, and felt the smoothness of it with her finger.

As Sara felt Angie’s soft mound, through hot sexual breaths, Sara said, “Tell me if I am doing this wrong.”

Angie moaned and said, “Just listen to my tones and pay attention to my body language. Those will tell you all you need to know. Trust me.” After she said that, she reached around to her bra strap, popped it, and came out of it.

Sara was once again intrigued by the shape of Angie’s breasts and immediately removed her hand from inside her joggers and cupped one. Angie’s breast was soft and delicate. Her puffy nipple mound was pink and suckable. Sara’s mouth actually began to water as she thought of covering it and tasting its hot center.

Slowly, Sara moved Angie to the bed and laid her upon it. As Angie lied there, her firm cones with their puffy pink centers, pointed perfectly upward. Sara took her hand and began feeling, massaging, squeezing, one like she was milking it. Angie’s puffy nipple mound poked out in true form as if it was going to give nourishment. That’s when Sara did what Angie did to her; covered it with her mouth and began to suck.

Angie arched her body into the mattress and closed her eyes as Sara’s mouth surveyed just one of the many tender spots on her body. She felt the warmth of Sara’s hand on her other breast as Sara began to suck her nipple like a baby. It was now stimulation times two. Enough to really get her wet.

Sara listened to Angie’s every tone and she knew by the sound Angie was making that she was touching areas in a way that completely satisfied her. Angie’s puffy nipple was now hard in her mouth and her tongue flicked it ever so gently. The softness of the puffy mound was supple around Sara’s lips. It tasted sweet as she sucked and she wondered if Angie’s pussy tasted the same, even though she had no idea what another girl tasted like. Sara only knew what her own pussy tasted like, but she was sure Angie tasted different.

As Sara continued nibbling on Angie, she felt Angie’s hand move lower and inside her shorts. Angie moaned in surprise as her hand found bare skin.

“Mmmm, no panties!” Angie announced and moaned in sexual hotness.

“Nope,” Sara said, “May I take yours off now?”

“By all means!” Angie answered and immediately felt the tug of her joggers, along with her panties. Finally, she was lying naked on her bed.

Sara unhooked her bra and slipped off her shorts also, and then crawled in between Angie’s legs. She stared at Angie’s pink sexual lips, so smooth and already engorged and wet. So stimulated, it was slightly gaping. Sara could see blackness slightly inside Angie’s partially open canal. Sara had never gone down on a girl before, but she was about too. She wished herself luck.

Sara lowered her head and smelled the sexual aroma escape. Slowly, Sara put her mouth over its verticalness, almost covering it totally. Angie shivered and tensed from the touch, then felt the warmth of Sara’s tongue inside her hot cavity. Angie was surprised that Sara chose that area on her first, but it felt so good, she went with it.

Sara tasted not just sweetness, but also desire inside Angie’s pink velvet. She slowly circled inside Angie’s wet box like she was a pro. Sara was just doing what she thought would feel good to her. She tried to emulate the feeling Angie’s finger gave her inside earlier. She must have been doing it right because Angie moaned like finishing a good meal.

Angie was in awe as Sara wiggled her tongue inside her pink walls. She could not believe that Sara had never eaten pussy. It was as if she knew what she was doing. It was not like a few she had given the chance to have her, where they thought fast was the way to go. For some girls, fast may have been what they wanted. For Sara t o sink her tongue deep inside a girl for the first time, Sara knew what girls obviously wanted.

Sara felt the slight grip and the release of sexual nectar on her tongue. She moaned as Angie’s hot liquid landed on her taste buds. It was almost numbing. Sara swallowed and let the burn of Angie’s stimulation coat inside her throat as it went down. The feeling stimulated a reaction in her own pussy and Sara felt the wetness almost escape her. Instead, she felt her juice coat her seam and the cooling effect of the air in the room blow over it.

Slowly, Sara reached between her legs and ran a finger through her perfect partition. She collected her core, coating her finger in order to stick it inside her as she continued to lick Angie. Sara moaned as she slid her finger inside her pussy. Angie felt the deep moan on her pussy and her clit came alive. That now needed attention.

“My clit Sara, suck my clit!” Angie said through hot breaths.

Immediately, Sara moved her lips up and covered Angie’s clit. She could feel Angie’s pink lump erect itself in her mouth as she sucked in. The hardness of it felt like Angie’s nipple somewhat, just not as pliable. Sara actually got mesmerized and did not know what to do. She knew how to feel one with her fingers, but tasting a clit like she was now doing, she actually became lost. She actually was embarrassed.

Angie realized Sara was stumped and said, “Use your tongue Sara. Circle it, flick it, taste it. Just move your tongue over it. I’ll react. Trust me. I’ll react.”

So, Sara did what Angie said. The feel of Angie’s clit on her tongue was hot. The taste that came from it was a taste that Sara could not describe. It was a delightful taste though. As she circled the tip of her tongue over it, Angie moaned in reaction. Then Sara flicked it slow at first then a little faster. She was not sure how Angie liked it, so she varied speed.

Angie felt it quicker than she wanted. She knew it was because of the anticipation from Sara. Also, with the way Sara was varying the speed with her tongue over her clit, her orgasm had no choice but to form. Angie could feel it build inside her the more Sara licked. Her orgasm was arriving at a fast pace, a pace she was not normally used to, but it felt wonderful. She wondered if Sara could feel it as she licked her clit.

For once in her life, she was not sure what to do sexually. Angie wanted to stay quiet and let the moment happen, but she did not want Sara to be surprised. Angie knew it was going to be an intense orgasm. She knew that she was going to wet the bed like she did on moving day. That’s when Angie spotted the towel she had used to soak up her orgasmic fluid that same day.

Angie grabbed the towel and exclaimed, “Slip this under me, now! Start fingering me, I am getting close!”

As Angie lifted her hips, Sara slipped the towel under her, and began to finger Angie as she asked. This made Sara wonder, especially since Angie asked for the towel, if she climaxed like what happened in the shower earlier. She could not wait to see.

Sara felt the hot moisture on her finger as Angie’s pliable pinkness started to quiver. Sara watched as Angie’s clit poked out from its hood even more. Sara could tell that Angie was about to cum. Sara did not know if she should move or stay in the position she was in since she did not know exactly how Angie was going to orgasm. She knew that sounded stupid to herself, but honestly, she did not know. Sara did the only thing she could think of doing.

“Angie, do I need to move? Am I going to get drenched like I did you this morning?”

Sara heard Angie chuckle slightly and then say, “No, honey, I ooze.”

Once that was said, Angie arched her back into the mattress, wrapped her hot orifice around Sara’s finger tightly and felt her pussy contract. She moaned loudly to Sara, “Pull out, pull out, pull out!” and she felt Sara’s finger slide out and the burst of hot fluid ooze out of her hot canal and drip on the towel. In rhythmic pulses, Angie pushed her cum out, leaching onto the towel beneath her.

Sara watched as Angie’s pink pussy shoved her cum out in an oozing trickle. It reminded her of how she normally came, and not the stream she emitted this morning. It was hot and clear, and made the pinkness of Angie’s hot seam sparkle with desire. Near the end, Sara watched Angie buck her body as the last pulses of orgasmic intensity subsided. It was a moment Sara actually reveled in watching.

Slowly, Sara crawled up beside Angie. She ran her hand up and down Angie’s hot sexually satisfied skin and felt her in the after phase of sexual bliss. Sara watched Angie’s breaths get shallower as she came down from the orgasmic high. When Sara knew Angie had caught her breath enough, she looked at her and placed her lips on hers. Sara felt the tenderness between what they shared in her Angie’s lips. It was more than she had ever felt on a guy’s lips before and she loved the feeling.

Angie could feel the same tenderness on Sara’s lips as well. It was a tender moment that they both shared and would never lose. Even if Sara would never actually go for girls and stick with men, Angie would always know she seduced the first girl that she laid eyes on during her first semester of college. And she was glad that girl was Sara. This moment may never happen again, Angie thought, so as her and Sara ended the tender kiss and she turned on her side and faced Sara, she knew they would be lifelong friends no matter what happened. That was all she need to know.

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