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Freshmen Dorm Room: Sara and Angie

It was both hot and sensual as she cut the vibrator on and shoved it hard inside her wet cunt.
Sara carried what little of her bags she could down the hall of the dorm to her room. Today was moving in day and she was very nervous. She had no help; Sara had made the trip to the university on her own. She passed several other girls that were also moving in. She noticed that most of them were here age, eighteen and a freshman like her.

She had to sit a couple bags down so she could open her dorm room door. Sara stuck the key in the lock and turned. Immediately, the door opened and she could smell the leftover aroma of perfume in the air from the last girls that shared the room. The smell was not stale yet, but it was not fresh either. It was tolerable, to say the least.

She went inside and saw only one bed. She had a room of her own, which was really rare. She was not going to complain; Sara loved being independent. She put her bags down on the bed and headed outside to her car to get some more of her stuff.

Walking back outside, Sara saw a mixture of girls, all scurrying around like lost souls. Some were heading to other dorm buildings, while others were walking into hers. She was sure that some of them were in her classes and that she would make friends with a few of them.

Sara grabbed some more of her belongings and headed back up the steps of her dorm and to the elevator inside that took her to the third floor. She passed even more girls now and they all had the same exasperated expression. At least she was not the only one that felt overwhelmed at the moment.

As Sara opened her dorm door, Angie watched her enter. Sara did not see Angie watching her enter; Angie made it look like she was moving into her dorm instead of looking at Sara. But Angie could not help it. When she first saw Sara and her blonde hair walk in, it was all she could do to take her eyes off of her. And Angie knew better than to be even looking because she knew that not all of the girls in the dorm were like her. She was sure there were a few that loved eating pussy, but she had pretty much surmised that Sara was not one of them.

However, as Angie went into her dorm room, she could not get seeing Sara out of her head. She stood there at the edge of what was now going to be her bed for a semester or even more and saw Sara. She could not believe how much of a goddess Sara looked. She saw how Sara’s long blonde hair highlighted her every feature. It highlighted Sara’s tan and brought out her facial features, her round, almost baby-like face bounding with sensual cuteness. And the rest of Sara, her whole slender body, Angie thought was totally immaculate. No, she knew it was totally immaculate. The contour of Sara’s body, accentuated by the shorts and the rather tight fitting tee shirt she had been wearing, ran through Angie’s mind, and she imagined herself touching every sensual curve on Sara’s body; especially running her hands up Sara’s tanned perfect legs to her perfectly sized perky breasts. She was sure Sara’s nipples were nice and pink and suckable. Angie was getting wet thinking about it and she felt her body shaking with desire. Angie could not stand it any longer. She walked over to her door, locked it, and immediately started stripping her clothes off. As soon as she was naked, she plunged through her suitcase and found her vibrator.

Angie flung everything off her new bed and lied upon it. She did not hesitate to spread her legs. She felt the air of the room cool the tender wet spot that had formed there. It was both hot and sensual as she cut the vibrator on and shoved it hard inside her wet cunt. Immediately, she grunted as the vibrator penetrated her hot wet pinkness deeply. Her nipples instantly got hard and looked like tiny pink missiles ready to be launched. She took her free hand and rubbed over both of her hard nipples bringing the blood to them even more and making them even more sensitive. All of this while she thought of sucking on Sara’s nipples and eating her hot wet pink pussy. Quicker than she had anticipated, the feeling started to consume Angie and before she could stop it, she was pulling the vibrator out of her hot pink spot and flooding the mattress underneath her. Angie laid there for a minute before getting up. She looked at the huge wet spot on the mattress and shook her head for being too aroused. Angie turned and grabbed a towel out of her bath bag and sat it on her mattress, hoping that would soak up her core.

Meanwhile, Sara had finally brought everything in and the first thing she wanted to do was make her bed. She pulled the sheets out of her luggage and started to put them on. Once that was done, Sara began unpacking and putting everything in places where she wanted. She was not going to be happy until that was done. When she was satisfied, she decided to open her dorm door and see what college was going to be all about. She was not much on going to mingle, so she just cut her stereo on to some classic rock and opened the door and let the other dorm mates find her, if they wanted too. She was sure that some would stop by to say hi.

Sara was right. A few heard the music coming from her room and stopped by and started a conversation. They were all nice and Sara was sure she would be seeing them again. After a few minutes of silence and just listening to the stereo, Sara caught a glimpse of someone passing by her door and she had to do a double take. By the time she had taken that double look, the girl had already passed by. Curiosity got the better of her, so Sara got up and walked to her door and just peaked around the frame in the direction she saw the girl pass. Her jaw dropped. It was the first day at the college and already a naked girl was walking down the hall, a towel draped over her shoulder and soap in her hand. It was Angie.

Sara moved back over to her bed and began to wonder if this was going to be a normal thing. It was just a little shocking to see a naked girl already walking down the hall of the dorm. She could understand it if it had been a week into classes, but it was only the first day. Sara was not bothered by it though too much because she had no problem being naked in front of other girls, and she was sure she would do it at some point, but still, the first day, moving in day to be exact, it was a little shocking to view.

Angie did not care that she was walking naked to the showers. She had not quarrels about other girls seeing her naked. In fact, she loved it. This time, however, she had a reason to be going to the showers. After that quick session with her vibrator thinking of Sara, she was sticky between her legs. Angie thought it best to clean up and the showers was the best place to do it.

Angie did see Sara’s door open as she passed, and she hoped that Sara saw her walk by. Angie did not stop first on purpose because of the element of surprise. She would stop by after the shower, if Sara still had her door open, and see if she could strike up a conversation with her.

For the first time in her young life though, as Sara sat upon her bed, she had thoughts that she had never had before. She had always had boyfriends and did intimate things with them. However, seeing Angie walk by naked, she began to have intimate thoughts of what it would be like to be with a woman. She began to wonder if there was something wrong with her now. Sara had always had cocks. She had no idea what it felt like to be with a girl, but she was all of a sudden wondering what that girl she saw looked like from the front. When Sara played sports in high school, she had seen many of her teammates naked before, but never thought of touching one of them. Now, Sara was sitting there, wondering if another girls breasts felt like hers and if what was between their legs reacted like hers and tasted like hers. Sara tried to get the thought out of her mind.

Angie stepped out of the shower and to the counter where the sinks were lined against the wall and looked at her naked body in the large mirrors that lined the wall also. She loved looking at her naked body. Angie thought that was the one thing that God gave her that she actually used to her full potential. As she was looking at herself in the mirror, another dorm mate walked in and saw her. Angie did not care and the other girl obviously was not bothered by it. She just went into the stall and shut the door and did her business. Angie was still looking at herself when that other girl came out, washed her hands, and left. Angie actually smiled knowing she was caught standing naked in the dorms bathroom.

Angie could see that her pussy lips were still somewhat excited, as they were still swollen and had not returned to the normal position where her perfect slit formed. She wondered if that girl that had walked in noticed. Angie chuckled at that thought also. Finally, she began to dry her body and then wrapped the towel around her. Her normal curly brown hair was now a little flatter because of being damp. She ran her fingers through it slightly and with the soap in her hand, walked out.

In the hall, there were other dorm members talking with each other and few looked at Angie as she walked by. Angie just smiled at them. She only wanted to talk to one girl. That girl was Sara, and as Angie got closer to Sara’s open dorm door, the anticipation of stepping in and saying something excited her.

Angie slowed as she approached Sara’s open door and slowly stood there. Sara looked up and saw Angie standing there. Immediately, impure thoughts entered Sara’s mind as she saw Angie standing there in just the towel. Angie was short, shorter than her and what Sara could see of her short legs jutting out from under the towel, sent an image through Sara’s mind she had never seen before. She tried to shake the image, but for some reason, all she could think about was to what those short legs led too.

“Oh hi. So that was you I saw going to the showers,” Sara said and smiled.

“Guilty,” Angie answered and started to turn red.

“I was like, ‘wow, look at that, first day here and already one of us is walking down the hall naked.’ I had to do a double take!”

“Well, get used to it. I am sure I won’t be the only one!”

“No, I am sure you won’t be. I am sure I will join in at some point!”

Angie started to feel herself get wet again just at the thought of Sara walking down the hall naked. She hoped that she did not drip.

“Why don’t you come in and get out of the hall. My name is Sara by the way.”

“I’m Angie. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Same here. This your first semester, or have you been here before? It seems you are pretty comfortable with the surroundings already,” Sara asked.

“Oh, first time. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun!”

“Yeah, that’s what my older sister said. She went here also. I can’t wait actually.”

Angie could not wait either for the first time she saw Sara naked. She knew she was being very facetious about that, but she could not help the feeling. She had to see what Sara looked like under those clothes.

Sara was actually thinking the opposite about Angie and it still scared her. Never having those feelings before, she did not know how to act upon them.

“Well, it was nice meeting you Sara. I better get back to my room and put some clothes on. I just wanted to say hi.”

“I am glad you did. I am sure we will see each other again soon!” Sara said and Angie walked out.

Sara sat down on her bed and started to think. She wondered if the feelings inside her she was having were cooped up all these years and she was actually meant to like girls than guys. She was confused.

Angie took the towel off once in her room and felt her clit pounding again. She had to know what Sara felt like. She had no idea how she was going to do it, but she knew somehow, she was going to be able to see Sara in the way she wanted to see her.

Each one of them had impure thoughts of each other. It was natural feelings to Angie, but Sara was having feelings she never had. As each one sat in their dorm room, both were thinking the same thing. Somehow, they each knew they would end up together. When, well, time would only tell.


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