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Friends Forever

Sam and I had been friends since we were toddlers. Maybe it was because we lived a few doors from one another, maybe it was because our parents were especially close, maybe it was because we were only children; regardless, Sam and I were inseparable. Often times, people mistook us for sisters as we did almost everything together, from dressing similar to joining the same clubs in school to playing similar sports. As a result, I started looking at Sam in a different light in our senior year of high school and the following summer...

Sam and I had graduated from high school and, a few weeks later, our parents surprised us with a two week vacation to the beach. we were both excited, as neither of us or our families had been down to the beach in several years. I was also somewhat excited since I would be able to see Sam in a bikini. I knew she was hot: 34 c-cup, a shapely ass, and shoulder-length black hair. I knew I wasn't like her, with my 32 b boobs, long legs and pixie haircut, but she would say I was hot too. 

In any case, a few days after telling Sam and I, our families drove down to the beach house our parents had rented. It was big, with five bedrooms, four baths and a great view of the ocean. Sam and her parents had stopped to buy a few things before coming to the house, so I saw the house before her.

"So what do you think, Terra?" asked mom.

"It's great," I replied, looking up at the house.

"We're glad," laughed dad as we headed in. "Now there are enough rooms for you and Sam to have your own, or you could share a room if you want." 

"I'll see," I reply before going off to explore the house. Eventually Sam and her parents arrived and we decided to share a room, since as Sam put it, it would be like an extended sleepover. 

The following day, we all decided to go to the beach and spend a few hours there before going out to eat for dinner. Sam and I got changed, talking and laughing about high school and the past few weeks. Out of the corner of my eye, I couldn't help but watch as Sam changed into a blue and white striped string bikini that really showed off her curves. My pussy tingled slightly, forcing me to look away as I finished changing into a red string bikini. I was looking at myself in a full-lengthen mirror, when Sam came up beside me.

"Wow, don't we look hot," laughed Sam as she wrapped an arm around my waist. 

"That we do," I laughed, wrapping an arm around her waist. The tingling in pussy came back as we stood there, looking at ourselves. I was about to tell Sam how I felt about her when we heard Sam's mom.

"You girls ready?"

"Almost," called back Sam; she smiled at me via the mirror and squeezed my waist. "You ready for some sun, Terra?"

"You know it," I reply before laughing. We unwrapped ourselves and finished getting ready, meeting our parents by the front door. As a group we headed to the beach, ready for some fun.

A few hours later, Sam and I were laying out on blankets while our parents were sitting in the shade. We had gone swimming almost as soon as we got to the beach, and then laid out in the sun to dry off. It was almost 3, when I woke up from apparently dozing off. I stretched slightly before turning onto my side. Sam was lying on her stomach with her top undone. 

"I think I'm going to head back," I said as I sat up. "I have to pee and take a shower and..."

"Maybe that's best, since you can take awhile," mom laughed. I stuck out my tongue as I slipped into an oversized shirt.

"If you'd like some company, " asked Sam, turning her head towards me. "I tend to take awhile too."

"Sure," I replied, waiting for Sam as she pulled on a pair of jean shorts and a tank top. We grabbed our things, waved goodbye to our parents and made a way back to the house. When we got back, I threw my stuff on my bed and turned to Sam. "Do you want to take a shower first or should I?" a mischievous smile crossed Sam's face.

"Do you remember when we used to take showers together, Terra?" Sam asked. I blushed.

"Yeah I do, somewhat." Sam bit her lower lip before continuing.

"Well, since we both take a long time in the shower, I was thinking, maybe we could..."

"Well..." I couldn't believe that Sam wanted to do this. Before I could think about it anymore, I said, "Sure why not."

"Yay," Sam said with some glee. She went into the bathroom to put the water on as I got undressed. I couldn't believe I would be in the shower with Sam, naked. It wasn't like I hadn't seen Sam naked before, but this time we would be right next to each other. As I slipped out of my bikini bottoms, I looked into the bathroom; Sam's reflection in the bathroom mirror showed she had undressed completely and was turning on the water. I took a deep breath and walked into the bathroom, completely naked.

"I was starting to wonder, slowpoke," Sam laughed, turning towards me as I came in. I simply stuck out my tongue, while noting her shaved pussy. "The water should be fine now..." Sam trailed off as she held out a hand; I laughed and, taking her hand, stepped into the shower with Sam. The somewhat small shower. Obviously the shower hadn't been built for more than one person, as Sam and I had to stand facing one another to fit comfortably and even then our boobs were almost touching. With water running over us, I looked into Sam's eyes when she smiled.

"Kind of a tight fit," she said in a low voice. 

"Yeah," I replied. Suddeny an urge came over me, one I couldn't control. I leaned in and kissed Sam full on the lips; instead of pulling away, Sam kissed me back as we wrapped our arms around one another. We kissed for well over a minute, our tongues slipping and sliding over each other as water streamed down us. We finally came up for air, smiling.

"Wow, you're a great kisser Terra," Sam said breathlessly.

"So are you, Sam," I replied, blushing. "But I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me."

"It's fine, I was hoping you would kiss me Terra."

"You were, Sam?" 

"Yeah, I was." And with that, Sam and I were kissing and sliding against each other. Our hands explored the other's body, as our tongues explored the others mouth. As we kissed, my pussy rubbed against Sam's thigh, and the feeling was amazing. Sam seemed to sense that as she moved slightly so her pussy was against my thigh, and we grinded as we kissed. Our breathing came heavier and we started moving quicker, each of us moaning softly. Suddenly I exploded, cumin on Sam's leg, Sam a few seconds later on my leg. We just stood there, our bodies pressed tightly together, our breathing slowly returning to normal. 

I look back into Sam's eyes, smiling. "What do you say we move to the bed? No one is going to be home for a little." 

"Funny, I was thinking the same," Sam smiled. 

To be continued...
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