Friends get closer

By Dirtymisssmith22

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Julie was persuaded her friend was straight but she was wrong.
Friends get closer

Hi I'm Julie and here I was again, alone in my bed. I had just woken from one of the most erotic dreams I have ever had, rolling over onto my back I could feel the dampness between my legs and the pull of my top on my erect nipples. I slowly turned to sit up in my bed and had the quilt bunch up next to me as I sat.

I lived with one of my closest friends and she was stunning. Put it this way if we weren't so close and if she wasn't straight I wouldn't mind some of her. I didn't want her to see me in this state so I stripped off and grabbed the towel off the back of my chair and headed straight for the bathroom to clean up and have a shower.

The shower was relaxing, helping to wash away all my dirty thoughts. I walked back to my bedroom thinking of what to wear. I finally decided to just put on the usual, my blue jeans and my black vest top as I wasn't going anywhere today.

I'm not a bad looking woman, long brunette curly hair, pale blue eyes, curves in all the right places and stood at 5"5'.

When I was finally respectable I decided to walk down the hall to the kitchen and finally get some breakfast. We only lived in a small flat but it was perfect for just the two of us.

I walked in and Kelly was sat at the table eating her breakfast so I walked over to the side and started making myself a coffee.

Kelly was stunning she could be a model. She has luscious blonde hair that flowed down to the middle of her back and over her perfectly formed chest. She stood at a glorious 5'8". She was wearing a little blue tank top that matched her eyes and hugged her in all of the right places and was showing off a little cleavage and a tiny white mini skirt ( if u could call it a skirt) that showed off her stunning long legs and just covered her pert ass.

"Good morning." Said Kelly as I went to pour myself a coffee.

" Morning." I replied.

"Did u sleep well?" She asked with a slight grin as if she wasn't telling me something.

"Yes thanks, you?"
"I did till you woke me with your moaning again."

I was in shock I didn't know I moaned in my sleep let alone that Kelly had heard me. I walked over to the table and sat down opposite her.

"What do you mean again? You heard me before?"

She started to grin and you could see her holding back a giggle, "Yeah of course I heard you, you were being loud enough. I couldn't quite make out who you were shouting though."

Oh my god I screamed out a name, I couldn't help but start to blush. I knew who it was but I wasn't going to let her know. "I wasn't doing anything last night I went straight to sleep once we got in."

"Well you must of been asleep then. Who was you dreaming about then huh?" She asked curiously still with that cheeky grin of hers like she was still holding something from me.

"Nobody important." I said shyly as I felt the blood rush to my face with embarrassment.

She leant over the table towards me, showing off her ample chest. As she started to get closer I could hear my heart starting to race and I started to tense up. She started to blush herself, then whispered, "I know."

"Know what?" I quietly replied.

It was as if we were in a room full of people and didn't want them to hear.

"I know who you were dreaming about." She had a different look on her face it was almost seductive." I think 'bout it too."

"You do!" I jolted back in shock. I always thought she was straight, she brings back enough men.

"Oh yes, I have done for a while now but never had the courage to say anything."

"To be honest I never thought you would be interested."

She suddenly started to sit up then slowly stood up and walked round the table towards me with a slight look of lust and worry, I couldn't take my eyes off hers.

She stood in front of me, not once taking her eyes from mine, and leant down towards me so her lips were just inches from mine and slowly placed her hands onto the side of my face. She gently tilted my head backwards and moved her lips closer to mine and before I knew it she was kissing me. I had been fantasizing about this moments for years an finally my dreams were becoming a reality. Her kiss was soft and sweet, nothing I had ever felt before. I placed my right hand gently on her neck and the other round her waist and gently kissed her back. She started to become more passionate and parted my lips with her tongue. Mmmm she tasted great. Our tongues became intwined in our new found lust for each other, exploring each others mouths. I couldn't help but let out a quiet moan as her hands started to move from my head down my neck and over my back.

This was it, she was going to be mine after all this time and in the kitchen we eat in. Everything slowly started to disappear and it was just me and her. My heart was beginning to race and I could feel my panties getting soaked in all my juices from the excitement.

I stood and pushed my chair back as I slowly moved my hands down her back to her firm tight ass and gently rubbed then gave it a gentle squeeze. I gently pulled my mouth away from hers and gently kissed along her jaw and licked and kissed her neck. I could hear her breathing shallow and her heart quicken as I slowly moved down to kiss her collar bone.

I lifted my hands off her ass and up to the hemline of her skin tight tank top and lifted it over her head and threw it to one side. She slowly did the same so we both stood with just our bras and bottoms on.

I pulled her towards me a invaded her mouth again as I undid the hooks on her bra and took it off her arms and threw it in the same direction of the top. She then removed my bra in the same fashion and then pulled her into me so our breasts were pressed together. I could feel the heat coming from her as I backed her slowly towards the table and gestured for her to sit. I made my way slowly down to her collar bone once again. I slowly kissed my way to the centre of her collar bone and worked my way down towards her cleavage. She has a 32D chest plenty for me to play with. They were perfect, soft and perky and her nipples were delightfully small and pink. Using just the tip of my tongue now, I moved to her right breast and over to her already hard nipples and gently started teasing it, swirling it round my tongue and gently sucking making it get even harder. With my left hand I started to gently pull on her left nipple giving it a little pinch every now and then, making her moan.

I softly licked her nipple before moving to her soft supple right breast where I continued with the same motions making her moan again. I could feel her body starting to shake and her breathing get heavier. I could smell her sweet juices as she got more arroused. I starting tracing my fingers softly down torso and my lips slowly followed kissing her moistly down her tight and perfect abs towards her hips and across the base of her stomach, and slowly pulled her skirt off but left her panties. As my hands trailed up her left thigh I kissed down her inner right thigh and licked slowly back up and repeated this on her left. My hands found their way to her wet slit and cupped it feeling the heat of her dripping pussy through her pink panties.

With my forefinger I moved her wet panties and agonizingly slowly moved over her hard clit and down towards her vagina and inserted. She was tight and soaking wet I couldn't help but remove my finger an have a taste, as I did she moved her hips closer telling me to put it back in, instead I kissed her clit and as soon as I did she starting rhythmically moving her hips back and forth telling me she needed to cum. I teased her clit with my tongue and stopped just before she came so I could make it last longer and moved to her dripping pussy and lapped up her sweet juices. Oh my god she tasted heavenly.

I inserted my tongue and started to fuck her with it.

"OH JULIE, Oh my god, I'm gunna cum"

With that I started to tickle her clit with my fingers. Her entire body started to shake again and I could feel her pussy tighten round my tongue.


Then suddenly a great splash of cum hit my face and soaked me. It was something I had not experienced before and I loved it. It was amazing to feel her cum like that all over me knowing I made her. After licking every drop off her thighs and pussy I stood up laid her down on the table and kissed her passionately letting her taste herself on me.

" I have never cum like that before." she quietly whispered as she recovered.

" Well I'm delighted to know I'm the first." I replied with a great cheesy grin on my face.

I stood up and started walking towards the door gesturing her to follow me.

"I have a surprise for you if you're up for it."

I gave her my most seductive look and he stood, walked towards me and took my hand and I led her to my bedroom where my little box of tricks awaited.