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Friends With Benefits

Andi and Haylee meet up after a few years apart.
Let's start this off with a small but important description and introduction, shall we? My name is Andi. My body type would be average I'd have to say, not too small but not too big. I'm a bit curvy. I'm a natural blonde which my personality proves when I talk for too long. I'm 5'9 and my breasts are a perky set of 34Ds, despite their size, and eyes like an ice blue. I'd like to admit that I'm not the one writng this story but my girlfriend is and she better be getting all the words right. She likes to exaggerate a bit. I swear, you hear your girlfriend say she writes erotica and when you start telling a past story she goes a bit crazy trying to find a pen. Anyway, this story is completely true but the movie mentioned later on was randomly picked because I forgot the real name so relax and enjoy!

One summer, after my senior year, I was house sitting for my grandparents while they were out of town on a sort of 'get out while we can' vacation. I'd recenty moved up to a small town in Alaska but I was getting homesick so I decided to pack a few bags and come back to visit my family in Corona, California during the summer break.

The house was truly magnificent. It was a beautiful, gigantic creation plus the pool out back called to my love of the outdoors. The first two days I kept my phone turned off and was living it up in the water and having the gaze of the sun slowly color my skin darker. By the third day however, things were starting to get a bit lonely so I turned on my phone to see if anybody wanted to talk or maybe come over to relax and hang out.

While I hold the end button with my thumb, it vibrates as it turns on and goes to my background picture which is a picture of a moose that my best friend Emily sent. I chuckle a little at how idiotic we can be. My stomach flutters a little at the memories of her, she's been my friend since way before I can even remember.. She was a bit upset that I decided to come home for summer break. Okay, well throwing your shoe at my butt probably means more than just a little bit upset.

I smile just before a text comes through and my phone does it little vibrate in the palm of my hand. I read the name and jump up in excitement. It's Haylee! I haven't talked to her much since I moved but I guess she read my status update online and decided to give me someone to talk to.

I flip open my phone and read the text.

Hey, Andi! Heard your back in town. Thanks for the heads up, jerk! Just kiddinggg. Want to meet up?

I reread the text a few times before quickly replying with my own.

Lol, no problem. I'm house sitting for my grandparents since they're on "vacation." Can you come over here? I've been stuck here for two days and it's getting boring.

Within two minutes my phone vibrates again, signaling her response.

Sure! Give me 30 minutes and then i'll be on my way. I'll grab a movie.

I smile at the reply since it used to be an old tradition of ours to always bring a movie.

Okay, goofy. Just ring the doorbell when you get here.

After tossing my phone on the couch I quickly go to run upstairs so I can at least find some clothes I won't look like a dork in. It's been roughly around two years since we last had time or were in the same area to hang out. I have to admit I'm pretty excited. My heart starts to beat faster with anticipation as I reach the guest room that my clothes are currently in. Shrugging off my tank top and shorts I change into the bikini I previously bought a few days ago. It's cute, maybe what they call a jaw dropper but who am I to judge? I just like it because of the hot pink and bright blue it has as a design. It really has my toned arms and legs looking nice. If only I wasn't so curvy I'd probably look a bit better, but oh well.

I slip on a yellow tank top and shorts back over it, knowing they won't be on long since we're probably going for a swim. The weather is just too nice to resist it today. Plus, the company will be nice. Maybe a water fight? Hmmm.. Anyway, I walk to the bathroom and brush my teeth along with a quick face wash. Feeling more refreshed and attractive I walk back downstairs and turn on the tv to watch while I wait for her to arrive so the day can start.

About 15 minutes later I hear the doorbell ring and an excited smile passes my lips. I hop up and hurry to the door, swinging it open to greet Haylee.


I stop dead in my tracks and unknowingly begin to stare at my old friend. I slowly rake my gaze from the start of her hair to her feet, my eyes frozen. You know when people say time does the body good? Oh, they were so not lying. I remember Haylee being a bit shy and of course her body took an impact because of it. Now? Well let me try and clear my throat to explain. She's the prettiest tan I've ever seen a skin color have, toned in that sexy sort of way, maybe 5'6 to my 5'9, blonde with striking green eyes and her breasts have to be DDs.

"You can start to breathe again, Andi. I know I've changed so you can stop devouring me with your eyes." She gives a nervous chuckle and gives a small smile.

I gently shake my head and look back up to her eyes, giving her the warmest smile I can manage through my shock. Wow, talk about embarrassing. I immediately feel pretty stupid and grab her hand to pull her inside. She laughs at that and we begin to spin in a joking hug of two friends who've been too long away from each other.

After the greeting and catching up talk passes, we settle onto the couch to start watching the movie she brought. Apparently it's supposed to be a comedy, Bridesmaids or something. About an hour into the movie and a lot of shared laughs she scoots over just like old friendly times, her laying in between my legs with her back against me, just a cute kind of cuddle.

Eventually, the movie ends much to my disappointment. It really was hilarious.

"Hey, do you want to go swim out back in the pool? I've been for the past two days but maybe we could have a water fight!" I say with a laugh and bright smile.

"Uh, yes! I don't have a swimsuit or anything though, is just my tshirt and panties okay?"

I playfully give her arm a nudge with my hand and reply excitedly like a kid on christmas.

"Yeah, let's gooooo!"

We get up and rush outside like little kids. I quickly pull off my tank top and shorts, climbing up the ladder and diving head first into the water. I come back up to see her on top of the ladder, putting a toe in to test the water before slowly sliding in. I smile at the little cute act and playfully splash water in her direction. After that, it was war! Water splashes everywhere and after ducking and splashing back I quickly grow a bit tired. I chase her down and capture her against the side of the pool, trapping her with one arm beside her and the ladder trapping her other side of escape. I smile down at her only to see her looking up at me with a strange look in her eyes.

I immediately take a step back in reflex, but she stops me by grabbing my arm with her hand and pulls me back against her. She licks her lips and I carefully watch the movement. Her lips look simply amazing. Temptation to the very definition. The bottom lip is more plump than the top and I bite my lip as she slides her tongue against it again. She rubs her hand slowly down my arm in a calming motion.

"It's okay.. You can kiss me.. I mean if you want. I've just.. I don't know. You left before I could show you how I feel and I can't let it happen again."

I nod my head as if in a trance, my stomach feeling a sharp jolt of lightning that ends in my clit.I lean my head down and run my lips against hers softly, a small moan escaping at the softness. I gently reach to slide off her shirt and toss it out of the pool before leaning back in, my body resting against hers. Her hands move so her arms can rest over my shoulders, my hands instictively moving to grasp her hips. My hips immediately begin to grind against hers, her thighs spreading so I can stand in between. My lips begin to grow more rough against hers in a needing sort of way. A moan passes her lips and my body shudders in reply.

She pulls away from the kiss and away from my embrace, leaving my body going cold in parting. She walks through the water and sits on the steps of the ladder, gripping onto the bars and slowly begins to float atop the water as if in an innocent sacrifice. Looking over at me she smiles this pure sexy smile and I know what she wants or at least pray I do. I walk over to her, lifting her legs over my shoulders and watch her rest her head on one of the steps so she doesn't go under, just floats. Her wet hair floats beside her and my mouth goes dry at the view. Too good to be true.

I gently cup her ass with my hands, lifting her up to my mouth as my tongue gently slides first along her pussy lips. Her body shudders softly and a moan parts her lips. I take it as a good sign and let my tongue slide between the lips in search of her clit. Once finding it, my tongue gently flicks against it and her body arches as she lets loose a strangled cry. Freeing one hand I support her with the one that's left on her ass, flicking my tongue a bit faster against her clit as my free hand slides to cup her pussy. Seeing the way her moans have increased I ease my middle finger slowly inside of her, her body arcing severely as her hips begin to thrust against my face and finger.

I begin to slide my finger almost out, sliding it back in harder and faster each time I reenter. I suck her clit slowly between my lips, grazing my teeth lightly against it before flicking my tongue fast against the little nub. I start to pick up my pace as her moans start turning into frenzied screams, her hips now beginning to buck wildly. I add another finger, loving the feeling of her tight wet pussy as a moan escapes my lips and vibrates against her clit. Her thrusts increase, my fingers now sliding her and fast into her as my tongue slides against her clit in fast, hard circles. Suddenly she thrusts up, a scream ripped from her throat and I duck my head and pull out my fingers, thrusting my tongue hard inside her to catch every bit of her sweetness on my tongue and down my throat.

After moaning delightedly at her taste, I raise my fingers to my lips licking them clean while she watches with a sexual need filling her eyes. I ease her legs off my shoulders and she sits on the stairs of the ladder breathing while she leans back with her eyes closed. I smile, knowing I must've did a good job and i'd be lying to say I wasn't proud if even a bit concieted.

She looks up with a teasing smile filling her lips. "Your turn."

I look at her and look down shyly. "Can we not do me in the pool? Uhm.. What about the lounge chair over there?"

Her eyes light up and I grow a little concerned. "Sure! Come on."

She takes my hand and after climbing the ladder and standing on the grass slowly takes off my bikini and pulls me over to the deck. She adjusts the chair so it's arched and guides me to sit on the top end which is higher up. She sits on the bottom half and lifts my legs up onto her shoulders which causes my head to hang off the chair so my gaze is completely upside down.

She immediately takes her hands and parts my pussy lips, guiding her tongue slowly up and down which causes me to jerk in surprise but moan softly. She slides her tongue downwards until she pushes it slowly inside me, my back slightly arching and my hips slowly grinding. She adds a finger along with her tongue inside my pussy and a strangled moan is wrung from my lips. Removing her tongue she sits back and slides her finger deep, letting me thrust my hips hard against it. She drags her other hand slowly up my thigh, gently scratching up it until she reaches my pussy, bringing two fingers to rub slow and soft against my clit.

My moans start to increase as she pulls out her finger to add another one, shoving them hard into my pussy and sends them deep, increasing her rhythm on my clit. My body begins to tense and I scream how close I am until I cover her fingers. I lift my head up slowly and catch her licking her fingers with a smile of appreciation.

She sees me watching and grins. "Get up, Andi. I have something I'd like to try." After she scoots off I join her on the wooden deck. "Now I'm going to lay down on the chair and I'd like you to get on top of me, okay? Just follow my lead." She leans over and adjusts the chair so it's lying flat before laying down on it. "Now climb on top, sort of straddle my face."

I do as she says, looking back at her for further instructions.

"Close your eyes and just enjoy this, it's going to be new for both of us."

I close my eyes and feel her hands grab my hips, pulling me down. I feel her tongue entering my pussy and all I can do is arch my back, moaning up at the sky. She begins to grip my hips tighter, sort of bouncing me up and down on her tongue and I slowly grind my hips helplessly. Her finger reaches around to rub hard against my clit and my moaning grows louder, more out of control. She then moves her hand back around and slaps my ass hard, causing my back to shoot up, my hips lowering even more onto her tongue and I erupt all over her tongue, rolling my hips as the sensations slow.

We both get up and get dressed, passing each other big smiles and flirtatious comments. She decides since it's getting dark it'd be best for her to head home. She's halfway out the front door before she looks back.

"I'll text you later and see if I can come back over tomorrow."

And with that she's gone, door closed and me standing there with high hopes.

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