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From Flatmate To Bedmate

Redecorating a bedroom changes a relationship
Sophie and her best friend Kylie had met when they were both temping at the same office after leaving school. They had clicked immediately and, though attending different universities, had always met up in the vacations and now acknowledged each other as 'BFF'. Afterwards they both found work in their home town and found a 2 bedroom flat they could afford by sharing the rent.

Kylie, a slim dark-haired petite creature, was sexually much more outgoing than the introspective Sophie. Having been cruelly dumped by her university boyfriend, she determined that she would use men to satisfy her own needs but not get involved with them otherwise. Sophie meanwhile searched indefatigably for Mr. Right but so far her quest had been fruitless.

That evening, Sophie was in bed but not asleep. Unusually she was wearing pyjamas, as Kylie's rooms was being redecorated. She was having to temporarily share her room (and the bed) with Kylie. Though they often saw each other naked she was a little shy of actually sleeping with her naked. On this evening Kylie had persuaded her to go to bed early so that when Kylie returned from an evening out with her latest flame (or flicker), the living-room was free for them to do whatever they chose to do.

It was not much later when she heard the front door open and close and the whispers of Kylie and her new man in the living room–the bedroom door was not particularly solid and did not block much sound. She switched out the light so as to give the impression that she was asleep. However lying in the darkness made her even more aware of the sounds coming from the living room.

First Kylie made the obligatory cups of coffee. Then she heard the sofa creak as they sat down together. There was silence for a while but soon she heard them moving about and a gasp from Kylie. There was more movement and the sound of shoes falling onto the floor and clothes being pulled off.

The next distinguishable sound was a sort of slurping sound accompanied by gasps and groans from Kylie – Sophie realised that he had gone down on Kylie's extremely wet vagina. By now Sophie herself was extremely aroused and her hand was inside her pyjamas. She heard Kylie say 'Fuck me Karl – just fuck me now.'

There was the sound of bodies rearranging themselves and then the regular creaking of the sofa with more gasps and now cries from Kylie. Up to this point Karl had been more or less silent but suddenly he gave a loud grunt and the movement ceased. Sophie realized that he had come and wondered whether Kylie had also reached orgasm – it did not sound like it.

In a couple of minutes she heard Karl say 'I'd better be going' and realised that this was probably one of Kylie's one-night stands with a married man – not a very successful one it seemed, as she made no effort to detain him.

In a few minutes he was dressed and the front door closed behind him. Sophie resisted the temptation to go out to Kylie as she did not want her inadvertent voyeurism to be obvious to her. After a few minutes the light in the living room went out and Kylie slipped into the bedroom.

'Are you awake Soph?' she asked softly.

Sophie gave a moderately realistic representation of having just awoken.

'What's the time?' she said, flicking on the bedside light.

'It's just after midnight.' said Kylie as she slipped between the sheets, still naked. Sophie could smell the sex odour from her vagina and this added to her voyeuristic arousal.

'Has he gone already?' asked Sophie innocently to which Kylie replied 'Yes – and yes he is married and, no it wasn't any good, but at least we ate in a decent restaurant.'

Detecting the bitterness in her voice, Sophie felt a surge of sympathy – Kylie had a much more active sex-life than she did but it always seemed to end in anticlimax.

'Come here – let me give you a cuddle' said Sophie and wrapped her arms around the naked girl's body 'now just go to sleep and forget about him.'

They lay nested together like spoons – Kylie holding Sophie's hand against her stomach, stroking it gently. Sleep was far away for both of them. Kylie was still frustrated by her failure to reach orgasm, Sophie still aroused by what she had overheard, and now further by touching Kylie's bare skin.

Suddenly Kylie pulled Sophie's hand up to her lips and kissed it and, almost without thinking, Sophie leaned forward and pressed her lips into Kylies neck. Kylie twisted onto her back and turned her head toward Sophie. For a few seconds they gazed at each other and then Kylie moved her head so that their lips met in a gentle undemanding kiss.

'God Sophie why do I need men when I've got you?' said Kylie softly.

For a few minutes they lay facing each other with Sophie now stroking Kylie's neck with her fingertips. Then Kylie took Sophie's hand and transferred it to one of her small conical breasts. Sophie could feel the nipple like a small pebble.

'I've never done this...' she started to say but 'It's OK' cut in Kylie 'it's what we both want tonight.'

Now they started to kiss passionately, tongues flicking in and out. Kylie undid the front of Sophie's pyjama top releasing her breasts and started to massage them. They were fuller than Kylie's and she took delight in feeling them.

Then, for a moment, Kylie hesitated – 'Are you OK with this Soph?..... I mean going all the way. I really really want you but I want you as a friend even more.'

Sophie just smiled and nodded – she was so aroused that she wanted nothing else.

'Why don't you take these pyjamas off?' she said.

Kylie needed no more encouragement. She whipped away the already open pyjama tops and then slowly pulled down the bottoms as Sophie lifted up her hips, revealing her neatly trimmed pubic hair and already open labia.

Now they lay side by side, kissing but each with a hand that was exploring its way down the other's body. Sophie felt Kylie's fingertips foraging in her pubic hair and the waiting became too much to bear.

'Oh please' she murmured 'please touch me.'

Kylie now slipped her fingers between the labia, massaging Sophie's clit with one finger, another probing her vagina. Sophie did the same to Kylie. For a few minutes they continued, each emitting gasps and cries until Kylie's voice became choked off and Sophie felt Kylie's vagina contract around her finger, her hips rose off the bed; a few seconds later her own orgasm started and she lost track of events.

Afterwards they lay there smiling at each other. Sophie revelled in the slender body that lay beside her and the new physical intimacy between them. She did not want to think of the future – how they would manage their relationship. For now, the present was too sweet to worry.

'Thank you' said Sophie 'that was so beautiful – you're so beautiful – did I please you?'

'Oh Soph' came the reply 'if only you knew how many times I've fantasised about making love to you but the reality was so much better.'

Sophie was startled by the thought of being anyone's sex fantasy – let alone the sexually adventurous and confident Kylie. She was about to pursue this line but then Kylie said 'let's go to sleep now. You've totally knackered me. It's Sunday tomorrow so we can both lie in.'

She gave Sophie a wicked smile as she said this, implying that the 'lie-in' might not be completely relaxed. So Sophie turned out the light and they returned to their spoon position but this time Sophie's hand was ensconced between Kylie's thighs.

'Goodnight' said Sophie.

'Goodnight my darling' said Kylie. These simple words and the loving tone in which they were said were like an emotional orgasm for Sophie and she fell asleep happier than she could remember.

In an instant it was morning, and, auspiciously, sunlight was splashing across the room. Sophie was the first to wake and found herself looking at Kylie's sleeping face a few inches away. With her customary seriousness she reflected on the change in their relationship. Was she now a lesbian? Was this now her best friend and lover. Was she looking at Miss Right? What if Kylie regarded her as a one-night stand? She put out a hand to stroke Kylie's cheek as lightly as a feather. In a minute or so, Kylie's eyes opened and a smile illuminated her face.

'Morning my darling' said Sophie 'I'm sorry I woke you.'

'It's OK,' said Kylie 'I was only half asleep – I was dreaming that a beautiful woman was stroking my cheek.'

'And then you found it was just me' said Sophie 'what a disappointment.'

Kylie gave her a little smack on her arm - 'I've told you before that I think you're beautiful – and not only me incidentally. But now I know that you feel beautiful as well.'

There was silence for a while as they stroked each other, revelling in their new-found physical intimacy but not deliberately trying to arouse each other. Each knew that it would end in love-making but there was no hurry; they had all morning. The bedclothes got pushed away so they could gaze at each other's body.

Eventually, Sophie leaned over to kiss Kylie and at the same massaged one of her breasts. This was the prelude to a long embrace where their hands wandered all over each other's backs and breasts and stomach but leaving the genital area for later. Then Sophie transferred her lips and tongue to Kylie's breasts, alternating between them. Kylie lay back almost passively, luxuriating in the erotic touch of Sophie's tongue flickering and sliding over the already hard nipples and the surrounding areolae.

Finally Sophie's lips began the slow but steady descent of Kylie's body until she reached the fringes of her pubic hair. Kylie began to breathe harder as she parted her legs and pulled up her knees to give Sophie unrestricted access. She slid her fingers into Sophie's hair as if to hold her head there until she had completed her mission. Then without warning, Sophie used her fingers to pull Kylie's labia apart and began sweeping her tongue across Kylie's engorged clitoris. Kylie uttered an inarticulate cry

'Oh God – don't stop' she gasped.

Sophie continued to lick her while she slipped her finger into Kylie's vagina and immediately felt her arch upward and her cries became staccato and very loud. A minute later she fell back again, panting heavily, and pushed Sophie's head away from her now over-sensitive clitoris.

'Oh God, that was fucking explosive' she said 'I can't believe its the first time you've done that'

Sophie slid back up again to kiss Kylie's now flushed face, this time gently and post-coitally. 'I was just doing to you what I do to myself'.

Kylie giggled 'I didn't know you were that flexible Soph.'

'Fool - I meant I was just using my tongue to do what I do with my finger.'

'In about an hour, or maybe a day' said Kylie, 'I'll be recovered enough to give you the orgasm you richly deserve.'

In fact it was only a few minutes before she started to nibble and massage Sophie's breasts, delighting in their fullness compared to her own. Then she pulled herself up onto her knees and turned around so as to straddle Sophie's body, pushing her legs apart and dipping her head down Sophie's labia. Her tongue flickered in and out like that of a snake, tasting Sophie's juices and teasing her clitoris. Now it was Sophie's turn to moan and gasp as the pleasure in her groin began to build and spread.

'Put your finger in' she begged, and Kylie complied, curling her finger up to reach the G-spot and pumping like a mini-penis. At the same time, another finger extended towards Sophie's little rosebud first rubbing her perineum and then as Kylie curled the finger, sliding it within the sphincter.

Though Sophie was shocked but excited to be penetrated there she was too far gone to object and just gave herself up to her orgasm. Hers was quieter than Kylie's but for her it was still the most intense she had ever experienced and, as she came down from it, she found herself crying. Kylie cuddled her anxiously.

'It's OK' said Sophie, 'It was just a bit intense – more than I could handle'' What she really wanted too say was 'I love you' but she dared not.

For a little while they lay there in a post-coital reverie, gently stroking each other. Eventually Sophie asked 'Have you been with a girl before?'

Kylie admitted that she had had sex with two other girls – one was a relationship which lasted several months. 'I didn't tell you because I thought you wouldn't approve – you were the straightest person I'd ever met.'

Sophie giggled 'And really I'm a raving lez that's just seduced you.'

Kylie shook her head 'I hate labels like that. We're just Kylie and Sophie. The only label I want is that I'm your best friend. The sex was mind-blowing and I hope we have lots more but ultimately I need you more as my friend than as lover.'

'I'll settle for that too.' said Sophie and kissed her.

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