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From the Pages of Carmyn's Diary: A True Story 8

Three's a crowd, but four's a party
My lips were all over hers as she pressed her small, naked frame against mine. I wrapped my legs around her waist under the water as she continue to thrust the 10 incher inside of me. My tongue traveled and found her neck. I sucked hungrily on her neck as she proceeded to please my throbbing cunt. My teeth dug into her skin. Both of us cried out in pleasure and pain.

I'd already cum for her; but she wanted more. With the way she was using that strap-on, I was almost there again. My pussy clasped up on the massive toy inside me as she pumped faster. She wrapped her small fingers around my neck and fucked me deeper.

"Can you handle? Huh, slut, can you?" Kimmi inquired as the water waves increased in size due to her frantic fuck-fest.

"Shiiit. Yesss. Yesss, damn, baby, oh yesss," I moaned as I began to fade out. My body was trembling uncontrollable; my toes were curling; and my eyes were rolling. My muscles contracted, enclosing on the dildo. The tighter my pussy got, the harder Kimmi fucked me. The dildo was reaching every crevice and section in my pussy. I'd never been fucked so well like this before. It was so amazing that I began to back away from it. It was too much. Kimmi felt me trying to escape. She used her body to push me all the way against the boulder, pinning me. She pinned me harder. It was so ironic that the smallest and shortest girl I'd ever fucked turned out to be the roughest and frankly, the fucking best.

"I thought you could handle it," she laughed as she worked her fucking magic.

I bit my bottom lip as I tried withhold the screeching yells. My fingers quivered as I dug my nails into her wet skin. I didn't think it was possible, but Kimmi reached a deeper portion of my pussy, hitting a spot I didn't know existed.

"Shiiittt! K-K-Kim-Kimmi! Oh my, oh my, oh my fucking goodness, girl! Pl-please... Kimmi... I... I... oh shit... please!"

"Please what?" her grey eyes searched for mine.

I was out of breath from yelling like a maniac. She was still fucking the hell out of me, so I couldn't gain any energy. I wanted her to stop-partially. It was feeling absolutely too damn good. I couldn't take it anymore.

I kept trying to escape, but I was pinned between her and the big rocks behind me. Still, I tried to scoop off the rubber penis.

"Please what?" she repeated.

"She wants you to stop!" a loud voice announced a few feet from us.

Stunned, Kimmi and I looked to our right to see who it was. It was Wendi, her blue eyes staring at our naked bodies entwined together like a pretzel.

"Yall trying to alert the entire camp?" Wendi asked angrily as she swam towards the shore. "I'm not your look-out anymore. I don't want to be a part of this."

We watched as she emerged from the lake, tanned skin glistening from the water. With her clothes in her hands, she pranced away in her bra and panties. I was resting on the boulder with the strap-on still planted inside me. I'd forgotten it was there until Kimmi returned her attention to me and gradually began to thrust again.

With all my energy, I begged her to stop; I'd had enough. She laughed as I bragged about how incredible she was. She laid her head on my boobs; I embraced her by wrapping my arms around her sun-tanned body. Against the rock, still in the lake, we just laid there, holding each other, fearing that we would never see each other again because tomorrow we would be going home. I squeezed Kimmi tighter.

Yours Delitely,
Carmyn Iya Delite


July 28, 2007 1:27 a.m.
Dear Diary,

In just a few hours, the sun would be up and we'd be dispatching to our buses.

I turned over in my bunk, reminiscing on how incredible my last day was. That damn Kimmi, I thought to myself as my womanhood begin to wake up. Just thinking about how well she served me today was making me horny now. That little cute Asian knew her stuff. I needed to pay her back. I smiled as I got an idea.

I slowly sat up and got out of my bed. I tiptoed as lightly as I could, but the wooden floorboards still squeaked a little. I headed for the door where we'd placed our packed luggage. I squatted in front of mine. I quietly unzipped my suitcase, retrieve my "double disaster", and zipped it back up. I reached for the door handle when one of my roommates yawned loudly. I froze in place until the room was silent again. Then I wrapped my fingers on the knob, pulled it slowly, and got one foot outside.

"Hey, where you going?" a sleepy voice noisily asked.

I turned my head, put my fingers to my lips, signaling Melissa to shut the hell up. I didn't want to wake up Wendi or Tammi. Wendi would be ready to lecture me about some bullshit and Tammi would be ready to fight about me "cheating" on her, even though we weren't official-not in my mind at least.

"Nowhere. Go back to sleep," I whispered.

"I can't. I just had a naughty dream and I'm horny," she whispered back as she smiled brightly at me.

"I'm horny, too, that's why I'm leaving. Now shhh," I whispered back as I attempted to open the door wider.

"I had a dream about you," Melissa said. "It's the last night, and I... I want to try it again. I liked it, no, I loved it the first time, but I was only lying to myself when I said I was strictly dickly. I... I want it once more," she whispered as she climbed down her bunk.

"Ok, then follow me," I whispered in a hurry as Tammi turned over in her bunk.

"Where we..." Melissa began.

But I grabbed her hand and yanked her out of the cabin. "Just shut up and follow me. If you liked what we did then, you'll love what we're about to do now, baby."

Your Delitely,
Da Leslut


July 28, 2007 1:40 a.m.
Dear Diary,

Through the night, we dashed through the dark woods, in the direction of cabin 12. Following closely behind me was Melissa in her night clothes that flattered her curvaceous figure just right. I couldn't wait to get my hands all over her chocolate skin. As we journey through the night, I frequently looked back to make sure she was still behind me. And every time I looked back, the first thing I noticed were her massive boobs trapped in a tight-fitting thin gown that barely covered her round ass.

Finally we arrived at our destination-cabin 12. We tiptoed onto the porch and luckily, the door was unlocked. I signaled for Melissa to be quiet and just follow my lead. She obeyed and watched as I quietly headed to the bottom bunk on the right side of the room.

I slowly raised the blanket up and slid into the bunk. Still in her sleepy state, Kimmi tossed for a second until she settled on her side, back to me. I scooted behind her small ass in spoon position. I lightly caressed her side as my wandering fingers descended from her shoulders to her waist. She wiggled a little but still stayed asleep. My fingers found her cotton shorts shielding her goodies. I slid my hand under her shorts and ascended until I found her vagina. The first touch alerted Kimmi.

"Who in the..." she began but quickly subsided once her grey eyes landed upon my devilish smile. Returning my smile, she turned her head back and relaxed as she spread her legs ajar for me. With one hand massaging Kimmi's outer folds, I used my other hand to signal Melissa to join.

As Kimmi moaned softly, I whispered to her, "Just wanted to show my appreciation for what happened in the lake earlier."

"Ohh, baby, you're off to a grrrreat start, hmmmm," she moaned in a light voice.

"I have a gift for you," I announced as I signaled Melissa to touch Kimmi.

"Oh shit," Kimmi smiled as Melissa rid Kimmi of her shorts.

We had Kimmi on her back now-no clothes, legs opened, A-cups exposed. I started to finger fuck Kimmi's tight hole with my index and middle. Melissa then proceeded to assist me by gradually inserting her two fingers. We felt Kimmi tighten up as she realized how many fingers were tickling her pink velvet. She grabbed her pillow from behind her head and placed it over her mouth as we increased the motion of our fingers. Although the pillow muffled her moans, we could still hear her crying out. That only motivated us to fuck her more. Her small body wiggled around, frequently arching her back up as her inner thighs clenched up. We kept our fingers planted deep inside of her until her strong orgasm erupted, her contractions forcing our fingers out, followed by a warm sticky substance slowly oozing out of her pussy. I dived between her legs and began to lick her juices off her wet cunt. Kimmi's body shifted ferociously as I continued to lick her throbbing pussy. I knew she was in a state of ecstasy. I buried my nose deeper. Kimmi was squealing into the cotton square.

Meanwhile Melissa undressed herself and was now working on my bottoms. I didn't object; I let her get me naked as I continued to feast on Kimmi's nakedness. A sudden slap to my ass from Melissa had my temperature up and pussy throbbing. She climbed on my back, head opposite mine and went to work. Picture this: Kimmi on her back; me laying on my stomach with my hungry tongue between her opened legs; and Melissa on my back with her tongue cascading down the crevice of my ass as she occasionally slapped, smacked, and squeezed my cheeks.

"Hmmmm," we all moaned in unison, forgetting about Kimmi's sleeping roommates. All we knew and cared about at the moment was cumming and cumming hard. Which is what Kimmi and I did at the same time.

"Oh my... oh my..." Kimmi's breathless. "oh my goodness, Carmyn, you wild child. Thanks for this lovely gift," she said as she and Melissa started to kiss passionately; I rolled over to retrieve the "double disaster."

"Well, Kimmi, that was only part one of your gift. Here's the other half," I smiled as I brought my toy into view. (Actually it was Carrie's but she left it and now it's mine.)

"You fucking slut," Kimmi and Melissa laughed as they positioned themselves for it.

They laid on their backs, legs interlocking, awaiting the "disaster." I put the double-header between their legs, pushed one head into Kimmi's wet pussy and the other into Melissa's shaved pussy. They enclosed the space between them and proceeded to thrust their pelvis towards each other. With my hand still on the toy, I wiggled it ferociously, intensifying their motions. I took turns from each of their boobs, enjoying my options. From Kimmi's small, perky mounds to Melissa's massive porn-star looking tits. I loved 'em both.

"Hmmmm, yeaaah," Kimmi moaned.

"Ohhhh, shiiit, yessss," Melissa moaned.

I don't think Kimmi and Melissa knew that we had an audience now. Their moans and groans had awaken Kimmi's roommates. I laughed as I continued our show while watching them watch us. There was one girl all up in our business. She was in the bunk above us, with her head upside as she stared at us nonstop with a first row seat. I wasn't sure if she was enjoying our scene or wanted her damn sleep. She said nothing, just stared. Finally, I blew a kiss at the brown-eyed beauty. Her reaction-the most hypnotizing smile I'd ever laid eyes on. She blew me a kiss back. Just when I thought she was into me, she disappeared back on her bunk. I returned my attention by to my party and continued to help them to orgasm with "the disaster."

Then, we all heard a thump behind me. We all froze in place and looked over to see what was going on. It was Kimmi's roommate in the bunk over us. She'd flipped out of her bunk and landed on both of her feet on the floor. Gotta love cheerleaders, their hot bodies, their flexibility, and their piercings.

"Didn't mean to startle yall. Please continue," the busty multiracial girl smiled.

I realized she was butt naked as she stood in the middle of the floor. She noticed me staring, so she struck a pose for me, sticking her tongue out at me. I sucked on my bottom lip.

"Three's a crowd, but four's a party," she smiled as she ran her hand down her silky caramel-colored skin.

"Get your sexy ass over here," I demanded.

"I've been waiting on the invitation since yall woke me up," she smiled as she climbed in Kimmi's bunk. "So you're the famous Carmyn Delite. I've been hearing about your tongue action all summer."

"Well, now you don't have to hear about it. You can experience it and see why I got 'em hooked."

"By the way, I'm Rainbow."
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