From the Pages of Carmyn's Diary: A True Story 9

By Carmyn

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Leaving Kimmi and Melissa to please themselves with the assistance of a long dildo, I turned my attention to the newcomer who was climbing onto the small bunk. Smiling widely, she enclosed the short distance between us.

"Oh my gosh, I've never done anything like this before," she stated, but she wasn't hesitating to join us though. "But I guess I should join; I was masturbating before yall came in."

I smiled as I used my hands to pull her naked body closer to mine. With my legs opened, she climbed on top of me. Her lips quivered as they met mine. I slowly inserted my tongue in her mouth and passionately kissed her. As the kissing continued, she began to relax and enjoy the moment.

 Due to the limited space of the small twin sized bunk, all of our bodies were touching. This only increased my temperature and excited me more. Rainbow and I were on the left side of the bed, Kimmi and Melissa on the opposite side, against the wall. Melissa's head was near the top while Kimmi's was at the foot of the bunk. They were opposite one another as they continued to grind on the toy filling their wet holes. I'd reciprocated positions with Rainbow, having her on her back, partially leaning on Melissa's warm skin. Although I was hovering over her missionary style as we kissed in a heated frantic, I frequently reached over to caress one of Melissa's tits. Pinching her dark erect nipples caused her body to jerk in pleasure. Her boob bounced in my hand as she ascended and descended horizontally on the rubber dick.

My other hand found its way to Rainbow's perky d-cups. I pushed my pelvis closer to her body, slowly rubbing my warm skin against her increasingly moist hole. Rainbow arched her back up and wrapped her legs around my waist. My lips were devoted to hers, sucking hungrily on her tongue. We moaned through kissing.

The little bunk bed began to rock on the wooden floor as our pair of friends increased their motions. All could be heard were moaning, groaning, profanity, pussies colliding, and the screeching sounds the poles of the bed made on the floor. It was like paradise to me.

I gently pulled away from Rainbow's soft lips. I stared into her beautiful brown eyes; her lips formed a smile. I ran my tongue around her lips one last time before traveling to her neck. I sunk my teeth into her flawless skin and sucked hungrily.

"Ohh," she moaned into my ear. Her hands cascaded down my bare back until it halted at my ass. She expanded her fingers over my ass then proceeded to close them to grip every inch of my firm little tush.

"Squeeze it again, baby, ohh," I demanded between licks.

The harder Rainbow squeezed my ass, the more I squeezed Melissa's tit. Rainbow, on the other hand, was rocking her pussy against me. Heat was pouring from her hungry pussy.

"I need to be pleased badly," she grunted.

Leaving a wet trail, my tongue gradually headed south while enjoying the sweet taste of Rainbow's flawless skin. A quick flick to her pierce midsection then to the v-shaped split. I spread her legs farther apart, causing one of her legs to rest on Kimmi's chest. She didn't mind. Being the naughty freak that she is, Kimmi embraced Rainbow's toes by taking them into her mouth. Rainbow shuddered as Kimmi sucked on her toes, and I slowly began to suck on her engorged clitoris.

Eventually my wandering hand journey down Melissa's chocolate skin until I reached her pussy filled with a dildo. I tickled her exposed clitoris while I did the same to Rainbow with my tongue. Her flat stomach rise and fell dramatically as I lapped on her moist folds. For a better angle, I got on my knees, ass in the air, with my face buried between her legs. Rainbow clasped her legs around my shoulders as she cried out. I sucked her goodies in more. She squealed as so did Melissa and Kimmi.

The sounds in the room were soon reduced to just Rainbow's lovely voice. Kimmi and Melissa had reached their orgasms and were taking a second to recuperate. Tending to my own business, I dived deeper into the aching kitty before me. I slid my hands under Rainbow's legs, placed them on her waist, and pulled her body closer to my face in one quick motion.

"Yesss, babbbyyy, yesss!" she exclaimed as I worked my magic.

A sudden ohhh escaped my lips as I realized what was happening to me. Kimmi's tongue was traveling down my spine, then my crack, and finally into my pink star. As Kimmi devoured my asshole, she inserted her wet index finer in my womanhood. Melissa was determined not to be left out of the foursome. She crawled on top of Rainbow and straddled her face. Without hesitation, Rainbow extended her tongue to meet Melissa's flesh.

Rainbow ate Melissa; I ate Rainbow; and Kimmi ate me.

This story couldn't get any better, but it did.

After another around of explosives, we all collapsed on the bed. Kimmi, Melissa, and Rainbow moved around as if they were leaving. I was too weary to move, so I remained laying there on my back with my eyes closed until...

My eyes flew open when I felt three sets of hands pulling my legs down.

"What are you guys doing?" I inquired of my naked friends.

Their actions answered my questions. Once my ass was on the edge of the bed, they went to work. Kimmi was up first. She dived between my aching labia and licked ferociously. My eyelids fluttered as I quivered in delight. After a very short period of time, she stopped. I looked down in disappointment. Then it was the ebony beautiful who picked up where the wild Asian left off. I rested my head back down on the pillow and enjoyed the pleasure. The girls rotated again; it was Rainbow's turn. My friends took turns again, eating me out, sucking on my toes, and kissing me deeply.

I'd never experience such utmost pleasure before. My body was preparing for what felt like the most powerful orgasm ever. My limbs went numb as my entire frame uncontrollably trembled in a rhythmic sequence. It was overwhelming. My moist walls contracted. My legs stiffened. My toes curled. It felt like a waterfall cascaded down and violently erupted between my throbbing labia. Ejecting my liquid honey like a water hose, my friends closed their eyes as I soaked, almost drowned, their pretty faces. The squirting went on for several moments as did my soprano pitched screams. I didn't know my voice could reach such volumes nor did I know my body contained so much!

When the last of my sweet fluids oozed out, I fell into a deep slumber within seconds.

Sincerely Satisfied,
Carmyn Delite, Ringleader of the all girl orgy

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