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From the Pages of Carmyn's Diary: A True Story 1

Carmyn reminisces about her first time
As I ascended the steps on the bus, I almost fainted as the sight. There were so many girls. White girls, black girls, Hispanic girls, Asian girls, blond girls, brunettes, redheads, tall girls, short girls, petite girls, curvy girls. I felt like a kid in the aisle of ToysRUs.

Smiling ferociously, I headed to the back of the back as I scanned the many pretty faces. Once I found a seat, I opened my diary and began to write as the bus took off, heading towards cheer camp.

June 1, 2007 Age 17
Dear Diary,

Yes! It's summer time again, meaning it's time for cheer camp, meaning it's time to have fun with some girls. I'm still in shocked about what happened last year at camp, but I'm so happy it finally happened.

I've been attracted to girls lately, but too scared to admit it or act on my urges. But last year, oh my, I got what I've been secretly wanting and I couldn't be happier. I had my first girl-girl experience with one of my cabin roommates on the last day of camp.

Her name was Robin. Now that I think about it, her name fit her so well because she was a redhead with a glowing orange tan, similar to the bird's appearance.

We'd been rooming in camp #5 with two other girls, Carrie and Wendi, who we did have to quietly do it so they wouldn't know.

Robin had been having some relationship problems with her boyfriend since camp first started. While she was at cheer camp, her boyfriend was at football camp. The problem was she was 60 miles away from home for 8 weeks, while her boyfriend was still in their hometown. He'd go to football camp every weekday morning and be free to do whatever every night and every weekend. She didn't trust him to go 8 weeks without sex; that's why she tried to convince him to go to football camp out of town, so he'd been surrounded by guys only. But somehow, he managed not to.

Robin would call him nonstop to see what he was doing, what he already did, and what he planned to do. When he wouldn't answer, she called her sister and friend to spy on him. She gone the entire time at camp with no reports of him being unfaithful until the last day of camp. Her sister called to inform her of the bad news: he'd been sleeping with many girls, but what's worse of all, he'd been screwing her friend, too.

Crying hysterically, she sat on the edge of her bunk, the bottom one, as she punched her bed. Trying to soothe her, I joined her in her bed, wrapped my arms around her, and told her it would be okay. Gradually she calmed down, but was still enraged to the fact that she gave herself a migraine.

"Lay down," I instructed her. "I'll get you some water and a Tylenol. I'll be right back."

I came back minutes later with her drink and medicine. After she took the pill, she threw her blanket over her. I was about to resort back to my bunk when she reached from under the cover and grabbed my hand.

"Join me," she whispered.

"Huh?" I asked.

She raised her blanket up and patted a spot for me. I kicked my flip flops off and laid on my side in front of her. She threw the cover over both of us, including over our heads. She scooted close to my backside and rested an arm over my waist. It felt inappropriate and wrong, but I didn't say anything. In a weird way, my body was excited.

"I hate boys," she cried.

"Sometimes I do, too," I replied. "But you shouldn't waste your tears on him. I mean, you shouldn't want to be in a relationship where you need to investigate his every move."

"I know, I know," she agreed as she inserted her fingers between mine. "I should have been broke up with him."

"Yes you should've. You deserve better. And I know you'll find that special guy one day."

"I don't know," she dragged. "I'm so tired of boys and their bullshit. Boys are so insensitive and uncaring. I mean, I've been dating Jack for 2 and 1/2 years. And this is what I get. A broken heart and the desire never to trust a dick again. But you, Carmyn, I just met you at the beginning of camp. I've known you less than 2 months, and yet, you're here for me. You're missing the big goodbye party down by the lake for me because you're concerned about me."

"I'm your friend, that's what friends do."

"I know. That's what girls do. Boys pretend to care just so they can get in my panties, but girls are sincere and actually knows how I feel. You know?"

"Are you trying to tell me you're suddenly gay now?" I laughed. I was joking, but apparently, Robin was not.

"Maybe..." she replied then had a change of mind. "I am! Yes, I'm gay. I'm so done with boys. Never again shall I want a dick in me. Ugh. The thought now disgusts me."

My eyes enlarged and I became instantly nervous. Here she was shouting her sexual preferences, and I was laying next to her. I wanted to excuse myself, but I didn't want her to think I was homophobic. I wasn't, but I wasn't really comfortable. But deep inside of me, an unusual feeling was surfacing. My legs started to tremble and my mind kept displaying naughty images of us.

"I'm not gay," I whispered to myself, trying to convince myself.

"I'm so happy now, C," Robin exclaimed in my ear. "No more dirtbags for me."

Submerged in her new blissful state, Robin adjusted, to get comfortable, accidentally grazing her c-cups on my back a few times. I crossed my legs and squeezed my thighs together to use my inner thigh to press against my clit. It was obvious I was turned on, but I couldn't be. I didn't like girls. At least, I thought I didn't.

"Thanks, C, for being a good friend to me," she said. Then she planted an innocent, friendly kiss on my neck. Instead of her moving back so she could lay her head back on her pillow, her lips remain just centimeters away from my neck. This time the kiss was innocent. Her lips parted, descended on my neck for several moments as she sucked hungrily on it.

I wanted to stop her. I really did. But I didn't. My body wouldn't let me, especially with the heat intensifying between my legs. I tried not to make a sound, but I was enjoying it that eventually I moaned. Hearing myself enjoy a girl kicked me into reality.

"Stop, Robin, stop!"

"You're scared someone will walk in? Don't worry. You know everyone's at the party down by the lake. No one's coming in, baby."

"No, Robin, we...we can't. I can't. I'm not gay."

"How do you know?" she giggled as she tickled my earlobe with her tongue and massaged the side of my stomach with her right hand.

"Be-because I know," I stuttered, trying to speak instead of moan. "How do you know you're actually gay."

"I guess I don't. But we won't find out unless we do it at least once. C'mon, Carm, you're the only person I trust to do this with. At least we're not strangers. We're friends. And it can be our little secret."

Ohhh, I sang as her hand journeyed down to my moist panties.

"See, you want it just as bad as I do."

"But..." I lost my train of thought when two pairs of footsteps on our cabin's porch stomped towards our door. Our two roommates ran in the room, complaining.

Wendi cried, "My hair! It's all wet! Stupid rain.I can't believe it rained on our party. Ugh."

Carrie laughed, "Don't worry. If your color runs, you can always bleach it again."

Wendi eyed Carrie. "What are you talking about? I'm a natural blond."

Robin and I peaked from under the covers at the camp's most bickering pair.

Carrie laughed, "Yeah, right." Carrie pulled her wet shirt over her head and used a nearby towel to dry off.

Wendi said as she examined Carrie's midsection, "I am. I'm a natural blond, just like you're naturally a fat ass."

With her feeling like she'd won this war, Wendi stormed off in the bathroom to blow dry her hair, while Carrie undressed until she was completely naked, unaware of our presence under the covers, staring at her. Me, getting a little wetter than before.

Carrie wasn't fat. She was in her first trimester of her pregnancy that only she, Robin, and I knew about. She'd just found out a few days before camp started. She didn't tell anyone, because she knew she wouldn't be allowed to attend this year. She confided in her roommates, except Wendi, because they couldn't stand each other.

Robin and I laid quietly still as we watch Carrie change into a set of dry clothes. She turned the lights off before climbing into the top bunk over us, but the cabin was still dimly lit from the light escaping from the ajared bathroom door.

Robin surprised me with her nonchalant attitude of our roommates presence as she continued to massage my clit through my damp panties. I wanted to stop her, but I couldn't say anything without waking up the girl above us. I reached down to stop her hand. She just slapped my hand away. I stopped, listening attentively to see if our sleeping roommate heard that. Apparently not, especially with the volume of the blow dryer.

Robin took advantage of the time I took to see if Carrie was still sleeping. With the quickness, she pulled my shorts and underwear to the side to expose my wet flesh. She used her index finger to arouse my throbbing clitoris while her middle finger tickled the entrance of my pussy. I drew my bottom lip in, trying to withhold my moans. It felt so good.

Robin went back to sucking on my neck. My body shivered from her sweet touch and soft lips. By now, I wasn't interested in stopping her. I spread my legs farther apart, motivating her to continue deeper in my walls. She took the ignition and inserted two fingers in my tightness. My walls clasped around her fingers as I started breathing rapidly. She accelerated the speed, but not too much due to our company. She shoved her left arm under my body and reached up to grab a handful of my left breast. Through my shirt, she squeezed my breast; she continued to finger me as she licked and kissed my neck.

I felt it. The feeling was almost there, so close to cumming. I was mere seconds about from a totally blissful explosion when the door to our cabin opened.

"Carmyn Delioz!" the most annoying voice roared.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © All stories posted by Carmyn is solely composed by Carmyn. Frequently, I may compose stories based on chats with Lushees, but I will always be the author and will give credit to anyone who gives me an idea. In no way are either of my stories playwright. Similarities to someone else's stories, characters, events, and actions are mere coincidences. It is to be understood by all my readers that all stories I write are fictional.

Thanks for reading!

XOXO Carmyn

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