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Full Court Press

At a basketball game I never thought I would find love.

As I ran down the court, I could feel the adrenaline pumping through me. The crowd on the bleachers was jumping up and yelling and I could feel their excitement as it pushed its way through my veins. I love home games so much because it encouraged me to do my best out on the court.

Oh, I am so sorry! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Tonya and I am twenty three years old. I started college this year to become a teacher. I enjoy helping other people and children, so I felt that this job would be the best career path that I can possibly align myself with.

I have mid-back length chocolate brown wavy hair. My eyes are the same deep chocolate as my hair with somewhat long eyelashes. I am an average height of 5'5". I know that I am good looking. I could tell by the looks that I get from both men and women at college.

I started playing for the college basketball team a month ago. I am a forward. Therefore, I get to play a lot. The forward gets to be the the highest scorer on the team. I know that I average a score of fifteen points per game. The whole team enjoys playing with me and we are closer than any opposing team.

Back to what I was saying before. The ball was in my possession and I saw that the other team was playing a zone defense, which is when they guard a certain area from any of my teammates that try to get in that area.

I chose the half court breaker play and passed the ball to the point guard and ran up. The point guard was in the middle of the free throw line and started to get two defenders on her. She passed the ball to me in a frenzy.

I passed it back to her as soon as I saw that she was open. She passed it to one of the posts as they made it to the middle. As she went for a layup, my heart was in my throat. She made it, though. That made the score 2 to 0.

As we rushed back to defend, I ended up guarding a woman that was a little taller than me. She tossed the basketball to one of her teammates. They shot it and I attempted to block my opponent from getting the rebound by boxing her out.

She pushed me off of her sort of hard. I ended up falling backwards onto the gym floor. As I hit the floor, the wind was knocked out of me and I hit my head really hard. The last thing I remember was the woman saying over and over that she was sorry.

As I woke up, I saw the woman that I was guarding and she offered me her hand to help me up. I realized that I was on the bleachers and started to cry. The woman told me that her name is Sasha and that my team won the game. 13 to 7.

I got up with her assisstance and headed towards the locker room to grab my bag of clothes. As I made my way to my locker, a lot of my teammmates were saying that Sasha was such a bitch for what she did. I felt like I should defend Sasha somehow and told my teammates that the games are always intense and that we tended to get into the game.

They all looked at me like I had just lost my mind, but they understood where I was coming from. I grabbed my bag of clothes and walked out of the locker room. I saw Sasha as soon as I was in the hallway. She walked up to me and apologized again. I told her that I was not upset and that things happen that we cannot control.

"I would still like to make it up to you somehow. Would you like to come over to my place for drinks? I do not live that far away," Sasha asked me.

I accepted the offer mainly because I did not want to go home and be alone. I needed the company of another person so much. I walked outside with Sasha as she led the way to a Ford GT500 and explained that her parents had a lot of money. I nodded my head although I did not understand because my parents did not have any money to buy me a car. I had to buy my own things.

We got into the car and Sasha started it as soon as we got buckled. The engine roared to life and Sasha told me that she loved the excitement of owning a race car. She told me that she could get to her house in two minutes if she went as fast as she usually did.

To prove what she said, Sasha pressed on the gas and the car lurched forwards. I was honestly amazed at the acceleration in the car. After another two or three minutes, Sasha slowed down and pulled into a driveway.

"Well, we are here," Sasha informed me as she took a key out and opened the front door, inviting me in before her.

I walked inside and looked around quickly as Sasha closed the door. Her house was so clean and organized that I was instantly glad we had not gone to my house. Don't get me wrong, it is clean but not this clean.

"Do you want anything to drink," Sasha asked me.

I asked her what she had because I did not want to make a fool of myself by asking for something that she does not have.

"Let's see. I have whiskey, vodka, wine, scotch, everclear, water, and coke," Sasha informed me as she rummaged through her fridge.

I told her that I would take some vodka. She grabbed a bottle of it and took out a glass but hesitated.

"Do you want a shot, a glass, or a screwdriver," Sasha asked quizzingly.

I told her that I would take a screwdriver. As she made the drinks, I sat down on the black couch that was in the living room.

Soon Sasha came into the room with two screwdrivers. She gave me mine and sat down on the couch next to me with hers. Sasha turned on her TV and a basketball game came on.

"Now what exactly is your favorite sport, again," I jokingly asked Sasha.

She lauged and told me golf. I told her that she was in the wrong sport then. Once again she laughed.

I took a healthy gulp of my drink and savored the strong taste of the orange juice and vodka as it went into my stomach, leaving behind a warm tingly sensation.

As I drank more and watched the game on TV, I started to get wet.

"Do our boobs bounce like that when we play ball," I asked Sasha.

I saw Sasha look at my boobs when I said that and then she told me that maybe they did. I thought to myself that the alcohol must have gotten to my brain. I probably just imagined her looking at me.

As time went on, drinks getting refilled, I noticed Sasha moving closer to me.

"You should spend the night because we are both pretty drunk and you don't have a vehicle to leave in," Sasha urged me.

I told her that I might as well and I could swear that I saw a devious grin on her face. She must have planned this whole night.

It might have been the alcohol, but I became aware of Sasha's body. Her hair was a chestnut brown and she had deep brown eyes to match her hair. Her lips were full and set in a smile now. She must have had D cup breasts because they were definately bigger than mine.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted when Sasha put a hand on my chin and pulled my head up to face hers as she kissed me gently. I was amazed at how soft her lips were and let out a muffled "mmm".

I did not realize that I had just given her permission to continue until Sasha pulled my jersey off, almost ripping it. She pulled my sports bra up and started to play with my nipples, rolling them in her fingers.

"," I moaned, suddenly aware that I was starting to feel moisture between my legs as I became more and more aroused.

Sasha must have known how aroused I was getting because she pushed me back on the couch until I was laying down. She put her hands in the waistline of my basketball shorts and pulled them down along with my panties.

"You are so wet," Sasha informed me as she bent her head down and gently licked my clit.

"Oh" was my only response as her tongue sent wave after wave of pleasure to my very core. She started to push a finger into my wet sex. I could feel her finger as she pumped it into me faster and faster each time. That and her tongue sent me over the edge and I rode her finger and mouth until my orgasm subsided. She put her finger in her mouth and told me that I was very sweet tasting.

I started to settle down and realized that Sasha had no pleasure out of all of that and that she was still fully dressed. I moved to start undressing her, but she stopped me.

"Just pleasing you was enough for me," she told me.

She then kissed me and we both got into comfortable clothes and cuddled on the couch. I fell asleep with my arm around Sasha's side and my body pressed against hers. I also had a huge smile on my face as I drifted into a dream.

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