Fullfillment of Love

By Element

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This is just a section of a story of mine, tell me what you think of it. I welcome all comments.

It really only took a couple hours to get back, so they got there early in the morning much to the delight of the townsfolk. All relieved to find out she’s still a virgin. Anika gets back to her house and goes about her regular day. Night comes around and Anika was getting ready for bed, what Kantar had told her earlier continued to play thru her mind; she was planning on pleasuring herself tonight, to the thought of him. They said no sex, but nothing about masturbation. So she gets herself in bed and slips a hand down the front of her pajamas. Right when she does a knock comes to her window; she jumped from it and looks over to see the woman from last night. She was turned from the window at the moment though. Anika pulls her hand out then stops half wanting to make her stand out there but she knew the woman could easily get in. Slowly she crawls out of bed and goes to the window opening it. The woman says, “Step out.” “Why should I?” “I’m not going to harm you. I also know that what I told you confused you.” “Damn straight it did, how about you come in, I’m not walking out in my PJs.” The woman could have said something but chose not too, she turns and climbs in slowly. Anika says, “What do you want?” “A couple things: First, to make sure you understand I have no intentions nor would I think about touching Kantar. Second, to talk to you about what I meant.” “I was worked up earlier after a little argument with him, then the incident happened I was just scared, mad, and confused. Don’t worry about it.” “That’s half of it.”

Anika sits down and pats the bed beside her, the woman sits down, Anika says, “You know my name…” “Missy is my name.” “Missy?” “I was raised far west from here so I got another languages name unlike you.” “What did you mean earlier?” “Most girls I meet are photocopies of each other. I don’t mean by skin color or anything like that. All of their destinies are the same.” “You’re some type of seer then…” “In a way yes. Anyway when I saw you over there with Kantar I sensed something I hadn’t felt in a long time. It’s nothing sexual or anything like that. I felt something in your soul that made you shine out from the rest of the girls.” “So what destiny do I have?” “Unlike most you have the will and the power to change your destiny.” “Huh?” “Most people have a set destiny, everything is already laid out and you just follow the trail. You have the power to create your own trail, to venture from the set path.” Anika glances at her not sure what to think. Missy says, “I don’t expect you to believe me just like that…but I felt I needed to at least tell you.”

Anika looks at her more closely and says, “He wasn’t your son was he?” Missy goes silent, Anika says, “Lover?” “Does it matter?” “It’s a difference in how you remember him.” Missy looks down as Anika crawls towards the middle of the bed to go to sleep. Missy says, “Anika…?” “Yeah?” Missy turns and moves closer to her. Anika, as she gets closer and closer, says, “What?” Missy says, “Wouldn’t you like to know why I won’t touch Kantor?” “Not rea…” Missy plants her lips on Anika’s before she could even register this in her mind. Missy held the kiss too, no tongue, just a kiss. Missy looked thru half closed eyes into her surprised, wide eyed ones as she kissed her. Anika starts to soften by the kiss until Missy lets off. Missy waits for Anika to respond. Anika’s cheeks flush up quickly as she tried to find the words to speak, Missy smiles and goes up for another kiss that made Anika dizzy. Anika falls back onto her bed with Missy on hot pursuit not wanting to break the kiss. Anika closes her eyes the second her head hit the pillow.

Missy lets off from kissing her and goes close to her ear. Anika could feel her warm breath fanning over her ear as she spoke, Missy says, “I only care for women…” With that Missy begins to kiss her neck lightly, so no hickeys would be left. Anika says, “S…sa….sarrrrahhh….” slowly she lets up the kissing and looks up to her, Anika manages to say, “I…never…touched….a…” “I won’t leave a trace of myself behind, your virginity will still be intact…it is the best and safest sex imaginable…” “I…don’t…” “If you want me to leave then just say the word…” Anika only stares at her now, thousands of words rushed thru her head but none she could form in her mouth at that moment, Missy took this as an okay and continues to give her small kisses on her neck. Anika tilts her head back almost completely unable to help herself. The pecks of kisses were like soft bursts of warmth that radiated thru her. Missy pecks on down her exposed chest and as much as she could under the shirt without disturbing it.

Anika says, “Missy…” “We have all night…no need to rush things…” Missy moves further down and starts landing the same pecks on her stomach doing like she did with her shirt earlier, she didn’t go too close to Anika’s breast, but close enough to tell Anika had a nice, large and firm pair. Her nipples poked out from the shirt about a half inch, Missy took quick notice of that as she stuck her tongue in Anika’s belly button which made her laugh a little. Missy continues these kisses on down to the top of her shorts and a little inside finding a pair of blue panties there, another thing she took note of, the same blue as her eyes. Missy moves even further down to her legs and starts about mid-thigh going down to her feet and back up both legs. On her feet Missy took her time really admiring them.

Missy, for the first time in her life, couldn’t tell if she was horny as hell, or if her feet were really this beautiful, but right then they were perfect. She stops the peck attack on her and moves up beside her, Anika turns her head and when their lips met Anika made the first move by pushing her tongue into Missy’s mouth. Missy replied copying her. This kiss held for some time, each of them swirling the other’s tongue all over the insides of the mouth, savoring the taste of each other, savoring the arousal and longing they had for each other. For Missy it wasn’t too much of a deal, she has felt this before. Anika, on the other hand, felt like she was flying thru heaven on a cloud. The only times she had ever kissed was with a guy and it felt nothing like this. It was more of a rough, bone crushing force than a kiss. Their hands were also very rough and unkind to her strong, but when horny, sensitive skin. Missy felt similar to what she dreamt an angel should feel like.

Anika raises her hand up to Missy’s cheek unable to resist feeling her, what she felt made her almost gush herself at that second, she expected feathery soft skin but no, it felt strong, just like hers. Anika’s jaw gaped at this realization; Missy giggles at her expression but quickly gets her attention by saying, “You want to go further?” “How?” “We start taking some clothes off…just out top layer, leaving our bras and panties…” “I don’t wear a bra…” “You can find something to wrap around you until you are comfortable enough to go fully nude.” Anika slowly rises from Missy’s side and, keeping her back to her, removes her shirt giving Missy more of a view than she knew, Missy didn’t care to see her breast, she did but not as much as she just wanted to see more of Anika’s skin. Missy says, “Just wondering, do you use anything on yourself?” “Um…” “It’s okay, I won’t tell…” “I just use my hand…it’s been all I’ve needed for that…”

Anika pulls a sheet of cloth out and decided it would work, she wraps it around her self and says, “Could you give me a hand, I can’t reach back to tuck it in…” Missy rises and comes up behind her looking at her thru the mirror. Missy slowly tucks it in feeling bolts flow thru her as she touched Anika’s back while she did this. Anika turns back to her and they both return to the bed going back to a laying position. Missy climbs on top of her feeling as light as a feather, Anika says, “Keep giving me those pecks….please…” “Your wish is my command…” Missy starts from her feet up getting even higher up on her thigh than before, Anika even split her legs slightly letting Missy peck on the soft inner thigh skin. From this Missy could feel a blazing infernal on her cheek as she continued Anika felt herself orgasm from this alone, the experience unlike anything she has felt before.

Missy goes to the top of her panties and kisses around them slowly before trailing her way up even closer to her breast, the cloth wrapped around her failed to hide the valley of her breast as Missy looks up from her stomach, she could have sworn it was like a canyon. She now moves up further and kisses the top of her breast, just where they plumped out from her chest, Anika hit another orgasm from this and when Missy moved to her other breast she orgasmed again, Missy could tell she was going insane with pleasure, knowing the telltale signs of orgasms that were hitting Anika. Missy still had memories when she was Anika’s age and first experienced a woman’s touch. Anika says, “Oh god…you’re driving me insane! Don’t stop!” Missy smiles at her plea for more and says, “Turn over; I want to give your back the same pleasure…” Anika was quick to turn over. Missy lay beside her and started on her neck getting where she missed the first time, Anika sighs from this in a long, steady, whimper almost like a small puppy would make when it was lonely.

For almost another hour Missy slowly covers her back, the back of her arms, and the back of her legs with pecks of kisses driving Anika into multitudes of orgasms with each passing second. Anika, by now, wished it would never stop. Missy does a beeline of kisses to Missy’s lower back, near her panties. To where her panties had pulled down a little by Anika’s squirming and shifting. Missy kisses the top of her cheeks with an even more tender touch than before. This giving Anika jolts of pleasure coursing all over her body. No matter what the jolts ended in the same spot, now covered by her panties. Missy had dodged the slight crevice of the beginning of her crack. Now done with everything else Missy sticks her tongue out broadened wide and like as deep as she could into the crevice. Anika’s hips rose into the air following her tongue, Missy now noticed Anika’s free hand had slipped under her panties rubbing herself feverishly. Missy grabs her arm stopping her and says, “Don’t spoil the fun Anika. Please…” “Ooooohhhhhh…please hurry…I’m….so…close….” “I know honey….I know…just a little bit longer…” Missy places her hand under Anika’s hip and cups Anika’s genitals gently. Anika moans out from the slightest touch there from Missy. Missy releases her and says, “You want me to go further?” “Stop asking! Just do it!” Missy smiles at her hastiness and says, “If you rush like this you won’t truly enjoy the feeling of getting off…I am teaching you, remember that…”

Missy kisses her and pushes her close to herself as they were both sitting up. Anika laid her hands on Missy’s hips while Missy reaches behind her and tugs on the cloth, it slips out with ease. The cloth unwinds itself and falls between them. Anika’s lengthy nipples stuck out into the air, a proud sight to view. Missy says, “Undo my bra…” “I don’t know…” “Reach behind, grab both sides, push them together and then away, it’s that simple…” Anika does this as Missy kisses her square on the lips. The bra straps fall limp on her back, Anika brushes the shoulder straps away and removes it from her object of lust’s beautiful torso. Missy was so badly turned on it hurt her more than she thought it would; the lust she felt for this girl was way too much for her. But she refused to leave this girl in the dark, to leave her stranded and on the verge of ecstasy. Missy knew after Anika exploded she would ravish her own body the same way just from memory alone. Missy started to feel a little annoyed at the speed they went but rationalized that it was wise to keep it slow and steady.

Anika reaches out boldly and cups her hand under Missy’s left tit. She lifts it up, feeling its sensuous weight and feel. Missy says, “You are getting braver…” “I couldn’t resist…you are so perfect…” “You are even more perfect than me Anika…you are the deity here, I am just the lucky warrior who gets to taste your immortal flesh, to taste your sweet nectar of love…” Missy was well experienced at this in both act and verbal use of sex. She sometimes thought she could hypnotize people with it, although she really knew better. Anika finds herself inching closer and closer to Missy’s left tit. Missy says, “You like my tits Anika?” “You’re what?” “Tit is another word for breast, it’s shorter, easier to say, and works better. All men will say it…” “I never heard that word before, not even from my current parents…” Missy quickly changes the subject by saying, “You can suckle and lick them if you want…”

Just like she hoped Anika latches onto Missy’s small little buds and went to town on them, in her head Missy thought, oh god…I’ve waited too long for this…so tender…so soft…so needy…can it really be happening? Am I falling in love with this girl? Missy moans out when Anika bit down a little rough, Missy could not help but jump a little by that, Anika stops and looks up at her. Anika says, “Don’t worry my love…you caught me off guard, please keep going…don’t forget about my right tit…it is feeling abandoned…” Anika smiles up to her and says, “We’ll just have to fix that won’t we Missy…” “Indeed we will Anika…” Anika slides her hand thru Missy’s hair amazed by the silkiness of her hair. Out of all the women she’s been with none of them had hair so silky soft and smooth. Missy wanted to tug on it to be sure it was real but suppressed her curiosity for now.

Anika slowly licks her way thru Missy’s cleavage giving her valley a good cleaning with her tongue, before she even started moving to the right tit. Upon latching on Missy groans in utter ecstasy at the contact. Missy’s hands fondled this tit together, instead of only one hand to add even more pleasure than the left. She was making sure this tit never felt abandoned again. Anika giggles to herself for thinking this but was pleased with her decision The night was only halfway gone, for nearly 3 hours they had been going at it, both now gleaming with sweat, not stinky sweat, but a thin coat that just hi-lighted them more than ever. Anika shakes her head slightly as she bit down on Missy’s nipple and hums in her throat, Missy bites her lower lip hard, almost drawing blood, just so she wouldn’t scream out. She was afraid of waking anyone up for fear of what her father or mother would do to Anika and/or herself.

Anika sees her bite her lip and says, “Was it too much?” “I loved it, but if I scream I’m afraid we’ll be dead…” “I scream in my orgasms at night, they were nothing like today, not once have they woke up; if they did they just assumed I was dreaming. But thank you for being considerate…” “You’ve sent me thru a dozen orgasms…let me taste you succulent, ripe and full tits…please…” Anika lies back down and says, “My body is yours to use…” Missy kisses her before anything else giving her a heavy dose of her tongue, almost trying to stuff it down her throat. When Missy let out Anika says, “You’re welcome…” Missy could not help herself from laughing at that. Anika says, “When you move down to my panties is there anything you can tell me to prepare me?” “There is no word, in any language, that could prepare you for what is to come…all I can tell you is that I will be there to help you climb the mountain all the way…Anika…think what you may think but I have to get this off my chest…”

Anika’s crystal blue eyes shimmered as she says, “What?” “Anika…I…I…think I’m in love with you…” Anika’s smile tried to reach her ears from hearing that. Anika says teasingly, “Do you think or know?” “Know…” Anika says, “To tell the truth I was in love with you the moment you kissed me, everything we’ve done since then has just cemented that deeper and deeper in my soul. All my life I’ve been feeling a large emptiness in my soul. Missy…you are the piece to fill my soul, my heart…” Missy moves up closer, if either thought the kisses they shared earlier were amazing the kiss they share now shot fireworks like a bomb drop. Jolts of intense pleasure surged thru them racing thru their blood like ants for food. Missy was struggling to even want to break the kiss but knew she had to, for Missy now had a craving deep in her soul to taste Anika’s tits. Anika breaks it just enough and says, “Prove your love for me Missy! Show me the pleasure I attempted to show you and more so. Do it in the name of love, do it for me…”

Missy moves down to sitting on her thighs and latches onto Anika’s left nipple like a baby sucking hard, Anika moans from the second she latched on until Missy’s tongue, as she bit down, flicked the sensitive tip in her mouth making Anika bite her bottom lip down hard trying to keep from waking a neighbor. She knew that scream was enough to do it. Looking back to how all this came to be Anika smiles down at Missy knowing now who her soul mate was. Anika remembered how they first met, the strong shiver she felt that caste up her spine as Missy spoke to her, then even tonight as Missy spoke to her about normal stuff her skin was on its ends just by the mere presence of her. At first she thought she was just cold, but now she knew, boy did she know.

Missy had abandoned her left nipple now and was creating a river on her cleavage which Anika enjoyed; she strokes Missy’s thick blond hair while watching Missy go to town on her cleavage and tits. Missy works her way over to Anika’s right nipple and latches on just like the last. Anika presses Missy’s face into her tit tightly wanting it to never end. Anika knew Missy had no intention of this stopping, even if the sun rose Missy would have just been content to continue her exploration of Anika’s body, mind, and soul. Truth be told Anika wouldn’t mind either; she didn’t care if they never did anything but lay and have sex with each other. She knew it wouldn’t always be like that but it was a fantasy she would love to have come true. Missy spent a total of 90 minutes on her breast alone, leaving a little less than 4 hours to complete their joining before sunlight.

Anika remembers just then and says, “My mother and father go to church from six o’clock in the morning to four o’clock in the afternoon. I’ll just say I’m sick when they ask…that way we have all the time we need for the final chapter of this meeting…” Missy smiles as she moves further down Anika. Missy says, “I can’t express my joy to this news Anika…” “I just remembered that, I don’t know what triggered it…” “Do you want me to pull your panties down or what?” “It depends, how would you pull them down?” “With my teeth, I’ll grab right there between your pussy and asshole then slide them down your legs and off of you, after taking a hefty whiff of your scent that is…” “Wait, what did you say?” “Did they didn’t teach you anything about your body?” “No…” Missy places her hand over Anika’s panties and to her mound saying, “This is your pussy, also called a vagina, cunt, twat, etc. And the hole your poop comes out of is your asshole…” “Oh, okay…I understand…” “Is that okay with you?” “Sounds dirty…and sexy…” Missy smiles as she softly and gently splits her legs apart as wide as she could. Once this was done she goes to the top of the knee and does her patent pecks all over both thighs.

Anika says, “No more teasing Missy…please…” Missy says jokingly, “But I love to tease you…” Anika gives her a pouting look that melted her heart; Missy goes to her panties and carefully grabs a hold of the material, being careful not to pull the soft, tender skin. She knew what it felt like to be pinched or bitten there; it wasn’t pleasure, no pleasure in the pain there, for it made both her ass and her pussy ache like they were bleeding. Once in the clear Missy jerks them down and off of her legs and feet. She holds the panties to her nose breathing in deeply of the intoxicating, nectar of Anika. Anika says, “There’s more of that down here lover…” Missy tosses the panties to the floor

Just so you know Anika is about five foot eight, Missy is five foot nine if that, both weighing about 120 and well fit with muscle for their size and weight. What Anika beat Missy with were her tits, being a full cup larger, while Missy has a larger and more firm ass which Anika discovered and had been groping for some time while they had been kissing earlier. Missy now pulls Anika’s legs over her shoulders and running down her back, she spread her knees a little more and dives into her cunt with full force attacking Anika’s very core. Anika grabbed her pillow and screamed into it. It was the only way for her to lessen the scream from waking anyone up. The scream was barely heard thanks to the pillow. Missy rises up for a second. Anika slides the pillow over her tits and says, “Thank god this pillow is a good one.” Both burst into laughter at this.

Missy says, “I’ll be a little gentler this time, I got carried away there for a minute, forgot about you being a virgin to a woman’s touch.” “You shook me to my soul, no amount of lip biting could have kept that scream in…wait until another time, when we are secluded from people before you do that again.” “Yes my love…” Missy kisses her clit and starts to suck and nibble on it doing even more to Anika’s nervous system then she realized. Anika says, “Ahhhhhh….ahhhhhh……ahhhhhh!” Missy feels a flood of nectar drown her face, she fought hard to swallow it all but it continued to run down her face and into her hair and down to her breast. Anika then laid there twitching after that. Sarah licks Anika clean.

Anika sits up suddenly and pushes Missy down, she now licks Missy’s chest clean slowly, and she loved her own nectar. She then moves up to Missy’s face and even cleaned her hair which was quite a task. With that done Anika kisses her and rams her tongue in her mouth trying to get all of it she could. Once Anika let up Missy says, “Goddamn Anika…any harder and my jaw will snap off…” Anika laughs at her comment. Anika moves on down and assaults her pussy relentlessly. Missy was barely unable to stop the scream from slipping out of her lips. It would have pierced thru every wall of every house waking everyone up, so she almost made her mind’s ear deaf instead. Anika was quick to ready herself when the gush came like it did for her. Missy could only watch as Anika drunk heavily of her own nectar. Anika finally brings her face up from Missy’s sweet honey pot and up to meet her face to face. Missy licks her juices off Anika’s face and says, “I taste delicious.” Anika sticks her finger in her own cunt then in Missy’s, she brings it up to her lips sucking it clean, she does it again and puts it to Missy’s lips. Missy sucks on it, Anika says, “We taste delicious.” “Yes we do lover…” Once again they join in another kiss.