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Fun in the woods

Two girls in the woods, what's the best that can happen?
We're walking through the woods hand in hand, trying to keep to the path. I veer off dragging you with me by our connected hands. We walk deeper into the woods, its dark the only light is from the full moon shining on us. We hear a twig snap, you grab onto my arm refusing to let go. We're passing a big oak tree, I spin you around to push you up against the tree, pinning you there rendering you helpless. 

I nudge your neck with my nose, my lips trailing along your jaw line moving down your neck where I bite, hard. Kissing your neck to sooth the pain, licking, nibbling. Marking you as mine. I trail upwards to claim your lips as mine. Tongues dueling for dominance. Your hands fall to my hips pulling me closer, one of my hands is in your hair the other is on your arse, my thigh slipping in between your thighs, where I grind into your cunt.

You pull away from my lips panting. I take this chance to move back down your neck biting, licking, sucking my way down to the neck line of your top. I move my hands to the bottom of your top pulling up, my fingers grazing over your stomach, your breath catches in your throat. I push up your top grazing my fingers lightly over your bra covered breasts, over your head and down your arms where your top falls to the woods floor. I move my hands back to your breasts, my lips kissing your chest. Your nipples are hardening by the cool air of the woods, I pull the cups of your bra down. My lips finding your left nipple, my fingers fondling your right, tugging and pinching. My teeth graze over your nipple, you gasp and your hands find my hair. I bite your nipple making it harder, your back arches, you moan, I sooth your nipple with my tongue bar rolling your nipple around. I switch breasts, loving the way you try to pull me closer to you. I reluctantly pull away from your breasts to claim your lips once again.

My hands roaming from your breasts to your back scratching lightly as the go. The kisses are no more wanting, they are needing, urging. I scratch from your back to your hips, dipping my fingers into the waist band of your trousers teasingly. Moving from the front to the back never removing my fingers. I lower my head to your stomach, nibbling my way to your belly button, dipping my tongue in, savouring the noise you make. Slowly moving lower, my hands trailing up and down your calfs under your trousers occasionally scratching. Your hands are playing with your nipples, I look up and your looking at me your eyes screaming need. Biting your bottom lip, thrusting your hips into me, urging me on. 

I undo your trousers, pulling them over your hips down your thighs. My finger nails scratching down your legs, your left hand in my hair tugging, your right still playing with your nipple. Finally your trousers are down to your ankles, I kneel down my hands pushing your legs further apart. Your hips thrusting towards my face, your hand pulling me toward your cunt. I manage to get away from your forceful grip in my hair, moving up to bite your hip bone, your groaning is getting louder. I kiss my way to your panties, I find my favourite kind on your delicious arse, black frenchies. 

Trailing my tongue around the top, occasionally pulling at them with my teeth. Your fingers grip harder in my hair, my hands are on your arse, playing with the elastic of your panties, I pull them slowly over your arse moving round to pull them over your pussy. They join your trousers on your ankles, I pull them over one of your feet. Making you wait longer, your starting to get frustrated I can tell. I run my fingers up your legs, over your hips, skim the over your perfect breasts up your neck to hold your face where I kiss you tenderly, slowly getting harder and more desperate your hands are on my arse pulling me closer to you, my leg once again slipping In between yours, you're trying to get any friction you can. You're panting in my ear, I want to make you scream. I kiss may way down, making the most of your breasts, biting and tugging hard at your nipples, your scratching my shoulders, making me moan. God, I love it when you scratch me. I lick my way down lower to your pubic area, occasionally biting or kissing. 

My hands are once again on your perfect arse, kneeding, I kiss just above your slit. You're soaking I can tell, I peak my tongue out for a quick taste. Your knees go weak, I hook your right leg over my shoulder, my hands now on your legs helping to keep you up. Your hands are in my hair again, nails scratching my scalp, pulling my mouth closer to your juicy pussy. I slowly run my tongue through your dripping slit, savoring the taste, flicking your clit as I go. Your hips buck, I push on your stomach to keep you in place, my tongue finds your hole. Teasingly I go round in circles, your grinding your cunt into my face, moaning loudly.

I insert my tongue into your hole, savoring the taste, your fingers tighten in my hair, your knees go that little bit more wobbly. I move back to your clit, lapping, sucking, biting. I move my left hand to the apex of your thighs, pulling my head away from your grip, slowly tracing circles over your clit. Your moans getting loader, your hands are in your hair, your biting your lip trying to keep quiet but its not working. I slowly move my finger through your wetness, back and forth. "slipping and sliding". I move away completely, you growl in frustration. I kiss you again so you can taste yourself. Lips mashing together, tongues fighting for dominance. 

My hands once again make their move downwards, scratching your stomach feeling your muscles ripple underneath. I trace your clit again, your hands are resting on my shoulders, I thrust one finger into you, you nearly collapse. I move my right arm around your back keeping you close, making sure you dont fall. I curl my finger inside you, exploring, listening to your heavy pants and groans. I slide easily in and out of you, picking up a little speed. I enter a second finger forcefully, your head falls back and you let out a loud moan of pleasure. I move slowly at first, matching the movement of your hips. Slowly going faster, more forceful. My right hand moves onto the tree supporting myself, your left leg wraps around my waist holding me against you. In and out, I curl my fingers inside you, hitting that sweet spot, you bite my neck. I carry on moving harder, faster, your moans driving me on, don't stop you keep saying, I don't think I could if I tried. 

Your walls start to clench my fingers making it harder for me to move inside you, your biting me harder now my shoulder, my neck. Your fingers digging into my shoulder blades, I think you might have drawn blood but I dont care, I carry on thrusting into you, your hips matching my movements. I can feel your release coming, I pull away from you. Moving down your body with one goal in mind, still thrusting into you, my tongue finds your clit, I flick it once, twice, a third time. You come undone around my fingers, screaming incoherent words as you do. Your knees go weak, you fall into my arms panting. I hold you close, taking my fingers out, you whimper at the loss of contact. I kiss every inch of your face, you come back from your euphoria, smiling lazily at me. You kiss me sweetly, we sit there for a bit just bathing in the aftermath. We eventually get up, and head back to the path, back home. The moon shining on us as we walk home hand in hand.

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