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Getting to know each other better

I moved her g-string to the side so I could get a feel of her soaking wet pussy...
The bus trip home always feels like the longest. I sighed knowing that the trip will be an hours long and stared out of the window, thinking about the eventful night I had just had. So much dancing and partying had taken a lot out of me, my ankles were aching from my stilettos and I was still quite tipsy from all the jelly shots. Watching the warm glow of the street lights through the midnight scenery and glancing to my friend, Mariah; the light of the moon shone on her long black hair and made her emerald eyes glitter. She closed her eyes and rested her head on my shoulder. I watched her plump red lips and then my eyes slowly wandered down to her chest; her full E cup breasts were bulging out of her shirt and captivating my attention. I bit down on my bottom lip, holding back my lesbian urges to ravish at her breasts.

“What are you staring at, Hayley?” Mariah giggled, startling me as I realise she had her eyes open again.

“…Oh, um… Sorry!” I replied a little embarrassed and turning back to the window.

“Okay.” She spoke through a huge grin.

“What are you smiling at, babe?” I asked turning back to Mariah who was trying to hold back giggles; it was obvious she was still drunk.

“Oh, nothing…” She giggled.

“What the hell are you laughing at now?” I said, beginning to laugh myself at how silly she was.

“Well…” She began, turning her body to face me. “You were looking at my boobies!” She laughed hysterically and I shook my head and laughed with her.

“My bad!” I said, poking out my tongue in a cheeky and flirty way.

“You’re sexy!” She said being serious now and looking my body up and down.

I turned away from her and concentrated on my bracelets, blushing a scarlet red.

“Don’t turn away..” She said gently turning my head back. Our eyes met and it was as if she looked deep into my soul with her emerald green eyes.


“Sssh…” she interrupted, placing her polished fingernail over my lips. “Don’t say a word.” She started to stroke her finger tips over my bottom lips and she exhaled loudly. “You have such soft, rosey’re not just sexy, you’re beautiful.” She gave me a quick peck and moved her hand and placed it on my inner thighs, caressing them back and forth. The butterflies jittered in my stomach at those words and her touch gave me a tingling, overwhelming sensation from deep inside of me. I had loved her since I met her the first day I met her in College 2 years ago but she had a boyfriend practically the whole time so I’ve always assumed that she was straight. She proceeded to move up my skirt and towards my now moist panties and causing a cold shiver to run down my spine. I wanted her so badly.

“No, wait… Mariah I need to just ask one thing...” I paused, looking around the bus and catching my breath; there was a well-dressed middle aged man reading a newspaper at the front of the bus and a young girl tapping her fingers on the seat as she listens to her Ipod. “The kiss at the party and now what you’re doing… am I just an experiment or are you into girls because I don’t want to be someone’s experiment..”

“Sorry…” She moved her hand away. “Am I coming on too strong? It’s been there all my life, only recently I accepted it and well.. now I really am sick of holding back my urges to be with a woman. I want you, all of you. Please let me have you?” She bit her lips and started to play with my hair.

I sat staring into space, stunned by her words and tried to comprehend what she said. Mariah leaned in to kiss me and I kissed her back, first kissing gently; I could taste her strawberry lip balm on her smooth, soft lips. We then kissed deeper, overwhelmed with passion for each other. I locked my fingers behind her and pulled her closer to me; she took this as an opportunity to sit on my lap facing towards me. Making out still, her hands tussled through my hair, then to my cheeks and eventually they wandered down to my D cup breasts where she flopped one out of my bra.

“What if someone sees?”I managed to whisper when I pulled away from her mouth, breathlessly looking behind her at the other passengers.

She ignored me, took my other boob out and began ravishing at my breasts with her hands, pinching my nipples gently and making me whine with pleasure. I started rubbing her ass, gave her a little spank and then traced my fingers around her thighs at the same time Mariah was kissing my neck, giving a gentle nibble and then slowly licking down to my breasts. She flicked my nipples back and forth with her tongue and I made a loud whimper.

“sshhh!” she giggled and put her hand over my mouth.

I closed my eyes, taking in every lick she did over my nipples. I moved her g-string to the side so I could get a feel of her soaking wet pussy. It was smooth and soft; I circled around her pussy and then put a finger inside of her. “ohhh!” She cried out and I pushed her mouth back on to my nipple.

“You sshhh, too, baby.” I whispered into her ear and shoving in another two fingers, making her moan again.

“It…feels… soo… good!” She moaned, sucking my nipple, as I finger fucked her pussy with all my force. Her pussy juices were dripping down my arms, I was so wet myself. I needed to feel something inside of me, it was too much watching her moaning on top of me and sucking my boobs. I spread my legs wide enough, sat up, still fingering Mariah on top of me and wriggled out of my panties with my free hand. Still moaning she opened her eyes to see what I was doing and before I could put my own finger into myself she shoved two of hers inside of my pussy.

“Fuck!” I whimpered and fucked her harder with my fingers as she fingered fucked me too.

“I think I’m going to come soon” she whispered breathlessly in my ear. With my free hand I quickly pulled her enormous breasts out of her bra and sucked them as we fucked each other vigorously. I then proceeded to run her clit at the same time, maximizing the pleasure to an extreme. It felt so good her fingering me and playing with breasts, my fingers inside of her sweet pussy and sucking her tits. I looked deep into her eyes and she looked down back at mine as she moaned and pulled an exhausted porn star look face. She then closed her eyes and I felt her pussy pulsating around my fingers and her whole body shook on top of me as she let out a cry, she was cuming and this thought alone was enough to bring me to my own undoing. I closed my eyes and after recovering from her own she saw that I was about to cum too and began to fuck me harder and deeper and nibbling my nipples. My whole body had an overwhelming sensation, everything went black, I shook, and I screamed out a mumbled version of her name into her breasts. I opened my eyes; she was looking at me smiling and panting, running her fingers through her hair. I looked around the bus and there was no one else but us still on.

I guess long bus rides home aren’t too bad after all, I smiled to myself.

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