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Girl Crazy


My name is Sharon and I'm a member of our High School
Drama Club. Recently, the club went on a field trip
to Washington DC. A new girl named Felicia had just
joined the club. I had seen her around school a few
times and always envied her long slender legs and
killer "fuck me" eyes. Sitting together on the long
bus ride, we struck up an instant friendship. She was
pretty and it didn't take long before I lost all
interest in the field trip.

As the day went on, we started touching each other's
arm or leg when we wanted to make a point in our
conversation. The touches started lingering, and
finally, all we were talking about was sex. We were
flirting with each other and having loads of fun. By
the time we arrived in the city, there was only one
thing on my mind: having sex with Felicia.

When we got to our hotel, we arranged to share a room.
That afternoon, we toured a lot of the famous histori-
cal sites. After dinner, a group of us went to a movie
called Scream. Felicia and I sat together, and during
a scary scene we held hands. When the scene was over,
she moved my hand to rest on her bare leg. We both
wore short skirts, and after a few minutes, she parted
her legs and guided my hand between them. Then she
reached over and slowly ran hers up the inside of my
thigh. I let out a little yelp when she found what she
was looking for.

As we pretended to watch the movie, I played with her
through her panties until I got her wet while she
lightly ran her fingertip up and down my slit and
gently pushed the thin material inside me. It wasn't
long before we had worked our panties aside and were
fingering each other. We both started breathing
heavily and there was an unmistakable scent of aroused
pussy in the air.

One of my girlfriends sat in the row right behind us.
She leaned forward and whispered, "You two lovebirds
better cool it before everyone starts watching you
rather than the movie."

She was right, we were getting carried away. Reluctantly we stopped. The minute Felicia took her finger
out of me, I realized I wanted it back inside me so
bad. Once we had caught our breath, she leaned over
and whispered, "Later, lover."

"I can't wait," I whispered, sniffing my finger. I
trembled as I put it in my mouth and tasted her. Then
I reached down and held her hand for the rest of the
show. At that point, I was soaked and I didn't remember anything about the movie. All I wanted to do was
get back to our room and play.

When we arrived the hotel, we ran to our room, anxious
to take up where we had left off. As soon as we were
alone, we stripped each other down to just panties. I
had bought a ring at a souvenir shop earlier and took
it out to show her. Felicia grabbed it and said,
"Finders keepers."

"Hey, give it back," I yelled. I chased her around the
room until I pinned her in a corner. Suddenly she
turned around with her hands on her hips and a sly

"Where is it?" I asked.

"Search me," she said, holding her hands up and giggling.

Since she was naked except for her bikini panties,
there was only one place to look. "You're so bad," I
said, loving our sexy little game. I hooked my finger
in the top of her panties pulling on them until I could
see her pubic hair. "Maybe I should check down there?"

"Go fish." She stepped close enough that our nipples

I moved my hand slowly down her stomach and slipped it
under her waistband. My fingertips touched her short
curly hair and I tickled her making her squirm. "Am I
getting warm?" I asked.

"Very." She closed her eyes and leaned her head back
as my fingers crept further down and cupped her pussy.
She was still damp from our finger fun at the movies.
The ring was there but I pretended to keep searching
for it. "Where could it be?" I loved the way she re-
acted to my touch, pushing her crotch into my hand.
"Looks like I'll have to dig deeper."

"The deeper the better," Felicia said, moaning.

I let my finger slip between her soft folds and immediately felt wetness. "Maybe it's hiding in here."

Our breast pressed together and our mouths were only
an inch apart. I wanted her to kiss me more than any-
thing, and I quivered, never having been this close to
a naked girl before. But I decided to make our game
last a little longer so I pulled the ring out and held
it up. "Found it."

"That was too easy," Felicia said. "I'll have to find
a better hiding place."

"Like where?" I said with a big grin.

"How long is your tongue?" she asked.

I stuck it out at her.

"About that far up my pussy," she said, and we broke
out laughing.

"Felicia, you're such a pervert. You're going to turn
us both into a couple of lipstick lesbians."

She gently cupped my breasts and whispered, "Would that
be so bad? Admit it, Sharon, you're dying to do it,
aren't you?"

I could feel the warmth of her breath on my face as we
looked into each other's eyes. "Well . . ." I said
shyly, playing hard to get. "I guess it has crossed my
mind once or twice." In reality I fantasized about
doing it with another girl a lot. I just never had the

"Anyway," Felicia was saying, "everybody knows it's
perfectly normal for girls to experiment with each
other. Besides, most of the girls I know are doing it
all the time."

She squeezed my nipples and I felt a fire ignite between my legs.

"It's not like we'd be screwing boys or getting pregnant.

Just think of it as mutual masturbation."

She squeezed harder and I sucked in air. "Well," I
said, finding it difficult to keep standing, "I love

"Good," Felicia said, "because when you do it with your
girlfriend, it's soooo much more fun than by yourself."
She put her hands on my hips and pressed her damp
crotch against my leg. "You wanna play?"

"OK," I said, wrapping my arms around her neck. "So
am I really your girlfriend?"

She ran her hands down around my bottom. "Yes," she
said in a seductive whisper. "Girlfriend and lover."
Then with a wicked smile, Felicia pulled on the back
of my panties making them ride up into my crotch. The
pressure on my swollen clitoris almost made me come.
"Do you want to kiss me?" she asked.

"More than anything," I said, melting into her arms.
She put her tongue in my mouth and I finally got to
taste those beautiful sexy lips.

"Want to play hide the ring again?" she whispered after
we had made out for a few minutes.

"Fuck the ring," I said breathlessly, slipping my hand
inside her panties.

"I'd much rather you fuck me," Felicia said, her hot
breath on my ear.

"Then what are we waiting for?" I said, taking her by
the hand.

We moved to the side of the bed and she slipped her
panties off. Felicia was so turned on, moisture
dripped down the inside of her legs. I could smell
her and the scent drew me to her like a magnet. I
thought of the expression: a bitch in heat, and I
pictured us on our hands and knees with me behind her
sniffing and licking her bottom like a puppy. My
whole body tingled in anticipation of putting my face
between her legs.

Felicia got on the bed and propped herself against the
headboard. She brought her knees up spreading her legs
wide. Then she opened her vagina and I watched her
slide a finger in. When it was good and wet, she held
it up and motioned with it for me to come to her.
"Let's have some fun," she said, lifting her feet and
wiggling her cute little toes at me.

When I slipped my panties off, I realized the crotch
was soaked too. I started to let them fall to the
floor but Felicia said, "Wait, Sharon, I want them."
I tossed the panties to her and she brought them to
her nose. "Oh fuck, your pussy smells delicious."

"Do you always go around sniffing girl's underwear?"
I asked, giggling.

"Only the ones I want to fuck," Felicia said with a
wink. She wiped the wet crotch of my panties on her
nose and mouth while she watched me kiss her toes. I
ran my tongue between each one, sucking them and making
her giggle. Then I worked my way up the inside of her
legs licking, kissing and playfully biting her smooth
skin. She was so soft and warm. I planted delicate
little kisses all through her damp hair and around her
vagina, resisting the temptation to lick it. She would
be the first girl I ever ate and I wanted us both to be
as turned on as possible before I went down on her. I
moved up to her mouth. "I'm so hot for you," I said.
She wrapped her arms around my neck and we French

Then Felicia positioned me so my breasts were in front
of her face. She took a nipple between her lips and
sucked it into her mouth sending shock waves through

"I've got an idea," she said between licks. "Let's
skip the tour tomorrow. We can stay in bed and play
all day." To tempt me, she slid her hand between my
legs and rubbed me.

I thrust my hips forward when Felicia slipped two
fingers inside me. She continued to suck my breast
as she fingered me while I humped her hand. I felt
my girl-cum gush out when she finally got me off.
My orgasm was so intense I saw stars.

"If we stay in bed all day," I said when I'd finally
caught my breath, "when would we eat?"

"When you get hungry, girlfriend," Felicia said, "you
can eat me."

"You're so naughty," I said, and we both giggled. Then
I started kissing my way back down her body. She had
worked up a sweat and I loved the salty taste of her
neck and the soft valley between her breasts. I took
each nipple and played with it making them hard little
buds. Felicia wrapped her legs around me and pushed
her crotch into my stomach trying to create as much
friction on her clitoris as she could.

"Oh God, Sharon, you're driving me crazy," she said,
breathing heavily.

Felicia moved her hand down to masturbate but I pulled
it away. "Be patient," I said. "I'll get to that in
a minute."

"I need you to do me right now," she pleaded.

"Don't be in such a hurry," I said sticking the tip
of my tongue in her navel and leaving wet kisses down
her stomach.

Felicia tried to guide my mouth to her opening. "Will
you please just eat me!" she screamed.

I lay down between her legs and hugged them, bringing
my hands around to spread her open. I buried my nose
between her folds and breathed deeply, adoring the
fragrance of her sex. Then I gently pulled back the
hood exposing her swollen clitoris and flicked it with
my fingertip.

"You're such a fucking tease! I hate you," she said,
pounding the bed.

"Liar," I said. Her clit was rock hard and erect,
shinning like a pearl. It throbbed when I touched it.
I blew on it and her hips jerked up to meet my mouth.
She was soaking wet, and I wiped my face all over her
pussy. My cheeks, mouth, and nose were covered with
her warm girl-cum.

"Sharon, please," she begged, running her fingers
through my hair. "Please fuck me."

At last, I was ready to take the plunge. With a deep
breath, I closed my eyes. Imagining that I was licking
a melting ice cream cone on a hot summer day, I ran my
tongue up the full length of her slit. Her delicate
lips parted and I tasted the most secret place in the
world, that little piece of heaven between a girl's

Felicia tasted even sweeter than she smelled. I spread
her wide and stuck my tongue in her tight little pink
hole, so warm and moist. Her sugar walls spasmed as
she tried to hold me inside. I sucked and licked like
my life depended on giving her the best fuck she'd ever

Eating Felicia was the most erotic thing I'd ever done.
Her scent filled me with desire as I lapped up and
swallowed her seeping girl-cum. I was swept away by
the sweet, forbidden pleasures of lesbian sex and decided

that fucking boys had just dropped to number
three on my cum-list right after eating pussy and

She was very close to orgasm when I said, "Turn over,
I want to lick your ass."

Felicia quickly obeyed, and a moment later, I was looking at her

beautiful sex from behind, all flared open
like a flower with her hot nectar dripping out. I
kissed her cheeks, then spread them and licked her from
top to bottom. The mixture of her salty sweat, her
musky girl-cum, and the tangy taste of her ass was such
an incredible turn-on. I slipped my tongue in her
pussy and pushed my nose into her crack. The smell
drove me crazy. Licking her gave me such a nasty,
wicked rush, but at the same time it was soft and
sweet, so feminine and loving. I couldn't imagine any-
thing more beautiful than two girls making love. I had
discovered the secret of lesbian love and I was hooked;
I wanted to crawl inside her pussy and stay there for-

As I ate her, I put a finger in my vagina. Next, I
took a mouthful of her cum mixed with my saliva and let
it drip onto her anus. Then I worked my wet finger
into her cute little puckered hole. She was so warm
and soft inside and I felt her muscles contracting to
hold me there.

Felicia had her face buried in a pillow and couldn't
stop screaming. Suddenly, her whole body stiffened and
a flood of juice gushed out soaking my face, dripping
down my chin. As I continued to lick her, a second and
third orgasm rocked her body, and I was rewarded with
more spurts of her love juice.

Finally, she rolled on her back, out of breath. I
moved up and kissed her cheek. Felicia turned and
kissed my mouth. "You taste like pussy," she said
with a giggle. Then she licked her girl-cum off my
face and said, "Let's run away and make love forever."

"Sounds delicious," I said.

We kissed and I felt her hand go between my legs. I
lay in her arms for a long time while she played with
me; tender little caresses like she was memorizing
every ridge and fold of my vagina. Then Felicia rolled
on her back. "Let's fuck some more," she said, wiggling into position.

"Come sit on my face."

I got up on my knees, straddled her head and slowly
lowered my cunt down. She reminded me of a baby bird
eager for her next hot meal. She had an incredibly
long tongue and I moaned as she put every inch in me.
I grabbed it with my vagina muscles while I rotated my
hips in a slow circle, loving how she fucked me. I was
dying to taste her again, so after a few minutes, I
turned around and we made love in a sixty-nine. We
sucked clits and licked pussy until the most powerful
orgasms yet swept over us.

After we caught our breaths, I got off and turned
around so we could look at each other. With our arms
and legs entwined, we kissed and softly touched,

completely spent and ready for sleep.

"I hope I wake up before you," Felicia said.

"Why?" I asked, brushing the hair from her face and
kissed her nose, eyes, and cheek.

"Because the first thing I want you to see when you
awake is my face smiling up from between your legs."

"God, I think I'm in love," I said. "I'll keep it warm
for you." I kissed her again, and we held each other
tight, her damp bush felt so sexy pressed against my
thigh. Then, through the wall, we heard the sounds of
two girls in the next room. There was no doubt from
their moans of passion that they were having sex.

"I told you all the girls do it," Felicia said with a
big proud smile.

"Maybe we should be neighborly and invite them over
tomorrow," I said.

"That would mean I'd have to share you."

"True," I said, "but just think, you'd have three juicy
cunts to eat and three hot mouths loving you."

"Mmmm," Felicia said, licking her lips. "You're right,
it would be the neighborly thing to do."

We kissed softly, and as we cuddled, I listened to the
sweet moans of the two girls making love. Finally, one
of them had her orgasm followed quickly by the other.
I smiled as I slipped my hand between Felicia's legs
before I drifted off to sleep. She was still wet.

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