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Girlfriends With Benefits

These bi girlfriends share everything
“Hello, this is Kerri,” Kerri said, answering her office phone.

“Hi Kerri,” Tina said. “Can you talk?”

“Oh, hi, Tina. Sure, I can talk. It’s been weeks. What are you doing?”

“I’m driving back to town. I’ve been in the valley the last couple of days. What are you planning to do over the holiday weekend?”

“No plans. Why, what did you have in mind?”

“You’re not seeing anyone?”


“Why don’t you come spend the weekend at my place. The weather’s supposed to be great. We can hang at the pool and go shopping. It’ll be fun.”

“That sounds great.”

“Pick you up at 5:30 at your place?”

“See you then.”

“Bring something nice to go out to eat in.”

“O.K., bye.”

Kerri was the best friend anyone could ever have, going back to their college days when they had met as roommates in a dorm. Midway through their first semester, Tina’s longtime boyfriend broke up with her unexpectedly and started screwing another girl. Tina was shattered. She had never had another boy, and she thought her world was ending. She was so distraught she wouldn’t eat, attend classes or even leave her room. Kerri tried to console her to no avail. She never left her side, missing her own classes. This continued for four days. Then one day, while the two suitemates who they shared a common room with were at class, they wound up naked in bed together, furiously rubbing each other to orgasm. The iron beds were so squeaky they threw their mattresses on the floor and continued to explore each other’s body over the course of the next three days. Neither girl had ever dreamed of making love to another girl, but it just happened. The next semester they rented an apartment together and lived there until they graduated.

Kerri never would have finished her degree without Tina’s help. Tina was like a live in tutor for Kerri. When they graduated, Kerri got a job with a large insurance brokerage downtown, but without Tina’s help she soon rose to the level at which she would probably stay, helping customers over the phone. Still, her needs were few and she was happy. She rented a small apartment within walking distance of her job. She was close to restaurants and clubs, and she didn’t need a car. Tina set up her finances, so every pay period portions were automatically taken out of her checking and into a savings account, and then when her rent and other few bills came due they automatically were paid from the savings account. She had a debit card, but no credit card, so she couldn’t get in trouble. Tina made sure she maxed out her company’s 401K match and she had good insurance benefits through work.

Meanwhile, Tina got a good job with a large company that provided services to banks. She progressed quickly and made a good living. When her grandmother died and left her a little money she purchased a very nice condo in a good part of town.

Kerri would do anything Tina asked, but Tina wasn’t a very good friend. She called Kerri when she was lonely or horny, but didn’t stay in touch beyond that. No matter how hard she tried, Tina couldn’t be around Kerri very long before she started criticizing her like she was her mother or something, questioning her choices, her clothes and everything. She had come to the conclusion that the reason she got angry when she spent too much time around Kerri is that she resented needing Kerri so much. She felt that she really should be able to find a man and somehow considered herself weak to need Kerri when the right man didn’t materialize. “This weekend I’m going to be nice,” she thought. For her part, Kerri never got angry. She considered Tina the big sister she had never had, and she loved her unconditionally, like a puppy, despite her nagging.

“Hello, girlfriend,” Kerri said with a big smile as she hopped in the car and threw her bag in the back. She gave Tina a kiss on the cheek.

“Hi, baby,” Tina said. “God, you look great.”

“Thanks. You too.”

Kerri really did take Tina’s breath away. She wasn’t swimsuit model gorgeous or anything like that, but she just always looked great to Tina. She didn’t wear fancy clothes or a lot of makeup, and she had developed a bit of a pooch since graduating. When she was older that belly would probably make her look frumpy, but at twenty eight she looked sexy.

When they got to Tina’s condo, Kerri threw her bag in the bedroom and plopped on the couch. She was in heaven when she stayed with Tina. Tina had a fantastic condo with a fabulous pool area. Plus, she was an excellent homemaker. Her condo was always immaculate. Kerri’s apartment was always a pig sty. She never picked up after herself or spent time cleaning. Tina refused to go to her apartment. Fortunately, Kerri was a worse cook than homemaker, so she never kept groceries in the house. So at least there wasn’t a food mess. She ordered all her food from restaurants and took home the leftovers for one or two more meals.

“I’m going to take a quick shower,” Tina said. “I won’t do my hair, so it won’t take long.”

“How about if I wait at the pool?” Kerri asked. “It’s such a nice evening.”

When Tina came out to the pool twenty five minutes later, Kerri was in deep conversation with one of the few college kids that lived in her complex. The complex was fairly new and expensive, so there were few if any rentals yet, and even if so would have been too expensive for most students. But there were a few parents who had bought condos as investments and let their kids live in them while at school. The horny young boys always seemed to hang at the pool and try to talk to the older women. Tina thought they were a nuisance.

“Ready to go?” Tina asked, ignoring the young boy.

“Sure,” said Kerri. “This is David.”

“Yes, we’ve met. Well, let’s go.

“He was nice,” Kerri said as they walked to Tina’s car.

Tina held her tongue, not wanting to be critical, but couldn’t help thinking that Kerri really wasn’t very discerning when it came to men. She liked anybody and everybody, which was admirable. But she never said no. She fucked any guy who asked her. When they were younger, Tina went to clubs with Kerri, but every time they did Kerri would disappear with some guy and Tina would be stuck wondering where she was and whether she was o.k. Or she would convince Tina to go out with two guys. They would wind up at some guy’s apartment and as soon as they got there, Kerri would go to one guy’s bedroom. Tina would be stuck in the living room with the other guy, who expected her to do the same. Tina had learned not to go clubbing with Kerri anymore.

At dinner, they talked about men, Kerri’s favorite subject. “I just can’t seem to meet the right guy,” Kerri complained. “They all seem so nice at first, but they just never work out.”

“I’m not the best person to give you advice about men,” Tina said. “I haven’t been on a date in over a year.”

“That’s unbelievable,” Kerri said. “You’ve got to be the most eligible person I can imagine. You’re beautiful, nice and successful. If you aren’t swamped with men, what chance does someone like me have?”

“That’s nonsense. You have a much better chance than me. You’re really nice to be with. I’m too choosy, and too bitchy. You’ll have your share of offers. You just have to meet the right guys. Maybe bars aren’t the best places to meet them, that’s all.”

“I like going to clubs, and I like to dance. And I love men, and that seems to be where they go.”

When they got back to the condo, Tina turned the bedroom TV to a music station and kicked off her shoes. “I’m tired. It’s been a long week. Let’s just lay in bed tonight and watch TV,” she said to Kerri, even though it was really early. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you and I’ve missed you terribly.”

“That sounds great to me,” Kerri said, as she began stripping off her clothes.

Tina opened her nightstand drawer and removed a double ended dildo called “The Boomerang”, some lotion, a hand towel and a couple of vibrators, setting them on top of the nightstand.

They quickly melted into each other’s body and just snuggled, kissing tenderly.

“God, you feel so good,” Tina said. Kerri made Tina hornier than anybody ever had, male or female. Her body was so soft and sensual. She could kiss those full, soft lips forever. And Kerri had absolutely no inhibitions. Her emotions and feelings were written on her face; it was easy to see the effect Tina’s ministrations had on Kerri as she was loving her. The only time Tina was truly content was when she was lying with Kerri, caressing her body. She tried to extend their lovemaking as long as possible, but usually she quickly became impatient to bring herself and her lover to an orgasm.

Tina’s hands roamed over Kerri’s curves while she suckled her nipples, lips and earlobes, gently nipping at her. Kerri lay back with her eye’s closed, her breathing getting heavier, enjoying the attention being lavished on her. Tina wrapped her legs around Kerri’s legs, rubbing her pussy against her while continuing to kiss and suck her body. She cupped Kerri’s pussy mound with her hand and rubbed gently. Breaking her kiss long enough to grab some lotion, she put some on her fingers and rubbed them up and down the length of Kerri’s slit, gradually working deeper and deeper into her pussy as her lips became aroused from the attention and began to open. Soon she had one, then two fingers in her vagina, gently moving in and out as her thumb rested on her clit. Kerri’s body writhed and her face contorted into a grimace of extreme pleasure.

The Boomerang was aptly named, as it was more or less shaped like a V. One side of the V was a little shorter than the other, and both sides had a protuberance toward the bottom of the V that allowed clitoral contact while using it. The shorter end had a large tip, designed to allow it to stay inserted snugly. That allowed the wearer of the short end to wield the large end as they would a strap on dildo, only without needing straps.

Tina oiled up both ends and eased the shorter end into her vagina. She got on top of Kerri and positioned the other end against her pussy, gently thrusting until it began to slide easily in and out of her. Kerri spread her legs widely and raised her hips to meet Tina’s thrusts. As the girls worked the boomerang deeper into their cunts, their clits began to rub against the protuberances on the boomerang. The girls ground their pussies against the nubs as they kissed deeply on the lips. Sweat glistened on Tina as she thrust harder and harder. She was so aroused she was unable to delay her orgasm. She climaxed abruptly and violently, grunting and moaning her pleasure. She collapsed onto Kerri and lay shuddering, while Kerri held her tenderly and caressed her. They laid together for several minutes, then Tina rolled over and said, “Wow, that was fantastic.”

The dildo was still in Kerri’s pussy. Tina took one of the vibrators and started teasing Kerri’s clit with it as she gently pumped the dildo in and out of her. When Tina took one of Kerri’s nipples in her mouth and gently flicked it with her tongue, Kerri moaned. Kerri took the vibrator from Tina and held it above her clit, barely letting it touch her sensitive clit. Tina continued sucking her nipple and slightly increased the tempo of the pumping. Kerri was nearing orgasm as her head rocked back and forth and her moaning increased. Suddenly her body tensed, then she moaned loudly as her orgasm washed over her entire body. Tina let go of the dildo and hugged her friend tightly. Kerri rolled over on her side, her back against Tina as they nestled together like spoons. After a while they got up and put on their nightclothes.

The next morning they decided to go to the mall. They enjoyed shopping together, and Tina always bought things for Kerri. If Tina noticed that her panties were frayed or looking old, she would buy her new underwear. She would make Kerri promise to throw away an equal number of pairs of panties, so that she wouldn’t wear old looking ones anymore. Likewise with new tops or anything else she bought her. Kerri would sometimes wear tops with stains in them, which really bothered Tina. Tina would buy her several tops and make her promise to throw away any that had stains. They liked to go together into the dressing room and dress up each other. Tina had impeccable taste, but she still always liked to get Kerri’s opinion of how she looked before buying anything for herself. And all of Kerri’s favorite clothes were ones that Tina had bought for her.

Today they were looking at new bathing suits for the summer. Bathing suits were the hardest things to decide on. It was difficult to find bottoms that Kerri’s butt didn’t hang out of, and Tina was hard to fit because she was small on top. They tried them on at several different stores, getting aroused in the process, and finally decided on new ones for both of them. They grabbed lunch at the mall and went back to hang out at the pool.

It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon, though it got a bit hot. Sitting in the sun in skimpy clothing always seemed to get the girls horny, and when the sun got its hottest, around 4:00, they went back inside and showered together, lathering each other’s bodies with the soap. They wrapped towels around their hair and fell back into bed together giggling.

They oiled up the boomerang and went at it again, this time with Kerri holding the short end in her pussy and on top. Kerri’s tits dangled over Tina, who hefted one in each hand. She allowed only the nipple to peek out between her fingers, which she gently clamped together to apply light pressure to Kerri’s sensitive nipples. The boomerang was quickly swallowed up to the nubs, which felt delightful as the girls rubbed their clits against them. The girls were able to last much longer this time, since they had just had sex the day before.

They switched positions, with Tina getting on top. Being on top enabled her to apply more pressure on her clit from the nub, and she slid her pussy up and down on it. Her pussy was so aroused that the lips were gaping open and her juices made the boomerang harder to hold tight in her pussy. This made it harder to get the pressure from the nub on the right spot.

Tina got up and grabbed some other dildos from her nightstand. She lay down on her side in the 69 position, lubricated one of the dildos and inserted it gently into Kerri’s pussy. When it was fully inserted, she switched it on and it began to vibrate inside Kerri. She then took a small bullet style vibrator and applied it to Kerri’s clit.

Meanwhile, Kerri was doing the same to Tina. She had slid in one of the vibrators and was caressing her clit with the vibrator. Their pussies were very aroused, the lips open and the clit fully exposed. The sight and smell of each other’s pussy was making them even more horny. Tina tried to hold off her orgasm until Kerri climaxed, but it was getting difficult. Her senses were reeling and she was panting. It was hard to keep the vibrator where Kerri needed it, as her focus drifted. She tried to think of something mundane to keep from climaxing, but all she could think of was the pulsing of the vibrator both inside her pussy and against her clit. The whole world seemed to be vibrating, and she was getting the tingling feeling that told her it wouldn’t be long.

Kerri was humping the dildo faster and faster as the vibrations were taking her toward the edge. Her large nipples contracted, making the areolae get bumpy and the tips poke out. As Tina’s focus wavered, Kerri desperately tried to maintain contact between her clit and the vibrator. Whenever she got right to the edge, it seemed that the vibrator would slip away from where it needed to be, and Kerri would whimper in frustration. Then the vibrator would come back to her clit, and she would start her climb back up to the brink of orgasm. Over and over she mounted the precipice, her need for release increasing each time. When she thought she couldn’t stand any more, Tina held the vibrator directly against her clit. Her pussy lips wrapped around the vibrator as it buzzed furiously against her button. There was absolutely no going back now. As the orgasm crested, she felt it from her feet to her head, with no distinction of where the tingling began or ended. She ground her pussy against the dildo, trying to take it as deeply as she could, and it stretched her to the limit as her pussy began to contract. She cried out loudly, “Ummm, Ungghhh, Aooh, OOOm, aww, awww, aw.”

When Tina heard Kerri climax, she pushed her clit hard against the vibrator and held it there. Her pussy began to quiver, then it began to contract against the dildo. A feeling of warmth oozed from her pussy throughout her body as her breathing became rapid. She moaned and panted as the warmth raced through her body, causing intense pleasure in every fiber of her being.

They lay in a heap until their breathing returned to normal. Then they got up and took another shower. At times like these, Tina was tempted to have Kerri move in with her. But she knew that would be a bad idea. They would fight over the housekeeping, and things would be different. Plus, Tina knew that she would never find a man then, if she had easy access to a lover any time she wanted. And she doubted that Kerri would be happy without frequent male companionship. No, it was probably best to just leave things as they were.

Two weeks later, on a Friday evening, Tina got a call and noticed it was Kerri.

“Hi, baby,” Tina said.

“Happy birthday, Tina!”

“Thanks, I was beginning to think nobody remembered. You’re the first person other than my parents to call.”

“I’ve got a surprise for you. Are you alone?”

“Yeah. What’s the surprise.”

“I’m not gonna tell you, it’s a surprise. I’ll be over around 8:30. But you gotta promise you won’t wear anything but your robe. Promise?”

Tina had been pretty down. It was her twenty ninth birthday, and she had been looking at spending it alone, probably diddling herself while reading a naughty magazine. The thought of Kerri coming over and taking care of her sounded pretty good.

“How are you going to get over here? Do you need me to come get you?”

“No, I’ll get a ride. Do you promise, only your robe?”

“O.K., I promise.”

“Alright, nothing underneath. See you in thirty minutes or so.

When Tina answered the door, Kerri embraced her in a hug and said, “Happy birthday.” Releasing her, she said, “I want you to meet someone. Paul, this is Tina. Tina, this is the surprise, Paul.” Tina hadn’t seen Paul, as he wasn’t in the doorway when Tina opened it. Tina was momentarily too stunned to say anything, and Paul looked like he felt awkward.

Coming to her senses, Tina said, “Paul, would you excuse us for just a moment?” She closed the door, leaving Paul outside, and pulled Kerri away from the door.

“Kerri, are you nuts? Why would you bring a visitor over without telling me, knowing I was undressed?” Tina’s face was turning red, and it was obvious she was having trouble containing her anger.

“I brought him over for you, Tina. He’s the best looking hunk I’ve ever met, and a super nice guy. I want him for myself worse than anything I’ve ever wanted, but I want you to be happy even more. Tina, I love you more than anything. I want you to have him, and I want you to have him tonight. Please, don’t think about it, just say yes. You need this, and you’ll thank me in the morning. Think how long it’s been since you had a man. I brought some condoms. What do you have to lose?”

“Are you fucking him?”

“Just twice. I met him three nights ago, and saw him again the next night. But I want you to have him. You can keep him if it works out.”

“Kerri, that’s not the way I work. I’ll be happy to meet him when I’m clothed, but not now.”

“Please, Tina, at least let him come in and say hello, okay? Please?”

It was obvious that Kerri really thought she was doing Tina a favor, so it was hard to be too angry with her.

“O.K., I’ll say hello, but then he’s got to go. And if he wants to talk to me some other time, when I’m clothed, I’ll think about.”

Kerri went to the door and opened it, pulling Paul into the room. “Paul, this is Tina.”

“Hello, Tina,” Paul said. “You obviously weren’t prepared for this. I apologize.”

“It’s not your fault. I’m sorry I was rude. I was just surprised, and as you can see, not dressed for visitors.” Paul flashed a smile with perfectly white teeth, and Tina had to admit he was a perfect hunk. He had a tall, slim build and was beautiful.

“Can Paul at least give you a birthday kiss?” Kerri asked.

“Would you mind?” Paul asked.

“O.K.,” Tina said, against her better judgement.

Paul took Tina in his arms, looked her in the eyes and said, “Happy Birthday, Tina.” He then kissed her gently. He put her lower lip between his lips, and gently pulled as he kissed her. His arms pulled Tina’s body against his. Tina kissed him back, and the kiss became prolonged. Paul put one hand on her butt, rubbing it through the flimsy material of the robe. The other hand played along her side, from her waist down to her thighs. It felt delicious to be held by a man, and Tina felt her resolve disappearing.

After they broke their kiss, Kerri said, “Please, Tina, can’t he stay? Say yes, please.”

Paul said, “Kerri told me that you might appreciate company. She showed me your picture, but you’re even more beautiful in person. I can’t imagine why you haven’t had men throwing themselves at you. Would you like me to stay for a while?”

Tina looked down. She desperately wanted this man inside her, but how could she just have sex with someone she hadn’t ever seen until ten minutes ago? Her mind said no, but her mouth betrayed her. “Yes,” she said, in a voice that cracked and was barely more than a whisper.

Paul put his lips back on hers and resumed the exploration of her body, this time inside her robe. His hands rubbed against the sides of her breasts on their way down her body to her buttocks. After a few minutes of kissing and fondling, Kerri held Paul’s arm and led them to the bedroom. Kerri turned down the sheets and turned on one of the bedside lamps, dimming it until only a low glow shone in the room. Paul began removing his clothes. His muscular chest and arms were gorgeous, and he had a perfectly flat tummy. He laid his shirt and pants over a chair, then sat on the bed and removed his socks.

Tina stared, unable to believe this was happening. This was so not like her. When Paul removed his boxers, Tina stared at his uncircumcised cock. Even in its semi-flaccid state it was long and thick. He put his arms around Tina and laid her in bed, getting in beside her. Tina felt awkward, like a schoolgirl. This was happening so fast, it seemed like a dream. Paul pressed his lips to hers and began caressing her body. His dick began to stiffen and she could feel it growing against her side. As they kissed, she reached down and grabbed it.

Kerri got some hand towels and lubricant and a couple of vibrators and laid them on the nightstand, next to the box of condoms that she had brought. She knew that Tina refused to have unprotected sex. She took off her clothes and took one of the vibrators, oiling it up, then lay on the other side of the bed. Watching the lovers petting each other was making her wet, and she put two fingers inside her pussy.

When Paul’s dick had become fully erect, Tina made him stop and put on one of the condoms. She didn’t want to take the chance that she would become too aroused and let him penetrate her unprotected. After he slipped on the condom, he put some lubricant on his fingers and slid one, then two fingers inside Tina’s waiting cunt. She was already so aroused he was quickly able to put a third finger in, stretching her to the limit. He lay back on the pillow and lifted Tina on top of him. She kneeled with her hands and knees on the bed, positioned her pussy over his dick and slowly worked it into her.

There was nothing she could put in her that felt quite as good as the real thing, and it had been a very long time since she had had the real thing. When she had worked his dick completely into her pussy, she could feel the thick base of his dick stretching the opening of her vagina. The condom didn’t extend down to the base, so she was able to enjoy the bare skin of the base of his cock against the most sensitive part of her pussy, where most of the nerve endings lie. She lifted her hips only slightly before coming back down onto his groin, allowing her opening to pump only the bottom of his dick, where it was the thickest.
The most sensitive part of Paul’s dick, the underside of the middle of the shaft, was covered by the condom, so it didn’t get the stimulation that it would have gotten without the condom, or the stimulation it would have gotten if Tina took longer strokes on his dick. He was going to be able to last a very long time.

Paul rolled Tina over without coming out of her pussy and positioned himself on top of her. He looked over at Kerri, who had her fingers in her pussy and was pleasuring herself with the vibrator. “Hi’ya,” he said with a grin.”

“Carry on,” Kerri said with a smile. “Don’t mind me.” This was the most erotic show that she had ever watched. Porn movies couldn’t compare.

Paul placed his lips on Tina’s and began grinding his crotch against hers. The base of his dick was all the way against Tina’s cunt, rubbing against her clit. It felt so wonderful. Paul broke the kiss and leaned down to put first one nipple, then the other into his mouth. He alternated, sucking them into his mouth, then gently nipping them with his lips.

Suddenly Tina could feel Paul’s body tense. He growled as he shot his cum harmlessly into the bulb in the end of the condom. His body spasmed as the cum gushed from his dick. Tina wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her, enjoying every last second before his dick would soften.

Kerri had been holding back, but when Paul ejaculated she let her climax wash over her. She bucked her hips, pushing her pussy against the vibe as the sensations pulsed from her pussy throughout her body.

Paul rolled off of Tina and onto his side. She turned with her back to him and nestled against him. He put his fingers into her still gaping vagina, and said, “Are you finished with that?” to Kerri.

“Yeah,” said Kerri, her voice shaking slightly. She handed it to Tina. Tina switched it on and held it just above her clit, letting the tip of the vibrator barely brush against her as Paul’s fingers filled her pussy. In less than a minute she was panting, near the edge of an orgasm.

“Unggh, Ungg, Ungg,” she cried, as her pussy spasmed on Paul’s fingers. The contractions lasted half a minute while she writhed in ecstasy. As her breathing began to return to normal, she shivered slightly, and Paul wrapped her tightly in his arms, kissing her neck. All three of them lay there quietly for a while.

Finally, they got up. Tina put her robe back on and Kerri put on an oversize t-shirt and a pair of panties. Paul put his clothes back on, and they sat at the dining table chatting and drinking beer. After Paul had had two beers, he got up and said, “I guess I better be going. Are you coming, Kerri?”

Kerri looked at Tina, who said, “I’ll give her a ride home tomorrow.” The girls had a lot to talk about.

“O.K. then, I guess I’ll be going.” He looked a little uncertain. Sensing that he may feel awkward with her there, since he probably didn’t want to hurt her feelings, Kerri said goodnight, gave him a little kiss and excused herself to the bathroom. Paul took the opportunity to give Tina a big kiss and hug.

“I’d really like to see you again,” he said. “Can I call you?”

“I’d like that,” she said. She broke the hug and got one of her cards out of her purse, putting it in his shirt pocket. “Goodnight.”
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