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Girls just wanna have fun.

My ideal lesbian fantasy
“Fancy a movie night then?” I ask Josie who’s on the phone.

“Yeah, sure. Why not? I didn’t have anything else planned for tonight. Is it ok for me to stay at yours though, as I don’t want to have to walk back late at night on my own?”

“Yeah that’s fine. See you at 7 then,” I say before saying my goodbyes and putting the phone down.

I’m really looking forward to spending my last night at university with my friend, Josie. I’ve been friends with her for a few years now and we’ve got really close. We had boyfriends at the same time, then we broke up with them at the same time and then we got with our new boyfriends at the same time.

Before meeting Josie I didn’t believe in soul mates, but as soon as I got to know Josie my views changed. We finish each other’s sentences, we have the same sense of humour, we are both chatty and we even have the same taste in men. However, looks wise Josie and I are the complete opposite. She is tall with short blonde hair and I am short with dark brown hair that lingers just past my shoulders. Josie is thin with small pert breasts and I’m not skinny in the slightest, I like to call it voluptuous and have large 36DD breasts. Josie is straight up and down, but I have a more hour glass figure.

7 o'clock soon comes round and I hear a knocking at the door. I live in a student house with 3 other girls and my boyfriend practically lives with us too, but everyone had moved back home now uni is finally over and my boyfriend is at work so I am home alone.

I open the door and give my friend a welcoming hug. I haven’t seen her in so long and I have really missed her. Josie’s holding a couple of DVD’s and 2 bottles of rose wine, this was typical for our nights in. Stepping inside, she slips off her black ballet shoes to reveal her perfectly painted pink toenails. Josie is wearing tight black skinny jeans that highlight the length of her legs and a red vest top that shows off the top of her red lacy bra, and a small blue denim jacket. It’s the typical cute outfit Josie is known for wearing.

Taking the wine from her, I walk to the kitchen and open one of the bottles and pour us both a large glass and then put the bottles into the fridge to chill.

“Pizza for tea, is that ok?” I ask, passing a glass of wine to her.

“That sounds good to me!” She smiles.

We both move to the living room and plonk our bodies onto the large sofa. My living room is quite big, but being students, we can’t afford to constantly heat the place so the house is always quite cold so we always made sure there are blankets in easy reach of the sofa if it gets too cold.

People who haven’t seen me and Josie together before might think that we sit a bit too close to be just friends, but it’s just the way we were from the start of our friendship. I switch the television onto the music channel for some background noise whilst we chat and catch up on gossip.

Walking back to the kitchen to put the pizza into the oven, I stumble. The wine must have started to take its effects on my body. Josie giggles. I think it’s having the same effect on her too.

“Is the pizza hot?” Josie asks as I’m putting the pizza into the oven.

“Yeah, like you!”

I can’t believe what I have just said to my friend. I knew she was really asking whether the pizza was going to be spicy. What made me say that? I’ve never felt anything towards a girl before but I have never ruled it out either. I’m straight and have always had boyfriends but when I’m horny I mainly watch girl on girl porn but I never expected anything like this to happen.

With a smile on her face, Josie starts walking towards me. I’m so confused. Josie isn’t gay, she has never mentioned liking girls. We have kissed drunkenly once. Maybe this was why she wasn’t angry with what I had said because of the wine.

Josie takes my hand and leads me back to the living room and pushes me back onto the sofa. My mind whirls with so many thoughts. I can’t believe what’s happening. Am I about to cheat on my boyfriend of 2 years? Josie straddles me and leaning forward she kisses me on the cheek, kissing me again closer to my lips this time and then kissing me again on the lips. She slowly opens her mouth as I follow her notions, I open my mouth. ‘God, I’m so turned on.’ I think to myself. My nipples harden through my t-shirt just at the thought.

I open my mouth and let her tongue enter and entwine with mine. It’s the softest kiss I have ever had. I don’t want to stop.

Josie slides her hand up her my top and pinches my hard nipples. I moan with pleasure. Pulling her lips from mine, Josie stops to stare at my dumb struck face and smiles. Pulling her hand from underneath my t-shirt, she held onto the bottom of it and pulled it above my head. Leaving me in my hot pink lacy bra, my skin was instantly covered in goose pimples from the cold.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get you warm in no time,” Josie winked.

This wasn’t the Josie I knew. Her once bright, clear blue eyes had now turned dark and cloudy. Her pink lips had turned bright red. A friendship of 4 years and I had never seen this mysterious and sexy side of Josie but I loved it. I bit my lip and pulled at her red vest, struggling to take it off of her.

Reaching around I unclipped her bra. She pulled her arms from out of the straps and threw it onto the floor revealing her small breasts. Her tities were so much smaller than mine but they were well proportioned for her slim line body. Her nipples were puffy and pointing upwards and I’d never really seen nipples like them but I wanted to suck on them so bad. I put my right hand on the middle of her bare smooth back and pulled her closer to me. Her hard nipple came closer and pushed my closed lips, open. Josie let out a little shriek of pleasure as she was reaching behind my back to unclip my bra. I took the left puffy nipple in my mouth licking, sucking and nibbling on it. Josie wiggled her bum in excitement.

Pulling away from me Josie stood up and undid the button of her jeans followed by the zip. Wriggling out of her skinny jeans I could see that she wasn’t wearing any knickers and she revealed her neatly shaven pussy. Kicking her jeans to one side, Josie got onto her knees in front of me on the sofa.

I separated my legs to reveal my lucky black French knickers underneath my denim skirt. (They were lucky because I always got laid when wearing them, no exception here!) Josie started stroking my thigh until she reached my aching pussy. Lifting my bum off the sofa, she pulled at my denim skirt taking it off, along with my knickers exposing my neatly trimmed bush. Using her thumb, Josie is rubbing my already swollen clit, getting my pussy juices flowing. I can’t believe my luck. I’m about to be fucked by a woman.

Josie is probing at my moist slit with her thumb. The feeling is amazing but all I can imagine is her tongue fucking me. With my eyes still shut I feel for Josie’s hair and I pull to force her face near my hot cunt, I open my eyes and Josie looks me straight in the eyes and reads my mind and knows what I want. I lift one leg up onto the sofa so Josie has easier access.

Licking her lips, Josie’s mouth edges closer to me, I can feel her hot damp breath on my pussy lips. I want her, I need her. Josie puts her partially opened mouth around my swollen bud and sucks softly making me shiver and shake with enjoyment.

“More!” I shout for more encouragement.

With her tongue she starts probing at my slit, making me moist with every lick. Speeding up, Josie circles my hot clit and without any warning, thrusts a finger into my tight hole making my body spasm and quiver as I orgasm. Josie is lapping up all the pussy juices from her lips and chin. I need to taste myself on her warm tongue. I once again grab for her hair, pulling her close to my awaiting mouth. I taste so sweet. ‘I wonder what her pussy tastes of.’ I think to myself. The thought that I’m minutes away from licking my first pussy sends me over the edge once again and my hot juices flow over the finger still firmly inside me.

Josie takes another finger and lubricates it from my dripping cum. I can feel a tickle on my asshole. I giggle as she wiggles her way into my tight asshole. The feeling of having my 2 holes filled is so intense I know I won’t be able to last much longer. Finger fucking me in both holes I scream with every pounding she gives me. I’m cumming. I can’t hold it. With that, I squirt my pussy juices into Josie’s face. Shit, I forgot to tell her that I’m a squirter. She laughs as she tries to mop up the flood of cum I just released onto her face. I wait a few minutes to get my breath back from the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.

“It’s my turn now,” I say, eager to eat my first pussy.

I slide down the sofa to my knees on the floor as I watch Josie clamber onto the sofa. I bite my lip as Josie sits and spread her long thin legs showing me her juicy pussy. Her glistening clit is protruding from her lips.

Josie lets out a little giggle in anticipation as I slowly make my way to my first taste of a pussy. I open my mouth slightly as my face is inches away from her wet mound. I slowly start to suck at her clit as I feel her spine arch as the pleasure begins. My tongue starts lapping up her juices and flicking at her bean. The tip of my tongue starts to circle her sensitive nubbin as I hear Josie pant faster and faster. I push my middle finger into her deep, tight hole and gradually plough into her. I add a second finger and probe at her faster. I take my other hand and start to finger fuck Josie’s mouth muffling her moans and screams.

I feel Josie’s pussy walls start to clamp around my fingers as she starts to let out a huge scream as waves of pleasure overcome her body as she shakes and her pussy juices pour out of her into my awaiting mouth. They tasted so hot and sweet. I carry on finger fucking her pussy and I can see she is having multiple orgasms. The sight of her wriggling and writhing body gets me wet again. I take my hand from her mouth, it’s still wet from her saliva, and flick at my cunt as I can feel another orgasm. My juices squirt onto the floor as Josie lets out another flood of cum.

I get up and stand in front of Josie who is still recovering from her several orgasms. I straddle Josie who is still panting. Our wet pussy’s rub against each other and another tingle runs through my spine. I pull on Josie’s hair making her bring her lips to mine. Josie’s tongue explores my mouth as I taste her juices and she tastes hers. She plays with my erect nipples as I start to ride her as my pussy rubs against hers. I start to quicken my pace as the thrills run through my body and I can tell I am about to squirt again. I open my eyes to see that Josie is enjoying it as much as I am.

If ever there was a time that I fancied a woman, it was now. Josie’s head was thrown back, resting on the sofa, her eyes were closed, her mouth slightly open and gently moaning in pleasure. Josie’s blonde hair was messy from me pulling at it. Beads of perspiration had formed on her body and started to roll down her small tities.

‘Yeahhhhh!’ she quietly moaned. ‘Fuck me, fuck me, fuuuuuuuuck me!’ she said, getting louder.

Just hearing her noises sends me over the edge as my juices squirt all over her pussy, triggering Josie to orgasm again. Josie’s hot cum covers the sofa and drips onto the floor.

Josie reaches round and starts to probe at my moist ass, she must have realised how much I liked it earlier. She slips a finger in and starts up a steady pace on my tight little hole and I’m closer to yet another orgasm. I’m sure I’ve never had this many with a guy!

Still straddling Josie, I slide down so I’m sitting on her thighs. Her puffy nipples pointing in my face eagerly wanting to be sucked and bitten, I take both of them and push them together and towards my mouth.

Just as I am peaking yet another orgasm I hear the click of the locked front door.

‘Shit,’ I whisper to Josie, Tom’s finished work. I quickly grab my clothes and dress whilst running to the kitchen. As I open the kitchen door I notice the room is filled with black smoke. I forgot about the Pizza.

I open the back door to let the smoke out as Tom enters the kitchen.

‘What happened here?’ Tom asked waving the smoke from his face.

‘We got carried away and forgot about the food,’ I explained.

‘You girls and your gossip, ’ Tom smiled


The three of us spent the evening chatting and watching TV. When it’s time to go to bed I hug Josie and say goodnight as she makes her way to a spare room. I climb into bed and can’t sleep as the memories of the evening are whirling through my mind.

An hour must have passed and Tom is fast asleep and snoring. My phone buzzes as a text message comes through.

‘Are you awake?’ It says.

I slip out of bed and quietly out of my room. I make my way to where Josie is. I quietly open her room door and poke my head around, to see Josie laid naked on her bed. I look back down the hall to the room where my boyfriend is sleeping, unaware of what had happened previously and what is about to happen. I step into Josie’s room, close the door and lock it behind me to finish what had begun earlier that evening.

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