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Girls Night Out

Tags: lesbian, party
It was a Friday night after work and the girls had decided to go out for drinks. Anna was sitting around the table drinking wine and talking when a group of girls walked in. Anna recognized one of them as Bree, an old friend, and invited her and her friends over to catch up. Anna moved over so that Bree could sit beside her.

The girls crammed in tightly around the table. Bree put one of her hands beneath the table and it accidentally ended up on Anna’s leg. Anna thought nothing of it. Bree left her hand there and began to rub Anna’s leg. Anna squirmed in surprise but was drunkenly excited at the same time.

Anna was beginning to get wet so she playfully put her hand under the table to stop Bree’s rubbing. Bree grabbed her hand and slowly slid Anna’s hand over to her leg. Bree’s legs felt soft and toned to the touch as Anna began to rub them. Anna spread her legs a little. Bree began to place her hand between her legs. Anna was a little uncertain but she was becoming more turned on.

After the meet up ended they all started heading out to the parking lot. Everyone was gossiping again. It was cold and Bree’s nipples were becoming hard. Anna couldn’t stop looking at them and Bree caught her out doing so.

Everyone got into their cars and drove away but Bree and Anna remained. Anna motioned for Bree to come and sit in her car. After a moment of token conversation, Bree leant over and gave Anna a kiss. It was a slow kiss at first as Bree was not sure how Anna would react to her advances. Anna’s body began to tingle and she pulled Bree further so that she could kiss her more deeply. Bree opened her mouth wider and slid her tongue into Anna’s mouth. Anna’s hands began to slide underneath Bree’s top and caress her breasts. Anna arched her back in pleasure. Bree’s hands moved to between Anna’s thighs and began to rub her clit. Anna’s legs spread further open and Bree could feel how wet she was becoming.

Anna unclasped Bree’s bra and her firm breasts popped out to expose themselves. Anna leaned down and began to suck on these beautiful, hard nipples in front of her. Bree moaned. Her fingers were still rubbing Anna’s clit as she unbuttoned her pants with her free hand.

Bree then thrust her fingers inside Anna to feel her soaking wet pussy. Her clit was rock hard.

Anna slid her hand between Bree’s legs to feel that her panties had become damp. Pushing the panties aside, she poked her finger straight inside Bree. Her pussy was wet and tight and Anna went straight to play with Bree’s G spot. Bree’s body was becoming flushed with how horny this was making her. The windows were fogging up. They needed more room so they crawled into the back seats of the car.

The kissing became even more intense and both were passionately caressing each other’s body. They each needed to cum. Bree slid her pants off and her panties were soon to follow. She tore off Anna’s top and began to devour her nipples. Bree rubbed Anna’s pussy quickly and Anna began thrusting her hips to meet the movement.

Bree began kissing Anna’s stomach and down to her pussy. As she slid between Anna’s legs, her tongue ran over her clit and into her pussy. Anna arched her back and thrust her pussy into Bree’s face. Bree began lapping furiously at Anna’s soaking wet pussy – between her lips, over her clit, and around her pussy lips. Bree couldn’t believe how delicious a woman’s cum was.

Bree started to nibble on Anna’s clit. Anna tensed up. Her body was about to be overcome by the most amazing orgasm. Anna pulled Bree’s face right into her pussy as the waves of excitement pulsed through her. Cum was gushing into Bree’s face.

Anna rolled over on top of Bree. She removed Bree’s top and began sucking on her tits. Anna’s hand moved between Bree’s legs and inside her pussy. Bree was already wet and horny so was grinding her hips against Anna’s finger. Bree began to feel her own pleasure build as she began to cum all over Anna’s hand.

Anna pulled her dripping fingers out of Bree’s pussy. Bree began to rub her pussy against Anna’s. Their hard clits were rubbing up against each other and their tits were pressed together. They need to come again. The site of two pussy’s against each other was making them wild. Their pussy’s ground together, soaking each other with their wetness. The movements became quicker and both came together soaking each other in even more cum than before.

Anna leant up to give Bree a kiss. They held each other close as the orgasms subsided…

Both of them put their clothes back on. Their bodies were still flushed with excitement. They exchanged telephone numbers. Bree gave Anna a deep and erotic kiss. “I want to see you again,” she whispered in Bree’s ear.

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