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Girls on the Beach

A visit to a nudist beach leads to hot sex for two girl friends
Girls on the Beach

“I just hope we don’t see anyone we know!” says Kate as we settle down on the train at Victoria.

“Don’t worry,” replies Jess “They’ll all be stuck indoors, wishing they were out here with us!”

It’s a Thursday, and by rights we should all be studying like the good girls we aren’t; Kate at her History lectures; Jess at a Geography seminar; Lizzie swotting for a Chemistry practical; and me researching for my essay on the Lake Poets (yawn!). It’s been a beautiful hot sunny week, and we’d agreed on Monday that if the weather stayed fine we’d go down to Brighton on Saturday; have a swim and top up our tans for summer. But then the forecast threatened colder weather by the weekend, and by Wednesday our plans looked set to go up in smoke. So we agreed to skip whatever lectures we had on Thursday and go down then instead. Luckily, none of us had any compulsory tutorials or anything like that, so it was just a case of catching up over the promised wet weekend. No problem!

We all know each other from playing basketball. None of us are the greatest of players, but we’re good enough to play in the Hall team. Actually, Lizzie is pretty good; she’s hoping to make one of the main Uni teams next year. She’s small but really quick. But she says she enjoys the atmosphere in the Hall team – more relaxed and fun, in her words!

Our luck holds, and Thursday is bright and sunny. So we all meet just after nine o’clock and get the bus down to Victoria. To get the cheaper post-rush-hour fares, we have to wait until after ten. But the 10:06 train takes under an hour to get there, only stopping twice before Brighton, so we’ll be there just before eleven.

We buy some picnic bits & pieces at the station, so we won’t have to waste any time when we get there, and make our way to Platform 15. The train is ready and waiting, and we manage to get a block of four seats to ourselves. The journey passes quickly, with the usual chatter about work, boyfriends, basketball and stuff, and we’re in Brighton before we know it.

For those of you who’ve not been to Brighton before, the main railway station is at the top of a hill that leads pretty much straight down to the beach – an easy walk (though not so much fun going home, when it’s all uphill). We can see the sea in front of us as we walk down, very inviting. Sound of seagulls, smell of salt water, all the usual seaside stuff.

When we get there, it seems as if all of south-east England has had the same idea, and the shingle is already crowded with people. The tide is right in, which doesn’t exactly help.

“We’ll just have to walk on until we can find a spot big enough for all of us,” says Kate.

“Follow me,” says Lizzie, setting off in the direction of the Marina. “It’s always quieter in this direction.” Sheep that we are, we follow her without demur. The small strip of shingle not covered by the sea is covered with people all the way along, but Lizzie keeps on marching.

“Where are you taking us, Lizzie?” moans Jess. “We must be halfway to Hove by now.”

“Hove is in the other direction, honey,” says Lizzie. “Perhaps you should have gone to that Geography seminar after all…”

So Jess chases Lizzie down the promenade, trying to trip her up. We’re all giggling, being a bit silly. It’s fun. Before long, we’ve left the main seafront promenade behind.

“It’s not so busy here,” I say.

“Just there is where I usually go,” says Lizzie, pointing, “just past those pebble banks”.

It looks ok to me. As we get closer, we see a couple of signboards. And then it dawns on me where Lizzie has been leading us.

“Hang on a minute, Lizzie,” I say, “Isn’t that the … err… nudist area?”

Lizzie tries to look innocent.

“It’s where I usually come,” she admits “And it’s not compulsory to strip off completely - they just don’t mind if you do.”

“So do you?” asks Kate.

“Usually,” says Lizzie. “How do you think I get my amazing tan?”

“Well, I can’t say I’d noticed it goes all over,” I say; which is a lie, because I have, in the changing rooms after basketball. She does look lovely.

By this time, we’ve reached the big heaps of stones, which are obviously piled up to mark the boundary of the nudist beach and provide a bit of privacy for the sunbathers beyond. Sure enough, it is much less crowded the other side of the stones.

“So come on girls, are you up for it?” says Lizzie.

“Don’t you get a load of pervy guys, strutting around and ogling all the boobs and … stuff?” worries Jess.

“Honey, 99% of the guys here are gay,” says Lizzie, who seems very knowledgeable about the Brighton nudist scene. “Most of them wouldn’t look twice at you if you stood over them with your legs wide open and diddled yourself”.

“Lizzie!” says Kate, trying to act shocked.

“Well, it’s true.”

By this time, we are well into the nudist area, and it has to be said that lots of the people are young guys, often in pairs. You can tell they must be gay because they’ve trimmed their public hair – I’ve never met a normal English guy who does this. Quite a few older couples, who presumably have been doing this for years. But there are a fair number of girls too, single and in pairs, laid out on towels enjoying the sun. A few are wearing little bikinis; some are just topless; but most are completely nude. I try not to stare too much, but everyone looks very cool and relaxed. Certainly no-one takes much notice of us, standing around like a load of lemons, not sure what to do.

“Well, I’m staying here,” says Lizzie firmly, dumping her bag on the shingle. “And I’m stripping off!” She unbuttons her shirt, takes it off, and unclips her lacy bra. I realise that, while the rest of us have been wearing our bikinis under her clothes, Lizzie is just in her normal undies – so presumably she’d always planned it this way. She has small round breasts, with perky pink nipples. She removes her shorts and panties, revealing her shaven pussy.

She stretches herself like a cat, her breasts flattening as she raises her arms above her head. “Mmmm I feel so good,” she purrs. “Just love the warmth of that sun on me!”

I’m just in my bikini now, and the sight of Lizzie naked and relaxed is enough to decide me. Off comes the bikini top and down come my briefs. My legs are long and well-toned, and I’ve just got a little curl of hair at the top of my pubic mound. Mmm, it does feel nice to be naked in the open air. Kate is naked now too, bending over to tidy her stuff away and showing off her gorgeous round bum.

“I think I may keep my bikini briefs on…” says Jess. She unties the straps of her top and releases her firm breasts. Hers are definitely the biggest out of all of us, but hardly any droop – I’m a bit jealous to be honest. Mine are only 32b, but a nice shape.

But then, seeing that the rest of us are already naked, she shrugs. “Oh what the hell, why not?” and slips down her briefs too. Her pussy is neatly trimmed, and she has quite prominent labia – perhaps that’s why she was a bit coy about getting totally naked. But she looks great to me.

Now, obviously we’ve all seen each others’ bodies before, getting changed for the showers after basketball. But it feels different when you know you’re going to stay naked; much more sexually charged. So we’re all glancing at each others bodies, comparing thighs, boobs and pubic regions. Then we have to go through all the business of putting on sun-cream, and that does make me feel a bit horny, rubbing it all over my breasts, bum, and pubic mound and seeing my friends do the same. We take it in turns to rub cream into each others’ backs, and there is a bit of nervously sexy horseplay and chat. But soon enough we’re all creamed up, and we arrange ourselves in a row on our towels, me and Jess with books to pass the time, the other two just shutting their eyes and dozing.

After we’ve been soaking up the rays for a while, a single girl (fully naked) near us comes over and asks if we can keep an eye on her clothes and bags while she goes for a swim. We put her stuff with ours until she gets back. “Thanks so much,” she says, all pink and glowing after her swim. “If you’d like to go in, I’ll do the same for you. It’s lovely once you’re in”.

I’m quite warm now, so a swim does sound nice. So I rouse the others and we all tiptoe down to the sea over the pebbles. Kate and I plunge straight in, while Jess and Lizzie bimble about in the shallows, just up to their knees.

“It’s too cold!” says Lizzie.

“Stop fussing,” says Kate, splashing around on her back. “It’s lovely once you get in – really! You’ve just got to go for it!”

Jess plunges in with a splosh, spluttering and gasping.

“Come on Lizzie!” she says, surfacing, her big boobs bouncing. “It really is much better when you’re in”.

She splashes Lizzie with water. I can’t help looking at the way the drops of water cling to Lizzie’s naked body…

I’m still not quite sure why I do it, but I splash up out of the water and try to grab Lizzie.

“Come on girl, you gotta get wet!” I say, and chase after her through the shallow water. She runs away from me, laughing. I grab her round the waist, feeling her smooth bare skin….She wriggles to get away, and somehow my hands find themselves grasping her little breasts…Her nipples suddenly go hard…and she lets out a little gasp… thrusting her body back against mine, pushing her bum into my crotch, against my naked pussy…

The result of this is that we both topple over into the water with an almighty splash. In the turmoil as we struggle to get our heads above water I feel her hands touching my bare breasts – surely by accident – then brush over my pussy. I feel a tingle through my body…what’s that all about? As we come spluttering to the surface I find myself unable to stop looking at her little pink tits, water running off them.

Lizzie is swimming away from me now to join Jess and Kate, who are laughing fit to burst.

“See, that’s better isn’t it?” says Kate.

“Guess so," smiles Lizzie “It’s just a bit colder than I’m used to! I don’t usually bother to swim when I come here”.

It ‘s fun, and we stay in for a while, laughing and splashing and having little swimming races which Jess always wins, until we duck her under for being too good. The cold water is invigorating on my bare skin. It feels so good as I swim, flowing over my little boobs and round my pussy. We all come splashing out together, happy and relaxed, almost forgetting that we’re naked.

After that, we’re hungry, so got out the food. We put it in a heap on the towels and sit round, sharing out the sandwiches and salady bits. Jess and Kate sit with their legs folded under them, their thighs shielding their little pussies. But Lizzie sits brazenly cross-legged opposite me, which has the effect of parting her outer labia slightly, just revealing the inner lips and pink interior of her slit. Why can’t I take my eyes off it? … O heavens, I can feel myself starting to get wet…little bit of juice dribbling out of my pussy…Please god hope no-one notices – hope they think its just seawater glistening on my labia…

We slap some more sun-cream on, laughing as we help each other to rub it on our backs again, and lie down to sunbathe some more. I begin to doze off, lulled to sleep by the lunch and the warm sun on my naked body…

Time passes.

Something makes me open my eyes. The first thing I see is Lizzie’s face, looking down at me.

“Oh, Annie, I’m sorry if I disturbed you,” she says. “But you looked as if your face was getting too much sun, so I was just trying to shade you …”

“Hey Lizzie, that’s sweet,” I say. Then I notice that the others have gone, taking their stuff with them. “Where are Kate and Jess?” I ask.

“Oh, they’d had enough sunbathing, and went off to have a look at the shops,” says Lizzie. “I agreed we’d meet them at the coffee shop up by the station at five o’clock”.

“They’ll be gone for hours then,” I say “Especially if Jess finds some clothes shops…”

Lizzie laughs. “But I wanted to stay, and we didn’t want to disturb you. But I can show you where they’ve gone if you want to go after them…”

“No, Lizzie that’s fine. I’m happy here…with you.”

She’s still sitting up, leaning over me. Her little breasts are right in front of my eyes. She’s looking at me, seeming nervous, as if she wants to say something, but doesn’t know how to start. Her eyes shift; she seems to be looking at my tits; a little blush flushes her cheeks. I know what she wants to say; and I also know I want to hear her say it.

“Hey, Lizzie,” I say softly. “You can say it you know”.

Her eyes meet mine; a little smile appears on her face.

“Oh Annie, you’re so beautiful.”

“Hey Lizzie, that’s sweet. You’re beautiful too.”

Her hand touches my arm.

“Do you really think so Annie?”

“Of course I do, sweetie.”

She leans over and, gently, softly, quickly, nervously, kisses me on the lips.

I put my hand on her waist.

“Don’t stop Lizzie”.

She kisses me again. This time, I put my arm around her and pull her towards me. As I raise myself up to meet her, our bodies meet, her little breasts pressed against mine. Her body feels warm from the sun, warm and soft. I feel her nipples harden, and knew mine are rock hard too. Her hand meets my bare breast, covering the nipple, rubbing over it…

Ours lips momentarily part.

“Oh Annie, I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time…”

“Mmmm. Kiss me again Lizzie.”


“I got so turned on when you were touching me earlier, Annie. I just wanted to take you in my arms and snog you to death”.

“Oh Lizzie, I felt it too – but I didn’t know what to do.”

“You have such a beautiful body Annie.”

“You said that before Lizzie.”

“Just checking I hadn’t made a mistake.”

“I wish you’d done this before…”

Her hand moves to my pussy, which is very wet, touching it gently.

“Hell, Annie, I want you so badly.”

“I want you too Lizzie.”

“But we can’t do it here, not on the beach. It’s too exposed; we’ll never get away with it.”

Her finger just parts my labia – touching the opening of my pussy.

“I got an idea honey…Just lie back and put my towel over your middle…”

I do as she suggests – lie back as if I’m just sunning myself, and Lizzie drapes her towel over me, covering my moist pussy. Then she lies down next to me, as if she is doing the same, but at the same time slips her hand under the towel. I feel her fingers moving gently over my thighs…

“Don’t move Annie…keep very still and quiet and nobody will notice…Close your eyes and relax…”

I shut my eyes. I can feel my chest rising and falling as I try to keep my breathing under control. Under the towel, Lizzie’s hand rests motionless on my pubic mound.

Gently, almost imperceptibly, I feel one of her fingers start to stroke my mound. She must be trying to do it without moving the towel. The sensation of her finger brushing my skin is amazing, so sensual. I let out the tiniest of moans, to let Lizzie know I can feel her.

I can feel her finger circling gently round over my mound, towards the top of my slit … where my clitoris nestles in its little nest of flesh. She’s teasing me – coming close - then moving away again. A little tremor shivers through me…this is hot…

I glance over to her. She’s lying very still next to me, but her nipples are very hard and her face is flushed. She’s horny too.

Her finger brushes my clit now, gently rubbing it. O wow that’s good…She’s gently flicking it…Gotta grit my teeth or I’ll start moaning.

Then her finger edges down my slit, slipping between my wet lips. It slips inside my pussy, and moves slowly round, stimulating my juices. Ahhh, that feels so good – so much better than when I do it to myself…

Suddenly the finger slips out and the hand emerges from under the towel, one finger wet with my pussy juice.

Lizzie sits up.

“Oh god, Annie, I can’t take any more of this…I need you so badly.”

“I want you too Lizzie. But what are we going to do?”

“Get dressed Annie. We just got to find somewhere.”

We quickly dress – neither of us bothering with bras or bikini tops - and climb up onto the long promenade along the sea front. Lizzie is looking around – I’m not sure what she has in mind. Maybe the toilets in one of the big department stores – or the changing rooms? We’ll have to be quiet…

“What are you looking for Lizzie?”

Lizzie has a worried but determined look on her face.

“I’ll think of something Annie…”

She starts to walk quickly back towards the town centre.

And then a miracle happens – a sign that someone somewhere loves us and wants us to be happy…

Right before our eyes, a woman coming out of a hotel in front of us takes her mobile out of her handbag and, without realising, drops something like a credit card. No-one else seems have noticed either; I stoop down to pick it up, and am just about to run after her to give it back when Lizzie stops me.

“Look what that is” she says.

I look, and recognise it as a hotel room swipe-card; the sort of thing you’re supposed to leave at reception before you go out.

“It’s her room card” I say “I’d better give it back”

“No” says Lizzie, an evil glint in her eye. “It’s the key to her room in that hotel there…”

Suddenly I know what she’s thinking.

I’m horrified.

“Lizzie – you can’t - that’s her room pass! What if she misses it and comes back?”

“We’ll have to be quick then – come on!”

This is going too far. But Lizzie is already halfway up the steps of the hotel. I catch her up as she pushes through the revolving doors. Luckily, the reception desk is busy and no-one takes any notice as Lizzie strides confidently across the foyer towards the lifts and presses the call button. She glances at the key card.

“Ninth floor, room 23 – too easy!”

The lift opens and she drags me in before I can protest. No-one else gets in and as the doors close she kisses me hard on the lips, shoves her hand up inside my shirt and squeezes my right tit, mashing it hard. Jesus, I’m horny… I try to push my hand inside her shirt, not bothering to undo the buttons, with such force that I rip the material…her shirt front is gaping open, exposing her bare breasts. I push her back against the side of the lift and roughly take her nipple in my mouth, biting it hard. She moans, holding my head.

“Bite it Annie. Fuck, I want you…”

The lift door opens at the ninth floor, and we burst out, Lizzie’s naked breasts hanging out of her ripped shirt. She glances at the room numbers. We’re running now, looking for the room… There it is…Lizzie swipes the key card (thank god it’s just a swipe – no combination as well!) …there is a click and we’re in.

We don’t even make it to the bed. I push Lizzie onto the carpet and rip the rest of her shirt off her shoulders, her breasts flushed and heaving with excitement. I raise my arms so she can pull my shirt off over my head; we’re both topless; we kiss hard, our bare breasts crushing against each other; her nipples against mine; our bodies rubbing together roughly.

Lizzie’s pulling at my short skirt now, struggling to unzip it and pull it down over my thighs. I help her, pulling it down as she tugs at my briefs, revealing my sopping wet pussy. Frantically I kick off the last of my clothing as she lifts up her bum and drags down her shorts and panties together.

We’re both naked on the carpet now. I’m on top, kissing Lizzie, frotting my pussy against hers, the friction on my clitoris bringing me to the boil. She’s pushing her crotch up into mine. I can feel her wetness smearing against me. She wraps her legs around me, squeezing my thighs. I take her breast in her mouth, biting at the soft yielding flesh…

Then she’s pushing me off.

“69 Annie!” she gasps “I gotta have your pussy!”

Sticky and sweaty with lust, we get into position; her on top of me with her face in my pussy, licking at my clit; her glorious bum and open cunt in my face. Her tongue is licking at my labia, sucking up my juices. Roughly, I part her labia with my fingers, exposing her pink moist inner lips, her scent filling my nostrils. Drips of her juices seep out and run down her thighs. I get two fingers and insert them into her gaping hole, drilling them in and out.

“Ahhhh Annie! Yes! Oh Annie!”

I put my four fingers together and thrust them all deep inside her as far as I can. She’s stretching to take them all, but judging by the amount of juices being produced, she’s not having a problem taking them all. I’m almost fisting her, but she’s just too tight. Never mind. Using my other hand, I insert a finger into her asshole as well. This really makes her roar. She’s got her fingers inside my pussy now, and the two of us are frigging each other rough and hard.

“Gonna cum Annie…gonna cum…ooooooo!”

I frig her even harder.

“Me too Lizzie. Give it to me sweetheart.”

I’ve never felt such lust before…the need for sexual release with another person. I can feel my release boiling up…This isn’t going to be a long fuck – but I can’t hold back…

“Agh Lizzie I’m cummming tooo!”

And I feel my orgasm overwhelming me. And not just once but, as Lizzie continues to frig me, wave after wave of orgasmic magic. I’m thrashing about, grinding my pussy into her hand…

…As she comes too, releasing streams of cum juices that splash out over my face, dribbling over me. We’re both shaking so much that we collapse, she on top of me. I can feel her chest heaving as her breathing slows to something like normality. She rolls off me onto the carpet, her legs gaping wide wantonly.

“O Annie. I never came like that before!” she gasps.

“Nor me Lizzie. It was … just amazing”. For once, I really don’t have the words to describe it.

We look at each other, naked and sticky, lying on the carpet in a strange hotel room.

My mind starts to work properly now.

“Come on Lizzie, we can’t stay here any longer…someone could come at any moment…we could get arrested”

“But I want you more honey.”

But I’m putting my clothes on now, and Lizzie starts to do the same.

“What about my shirt” she giggles, holding it up, ripped to shreds, the front gaping, buttons gone. “I can’t wear this!”

“Her, take my bikini top,” I say “Then at least you’ll be decent”.

So I pull my own shirt on over my bare boobs. It’s a skinny fit and a bit see-through, so I’m going to turn a few heads, but I don’t care.

Lizzie ties on my bikini top and pulls on her shorts.

“There – we just look like we’re going to the beach,” she says.

We leave the room, pulling the door shut behind us. As we leave the lift, Lizzie goes over to the reception desk and hands in the key-card with a smile to the receptionist.

“That’ll confuse them!” she smiles. “Actually I’ve done them a favour, handing it back! Just think – some awful thief could have found it! I suppose we’d better go and meet Kate and Jess now.”

“If you’re so smart, how are you going to explain to them why you’ve lost your shirt?”

“Hmmm…I’ll think of something…If I were you, I’d be more worried about the small of sex coming off you…”

“Lizzie, you’re so naughty …”

And I knew I’d be finding out just how naughty she could be very soon…

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