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Girls Weekend ... Part III

A Story of Romance and Dominance

We sat enjoying breakfast the next morning and I watched her gorgeous intelligent eyes, trying to work our what she was thinking. Maybe it was the same thing as me. I was a little confused right now and trying to work some stuff out in my head. As I watched her spread the toast, she glanced up momentarily and smiled. The images of the night before kept filling my mind, along with my deep feelings of desire. I kept watching and couldn’t take my eyes off her. I loved the way her raven hair fell onto her face on occasion, I laughed to myself as she swept it back in slight irritation. Needs a clip honey, then I could see more of your beautiful angel like face. I was willing myself to keep my hands to myself in this very public area. I had the urge to touch her face and run my fingers down her neck.


We rode the elevator to the third floor and held each others gaze the whole time. I could smell sex hormones emanating from her gorgeous body and it was really turning me on. Her gaze was penetrating deep into my soul. I’m damn sure she knew what I was thinking. The shiny elevator doors opened with a clunk giving me a slight start, my mind was elsewhere. Once inside our hotel room, I moved the Do Not Disturb sign to the outside and closed the heavy door behind me. She then kissed me hard and hungrily, pressing me up against the wall, lodging her thigh between my legs, I could barely breath. Wow, a little more aggressive now, but this was really doing it for me. And if there’s one thing I love is a great kisser, and Jane fell into my hot kisser category. I could spend hours kissing and we did have hours, so to speak. Tingles of desire we coursing though my body as we continued our passion as she tried to dominate me. “Want more then?” I asked in a low voice. “Yeah, … fuck me now and make me come some more.” She said holding my gaze, before continuing her assault on my lips, unbuttoning my blouse and bringing her hands to my breasts.


I ran my hand over her curvy backside and over her gorgeous well proportioned breasts, her erect nipples were visible through her bra. Both our breasts touched and I could feel the hardness of her nipples against me. I could hardly wait for more of the same like the night before. I reckoned I was pretty much hooked on this woman to woman love and was thinking about Dave my hubbie. If only he knew. And he wasn’t likely to find out anytime soon. I could just imagine the cloak and dagger stuff that would go between Jane and me from now on. I loved the feel of her lips against mine, as she gently bit my tongue, her body pressed against mine, I could smell her heady musky fragrance as she ran her hands all over me. Holy shit, I was putty in her hands. We were now systematically removing each others clothes and trying to keep up the exciting fast and furious kisses. I slid her blouse over her shoulders and leant my head down to kiss over her sweet silky skin. She responded with a low groan and kissed me again even harder, her tongue pushing into my mouth. It felt so fucking good.


Jane then kissed down my neck and around my throat, my most sensitive erogenous zone and one of my biggest turn on points. I was melting before her very eyes. The foot gap in the curtains was cascading light into the room, just enough for me to see her gorgeous toned body as I ravished it. She then looked at me with a grin before saying. “Behaving badly again.” I smiled back. “Your so right and loving every damn minute.” She then grabbed my wrists and pushed me onto the bed, sliding my pants down my legs and running her hand between my thighs. I closed my eyes as her touch was like an electrical current going through me. I could still smell her want as I pulled her closer and kissed her deeply, running my hands all over her silky skin, just grazing her trimmed mound.


“So do you want me baby.” she purred. I held onto her penetrating stare. “Fucking bet I do.” I said with a grin. “I’m going to fuck you good and proper.” Good, … the harder the better.” she said grabbing me and pulling me closer. I could feel myself getting wet now, as the sexual buzz gripped me. I concentrated as her fingers worked their way across my stomach and up towards my shapely breasts. My breathing was getting a little deeper now as she removed my bra and tossed it to the floor. With a smile she sat back a little and cast her index finger down my face, then drawing it down my neck and over my breasts. With the back of her hand she continued the decent, her eyes taking in my every curve with a look of pure indulgence. Jane and I were quite similar, I guess we both went for the sporty gal look. We certainly weren’t girly girls. No false eyelashes or girly clothes. We both loved the women golfers, not the butch type but nice and lean and fit with long hair and nice smiles.


I though I would have felt more nervous than I did but the whole scenario was just feeling so natural. Not odd in the least. Jane proceeded to massage my neck and shoulders. It felt amazing as she rubbed her expert hands over my body. I loved the feel of her touch on me, her closeness next to me. I wanted it to last for ever. An electrical pulse was radiating all over me as she continued to sweep her hands over my silky skin. The exquisite movements continued and her hand edged closer to my throbbing vagina. Wet and wanting like never before. Fuck, … I wished she would just do it to me, right this minute. The slow tease was having the right effect. Our obvious attraction for each other was fuelling me as I turned to face her and pulled her roughly towards me.


I knelt beside her and kissed her passionately, our tongues meeting and dancing off each others. The rest of our clothes were now discarded to the floor. I ran my hands up her body meeting her gorgeous breasts. So perfect and a delight to my eyes. Her body felt amazing to me as I revelled in the wonderful feeling of being so close and having the pleasure of caressing every part of her to my hearts desire. She let out a soft groan as I cupped her breasts, my mouth sucked gently on her right nipple, gently biting, I ran my tongue around the areola and did the very same to the other one. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply as I continued to work my way down her body with my tongue. I licked round her hips and the inside of her thighs. I ran my hands over her stomach again because I knew she liked it and caressed the inside of her arms with the tips of my fingers. To which she gave a another low groan and called my name. “Kate, don’t dare stop.” she said gazing at me with a smile. God, … she was really turning me on …



I reckoned I wouldn’t be able to stop seeing Jane now. We were indulging in a little forbidden fruit before going back to real life. But maybe this was real life. It was certainly the most intoxicating thing I had done in a long time. And I did have the perfect partner to do it with. Jane met my strict criteria, make no mistake. It was like what I felt when I got the hots for a guy. Not every guy does that for me and it’s the same type of thing with a woman. I had a particular type of man that I went for, as I have a particular kind of woman in this case. God, … what a memory I’ll never forget it. My first encounter with a woman and so perfect and I just couldn’t describe the feeling. Especially when our gorgeous breasts met, our bodies locked in an embrace sending a wave a pleasure right through me from tip to toe.


I was aware of people passing by outside in the lobby and just hoped the maid had paid good attention to the sign on the door. And it certainly wouldn’t be me with that shocked look. I continued to caress Jane’s gorgeous body, I could hardly stop she was so damn touchable. I ran my hand over her thighs and looked at her seductively. To which she held my gaze and then closed her eyes as I ran my fingers between her legs and slid a finger deep inside her. She let out a gasp and another low groan. She felt so good as I worked my finger in a short circular motion. She was soaking wet and her juices allowed me to caress the walls of her engorged vagina. I took in her heavenly womanly smell as I lay beside her, my own desire on the increase as I continued the delightful act.


I continued the rhythmic motion, my tongue now moving lightly over her clitoris, lapping and circling her throbbing pussy. Tasting her delicious sweet juices. Keeping up the thrusts to her cries of delight. “Yess … yesss … yesss …” I kept up the pumping action and sucked on her clit, I knew she was damn near on the edge. “Come for me Jane …” I said in a husky voice. She was breathing deeply, gasping and groaning with pure ecstasy. My tongue was moving rapidly as I continued the thrusts, devouring her cunt as I went. I could feel her g-spot now, she was so aroused, I massaged it and her cries increased. “Fucking hell … I’m going to come.” she cried through her gritted teeth. She arched her back and tensed her whole body as her orgasm shot through her. She came hard and violently. Clenching my finger in multiple spasms as her ecstasy tore through her. Her chest heaving, breathing fast she held my transfixed gaze. I kept my finger inside her, muscles still twitching and pulsating. Another heaven sent orgasm. She lay completely spent, I settled beside her, my body pressed against hers. I felt her heartbeat and kissed her neck as her breathing returned to normal. I was in a different world now and it sure felt good …

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