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girls weekend

Jane and I rode the elevator to the third floor, with a dull clunk the shiny doors opened onto a sumptuously decorated hallway. Very nice indeed, the hotel was living up to it’s five star status. It was the first time in a few years that I had been given the chance to get away for a girls weekend. My friend Jane had arranged everything, it was my fortieth birthday and she wanted to give me a special treat. After a fabulous night at the theatre and delicious meal at a trendy restaurant, the night was almost complete. After a few G&T’s in the hotel bar we decided to depart to our room to have a few more. The hotel room was cosy and warm as we entered and the maids had turned down the bed sheets and lowered the lighting. I would have been impressed if my husband Dave had been with me, very romantic for a weekend away together.

Yep, it would have been the ideal hotel to romance your lover. But what the hell, Jane and I were enjoying it and we deserved it. I immediately kicked off my sling-backs and made for the mini bar. After fixing two generous measures I handed Jane her drink.

‘Thanks Kate, you’re a star.’ She said taking her well charged glass. ‘We might as well enjoy ourselves.’

‘Yeah, … those men of ours don’t realise how hard we work.’

‘Fancy a movie.’ I said walking toward the outsize plasma tv.

‘Go on, you choose.’ Jane said with a wink.

After a minute of rooting through the various menus, I kind of stumbled upon the adult section and in my rather tipsy state reckoned it would be a good idea. I made the selection and lay back on the bed, ready to be entertained for a short time with some gorgeous male bodies. Jane looked across at me with a grin and said it was a good choice. Well it wasn’t that often we got the chance to behave badly and were keen to enjoy the weekend to the full.

After about ten minutes into the film Jane disappeared into the bathroom, only to remerge in a purple silky dressing gown and obviously not a lot else. I thought perhaps she was just getting ready for bed, it had been a long day after-all and I was feeling pretty beat myself. I followed her lead and quickly freshened up in the bathroom and changed into a nice silky night dress. To my surprise I had been getting pretty turned on by the film and was glad to make an exit for a few minutes to try and cool down a bit. Perhaps the adult movie hadn’t been such a good idea after. On my return I fixed us two more generous drinks from the mini bar and settled back down to watch more hunky male flesh.

Glancing across at Jane I had forgotten how toned she was, all the aerobics she did were obviously paying off. In fact, she was glowing tonight and looked fabulous. Her long tanned legs were amazing, as were her well proportioned breasts. Her erect nipples were visible through her gown despite the heat in the room. No wonder she got as many admiring looks. Jane must have been aware that I was ogling her and glanced across at me with a smile. After a few seconds she asked if I wanted to join her and nudged over a fraction to make more room. Wow, … my pussy lips were throbbing for her, I had no control as I slid onto her bed and kissed her deeply. I was in a dream now as her gown fell off to reveal the most amazing body. I cupped her breasts with my hands and sucked her nipples to which she gave a small moan. I then traced a line with my finger-tips down to her clit, she was soaking wet and opened her legs for me to explore further. I duly obliged and inserted a finger, then two into her hot wet pussy. We kissed each other passionately, my tongue meeting hers. My breathing was shallow as was hers, and our hands were all over each other’s gorgeous well kept bodies.

I kissed down her body, stoking her stomach and thighs, I finally met her well trimmed mound and inserted my roving tongue. I explored her hot clit with light stokes, then a little heavier and a little faster. She let out a moan as I continued to lap her soaking wet cunt. I slid in two fingers and found her g-spot, I pumped her a little and she gave out a gasp. My tongue moved furiously, flicking and sucking, I kept pumping her with two fingers as I devoured her throbbing hot clit. Her breathing was getting faster, she was rocking against me and I could tell she was very close to an explosive climax. I kept up the pace as she moaned and groaned, clenching her knuckles and gritting her teeth. With multiple spasms she let out an all-mighty moan, her soaking wet pussy clenched against my fingers, again and again. I slowed the motion way down as she lay before me, panting and gasping, all but spent. Beads of perspiration trickled down her brow as she smiled the widest grin I’ve seen in a long long time …







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