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Gossip City Chapter 1: Revenge of the Kindhearted

The start to a new series of tales of the bitches of Gossip City.
In this segment, Mayor Meg helps Gina, (an innocent girl, accused of sluttiness, who had been framed by an actual slutty bitch) escape from prison.

There have been many times in my life, when I found myself dreaming of a world without bitches. Then one night, I woke up from one of those dreams, and had an epiphany.

I sat up in bed, and an invisible light bulb, as bright as a helicopter search light went off above my head. "What if all the raving bitches could all be contained in one place?" I thought, smiling widely.

I guess this plan kind of makes me a bit of a bitch too, but not nearly as much of a bitch as the catty bitches who would be banished from the rest of the world, into a very large city, which would be given the name "Gossip City."

After five years of hard work, my dream was finally going to come true. All these bitches would be in the same place. I had finally found enough kindhearted people, that agreed with me, and supported my idea. We came up with a system to determine who belonged in Gossip City. We would give each person the bitch test, which was made up with questions such as, "Have you ever made up a nasty rumor about a close friend for no reason?" and "Have you ever slept with a guy you knew your best friend was dating?" It was mailed out to every girl and woman in the city, and stated clearly at the top of the paper:

"This is a survey for the government, which is confidential. No one will know about the info, EXCEPT for government officials. Government officials may use the information you provide, at a later date."

The papers never indicated what would be done with this information, and did say that the government may use the information provided, and there was also a telephone number provided on the paper, if the participants taking part in the survey had any questions. This prevented anyone from suing the government, or trying to take any kind of legal action - not that a lot of these bitches were intelligent enough to hire a lawyer and actually make a case.


It was a week after the surveys were mailed out. I stood in front of the cameras, at my second press conference as a Mayor, and spoke to all of the nice people, explaining what this new city was going to be like, where to move, and where the rest of the kindhearted people would be residing from now on. My assistant blocked the satellites of all the bitches, so only the kindhearted people were able to tune in to the special news report - not that any of these bitches even bothered watching the news, they were too busy making up rumors, window shopping, or fucking their best friends husbands or boyfriends, most likely while thinking of what they could make the poor dick buy for them so they wouldn't spill their dirty little secret.

"My fellow kindhearted followers, I thank you for supporting my idea, and I am excited to announce, the grand opening of Gossip City is tomorrow morning. The last of the evil bitches are being transported into the city throughout the night, and if you are listening to this and see evil bitches around your home, you are in the wrong place, and need to travel north, to Rainbow Central. You will find all you need there. Workers will get you situated in a home, and take care of everything you will need." I paused for a brief moment, as the live studio audience cheered, then continued.

"There will be different sections of the city. First we have "The Evil Cavern" which is in the center of the city, then just outside of that, on the north side, there is a town called "Monstrous Mountains" with the underlying "Vengeance Valley." On the south side of "The Evil Cavern," there is a town called "Raging Riverhead" and just beyond that, on the southern border of the city is a town called "Spiteful Springs." Along the northern border, there is a strip of land, which if split down the middle with "Fair-Weather River." The entire strip is called "Tainted Two." This will be the basic layout of the city. If you have any questions or concerns, or wish to file a bitch report to the police, please inquire help at the front desk in the Visitor's Building in Rainbow Central, the main town of Kindheart City."

I continued on to explain all of the details of the layout of each town, and how the system works. Then I continued, taking questions from the press, answering all of them with answers that satisfied the press. Mostly the press questioned me about jobs and how the system would efficiently work. I explained that there would be plenty of new job openings between the new prisons, schools, and help wanted signs in psychology practices, along with the now empty job slots needing to be filled with non bitches. There were also concerns about the system being efficient, but that was cleared up when I clarified the system and explained the bitch test and experts who tested bitch suspects with lie detector tests.

After the press conference, the Visitor's Building was not flooded with many questions, only a few, but mainly with comments, and thank-you letters addressed to me, Mayor Megan. Most of them said the same things, and some shared their stories of being bullied, or stories of their backstabbing best friends, and how bitches ruined their lives, which they were finally going to get back, and be able to live, without being torn apart.

Everything in town seemed to be going smoothly, just as I had planned. Many of the people who lived in Rainbow Central worked as security in Gossip City, as well as a few other fields of employment. There were the teachers, who taught classes on subjects such as, how to be kind, how to be a good friend, and anger management classes. Then there were the therapists, many of which hosted support groups for girls who were addicted to being bitches, and didn't know how to stop. The most famous support group is called BA, which stands for Bitches Anonymous. There are also people from Rainbow Central who work as Guardian Guards and Caring Cops.

There were two prisons in the city, one being a lot worse than the other. The really bad prison was in the heart of the city in The Evil Cavern. It was known as Penisless Prison, since there were absolutely no guys allowed in or around the prison. It was a prison for all the slut bitches who either cheated on their boyfriends, slept with or fooled around with a best friends boyfriend or love interest, and various types of other things typical slutty bitches do.

Penisless Prison was split up into different sections, depending on the degree of slutiness in which the defendant was guilty of. There were four different levels; Semi-Slut, Slutty-Slut, Slutty-Whore, and Skanky-Slut. Semi-Slut was the least worst. The four popular girls in that section are all really sexy also. There is Chrissy, a blonde bombshell, with huge boobs and big blue eyes; Ariella, a skinny girl with straight, dark brown, almost black hair, up to her shoulders, and hazel eyes that complimented her olive skin tone. Then there is Emily, A redheaded beauty with jade green eyes; and the sexiest one out of all of them is Gina, the sexiest brunette I have ever seen; long curly brown hair, captivating brown eyes, and an amazing smile that is so contagious, it feels as if a magnetic force gives you no choice but to smile whenever she does. Never have I seen such a flawless beauty. If Someone were to ask me what the definition of perfection is, I would tell them it is Gina. She seemed like she didn't really belong there.

As much as I wanted to, I couldn't let my feelings jeopardize the well being of Rainbow Central. Being the Mayor was my number one priority, and I couldn't mess that up. I didn't want to end up like all of the other politicians, who screw up and tell lies to cover up the stupid things they did. I didn't want to be followed by the paparazzi and have them catch me doing things I shouldn't be doing. It wouldn't be fair if I released some of the bitches, but not all of them. Although, maybe I could, after all, I am the Mayor, so I have the power.


As I walked though the Penisless Prison, all of the bitches behind bars were quiet. An eerie silence filled the entire prison. As I walked past each cell, a few more pairs of scowling eyes would pierce through me. It is a good thing they are all behind bars, or they would have probably attacked and killed me, although, their evil eyes did a pretty good job of killing me inside. It brought me back to high school again, to when I was an outcast, where everyone hated me for no apparent reason. All I ever wanted was a friend, but all I ever gained was more enemies, less popularity and more loser status.

There was this one bitch in the prison, who bullied me in high school. She had claimed to be my best friend, but had just faked it for years, ending our friendship with her final words that would stick with me like super glue, "I was never your real friend. I just felt bad that you were a loser, and all of my friends knew that. All you are is a pathetic loser. That's all you will ever be." The word loser still echoes through my head sometimes, which creates a feeling of broken glass traveling through my veins, cutting up all of my insides. As I passed by her cell, our eyes met for the first time in years. The girl I had once loved, staring at me beyond the strong, unbreakable, silver bars. After those words she said to me, she had tried to apologize, telling me how sorry she was, but none of it mattered. She was dead to me. As I passed by, in what felt like slow motion, I noticed a single tear, falling from her soft, ocean blue-green eyes. Her eyes seemed so much different; different than the ice cold stare, that used to pierce through my eyes and scan my brain. They seemed more loving, like she might have actually been sincerely sorry for the first time in her life. None of this mattered to me. I looked away, and continued walking. As I walked away, I heard her sobbing in the seemingly never-ending silence.

"Finally!" I mumbled under my breath, as I came to the end of the long line of prison cells.

No more piercing eyes, cutting through me. I relaxed a little, as I walked back out, into the sunlight. Then I heard something going on in the prison. I turned back around, and re-entered the prison, running past all the cells, to the first one I had passed. It happened to be the cell Gina was in. It turned out, one of her cell mates was bullying her, and had just tried to beat her up, until a couple of guards interfered. It was then that I decided Gina really did not belong there at all.

I stood in front of Gina, in the returning eerie silence. "What's your name?" I asked Gina, as my softly spoken words echoed through the prison.

"Gina." She replied weakly.

I pulled the two guards aside, and instructed them to watch the prisoners carefully, and prevent any more fighting or bullying, and if it happens again to notify me. Then I turned back to face Gina.

"Gina, come with me."

Gina followed me, on a silent walk to my limo outside. We both got into the limo, and the driver headed towards Rainbow Central, to where my office is located. After a few minutes of silence, Gina tore me away from the dirty thoughts I was having about fucking her.

"Where are we going?" Gina asked in a small voice.

"To my office to talk. I'm not sure you belong in the prison." I replied, trying to look and sound as professional as possible.

"I really don't think I do, I mean I don't know why my best friend Sally would file a bitch report and get me thrown in prison, I swear I didn't do anything. I was framed." Tears swelled up in Gina's eyes, threatening to fall gently down her cheeks at any moment. She fought them back and continued explaining. "We were best friends as long as I can remember, and then this other girl Jenna, messed it all up. Jenna told me she wanted me to stop being friends with Sally, and that if I didn't that she would find a way to make it happen. I told her that would be impossible, because me and Sally are inseparable, but then she- she really messed things up." Gina began to sob, as tears started streaming down her face.

"What did she do to mess things up?" I asked, my voice soft and soothing.

"Sally had a boyfriend named Matt, and Jenna came up with a plan to frame me when she heard about this whole plan for Gossip City. She hooked up with Matt, and took pictures of them hooking up, and threatened to blackmail him unless he went along with her. Matt really loves Sally, so he went along with it, but I could tell he didn't want to, but he didn't have a choice, even though he knew it would hurt me. Jenna went and told Sally that I had gone behind her back and hooked up with Matt, and that if she didn't believe her then she could ask Matt herself. Sally asked Matt, who confirmed Jenna's accusation, and Sally completely ignored me, and told me that I don't matter to her anymore and to get lost. I tried to tell her that Jenna was lying to her, and that I was innocent, but she didn't believe me. So she filed a bitch report, and the next thing I knew, I went through a bitch trial, and ended up in Penisless Prison."

"Wow my instincts were so right. You definitely do not belong there. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that. I'm going to help you get out of that place, I promise." I said smiling at Gina. "And Jenna will pay for this." I added.

"Thanks Mayor Meg." She said smiling back, with tears now drying on her face.

"Please just call me Meg." I said, secretly hoping we would be friends, maybe even more than that.

To be continued...

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