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Green Eyes

A Lesbian Trist, but Was it Real?
Her long brown hair fell against my cheek as her rosy pink lips reached mine. I could feel her soft hands caressing up and down my back. I found my hands wrapped around her waist, pulling her body close to mine. She parts my lips with her tongue and for the first time, I actually taste how sweet she really is. She presses her lips into mine so hard I actually feel like she is swallowing my soul. My hand slips under her shirt and slowly make their way up the small of her back, within minutes I have her left nipple in my mouth, vigorously flicking and nibbling while my hand wonders to the zipper of her tiny little skirt.

I fumble for a quick second like a nervous high school boy who is obviously clueless, and finally unzip the zipper slowly. Reaching down the side of her thighs and caress the lace panties she is teasing me with. I can feel the heat radiating from her pussy. I stroke her a few times over the soft lace, and feel her shudder. Her hands are gripping my hair and pulling my mouth to her chest. She is smothering me, and I want to give her more.

I push her to her feet and stand alongside her. She pulls my shirt off, and I return the favor by helping the skirt around her waste turn into a pile of crumpled clothing lying on the floor. Again, I feel her jamming her mouth to mine and I can taste her once again. Her lips are sweet like honey, and I get lost each time I breathe her in. My hands wander down her spine, lightly tickling her back as they make their way down to the thin line of her g-string.

I work my thumb in between her skin and the lace. Gently running over her hipbone, until finally I reach her pussy. I push one finger between her tight opening and immediately I feel a rush of warmth engulf my fingers. She moans. Pushing another finger down, and I enter her for the first time. My index and middle fingers gently play and stroke her little pink clit, and penetrate her tight, hot box. She moans again. My hand begins to move back and forth, and with each movement I press harder on her clit and push further into her snatch. I pull my fingers from her soaking pussy and roll her clit back and forth between my fingers.

As I push her back down onto the couch, she stops me and I feel her hands playing with the button on my jeans. I feel it pop open, the zipper slide down. I reach in with my mouth and catch the nape of her neck. I gently kiss her and run my tongue across her collarbone, lightly blowing to hopefully cause some goose bumps. Stopping me, she looks deep into my eyes. My heart almost stops for that moment. She leans in and kisses my mouth, so rough she seems to be swallowing my tongue. She pulls away and I feel her go down my body with her soft breath. I feel her soft, wet lips kiss further down my stomach. She kisses my collarbone gently and evenly. Her tongue moves down the center of my chest, and suddenly with out warning, she engulfs my right nipple in her mouth. She bites, and gently tugs with her teeth. Moaning, I let her know I want more by pulling her hair and pushing myself further into her mouth, much like she had done with me.

Her tongue swirls around my nipple, leaving for split second as it returns to the left nipple. Reaching into my jeans, she rubs her hand between my legs and soon has me completely bottomless, dropping to her knees.

I’m looking down at the woman that is kneeling before me. Her eyes are as green as I’ve ever seen them. They pull me into her soul and I can see every detail of every hair that hangs over her eyes and falls gently to her supple skin.

I am pulled back to reality when I feel her soft, wet tongue slip between the slit of my already dripping wet pussy. She runs her tongue over my clit and down to my hole, where she begins to tongue fuck-me as deep as she can. Over and over, faster and faster, and just a little rougher. She sucks my clit into her sweet mouth and rolls it with her tongue, sending me spinning and screaming into an orgasm. I cum in her mouth, and she looks up at my smiling.

I open my eyes and look down and see her green eyes once again. God, those fucking eyes… I swear with those eyes she could have me forever.

She reaches up with her hand and slips two fingers back into my soaking wet pussy. She pokes them in and out a few times, just to tease. She continues a few moments before laying me down on her oversized sofa. I follow her green eyes as she goes back down on me with that amazing mouth of hers. Right back to my swollen clit she goes, this time she goes at me with a rough passion. Gently rolling her tongue over my clit and then into my hole, she is making my body jump and shake. Reaching up with her free hand she grabs my right breast, massaging it with her hand and pinching the nipple with her fingers.

Pulling her fingers from my snatch, she puts them to her mouth and begins sucking cum and juices off. She looks up at me and says “yummy” before she plunges her fingers back inside me. Pushing hard into my body, hitting a spot that starts to send me back to a state of pure ecstasy. Within moments, her thrusting fingers and well-trained tongue are too much for me and I start to shake as another mind shattering orgasm hits me. I moan in pleasure as I can feel her sweet and wonderful touch pull away from me.

Open my eyes, and once again met by two beautiful, emerald pools staring at me. She pulls me back in with those eyes and I push up with all the energy I can muster. My lips meet hers and I’m lost in wonderful taste I receive from her lips and tongue.

After giving me two great orgasms she lays on my chest. I hold her like we’re two high-school kids in love. My heart stays pounding as I hold her next to me. I can feel every breath she makes and every beat of her heart. One beating in sync. Fingers run through hair, breaths are caught. I kiss her forehead and wonder how I happen to get her.

Raising her head, I meet her stare. I can’t help but smile at her. She is absolutely glowing. Her hair has fallen over one eye and she smiles mischievously, I can see the shine of her tongue ring as she pokes it out at me. I feel her chest move as she giggles and blows in my ear. I can’t take it anymore… I have to have her one more time.

Before she knows what hits her, I have her in my arms and I carry her to her bedroom. I put her on the bed and climb atop her. I go down the length of her body, gently kissing every inch of her. I can breath her in and it drives me crazy! She is so soft… I’m at her ankles when I look up and see those green eyes. I just keep looking at her. Kissing back up between her legs and thighs and I just keep staring into those eyes. I reach her pussy with my lips and lightly kiss her. She moans and finally pulls her gaze away. I take that opportunity to plunge my tongue deep inside her. I swirl my tongue around the walls of her honey-flavored pussy, and it tastes amazing. Her cum tastes like sugar and excites me even more. I slide my tongue over clit. It’s swollen and looks like a little tiny cherry. I suck it into my mouth and tease her. I flick my tongue over it like a hummingbird flaps its wings!

She’s moaning and gasping, pulling my hair asking me to give her more. I plunge two fingers into her soaking wet snatch and again I feel how tight she is. I continue with my fingers and pull my mouth away from her pussy. She has her eyes closed and is moaning so beautifully. I smile before leaning forward and kissing her. My mouth still sweet from her nectar, I kiss her and our tongues wrestle and fight.

I pull away and climb on top of her, and twist around. Almost at the same time, we attack each-others pussies. Both of us buried face first into each other, tongues tearing at the other. I can feel her stiff tongue start to tease my clit and my knees go weak. I may collapse on top of this poor girl. I just keep teasing and finger-fucking her until I can taste her cumming again. She pulls her face out from my pussy and she’s gasping and moaning. She begs me to push my fingers deeper inside her tight pussy, so I do. My tongue is aching so good from teasing her tight little cunt. Then once again I hear her scream out with another orgasm.

I turn and face her, as she lies there shaking. She looks so beautiful. Her body shakes as she continues to with her orgasm. Her brown hair is flat and flowing down her chest. With each breath she takes, her chest slows back to normal. Her eyes are closed and I wish they were open, for one more glance at her green eyes and I would be happy. She is glowing like the night stars, as she lies naked on her silk sheets.

It feels as though hours have gone by as I look at her and marvel in her presence. Suddenly I realize her eyes, those green eyes, are open and getting closer to mine. She pulls me to her and I feel the warmth of her body. I pull her into my arms once again as her soft strawberry lips part as she reaches mine. I inhale her as she kisses me again, our tongues massaging each other. She pulls away and places her head on my chest. I wrap the two of us in her soft silky sheets.

Soon I can feel the slow and steady rhythm of her chest and the steady beat of her heart. She fell asleep in my arms, within my grasp… I’ve never felt so serene. I can’t wait to wake up and stare into those green eyes again. Before I’ve realized it, I’ve awoke and she is gone.

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