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Hannah and Lexie

Hannah's desire becomes reality.
Hannah had met Lexie at work. Lexie was unlike anyone Hannah had ever seen; she was exotic. Strangely they had got on and become close friends whilst working together. Lexie had made it clear that she was a lesbian since they first met, laughing at Hannah’s face when she blushed. Lexie had a number of girlfriends but nothing ever serious and Hannah was always invited along if they went to a gig or out for drinks.

Hannah had thought she was straight, yet recently she had started thinking about Lexie a lot. Late at night Hannah would find herself thinking about kissing Lexie, touching her, tasting her.

Lexie had asked Hannah to come over to her flat to chill with her current girlfriend. Hannah arrived and was surprised to see it was just her and Lexie.

“Where’s whats-her-face?” asked Hannah, she could never keep track of all the names of the girls Lexie had introduced her too.

“Oh her. I broke it off,” Lexie replied, with a shrug of her shoulder. Hannah was slightly surprised to find that she was very happy about this news.

“Oh that’s a shame.”

“Nah, not really! Looks like it’s just us two tonight babe,” Lexie said with a wink.

The evening played out as normal, they ate pizza and watched telly. Lexie had brought out some wine and was generous in topping up Hannah’s glass.

“You might as well stay tonight, saves you getting a taxi,” Lexie said as she poured the rest of the wine into Hannah’s glass. Hannah’s heart suddenly seemed to start beating ten times louder than before; Lexie’s flat was a studio and only had one bed.

“I’ll sleep on the sofa,” Hannah said.

“Don’t be stupid, you can share my bed.” Hannah’s face must have looked shocked to Lexie for she laughed, “Don’t worry, I won’t try anything. I know you’re straight,” She said with a wink.

As it got later, Lexie yawned.

“Come on, I’ll see if I own any pyjamas for you.”

They entered Lexie’s bedroom. It was minimalistic with hardly any posters. The bed seemed to dominate the room. Lexie began rooting through her draws and Hannah had to ball her hands up to stop herself feeling Lexie’s arched bum in front of her.

“Here,” Lexie threw an old t-shirt at Hannah. “You can put that on and sleep in your knickers, that okay?” Hannah simply nodded. She quickly changed and got in bed; she didn’t want Lexie to notice how wet she was.

Lexie turned off the light and slipped into bed herself.

“Night babe.”

Hannah laid in silence for what seemed like an eternity. She wanted Lexie and she didn’t care whether that meant she was bi or a lesbian or whatever. All she knew is that she wanted her and her body did too. The more she thought about Lexie, the quicker her pulse seemed to get. As she laid there listening to Lexie’s slow breathing, Hannah found herself grinding her hips slightly into the bed. It was as if her mind was in a frenzy, with the thoughts of Lexie and what she wanted to do to her spilling out into every nerve. Slowly, she slipped a hand under the top Lexie had lent her and slowly began tracing circles on her nipple relishing the feel of her cold fingers. She squeezed and twisted, biting her lip to stop her moaning.

She glanced across at Lexie. In the dark she looked asleep and her breathing was still. Slowly Hannah’s other hand reached the top of her underwear. She traced a finger along the material and was amazed at how wet she was. She slowly put pressure on her clit through the material and bit harder on her lip. Slowly, she slipped a finger under the material and gently felt her clit. Hannah closed her eyes and began rubbing slowly in a circle, mirroring the movement with her other hand on her nipple, all the while imagining it was Lexie’s hands. Her body was writhing with pleasure and slowly she moved her finger from her clit to her wet pussy. She couldn’t help it, she let out a moan of pleasure.

Hannah’s eyes shot open. In the dark she could see that Lexie was awake and looking in her direction with wild eyes. Quickly Hannah pulled her hands from underneath her underwear and the top so Lexie wouldn’t know what she was doing. As she did so, Lexie reached across, catching the wrist from the hand that had been teasing her pussy. Hannah watched stunned, as Lexie pulled the hand to her face. Slowly Lexie sucked her index finger which was still wet from her juices. Hannah laid in silence as Lexie let out a noise which sounded like a pur.

“Lexie, I’m sorry, I don’t know…” Hannah mumbled.

Hannah gasped, as Lexie shifted her weight and straddled her.

“Want me to get that for you?” Lexie whispered. Slowly she bent her head and kissed Hannah briefly. Hannah let out a moan. “I’ll take that as a yes,” Lexie replied as she kissed Hannah again with more force this time. Lexie’s hands slipped under Hannah’s top as she moved her mouth to her neck. Hannah’s hands found Lexie’s and the pulled the top off together. Hannah had barely laid back down when she felt Lexie’s mouth around her breast, swirling her tongue and brushing her teeth against her hard nipple. Her hand slowly teased the other nipple as Hannah’s moans filled the room. Lexie’s tongue continued to swirl on her nipple as her other hand travelled down, lightly brushing Hannah’s skin. When Lexie’s hand reached Hannah’s underwear Lexie looked up and her eyes met Hannah’s. Lexie shifted her weight so that she could see Hannah’s face better as she slowly pushed Hannah’s legs apart. Lexie gently traced a finger along the outline of Hannah’s pussy, causing Hannah to shiver.

Slowly Lexie pushed the underwear to one side and purposefully slid a finger into Hannah’s wet throbbing pussy. Hannah’s eyes widened as Lexie slid the finger out and put it to her lips. Time seemed to stand still as Hannah and Lexie looked into each other’s eyes.

Lexie pulled out the finger and time seemed to speed up. She gently cupped Hannah’s pussy, rubbing vigorously as Hannah’s head tilted back in a moan. Roughly, Lexie pulled down Hannah’s underwear. Hannah was incoherent. What Lexie was doing to her was beyond her wildest dreams. Everywhere on her body felt like it was electricity, and whenever Lexie touched her, that electricity burned with a ferocious pleasure.

Lexie skilfully began working Hannah’s clit. She sucked with her lips, swirling her tongue on the most sensitive part of Hannah’s body. Her hands cupped Hannah’s bottom as she pulled her face in closer, slowly entering her tongue into Hannah’s wet pussy. The more Hannah moaned, the more it seemed to spur Lexie on.

Lexie moved her mouth back to Hannah’s clit as she slowly entered a finger. Hannah’s hips were bucking as if wordlessly begging for more and Lexie was more than willing to oblige. She added another finger, pushing in and out of Hannah, her lips no longer able to stay with her clit. Lexie lent back and used her thumb to circle Hannnah’s clit as she continued to fuck her with her fingers. Hannah’s moans were becoming louder and Lexie could tell she was close. She added another finger and held Hannah down so she could get deeper. Hannah let out a loud moan as Lexie felt her climax around her fingers. She slowly pulled out her fingers and moved her mouth to Hannah’s pussy, catching her juices with her tongue.

Hannah was gasping for air as she sat up. Lexie’s eyes met hers from between her legs.

Slowly, Lexie moved up beside Hannah.

“Fucking hell,” Lexie whispered. The two girls looked at each other and laughed. “Look, I know you’re straight. I’m sorry,” Lexie started. Hannah felt somewhat braver.

“You know, tonight I don’t feel very straight.” Hannah replied. Slowly she reached across to the waistband of Lexie’s shorts. Lexie’s eyes widened as Hannah gently teased her clit.

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