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Heading Home for Spring Break Part 1

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New things for Katie
Katie walked back to her shared apartment after the last class before spring break. The days were getting hot in San Diego. Her long tanned legs showed beyond the hem of her mini skirt. The heat always made Katie feel horny and she looked forward to a week alone at her childhood home, where she could masturbate herself into a frenzy.

Arriving in her room, Katie grabbed her pre-packed bags and was heading for the door, when her roommates came out of the kitchen. Rebecca was the first to greet her, hugging her tightly. More than roommates, Katie, Rebecca, and Michelle doubled as booty calls....always available to comfort each other after a bad date. As the hug lingered, Rebecca pressed her body against Katie's a little firmer. This would be the first time the girls would be apart since Christmas, and Rebecca wanted to give Katie a proper send off. Katie was thinking about her 4 hour drive to Santa Barbara as Rebecca started to kiss her neck.

Her mouth leaned into Katie's ear and whispered, "Michelle skipped class today and went shopping." As soon as those words were spoken, Michelle joined the hug from behind Katie. Katie felt the bulge of a massive rubber cock between her ass cheeks. Katies knees went weak and she felt moisture flow into her panties. But the dreadful thought of being spent while trying to drive for 4 hours overwhelmed her. She gripped Rebecca's hair in her fist and kissed Rebecca hard, their tongues battling. Michelle leaned back and slid the cock up and down Katies ass, then suddenly, Katie pushed Rebecca back and just like that, Katie headed for the door, apologizing all the way. The last thing Katie saw as she shut the door was Rebecca's on her knees lubing the strap on dildo with her throat.

Katie could see the ocean on her left as she headed up the freeway. The heat of the day was doing nothing to take the edge of her arousal, so, as she drove, she slipped her panties off and hiked her skirt enough to feel the warm breeze hit her wetness through the open windows. to any trucker she happened to pass, she would look like another hot blonde in a micro mini skirt, probably unable to see that the fingertips of her left hand was pressed firmly against her swollen clit
Meanwhile, back in the apartment, Michelle stood Rebecca up and they started kissing, while Michelle dropped Rebecca's clothes unceremoniously to the floor. Out of habit, Rebecca had a grip on Michelle's cock as she was being undressed.

With clothes shed, Michelle spun Rebecca around and slammed her against the wall. She grabbed Rebecca's hips and thrust the dildo deep and forceful. Rebecca let out a loud moan as the dildo impaled her. With her right cheek pressed against the wall, she reached down and started rubbing her clit. There was nothing sweet about how hard she was getting fucked and there was nothing sweet about how furiously she rubbed herself. Michelle had an evil grin and she rammed the fake cock unmercifully into Rebecca's sopping wet pussy. For her part, Rebecca could only grunt as she got closer to orgasm. Michelle stuck her right thumb in her mouth and drooled all over it, then she pressed her thumb against Rebecca's tight asshole and pushed. Her thumb slipped into Rebecca's backside all the way to the knuckle.

Rebecca exploded, her head flew back, her long black hair cascading down her sweat covered back, her faced pressed against the cool wall.

By this time, many miles has flown past as Katie has teased herself into a frenzy. She had rolled up the windows so she could hear herself moan. She rocked back and forth as she finger fucked herself, trying to maintain enough focus on the road, not caring if a trucker or any other fellow motorist knew what she was doing. She curled her fingers to rub her G spot and the palm of her hand continued it's assault on her clit. Touching her G spot threw her over the edge and Katie let out a long scream as she came hard against her soaked hand. Katie instinctively raised her fingers to her lips and tasted her own sweet nectar as she settled into the remainder of the drive.
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